“What I want is the heart of a powerful person!” Chu Yang emphasized, “It is not an issue of cultivation. A person could be a Martial Pupil; with the heart of a powerful person, he could rise step by step and advance toward the pinnacle of martial arts. But if a Martial Great Master does not have the heart of a powerful person, he would just be a strong piece of meat!”

“A heart of a powerful person?” The three seemed a little enlightened.

“There is more, if you want to remain here, you will have to see me as boss and listen to me!” Chu Yang mockingly, “At Heavenly Armament Pavilion, I don’t need second young masters or little ancestors!”

“No matter what, I will stay. I will stubbornly squat here!” Ji Mo immediately plopped in front of Heavenly Armament Pavilion’s entrance, unwilling to stand up.

“Are you willing to listen to me?” Chu Yang frowned.

“Of course!” The three said in unison. At this moment, the three of them all felt that if they were to be kicked out they would surely lose face!

“Well, I will take a chance and accept you; I suppose it could be a charity!” Chu Yang said reluctantly, “But be warned, if anyone does not follow my orders, I will kick him out; don’t be so thick-skinned and try to stay. I hate that kind of person most of all!”

The four thought: Of course, if you’re not going to follow orders, why would you be so thick-skinned and remain here? Then they looked at each other as if wanting to say: You must be the first one to be kicked out!

The unspoken competition between them had begun.

“Good! Let’s start. I will give your three clans a chance to see who will win and who will lose!” Chu Yang said slowly, “In this period, all the great clans of Middle Three Heavens are getting ranked against one another. But such an important responsibility would naturally not be up to you people!”

Chu Yang rubbed salt on their hearts once more. He squinted his eyes and looked at the three faces twitching, “At least, in my place, there will be a first elimination round amongst you second young masters! In a general sense, you will represent your clans and battle here!”

The three straightened up and looked at Chu Yang with burning eyes.

“Within a month, each of you must advance by one grade in cultivation. Gu Du Xing will be here to oversee this.” Chu Yang said carelessly, “One month later, anyone who does not advance will be considered a failure, and must leave my sight at once!”

“What is this? You don’t even care about our skill level at all?” Luo Ke Di jumped up, “That’s not fair!”

“If you don’t agree, you can leave and admit defeat!” Chu Yang sneered, “Fair? You want to talk about fairness with me? I will let you know something; in life, there has never been such a thing called fairness!”

“I do not care how you cultivate. This place is relatively big; if you die because of cultivation, it’s your problem. I will only say one thing; if you don’t advance, you are not worthy of being my brother!” Chu Yang said slowly.

“What about you?” Ji Mo called out, “You don’t mean just us cultivating? Will you just stand by and watch the actions?”

“Of course I will also cultivate. I am currently a fourth grade Martial Artist! In a month, I will break through Martial Master! If I can’t do this, I will abdicate my position.” Chu Yang grunted and asked, “What do you think?”

The four remained quiet.

Breaking through Martial Master from fourth grade Martial Artist in one month? Do you think you are a god?

“We’ll take that bet!” The four people gritted their teeth and agreed. It would be stupid not take a gamble on such terms.

Three of them rubbed their hands together, getting ready for a month of fighting for the boss position! Only Gu Du Xing was sitting on the side looking at the three people pitifully and thinking: You three are really stupid! I have witnessed him continuously increase three grades in four hours. Do you people really think that increasing six grades in a month would be difficult for him?

If he says he could directly break through Martial Great Master, I would not find it strange!

From the moment Ji Mo and the rest of them appeared to the moment Chu Yang managed to keep them here, the time period was very short. Chu Yang dealt with everything very simply! In fact, Chu Yang did not intend to trick them at all. He dealt with these guys in a very clear and straightforward manner!

At a glance, one could see that Chu Yang wanted them to stay. This was not a covert conspiracy, but an overt design!

But it was that clearly seen intention that made the three people voluntarily stay.

They did not even mind paying a great price to remain there!

This particular point, Gu Du Xing would not be able to see until he thought about it more carefully tomorrow.

Chu Yang’s method was quite simple: shock and awe. Then he used the youths’ desire to win and the conflicts between their clans to create a trap.

If it was just one person, he would not have even bothered. Because no matter what Chu Yang said, that person would never see him as the boss. But currently, there were three people from opposing clans; the situations was completely different!

These people were competing opponents; how could they accept being weaker than another? They would sooner die than accept it.

Therefore, Chu Yang achieved his purpose easily while establishing his authority as well. He had managed to get a group of second young masters from superpower clans to stay. Plus, he even got to scold them.

This was incredible to Gu Du Xing.

When the three started to rebel, Gu Du Xing was sure that things were irreparable! He never thought that they could be solved so easily like this.

