“That’s right! Whether it’s age, cultivation or background, he does not have a say in this!” Ji Mo laughed and continued, “Gu Du Xing! I, Ji Mo, am not a coward who clings to life and is afraid of death! Don’t think you can threaten me! The reason I came is to see if this Chu Yang is what you said he is! If he could convince us that he is capable of leading us into Upper Three Heavens, then I, Ji Mo, will recognize him as the boss! Otherwise, even if you chop my head off, I will not yield to him!”

“Yes! The two of us feel the same way! In terms of age, he is youngest; in terms of cultivation, he is lowest. Based on what is he our boss?” Luo Ke Di shouted.

“Good! Good! Since you are heartless, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” The cold light in Gu Du Xing’s eyes became stronger and stronger. The killing aura he emitted grew thicker. His face turned blue from anger. “Shiiing…” the Black Dragon sword came out like lightning, ready to stab.

“Wait!” Chu Yang immediately intervened.

These guys are all talented people! Gu Du Xing is currently using force to talk to them; this is not sound. Moreover, I am the boss; if I don’t show a little skill, how can I get their respect?

While they were childish, these guys were not the type that would willingly be inferior to others.

“When it comes to qualifications, I guess I have to show you a little!” Chu Yang replied calmly, “Based on what? You all are thinking that I am the youngest so what makes me your boss? Every one of you has a much more powerful background than me. Your cultivation levels are also higher than mine. But, when you arrived here, you are all ranked below me! Why?”

Chu Yang smiled and looked over at all the people in front of him, “My qualification is very simple! I am stronger than all of you!”

The three smiled condescendingly.

“I, Chu Yang, am a commoner with a humble background. I was tossed away when I was little. My master raised me. In this aspect, I am stronger than all of you!” Then Chu Yang raised his index finger, “I have a master who loves me! In my heart, he is my father! He would give his all for me! In this alone, you are no match for me! While you were born into privilege and had powerful masters, you don’t have a master like mine!”

Chu Yang continued, “Second, I have good martial brothers! My junior martial brother is my good brother, but he is currently not here. Here, I have Gu Du Xing!” Chu Yang said proudly, “You guys are probably wondering why Gu Du Xing listens to me, right?”

This was the thing that had been bothering them; it could even be said that it was the reason they came here.

“It is because we see each other as martial brothers! Gu Du Xing would do anything for me, and I would do the same for him! I would be willing to exchange my life for Gu Du Xing’s. And he would also be willing to do the same!” Chu Yang arrogantly looked at the three and replied proudly, “This boast-worthy thing, do you have it? Such a martial brother, do you have one?”

The three people remained silent.

If they did, they would not have been wandering in Jiang Hu all by themselves like this.

Youths of Jiang Hu, who did not dream of a martial brother who would live and die with them? Only in Jiang Hu could there be such friends. But they had grown up with infighting in their clans, and had learned to trust only themselves since they were young!

They could not afford to have martial brothers because they were afraid of betrayal. Their positions in the clans were precarious ones and had doomed them to not have any friends in the clans.

Martial brothers! This was the desire of all young people in Jiang Hu, but was also the heartache of all descendants of great clans.

“Third! I was born a commoner. My background could not be any lower. But from the secular point of view, I am successful!” Chu Yang looked indifferently at the three youths in front of him and said, “I have fame and power in this Iron Cloud. I can have countless people kill with one word. I can create big waves with one gentle stomp!”

“Everything I just told you, I have achieved them in three months! Can you people do that?” Chu Yang looked at them icily and asked.

The heads of the three were covered in sweat.

“You said you have power in Iron Cloud. Who are you?” Luo Ke Di asked in a low voice.

“Who am I?” Chu Yang smiled and said, “My surname is Chu; people call me King of Hell Chu!”

King of Hell Chu! The three were now horrified! While they were people of Middle Three Heavens, the famed King of Hell Chu seemed to have created a stir in the whole world. They went to Lower Three Heavens to train, how could they not know about the name King of Hell Chu?

The miraculous leader of Bu Tian Pavilion had purged Iron Cloud Citadel with blood. He went head to head with Golden Horse Riders Department with just a measly force and still did not fall on the losing side.

They had already been well-versed with all the legends of King of Hell Chu.

But the three of them never knew that this legendary King of Hell Chu was the smiling and talking young man in front of them! He had such accomplishments in just three months, King of Hell Chu was worthy of anyone’s admiration.

This might have sounded simple enough, but… Ji Mo and the others knew that they were not capable of it!

“Fourth! A year ago, I was the third grade Martial Pupil. But currently, can you see what my cultivation is?” Chu Yang breathed out and lightly activated his martial energy. A light blue mist appeared on his hand.

“Martial Artist!” At this moment, all five people exclaimed. Even Gu Du Xing’s eyes widened.

“Sorry! Peak fourth grade Martial Artist!” Chu Yang pulled back his aura and ginned widely, “Twenty-one grades in just one year! It is nothing worth boasting!”

The five wiped off their cold sweats at the same time.

Twenty-one grades in one year, and there was nothing to boast? What they did not know was that Chu Yang was really being modest. His real advancement time frame was actually about half a year.

