Suddenly, a dry voice boomed, “Minister Chu does not need someone who can’t take orders, and His Majesty also does not need someone who can’t take orders!” Before those words were done, a shadowy figure fell down from the air. There was a glowing crown on his head!

This crown was almost solid. [TLN: like a halo.]

A cluster of mist suddenly appeared and turned into a large hand in the blink of an eye; it covered Qu Shao Bo’s head.

“Shadow Lord…” Qu Shao Bo did not even have a chance to plead before getting turned into a pile of minced meat by that large hand. Things happened so swiftly that the others were still just rushing in upon Chu Yang’s order; their bodies were still in the air when everything was done.

The large hand slowly pulled back and became a mist once again. The shadowy figure floating in the mist said, “Minister Chu, His Majesty said that you can kill anyone who is dissatisfied!”

Chu Yang smiled and replied, “Please let his Majesty know that I already knew this!”

In the mist, the shadow slightly nodded. There were sounds of fluttering wind and the figure disappeared without a trace.

That shadow’s action had brought great terror! Everyone was now looking at Chu Yang with anxiety and fear!

Chu Yang smiled bitterly as he lamented. It seems that, this time, Tie Bu Tian’s good intentions has messed up my plans. I am capable of taking care of this by myself. And yet Tie Bu Tian had to get involved like this. His well-intentioned intervention has weakened my authority.

With my method, everyone here would have killed Qu Shao Bo; that would have been better.

Stepping into the cell and looking at the person lying curled up in there, Chu Yang did not say anything. The prisoner inside was one on death row; he had been interrogated and tortured to the point where he no longer looked human; he also had lost the ability to speak. According to Tie Bu Tian’s idea, this person was used as a fake Tang Xin Sheng. But Chu Yang was a little hesitant…

“This is the best opportunity!” Chu Yang quietly looked around the dingy cell and quietly planned, “But setting up a fake scene here is extremely dangerous. I have to figure out how to make it beneficial in every way.”

Chu Yang frowned and thought for a long time. The others stood quietly behind him. No one dared to breathe loudly and disturb his train of thoughts.

“Perfect all the traps here. The next time I come here, if I see one trap not fitting in, the ones who set it up can leave.” Chu Yang left these words as he was preparing to leave.

But these words were enough to make all the masters tremble.

In the next few days, Chu Yang rushed about taking care of the business of capturing Yin Wu Fa in the mornings. In the afternoons, he continued to challenge people. In the end, all of his efforts paid off. Chu Yang was able to integrate the Gentle Force of water into his moves.

While it was going to be a while before he would be able to fully incorporate it into his techniques, this was still great progress.

Besides that, his martial power also did not cease to increase. After only five or six short days, he already became a third grade Martial Artist. This kind of advancement made a King level master like Mo Cheng Yu tongue-tied!

I have never seen such advancement like this! This guy is a monster!

Early each evening, Chu Yang always trained Mo Qing Wu on her saber techniques, pointing out any flaws. After that, he would tell her stories. One big and one little: first, there were strict words and serious faces; soon after, they were amicably sitting together.

During this time, Chu Yang’s studious efforts had proven itself to be very effective. In Mo Qing Wu’s eyes, Brother Chu Yang was becoming more scholarly each day!

Whether it was a story in heaven or on earth, an old story or new story, a fantasy or a love story…. Brother Chu Yang knew them all!

Xiao Wu was worshiping Brother Chu Yang more and more every day.

While Brother Chu Yang has strict requirements when it came to her training, Mo Qing Wu came from a great clan and understood that strength was the key to getting the respect of others! Beauty was nothing more than a flower vase.

Therefore, she never felt any contempt.

Plus, after each time she trained with her saber, she got to hear stories, play with toys…

Mo Cheng Yu watched one big one small from the side. One telling the stories as the other one listened to these children stories; it was giving him the shivers. Internally, he was even more worried and pensive.

Before, he did not think there was anything, but now, he could not avoid thinking about it.

Chu Yang’s advancement speed was not humanly possible. Mo Cheng Yu could imagine that if he maintained such a speed, there was no doubt that he would be a King level master within a year!

If that speed was maintained… in fact, not even so. A slightly slower speed would achieve such results as well. Mo Cheng Yu was certain that in twenty years, Chu Yang was capable of becoming the greatest master in the world!

This world included Lower Three Heavens, Middle Three Heavens, and even Upper Three Heavens!

Anyone could see how much Chu Yang adored Mo Qing Wu.

When they were to return to the clan this time, would the clan listen to him and allow Mo Qing Wu to continue receiving the privileges of a person with a Three Yin Meridian?

Mo Cheng Yu could not be certain of this!

But there was one thing that he was absolutely certain of.

The clan only needed to mistreat little miss a little for Chu Yang’s anger to reach the heavens! There was not one clan that would want to go head to head with such a young master with such limitless potential!