“Good! If that’s the case, let’s start our bet!” Chu Yang smiled and said, “To enhance your enthusiasm, Heavenly Armament Pavilion will have a competition. In one month, whoever does not advance can leave. Amongst the remaining people, whoever breaks through the slowest will have to wash underwear for a month, including shorts and socks. And if one thing is not clean, he would be punished for another month.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Is this too cruel?

After passing the qualification, they would still have to wash other people’s underwear?

“Ji Mo, do you want Gu Du Xing to wash your socks?” Chu Yang asked.

Ji Mo’s two eyes immediately shined like flood lights. Thinking about Gu Du Xing washing his socks, he could not avoid laughing. His confidence increased by a hundred folds and he replied powerfully, “I will make sure that he washes my underwear every day!”

“Very good! Dong Wu Shang, would you like Luo Ke Di to wash your underwear?” Chu Yang continued to stoke the fire.

Dong Wu Shang bitterly looked at Chu Yang’s animated expression and snapped, “I want you to wash my underwear! For a whole month, I will not bath at all! I want to stink you to death.”

“No problem; you people just need to beat me!” Chu Yang smiled coolly.

“Attention! This first month is just a trial so there will be no set duties.” Chu Yang smiled, “I hope you will pass this trial!”

“Du Xing, please bring out the reward I have prepared for everyone to see!” Chu Yang added, “They are all heavenly weapons, you can just bring out one sword!”

Gu Du Xing understood. He went in and brought out a sword. He flung it in front of the four people and said, “You can look a little!”

After a little while, the four people became wild.

“How could there be a heavenly weapon of this level in this world?” Ji Mo shouted in surprise. He was a swordsman so he went crazy the moment he saw this sword, “It’s minnneeee…!!!”

“Get out!” The three others unceremoniously snapped, “You want to take it with your efforts?”

Chu Yang clapped in approval; all eyes were on him.

“We are not lacking in heavenly weapons like that here. We even have sabers!” Chu Yang winked at Dong Wu Shang and his blood started to boil upward.

There are sabers as well!

“As I said, this is a reward!” Chu Yang said, “Only when you officially join Heavenly Armament Pavilion and do something great to win everyone’s admiration can you get this reward!”

“This is my bribe, you can just ignore it if you want!” Chu Yang said bluntly.

Who can resist this kind of temptation? Ignore? Motherf*, we’re not stupid…

The four people looked at each other and then looked at the sword. They all felt that compared to this sword, their weapons were just garbage…

“Ah, Dong Wu Shang! I heard that your Black Saber has always been famous for being sharp. Let’s give it a try!” Luo Ke Di picked up the sword, ready to fight.

“Get out! You have to use your own sword!” Dong Wu Shang answered with annoyance. While his saber was not an ordinary item, fighting with this sword would probably cause his saber to at least chip.

“This is my sword!” Luo Ke Di looked lovingly at the sword, mesmerized.

Gu Du Xing immediately took the sword back and said, “Yours? Beat those guys first!”

Then he put the sword inside.

Looking at Gu Du Xing’s, Luo Ke Di and the rest could barely breathe. Their entire bodies trembled, and hearts ached…

“There are many rooms here; each of you can pick out a room for yourself! I am busy with many things, I can’t play with you for much longer!”

Chu Yang said a few words to Gu Du Xing and went out. Seeing that the sun already high in the sky, he had to check on things at Bu Tian Pavilion!

These people are only remaining here temporarily. But they just need to remain here, I could make them stay permanently!

Walking into Bu Tian Pavilion, the Saber King was already sitting there waiting. These past few days, he would come to rush them once a day. It was not because Chu Yang did not try or that Bu Tian Pavilion did not give it their all; they just could not find that person.

The Saber King could not fault them on this. He already knew that the opponent was severely injured and would not be able to go far; he even knew that the person might have died in the citadel. But they had no way of investigating whether the person was alive or dead. This made him feel annoyed these past few days.

King of Hell Chu became angry because of this once and even roared. The Saber King saw this clearly.

Chu Yang truly did try hard! But this Yin Wu Fa seemed to have evaporated out of Iron Cloud Citadel. After search for a long time and not yielding any results, Chu Yang had gradually come to that conclusion!

“It seems that there are numerous King level masters in the citadel!” Chu Yang solemnly looked at the Saber King, “Senior, we shouldn’t… this lowly official suddenly feels that our searching approach is wrong!”

“Wrong?” The Saber King stroked his beard and became pensive. He had also thought about this. After searching for a long time and not finding any clues, it was probable that another gigantic spy network covering him. It was just that the Mo clan only came down to Lower Three Heavens a few months ago, how could they create such a spy network?

Perhaps the Mo clan knew that they would be hunted in Iron Cloud Citadel? This is extremely preposterous!

“This lowly official thinks that this is probably not the Mo clan like senior has suspected!” Chu Yang hinted, “In this matter, there are many hidden things that we don’t yet know!” (walkthejianghu.com)

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