He finally succeeded. Chu Yang stealthily wiped the sweat on his forehead and thought: I am so tired! This was not easy at all!

But in the Saber King’s eyes, this was interpreted as fear and he quickly comforted, “Don’t worry kid; I won’t just sit there and let them do whatever they want!”

“Ah, what will you do, senior?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and asked.

“Well, do you have to ask? Of course we will annihilate them!” The Saber King said murderously.

“That’s a pity!” Chu Yang hastily replied, “If they indeed have these intentions, then they would naturally bring good medicines with them. The Sword King is so severely injured…” He voice let out as he became emotional.

The Saber King was touched, and praised him with a kind voice, “This kid is really conscientious!”

“It is best to meet them under a false pretense; then pretend to reconcile with them and take the medicine to guarantee that the Sword King will avoid death. After that… haha, we can work together and capture them as easy as grabbing a turtle from a cage. That way, Diwu Qing Rou will not only lose medicines but also manpower. Let that bastard know hurt for once; and at the same time, let him know that there are people better than him in this world. He might think of himself as smart and resourceful, but at the Hei Mo clan, that is nothing!” Chu Yang said viciously.

“That’s right!” The Saber King stood up and replied smugly with a proud voice, “Diwu Qing Rou will definitely lose to my strategy! Haha, if Diwu Qing Rou knows that I discovered his schemes, I wonder how he would feel. Hahaha…”

After he was done talking, he looked up and laughed, feeling extremely happy.

Lose to your strategy? Underneath his mask, Chu Yang’s mouth twitched as he mentally cursed: Until today… I have not seen such thick skin like yours!

If Diwu Qing Rou learned of this, would he spit up blood a hundred times, then cut his own throat and castrate himself? And maybe after that, he would dig his own hole and jump into it.

It was too unjust for him…

“Minister Chu, I will have to go back and set this up quickly. The other people from the clan who have just arrived also want to join in as well.” The Saber King’s eyes became crazed with killing intents, “Diwu Qing Rou played with our Hei Mo clan as if we are fools. Haha, who does he think he is? Motherf*! If I don’t obliterate them this time, I will no longer have any face in this world!”

“Senior, I completely empathize with your feelings!” Chu Yang’s voice was filled with anguish, “I feel so ashamed! The fight between Iron Cloud and Great Zhao is just a Lower Three Heavens matter. Why does Diwu Qing Rou want to get other innocent people involved? This lowly official finds that repugnant. Involving innocent people, could he still be called the world’s greatest mind?”

“Greatest mind?” Hahaha…” The Saber King thought about the fact that he had discovered the scheme of “the greatest mind,” and became extremely proud. He started to think that “the greatest mind” should be him!

“Very good! I have to go back and prepare! You should also prepare well here. But it seems that you don’t have anything important to do here!” The Saber King smiled.

“Yes, of course! With your powerful skill, this lowly official just needs to follow and cheer in support. Getting a little bit of your glory rubbed off on me is already a great honor!” Chu Yang laughed cheerfully and replied.

“Senior, I need a little help from you…” Minister Chu took advantage of the favorable atmosphere to put out his request, “This time, Diwu Qing Rou sends people here with the intention of rescuing an important person, but this person is already dead. If… haha!!!”

“You want me to find someone to pretend to be that person, and attack those who come to rescue him?” It seemed that the process of talking with Minister Chu had gradually opened the Saber King’s mind and made him wiser! He had become different from before; when talking to King of Hell Chu, he had learned to answer.

“Yes! You are truly wise!” Chu Yang was filled with admiration, “I have such thoughts, but I am not nearly as thorough as you!”

“It’s nothing! Hahaha…” The Saber King laughed and comforted Chu Yang, “Everything in life needs to be learned; human life can be seen through books. You are still young; there are some things that you would not consider!”

“Yes, yes! You are too wise; I am completely in awe, completely in awe!! Hahaha…” Chu Yang quickly asked, “If that’s the case, I will have to depend solely on you for this matter!”

“I promise!” The Saber King immediately answer, solving the problem that had been bothering our Minister Chu, “Just wait a little; I will quickly send someone here to help you. Ah, would a seventh grade Revered Martial Artist be adequate?”

“Adequate, more than adequate!” Chu Yang laughed, “Using a seventh grade Revered Martial Artist for a trap, this is like killing chicken with a knife for gutting cattle; it will be as easily as flipping over your palm!”

“Hahaha… In that case, I feel assured!” The Saber King immediately stood up; as if there was some reluctance, he added, “I have to leave now!”

He really could not bear to leave here! It was here that he was more talented than anyone else; it was here that his thinking became so quick that he could not believe it himself…

“Please take your time!” Chu Yang did not forget to kiss up once more, “Your wisdom reaches the heavens, and your planning is thorough without any flaws. It is regrettable that such talent stays hidden in Jiang Hu. You see our Iron Cloud Nation’s prime minister…”

“Haha, stop dreaming!” The Saber King shook his head, but he was feeling very pleased; his inner poet was suddenly inspired and he immediately said some verses:

“A person in Jiang Hu

After death, is a ghost of Jiang Hu

Killing without blinking

That is who I am!”

