“This is hard to say…” Chu Yang said hesitantly, “There are hundreds of thousands of people in this Iron Cloud Citadel; there are five major areas in it. The aristocratic area is easy to search, the slums are not so easy. Even if a thousand people hid in there, they would be like fish in an ocean and tigers in a deep forest. If we want to find him… I am afraid we will have to mobilize the entire force of the citadel. All of the soldiers and civilians would have to join in the search; we would have to do a complete investigation. The efforts and resources we will have to spend would be enormous…”

“If you can find this guy, I will represent the Hei Mo clan in promising one favor!” The Saber King hastily cut him off. If he had allowed Minister Chu to continue, then the entire Hei Mo clan would surely have to toil and still not be able to pay off this debt…

“Hey, how can senior say this? I am not the type of person that helps people in hope of repayment.” Chu Yang replied unhappily, “Your words have really undervalued me!”

The Saber King angrily thought: You are clearly opening your big mouth waiting to be fed, and you are still saying you don’t need repayment…

King of Hell Chu’s eyes shifted and the conversation took a turn. His countenance immediately became pensive, “However, Iron Cloud is currently dealing with enemies on the inside and out; the situation is precarious. Golden Horse Riders Department of Great Zhao is constantly eyeing our Bu Tian Pavilion. Moreover, they also have King level leaders. This is too difficult…”

“You want me to help you deal with Golden Horse Riders Department?” The Saber King was shocked, “I can’t do this!” He was both annoyed and troubled. This punk’s statements went from heroic and moral to complaining.

“No, no! Not like that!” Chu Yang replied astutely, “Very soon, Golden Horse Riders Department will surely make their move against our Bu Tian Pavilion. Not many will come, probably only a dozen people or so. Senior, you only need to help me kill these guys.”

“Only a dozen people? Well, that’s not too many!” The Saber King thought for a moment and found it feasible. Just killing a dozen secular officials or ordinary martial masters in exchange for the death of one Mo clan King level master… This deal was worth it.

“You agree, then?” Minister Chu struck quickly; he needed to be certain of this.

“Uh, I agree!” The Saber King thought for a while and finally agreed.

“Senior, you are a great man! You have saved thousands of people from boiling oil, and turned the tide of a dangerous situation. Your righteousness reaches the heavens, and your chivalry puts me in awe! Millions of people in Iron Cloud are thankful for your great deed!” Minister Chu was so touched, there were tears in his eyes… Motherf*… I finally managed to solve the problem that I have been worrying about for so long!

“Ah, rest assured! While we are not able to help you deal with the entire Golden Horse Riders Department, I can promise you that the people they send here will not be able to return! If one comes, one will die; if two comes, a pair will die!” The Saber King said imposingly.

Chu Yang laughed and replied, “Yes! Your greatness is out of this world. Even if Golden Horse Riders Department sent a few hundred people that will only give them more ancestral tablets!”

“A few hundred people? Didn’t you just say a dozen people?” The Saber King frowned.

“This lowly official meant to say… this group of people…” Chu Yang sighed, “Who knows if there would be one, ten or a hundred people… This is hard to figure out…”

The Saber King was furious! This punk just said at most there would be a dozen people. And within the blink of an eye, they got multiplied a dozen times from his very own mouth. Even worse, he’s not even sure how many there would be.

Motherf*, is this even a human mouth? He talked up and down; he could say anything. First, it was black, and now it is white…

No wonder he managed to become an official at such a young age, a Minister even. Damn, with just his mouth alone, he could become the Prime Minister!

Leaving Bu Tian Pavilion, the Saber King looked as if he was trying to escape! His countenance was completely pale!

After this deal, I will sever all ties with this King of Hell Chu! He is too much of a hustler!

Everything Minister Chu said seemed reasonable and legitimate! First, he placed me on a high pedestal as a hero and a savior; his praises blew me right into a fog. A little later, I discovered that he was actually praising himself.

I was supposed to do him one favor. But after all the back and forth, I somehow ended up doing him a few favors!

Especially those last words: “… Senior, you can rest assured! While I might have few people and weak strength, for you, I will risk my own head, shed blood, climb a mountain of sabers, and walk into a sea of fire. I will not relent even if I get stabbed by swords and slashed by sabers! Is there any need for reward? Is there any need for a conditional exchange? These words will not only belittle me, but also insult you, senior! Senior, don’t you think I am right? We have just met each other, but I feel as if I have known you already. My only regret is we met too late. Between the two of us… is there really need for differentiation…”

Just thinking about King of Hell Chu’s talk of being good friends made the Saber King feel as if his body was convulsing. This is still not a conditional exchange?

In the end, King of Hell Chu added something that made the Saber King run for his life, “…Yes, there is one other thing that had been troubling me for a long time…”

Before he could finish, the Saber King stood up and bid farewell… Motherf*, you have already told me seven or eight things that have been troubling you, and I have agreed to all of them. Now, you have more… Are you going to let me live in peace?

Chu Yang finally let out a sigh of relief.

