Normally, characters like these were called “guardian angels” of the clans! While they did not have the chance to be the center of power, they were nurtured by the clans at all costs!

In other words, these people would be the ones at the battlefronts for the clans in the future! These were the future fighters and elders of the clans.

Such important characters, if Mo Cheng Yu did not know them… that would be a joke!

The five were working with full force when they suddenly got an abnormal feeling. The moment they turned around, they immediately saw a middle aged man with a shocked face and a gaping mouth. The same thought came to their minds: Why is this King level master from the Mo clan here?

“Why are you here?” All six mouths spoke at the same time, said the same thing, and closed their mouths at the same time. This was a headscratcher.

“I found them and brought them back here to be nurtured! At the time, one old and one young were homeless so I gave them food and a roof over their heads!” Chu Yang held Mo Qing Wu in one arm and stepped out.

“Homeless?” Ji Mo and the rest sounded as if their jaws were dislocated. A King level master of the Mo clan is homeless?

Luo Ke Di was eyeing Mo Cheng Yu with a faint trace of hostility. While there was no open fuel between the Luo clan and the Mo clan, and they had always treated each other with due decorum, there was an endless underlying friction between them.

It was because these two clans were located too close to each other…

There were two clans within a five hundred mile radius. To the Luo clan and the Mo clan, this was like having a bone stuck in their throats. But time and time again, they could not do anything to each other with their given strength…

At this moment, Mo Qing Wu pushed from Chu Yang arm and jumped down. She cried with joy, “Brother Ji Mo…”

Ji Mo was shocked. He rubbed his eyes and spoke with disbelief, “Xiao Wu? Why are you here?”

Mo Qing Wu laughed and hastily ran forward. Ji Mo picked her up with one arm and spoke with indescribable joy. As he was talking to Xiao Wu, Ji Mo suddenly felt fierce and evil gaze felt upon him!

Right after, Chu Yang had rushed forth and grabbed Mo Qing Wu from his arm. Then he asked with the most unfriendly voice, “Do you know each other?”

Ji Mo was furious! They were just reunited after a very long time and this punk robbed her from him. He glared at Chu Yang and said, “My mother is her aunt; do you think we know each other?”

“Ah… so that’s it!” Chu Yang immediately ceased his jealous rampage and said, “That’s okay, then!”

Then he scratched his head and placed Mo Qing Wu back on the ground with an embarrassed grin.

However, he still had some doubts: Ji Mo’s mother is a concubine… He was born from a concubine, but she is also Mo Qing Wu’s aunt; that makes her a lady. How could the sister of the Mo clan’s leader be a concubine of the Ji clan’s leader?

This is a little unbelievable… is there something hidden behind this? Chu Yang thought to himself.

During this time, Mo Cheng Yu was explaining why he was staying here.

After hearing this, Ji Mo had cold sweats all over his body. He walked toward Chu Yang and bowed. With a very sincere voice, he said, “Boss, thank you for saving my little cousin!”

“It should be done… Hahaha…” Chu Yang was in an extremely good mood.

“What did you just call him? He is your boss?” Mo Cheng Yu’s eyes widened as he pointed to Chu Yang and asked with disbelief.

“Yes, he is my boss… so what?” Ji Mo’s eyes rolled as he spoke with a malcontent voice. He seemed as if he was going to cry, “Senior Mo, please don’t ask anymore. Don’t I have the look of a subordinate?”

“You are all staying here… to do what?” Mo Cheng Yu remained just as surprised as before.

Ji Mo thought of what happened and sighed. His eyes rolled as he thought to himself: This is not the only thing! If we don’t do well we have to wash stinky socks… But this could be kept secret at least for now. We’re really losing face!

“Good, very good!” Mo Cheng Yu suddenly laughed cheerfully. He pointed to Luo Ke Di and said to Chu Yang, “Kid, let me give that punk some rough training! I will take responsibility if he dies!”

Chu Yang sweated.

Mo Cheng Yu was a King level master; of course he would not want to just sit around for a long time. After some greetings, he immediately walked over the water’s edge to take in fresh air and recover.

Ji Mo was still in a great mood talking with Mo Qing Wu. Every now and then, they laughed seeming to be very chummy. Chu Yang’s gaze grew more fiery; the he looked the more he wanted to beat up Ji Mo.

“Brother Ji Mo! I want have a match with you!” Ji Mo quickly felt regretful. Mo Qing Wu was absolutely cocky as she pointed to his nose and said, “I want to test out your blade!”

“Blade?” Ji Mo mouth remained opened.

“Yes, blade! Do you still remember last year you brought a sword over to my home? Hmm! You were very impressive then… You chopped my sword and my second elder brother’s sword…” Mo Qing Wu pouted, “I want revenge!”

Ji Mo’s mouth was gaping.  He swallowed and looked up at the heavens. He did not know what the best response would be.

“Yes! Yes! Blade match! Teach him a lesson!” Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong incited from the sideline. Dong Wu Shang also waved his fist cheering Mo Qing Wu on.

