Borrowing the momentum of the punch, Chu Yang shot forward. He jumped up in the air and then suddenly kicked down.

Compared to Ji Mo’s group, Chu Yang’s martial power was, of course, weaker. Because of this advantage, they were able to see Chu Yang’s attack clearly.

What astonished them was that Chu Yang had almost drained all of his energy with just three moves, and went into a state of exhaustion.

But he showed no signs of stopping, each punch he pushed out perfectly combined all of his forces together.

The wind from the punches pushed through the atmosphere. Without a sound, he punched thirty to forty times in the blink of an eye. His posture was firm; the only worrisome thing was his heavy breathing. If this continued, it seemed that he would explode or cough out his lungs!

After thirty to forty punches, one of the punches carried with it a slight pop sound.

“Extreme breakthrough!” The four people exclaimed in unison. No one understood this feeling more than them. Break first, then build up. Failure, then success. The feeling was like a phoenix turning into ashes and then being reborn, becoming Buddha on the spot!

The sound of the wind whistled, growing louder by the minute. The strength of the sounds had passed its peak. After some time, the sounds gradually stopped. His punching stance remained firm as before, but the punches seemed to be without any force.

“Extreme limit again!” Ji Mo and Dong Wu Shang looked at each other in terror.

Chu Yang still quietly punched without resting. His breathing became more labored and the blue veins on his temple throbbed as if they wanted to rip away from his skin. His countenance grew redder and redder.

Time continued to pass and another pop was heard. Ji Mo and company once again exclaimed, “Another extreme breakthrough!”

All in all, Chu Yang had three consecutive extreme breakthroughs. After the last time, his body slowed down, and his breathing stabilized as he remained firmly standing.

All five of them saw clearly. Sweat rushed from his body; head, forehead, face, chest, back… his whole body was bathed in sweat. Sweat poured down to the ground and gathered there. Within moments, a little puddle was forming underneath where Chu Yang was standing, and it seemed to be spreading wider and wider…

After standing still for a while, Chu Yang opened his eyes and shook his head, “After all that and no breakthrough!”

Ji Mo and the rest almost fell to the ground!

After not even an hour, he had three extreme breakthroughs. This number is enough to scare anyone, and he actually complained that he did not break through!

 How do you want to break through?

In an hour, they all had extreme breakthroughs, but they knew well that their breakthroughs were due to pressure from this monster; but Chu Yang pressured himself to break through.

Forcing yourself versus being forced by another! The difference between the two, how could they not know?

“Bo… boss!” Ji Mo stuttered, “Boss, how did you do it?”

Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang’s eyes shined as they stared at Chu Yang.

“It’s very simple!” Chu Yang smiled coolly, “Each time I train, I think of a person lying dead in the wild of Jiang Hu without any arms or legs. I tell myself that if I don’t break through now, tomorrow, the person rotting on the ground would be me!”

“I don’t want to be the one rotting on the ground!” Chu Yang laughed and continued, “Therefore, the only thing I could do is break through!”

Such a simple rationale, but it made Ji Mo and the rest think. Even if you are going to pressure yourself, you don’t have to be that cruel.

“Being a man, you have to be able to be tough on yourself!” Chu Yang seemed to understand their thoughts and said solemnly, “If we are not cruel to ourselves, the enemy will be cruel to us. If we are not cruel to ourselves once, it’s acceptable. But the enemy only needs to be cruel to us once… once is enough!”

“As for this method of extreme breakthrough, you already know. But I want to warn you; with your body strength, you should never do this more than five times a day!” Chu Yang said solemnly, “Us martial artists, especially those who have reached the ranks of Martial Great Master like yourselves, might have greater endurance than ordinary people, but you are actually in the critical period conditioning your bones!”

“Once you get to the Revered Martial Artist state, you will be conditioning your organs. But before that, you need to go through the foundation of conditioning your bones. If you have more than five extreme breakthroughs per day, your bones would not be able to handle it. While this will not be obvious, once your organs get shocked, you will find that your bodies could no longer endure it all! At that time, you can train to death, but you will never be able to advance another step!”

“You must remember this!”

The four solemnly nodded.

“Good. Let’s get some rest!” Chu Yang did not say anything further. These guys were all smart enough to understand and did not need so many words.

Looking at Chu Yang disappearing from sight, the four fell into silence. If a little Martial Artist could do this, why couldn’t a bunch of Great Masters like them?

This was unbearable! Too shameful…!!!

“Oh… there is one more thing I forgot to tell you. After training each day, you must keep the court clean and level. Any little thing out of place, all four of you must wash my socks and underwear!” Chu Yang’s voice faintly rang out from inside.