Done! (walkthejianghu.com)

However, this situation was not over! There were a few things to follow up on.

Since such a large piece of meat fell from the sky, he caught it, naturally.

After that, Chu Yang immediately went to the prison. It was tightly guarded and the security was stricter than it had ever been since the founding of Iron Cloud Nation! But Chu Yang still felt it was not enough.

Frowning as he walked in, Chu Yang looked at a few of the traps they had set up and his face turned purple. He grabbed the people in charge of this place and started scolding them, “You call this a trap? Are you trapping birds and mice?”

He scolded the Revered Martial Artists until they were grinding their teeth, and veins were popping up on their foreheads.

In the eyes of King of Hell Chu, these traps could be seen at a glance and could not fool anyone. Plus, their strength was too weak; they could not give a master any difficulties… In short, there were flaws everywhere.

One guy amongst them was a person borrowed from the prince’s manor; he actually spoke up, “Our arrangements are not good, why don’t you show us how it’s done? You don’t do anything; anyone can talk!”

Chu Yang stared at him icily and replied, “Watch this!”

True to his words, Minister Chu fixed the traps by himself. He got rid of the old cover ups, but still kept the blades under them in place. Then he covered them with a highly toxic poison, and poured water on top, only showing a small tip of the blade. He even mixed sleeping drugs in the water. After that, he took a few branches and stripped some leaves. He tossed them to make them look like fallen leaves. He also tossed some dust to create a light covering on top. He gently placed his foot on top to create a faint footprint…

After that he placed a few traps on top, ensuring that anyone who stepped on the traps would cause the innocuous-looking ceiling to break and drop a piece down. Plus, there was ecstasy powder inside… After arranging all sorts of things, he still thought it was not enough, and placed a dozen powerful automatic crossbows.

East, west, south, and north, all four directions also had increasingly cruel designs. In short, it was essentially the collection of every vicious design in history.

The strangest thing was, there was aphrodisiac powder sprinkled everywhere…

According to Minister Chu’s explanation: Once the cultivation level had reached Revered Martial Artist, most of the drugs would not be very effective. But with aphrodisiac powder, even an Emperor level master would have no means to deal with it.

Everyone imagined the situation where the enemies fell into the traps. While fighting, their nether region would become inflated, their faces would become red, and their eyes would be filled with desires… Thinking about this, they could not help but shiver.

Finally, King of Hell Chu said with regret, “Huhhh… Too bad we are in a hurry. Otherwise, I could arrange for a few drums of boiling oil. The weather has become cold or I could have put a few poisonous snakes, some poisonous centipedes…”

These people became dizzy!

Just what he had there was already terrifying enough for everyone already. And yet, to King of Hell Chu, it was still not enough…

Upon finishing everything, Chu Yang casually asked, “Well? Are you satisfied with these traps?”

“Satisfied! Very satisfied!” A bunch of masters nodded like pecking chickens. They looked upon Minister Chu with eyes full of fear. Not just satisfied… terrified!

They should never fall into the hands of this guy, otherwise life would be worse than death…

“What is your name?” Chu Yang glared at that disgruntled Revered Martial Artist.

“Qu Shao Bo!” That Revered Martial Artist answered indifferently, “What order does Minister Chu have?”

“I would not dare give you orders! But you can return to the prince now.” Chu Yang coldly said, “Since you are going there, please help me tell His Majesty that I can’t use his people!”

“What?” Qu Shao Bo was startled.

“You heard me; you were not mistaken!” Chu Yang continued, “I don’t want to see your face anymore!”

“Why? You should at least give me a reason.” Qu Shao Bo’s eyes widened. He was beginning to worry. If he returned to Tie Bu Tian like this, he would never see good fortune.

“My people must follow orders! Those who are disobedient, I will not tolerate!” Chu Yang continued casually, “You dared to go against me and question my authority! That is why I don’t need you!”

“Do you prefer a group of obedient idiots over a master?” In his anger, Qu Shao Bo spoke without thinking. These words made everyone around him furious.

“Wrong! I would rather choose a few normal people over an idiot who can’t listen!” Chu Yang said harshly, “Get out now! If you dare to add another word, you will be killed without mercy!”

Qu Shao Bo was panting in anger as his eyes gradually reddened. He knew well that once he left, he would not have a future in Iron Cloud!

“You… King of Hell Chu, you have gone too far!” Qu Shao Bo glared at King of Hell Chu, “You will regret this!”

“Kill him!” Chu Yang did not hesitate and gave the order right away, “Anyone who hesitates will also be killed, all nine generations!” This person disrespected me right at the moment I needed to make an example of someone. I have to let you people see that King of Hell Chu can even order the prince’s subordinates to be killed!

From now on, who would dare disobey his orders? This was a shining example! Furthermore, at critical moments, the attitude of one person could affect the outcome of his big plans. How could Chu Yang allow a person like that to remain here?

He could not be kept, but he also could not be let go. There was only death!

Chu Yang might have been softhearted, but he never hesitated!

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