Such a cute little miss was adored by everyone. Even Luo Ke Di, from an opposing clan, could not feel any negative sentiment toward Mo Qing Wu. The people were all siding with Mo Qing Wu waiting for Ji Mo to act like a fool.

“How can I have a blade match with you?” Ji Mo said cautiously, “Xiao Wu, how about I tell you a story?”

“Sure!” Mo Qing Wu clapped with joy, and everyone else sighed with disappointment. This little child got coerced too easily… It seemed that there would not be a “comedy”…

“It was said that…” Ji Mo only said a few sentences.

“I heard that already!” Mo Qing Wu pouted, “Brother Chu Yang already told me that one.”

“That… this…”

“He told me already!”

“…” (

“He told me already!”

Ji Mo broke down…

“Brother Ji Mo, you are so useless!” Mo Qing Wu contemptuously pointed her little nose at Ji Mo, “You know so few stories, and Brother Chu Yang already told them to me!”

Ji Mo was dumbfounded.

He was so young, how many stories could he know? In truth, it was already very good that he could remember three or four stories. And these stories were especially prepared for Mo Qing Wu. Whenever he met her, he would immediately wanted to offer these because he knew that Mo Qing Wu loved to hear stories.

But he could not imagine that all his stories were now outdated goods…

Ji Mo was crestfallen. He straightened himself up and looked at Chu Yang, “Boss, how are you so well read…”

Chu Yang sighed sympathetically suddenly feeling bad for Ji Mo; they were on the same boat. He thought to himself: How am I so well read? You will have to ask your cousin!

“Brother Ji Mo, do you have any other stories?” Mo Qing Wu tugged Ji Mo’s hand.

Seeing such situation, Chu Yang immediately turned and walked away.

Ji Mo helplessly put out his hands, “No, I don’t have any more…”

“I want to match blades with you!” Mo Qing Wu shouted angrily, even more imposing than before.

Ji Mo staggered and almost fell to the ground, “Xiao Wu, this… a blade match is no joking matter…”

“Then you better tell me a story right now!”

“I am out of stories…” Ji Mo anxiously jumped toward Gu Du Xing and Luo Ke Di and kowtowed them repeatedly, “Big brothers, please help! This is a Jiang Hu emergency… Tell… tell a story. Aah…”

“Never!” Gu Du Xing and company tried to hold back their laugher. They did not hide the fact that they all wanted to see him as a laughingstock.

“You must match blades with me!” Mo Qing Wu would not be appeased.

“A blade match, would that be okay?” Ji Mo asked, looking hopeful.

“Um, I think it will be okay!” Mo Qing Wu bit her nails as she thought carefully before answering with certainty.

“Good! I will match blades with you!” Ji Mo had a tragic martyr’s expression as he grabbed the sword. He thought to himself: It would be fine if I just make contact a few times and declare that she is the winner.

Little did he know… Mo Qing Wu jumped up in a flash holding a tattered scabbard and swung.

A red glow blurred Ji Mo’s vision… In shock, he was unable to control the force of the saber, and could only raise his sword to block…


Ji Mo froze! Luo Ke Di froze! Gu Du Xing froze…

Everyone froze.

Both sword and sheath in Ji Mo’s hand had turned into four pieces!

“What kind of saber is this?” Ji Mo’s head was covered in cold sweat. He looked at the red glowing saber in alarm.

“Brother Chu Yang gave it to me!” Mo Qing Wu proudly held onto the saber, “Brother Ji Mo, would you dare chop my sword and second elder brother’s sword again?”

It seems that Xiao Wu and Second Elder Brother Mo Tian Ji have great affection for each other… Chu Yang thought.

“No, no, I would not dare!” Ji Mo wiped his sweat, but the feeling of fear was still lingering, “Luckily, I used Luo Ke Di’s sword. Otherwise, if I had used my sword, it would have bad…”

“What? My sword?” Luo Ke Di was laughing heartily over the misery of another when the situation suddenly took an unexpected turn. Ji Mo used my sword?

In a flash, his face became contorted. As if his heart was stabbed, he roared, “Ji Mo! You dead pig; you are a rogue who deserves to be slashed ten thousand times! I… I… my sword! Aaah…”

Ji Mo quickly ran. He looked back and said, “Isn’t it just a sword? Look at yourself; you look like a bear…”

“This is a birthday gift from my fiancée!” Luo Ke Di was filled with anger as he jumped forward. One gave chase and the other one tried to escape. In a moment, they had circled the tiny island a few times.

“Xiao Wu, come here!” Chu Yang’s face became serious.

“Brother Chu Yang…” Little Loli became anxious and bit her nails.

“From now on, you cannot do that to your family. Understood?” Chu Yang said gravely, “You see, Brother Luo is hurt!” He suddenly thought about how Mo Qing Wu kept finding people to match blades in the previous life. It was only matter of time that it would bring trouble.

“Brother Chu Yang, I won’t…” Mo Qing Wu eyes became teary and she started crying.

“It’s okay; just remember!” Chu Yang coaxed.

The little Loli energetically nodded. Then she looked up and asked, “Brother Chu Yang, what is a fiancée?”

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