If Mo Qing Wu was wronged by the clan, Chu Yang’s current strength was still too weak to be a threat. But once he had the strength, he would certainly be a misfortune for the entire Mo clan.

In the time that he had interacted with Chu Yang, how could Mo Cheng Yu not know about Chu Yang’s characteristics? He was an absolutely lawless person; but, even more than that, he was certainly one to take revenge!

Furthermore, he was about to become a very powerful person in Lower Three Heavens while still so young and without any family background! Who knows how he would be when he reached Middle Three Heavens?

But there was one thing he was certain of; if Chu Yang’s cultivation speed was known to the rest of the world, all the clans in Middle Three Heavens would spare no expense to invite him!

Given Chu Yang’s personality, he would never join any clan. He would build his own strength. That point, Mo Cheng Yu saw clearly.

If the Mo clan… applied too much pressure, Chu Yang would be cornered and would fight without caring for anything.

I still don’t know why Chu Yang cares for little miss to such an extreme! He seems to care for her so much that he stopped caring for anything else, even himself.

This type of attention was terrifying. Mo Cheng Yu felt that if something happened to Mo Qing Wu with the clan, Chu Yang would definitely take revenge and there would be endless deaths!

If Chu Yang was to show his true personality, he would say, “Anyone who could destroy the Mo clan, I will serve that person!”

Mo Cheng Yu shivered, stopping his train of thoughts. But he was sure that if Chu Yang realized that he could not deal with the Mo clan, he was certainly capable of doing such a thing.

If nothing happens to little miss, then the Mo clan will have a big supporter for it. But if something was to happen to little miss, the clan will have the most terrifying enemy in this world!

Mo Cheng Yu laughed bitterly. The issue is, will the clan believe my words?

They will probably call me a crazy person!

The days passed and Mo Cheng Yu’s injuries improved more and more. But he also became more pensive. When he discovered that Chu Yang had suddenly broke through fourth grade Martial Artist, he became even more worried. His worries became more and more serious and virtually turned into a mental condition.

Another concern of his was the fact that he still did not receive any news about the two young masters, Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji. What had happened to them?

Time went by quickly and three days passed.

Chu Yang no longer went out to challenge people because it would take nine days to go from Great Zhao to Iron Cloud with the fastest horses. If Diwu Qing Rou worked quickly, then the martial experts from Golden Horse Riders Department would be in Iron Cloud early that night!

A great battle that was both covert and overt was about to happen.

After this battle, Iron Cloud would be cleansed. After this battle, all of Chu Yang’s targets would be eradicated!

Early in the morning of the eighth day, before Chu Yang had a chance to get out of bed, there was a loud commotion outside of Heavenly Armament Pavilion; it seemed some people had come.

Chu Yang quickly got dressed and went out. He ran into Gu Du Xing with a few people in tow. Gu Du Xing’s countenance was just as icy as before; he walked stiffly like a cadaver. After seeing Chu Yang, his eyes suddenly brightened with a trace of emotion!

“Big brother, I did not fail you!” Gu Du Xing advanced and bowed respectfully.

Of course Gu Du Xing knew that he and Chu Yang did not need this sort of formality. However, these newly arrived punks needed to see Chu Yang with absolute power! Especially since Chu Yang’s current martial power was nowhere near theirs, his action was absolutely necessary!

Sure enough, just that bow left the five people behind him startled.

What kind of person was Gu Du Xing? He was the strongest and fastest amongst all of them. He was also the biggest loner. Furthermore, he was disobedient and unruly.

And yet, Gu Du Xing was currently showing respect to this youth! Everyone was suddenly in awe.

“These guys are the subordinates I found!” Gu Du Xing introduced icily.

“Hey, Gu Du! I already told you before; I am only here to help!” Ji Mo called out in protest.

“Shut up!” Gu Du Xing turned and flashed a fierce look, “If you keep talking, I will give you a beating!”

Ji Mo shrunk back and muttered, “You keep threatening me with this; do you know anything else?”

“What did you say?” Gu Du Xing yelled, and Ji Mo immediately closed his mouth without adding anything else.

“This guy is Ji Mo, a layabout. He is the second young master of the Ji clan, and a punching bag for the eldest young master Ji Wu Tian. He is a lazy guy that would not go anywhere if you don’t drag him; he is also stubborn as a mule. But he is very afraid of getting beat up!” Gu Du Xing solemnly introduced, “He also uses a sword, but he is not that good! He is much worse than me!”

These words put the people behind wild with laughter.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Ji Mo’s face turned red as he looked at Gu Du Xing, “You didn’t even leave me with a little bit of face!”

“Ji Mo?” Chu Yang looked at Ji Mo; his eyes could not help but brighten.

This man was very interesting! He wore a blue ribbon on his head, a blue robe, a blue outfit, and also blue shoes.

He was blue from head to toe. (

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