After that, he immediately shook his thighs with satisfaction.

“Good poetry!” Chu Yang called out in praise, “While this poem only has four short lines, it carries the wild mentality of one that is free and cannot be tied down. Not just that; it also sums up the Jiang Hu’s fierce and mighty blood. More majestic than any one individual great accomplishment and beyond any generations of youths, it is brighter than the sun and the moon and soars past the heavens. Anyone who hears this would unconsciously bow in reverence.”

“Hahaha…, you are not bad either. You are flattering me again!” Hearty laughter rang out in an extremely harmonious atmosphere. One old, one young were looking at each other with unspoken understanding. The Saber King was exceedingly elated as he walked out laughing.

As for King of Hell Chu, he was thousands of times more elated; he laughed loudly as he walked in.

When Wu Qian Qian entered the room she immediately witnessed King of Hell Chu holding a children’s book to cover his mouth as he tried to keep from laughing out loud. Tears and mucus ran down his face and his whole body was convulsing.

“Are you okay?” Wu Qian Qian was startled; she asked with a trembling voice. What could make King of Hell Chu that happy? This is truly abnormal!

Just earlier, I heard him crying as if someone in his family died; he even cursed Diwu Qing Rou to no end. Did I hear wrong?

His discussion with the Hei Mo Saber King was top secret so Chu Yang and the Saber King were the only ones there. If not, little miss Wu Qian Qian, who had so little life experience, could easily ruin King of Hell Chu’s plans with just one sound of laughter!

“Hahaha” Chu Yang used his “quiet laugher” to show the he was extremely happy. He shoulders shook nonstop like a naked person standing outside in a harsh winter.

A long while later, unable to laugh anymore, he gradually regained his normal composure.

“What really happened?” Wu Qian Qian was scared by his laughter!

“Hahaha” Her question made King of Hell Chu start to laugh at a deafening volume. Wu Qian Qian covered her ears in annoyance. Her face still looked confused from not understanding what had happened.

The more King of Hell Chu laughed the more he lost control. One of his hands slapped his thigh while the other one banged on the table. His whole body shook, and tears ran down his face, “Hahaha… motherf* is so stupid… Hahaha…”

Wu Qian Qian was so angry blood drained from her face. She angrily stomped out of the room while mentally cursing: This basket case is hopeless.

I was being nice and he cursed me. And with that kind of language as well.

While the Hei Mo clan people and Minister Chu were nursing the hope that at some early evening Diwu Qing Rou would send a group of his men into Iron Cloud Citadel…

In the darkness of the night, a group of people snuck into Iron Cloud Citadel unseen. They went straight to Yin Wu Fa’s hiding place.

Diwu Qing Rou’s spy network was truly deeply rooted in this Iron Cloud Citadel after many years of work. This location was truly secretive.

Inside, the Third King, Yin Wu Fa, was on his last breath. The people watching over him were the two Revered Martial Artists; they, too, were living in struggle! How could such a secretive hiding place have any special medicines?

Moreover, they could not get a physician. The only thing they could do was secretly buy a few medicines and quickly go back. They were constantly at risk of being exposed, and danger surrounded them all the time.

Unable to do anything else, the two Revered Martial Artists took turns using their own energy to prolong Yin Wu Fa’s life. These days, the two of them were as exhausted as Yin Wu Fa.

Being able to help Yin Wu Fa hang on to this point was already a great miracle! If support continued to be delayed, then Yin Wu Fa would die and those two would follow due to exhaustion!

The moment Kong Shang Xin (TLN: Shang Xin means grief, hence the title.) saw Yin Wu Fa, his heart stirred. He was so hurt that there was almost tears in his eyes. Yin Wu Fa was currently no different than a set of bones that could move. The wounds were still raw and bleeding, but the edges of each one were already dark purple.

His breathing was shallow without any strength. Clearly he was in a critical state!

Kong Shang Xin looked to be a little over forty years old; his body was small and swift. He was a thief from Middle Three Heavens. He later offended some untouchable people and had to flee. He, Yin Wu Fa, and Yin Wu Tian ran down to Lower Three Heavens. Then the three of them eventually joined Golden Horse Riders Department as King level leaders.

The affection these three had for each other was deeper than the ocean. In this moment, witnessing Yin Wu Fa in that pitiful state, how could he not feel sad and angry?

I will never cry, but my whole life will be in grief (TLN: Play on word, Shang Xin – sad, grief, etc.).

This spoke to the feelings between the two. Kong Shang Xin had now cried because of his martial brother.

Without seeing tears fall, I will not cry; the moment I feel sad, I am already grieving! (TLN: Need I say it again?)

Shang Xin Saber King, the name made it sound as if he was a compassionate person. But those who understood the true meanings knew how cruel Kong Shang Xin was.

He did not cry, but he made others cry. In his lifetime, he was afraid of grieving so he made his enemies grieve instead. Kong Shang Xin was a vengeful person.

“Third brother!” Kong Shang Xin quickly ran over; his two eyes were red. (walkthejianghu.com)

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