“The amount of time that Gu Du Xing spent finding you people was one month and six days. When he left, I was a sixth grade Martial Warrior.” Chu Yang smiled and continued, “If your cultivation speed is quicker than mine, I will concede!”

The four people turned toward Gu Du Xing almost at the same time. They could only see his widened eyes looking at Chu Yang. With a look of terror on his face, he murmured, “How could this be… How could this be…?”

The four became even more shocked.

All four of them knew Gu Du Xing’s temperament well. He looked down on lying, and would sooner use his sword than to join forces with Chu Yang in deceiving them.

Plus, his action just now was as if he saw a demon!

Such a demeanor could not be faked!

Could there be such a monster in this world? Advancing twenty-one grades in one year? No… seven grades in one month?

This guy… how can he be so monstrous?

“Fifth! I am stronger than all of you because I have ambitions and aspirations! I already said that the target of Heavenly Armament Pavilion is to advance to Upper Three Heavens. Not only to advance there, but also to take over Upper Three Heavens!”

Chu Yang’s eyes radiated an arrogance as he looked at the three people, “Do you have that ambition? Have you ever thought of this? You want to go there, but you never thought about what you would do once you get there, or how you would achieve it!”

The four hung their heads in shame.

“You are unhappy with your clans and just want to go out to relax! You have all said that your clans treated you unfairly. And while you are bullied, you never bothered to fight back. You people just want to go out for a while and then come back to your clans to continue living under their control…”

Chu Yang scolded, “You are a bunch of cowards who don’t have the guts to fight for themselves! You are too afraid to do anything! You can only go around Middle Three Heavens and earn yourselves the lame title of young master! You shamed your reputations so those damn eldest young master could feel assured and not deal with you. You just want to live in shame with whatever life you have left…”

Chu Yang smiled coldly, “Anyone is in the position to question my authority, but you people don’t have such rights! While my background can’t match yours and neither can my cultivation level, I depend on myself and use my bare hands to kill and take what I have!” (TLN: Oh, my bare hands and Nine Tribulations Sword.)

“Did you know that there is a disabled veteran camp next to those mountains over there? There are groups of poor disabled veterans there, and you people can’t even compare to them! It is because they fought on the battlefield with their own lives, and they are capable of living in poverty! But you people cannot!” Chu Yang’s gaze was as sharp as a saber as he looked straight at the three.

He coldly smiled and continued, “Me calling you elder brothers? Do you have the guts to receive that position? Do you dare?”

“Second young master, only second young master!” Chu Yang looked up and laughed, “Are you even worthy of being men? Are you in the position to ask for my qualifications?”

The three faces reddened from ear to ear. With eyes burning, they said, “Chu Yang! You can look down on us but you don’t have the right to insult us!”

“Don’t have the right? I don’t have the right?” Chu Yang sneered, “I am insulting you! What are you going to do about it?”

“If you people want to prove that you are not useless, then you can stay! I will give you the opportunity to arrogantly walk in Jiang Hu!” Chu Yang paused a little then continued, “If you don’t want this, you can leave right now! My place does not take young masters or big brothers!”

“Because you were willing to be second young masters, you are not worthy of being boss!” Chu Yang yelled.

“Motherf*! I will stay!” Ji Mo said loudly, “When I am stronger than you, I will challenge you!”

“Yes! I will be the one to defeat you and Gu Du Xing!” Luo Ke Di yelled, “Don’t be mistaken that you have convinced me!”

“I am staying because I want to see what gives you the audacity to say that you will lead us into Upper Three Heavens!” Dong Wu Shang sharply glared at Chu Yang.

“I want to stay because boss Gu is here! Even if you kick me out, I won’t leave!” Rui Bu Tong laughed. He was probably the most relaxed out of the four of them.

Gu Du Xing breathed a sigh of relief. He thought to himself: Chu Yang is definitely convincing; he clearly scolded these punks into staying.

“You want to stay? Is it that easy?” Chu Yang sneered, “What kind of place do you think my Heavenly Armament Pavilion is? You get to stay because you want to stay? You get to stay because of your second young master titles?”

Chu Yang intentionally emphasized the words “second young master,” as he asked sarcastically.

The three immediately turned purple and replied, “Perhaps you despise us?”

“If you want me to value you, you have to show me your strength.” Chu Yang sneered, “Do you think that just your current cultivation level is enough?”

“I am a Martial Great Master!” Ji Mo practically screamed in his face; he was so angry, he wanted to spit up blood, “My cultivation level is sixth grade Martial Great Master, the same as Gu Du Xing!”

“Sorry! I am already at seventh grade! Thank you very much!” Gu Du Xing glared.

Ji Mo’s face lost its color, “Seventh grade? You broke through?”

“Yes, one day before I saw you!” Gu Du Xing folded his arms, looked at Ji Mo, and said slowly, “You are finished, Ji Mo!”

“We are also the same!” Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang said in unison, “We are also Martial Great Masters!”

But the two of them were third grade and fourth grade Martial Great Masters. There was a great gap between them and the two people in front of them so they did not yell out loudly. (walkthejianghu.com)

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