“Damn! Besides washing socks and underwear, do you know anything else?” Luo Ke Di shouted out in discontent.

“I will bet with you that when the boss comes back out and sees a mess, I will bow down to anyone who escape socks and underwear washing duties!” Gu Du Xing mocked as he pointed to the little court, “There is one thing I still did not tell you guys. The boss never jokes; he will definitely do whatever he says!”

“Aaah…!!!” The four looked at each other and shrieked loudly.

“Where are the tools” Ji Mo shouted, “How do we clean without tools?”

“Your arms and legs… are they not tools?” Gu Du Xing asked with an abnormal innocence, “How could you train if you use tools?” (TLN: “Wax on, wax off!”)

The four immediately looked up at the heavens and sighed feeling extremely odd. I may not be the heir in the clan, but I am still a young master! How did I turn into a laborer here?

While they thought so, none of them dared to stand still. Each one was anxiously moving about, using all of their power, arms and legs to quickly level the little court. Some of them even activated their martial power and palmed the ground, preparing so they could stand out a little at training the next day…

Either they were ignorant, or they might still have conflicting feelings in regards to Chu Yang’s boss position. But currently, they did not realize that they were doing everything Chu Yang asked! Moreover, they were very concerned with how Chu Yang looked at them. In fact, they were even scared…

This was a beautiful beginning! Gu Du Xing casually leaned against the door frame and watched over the laborers with satisfaction. He admired Chu Yang even more. How could such a young person be capable of having so many strange and fantastic ideas in his head?

“Damn you! Gu Du, you don’t feel bad just standing there watching us work?” Ji Mo cried out angrily. The other three joined in with accusations…

Gu Du Xing laughed and quickly got into a verbal battle.

Chu Yang went straight down to the secret chamber. The moment he came in Mo Cheng Yu hastily ran toward him and asked, “Did the Hei Mo people come?”

“Ah! No!” Chu Yang was surprised.

“Was there fighting above earlier?” Mo Cheng Yu had a serious countenance.

“Ah… ah… just my little martial brothers having a match!” Chu Yang finally understood.

He suddenly remembered that the Hei Mo were essentially neutralized; he could let Mo Qing Wu and Mo Cheng Yu out to get some fresh air now.

He immediately acted on it. As a habit, he picked up Mo Qing Wu, who was holding her nose. He smiled and said, “Xiao Wu, let big brother carry you outside to play, okay?”

“Good!” Mo Qing Wu’s face was filled with happiness. These past few days have been suffocating. The most horrible thing was Chu Yang only had one temporary latrine in there. And while Mo Qing Wu was young, she was a neat freak…

Mo Qing Wu held her nose and shook her head, “Brother Chu Yang, you are too stinky!”

Chu Yang smiled shamefully. He was in such a rush that he did not change clothes or wash up before running in here…

When Mo Cheng Yu came out, he glanced over the situation in the court and was in shock; he could barely believe his eyes.

In the court, five people were working with full force. They were pressing with their hands and stomping with their feet to get the ground leveled. Each one was covered in mud like little monkeys playing with dirt. Upon closer observations, Mo Cheng Yu found it was impossible to close his mouth.

The punk with his butt in the air exerting great energy and pushing dirt with his hands, isn’t he Luo Ke Di of the Luo clan? Isn’t he the second young master famous being idle? Isn’t he the one with the nickname Coyote?

And the one… carefully stomping on the ground with his feet, isn’t he the second young master of the Black Saber clan, Dong Wu Shang?

The one lying flat on the ground and squinting to check if the ground in front of him is leveled, isn’t he the second young master of the Ji clan, Ji Mo?

And… and… the punk using his feet to smooth out ground, isn’t he the number one heavenly talent of the Gu clan, Gu Du Xing? As for the frail kid, I don’t know. But… he does not seem to be weaker than these other kids…

Could it be that Chu Yang is gathering all the second little ancestors of Middle Three Heavens to come here and do hard labor for him?

This… this is too inhumane!

According to Mo Cheng Yu’s knowledge, even if their birth fathers asked them to do these menial chores, they would ignore it. But Chu Yang was clearly able to get them to obediently do manual labor…

This was proof of real skill!

Is Chu Yang not afraid of the clans finding out about this and killing him?

Mo Cheng Yu was an important King level martial master in the Mo clan. He was also Mo Qing Wu’s guardian and guide; so, of course, he recognized these talents! These guys were potential future allies of the Mo clan; not recognizing them was not an option!

While these second young masters did not have the right to be heirs, they only needed to maintain their second young master positions and they would become important people in their clans in the future! (

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