(A word of warning: Just a little bit explicit towards the end. Just a bit.)

The night was long and quiet as white clouds gently floated by in the sky. A gust of wind quietly blew past them. Under the moonlight, Chu Yang’s youthful face did not cease to change. A faint smile appeared on his face as he quietly spoke.

The other young men were sitting around him wrapping their arms around their knees and listening quietly. At some point, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had also returned and were quietly sitting on the edge of the group. Everyone’s eyes were shining brightly.

The surface of Emerald Flow Lake gently moved as waves continued to lap against the lakeshore, an action time immemorial, meaningful but warm, ordinary but eternal.

“Martial brothers are formed from blood and tears, not just words!”

“Finding good martial brothers is more difficult than finding a good wife!” Chu Yang smiled gently, “I hope I will have this. What about you guys?”

“We also want to have this!” The young men said in unison, and smiled with great anticipation.

This night, everyone felt it was incredibly beautiful.

They all sat quietly. Mo Qing Wu had conveniently sat on Chu Yang’s lap without stirring. No one had the heart to break such a beautiful atmosphere filled with hopes and dreams.

Mo Cheng Yu was quietly sitting on the roof. He heard Chu Yang’s quiet voice and could not help but smile from the depth of this heart. He remembered when he was young and was also cultivating with his own martial brothers.

Side by side, they took their steps in Jiang Hu. They marched together, got drunk together, made mischief together… did everything together…

Mo Cheng Yu sighed softly. How many years has it been? How many people have disappeared? How many are still around?

At this moment, Mo Cheng Yu came to a sudden decision. Once he returned, he would definitely seek out his martial brothers and eat and drink until they were satisfied. That would be good… peacefully reminiscing about old memories.

A long time later, Dong Wu Shang suddenly laughed loudly. He pushed himself up and jumped to the little court they had just finished fixing up. Saber light shined, Black Saber clan’s sharp and fierce moves came out in slashes. He was pressuring himself.

The others looked at each other and chuckled. They launched their own moves, each one looking extremely fierce in the eyes of the others.

If they wanted to become martial brothers, then they could not be any less than them. Each did not want their martial brothers to be at peak while they were the ones to look up from the foot of the mountain.

Chu Yang looked at them and smiled; there was a feeling that rose up in his dantian and flooding toward Nine Tribulations Sword.

“You finally understand what brotherhood is all about!” The sword spirit’s voice gently rose up in his head, seeming to carry with it a trace of happiness, “While it is still a little one sided, but in a world so lacking in affection, you just had a taste of the meaning of brotherhood. I will tell you something today: Love is the most important part of cultivation!”

“Love is the most important part…” Chu Yang softly repeated, as if understanding something a little more.

In his dantian, Nine Tribulations Sword rose up fiercely. A strange aura suddenly shot into Chu Yang’s meridians. The sword spirit was somewhat happy and spoke with an easygoing voice, “You have earned a reward today. I will no longer constrain your advancement in cultivation. Brotherhood is also a kind of enlightenment in martial arts. You, have learned enough about that!”

In the court, five people were exhausted, but they remained stubborn and fierce. They refused to fall and used sheer physical power in hope of achieving an extreme breakthrough.

Suddenly, there was a faint fluctuation that reverberated through the court.

Given that they were heavenly talents of the great clans, they naturally were very well acquainted with such a phenomenon. Because they, themselves, had went through it many times. Each time, they were proud with a great sense of accomplishment.

Everyone looked about trying to find the origin of the aura.

That aura calmly moved a little, then it suddenly became fierce like ten thousand galloping steeds, boiling and roaring.

Everyone turned in surprise.

They only saw Chu Yang hold Mo Qing Wu in his lap. His face was calm as he sat peacefully. That all-encompassing aura was fiercely pouring out of his body.


Chu Yang broke through?

Everyone’s mouth fell open in shock; the only exception was Gu Du Xing, who was not the least bit surprised. He only smiled.

This weirdo, today’s events must have affected his state of mind. I can’t believe he managed to break through so fast.

The intense and thick aura suddenly disappeared. Fifth grade Martial Artist!

Ji Mo and Dong Wu Shang could not help but sigh. Fifth grade Martial Artist. Who knows how long he has been stuck there? A breakthrough is no big deal.

Everyone looked at each other and continued training.

However, not long after, that shocking aura once again faintly flooded the court. Ji Mo’s group was now in shock! Who is it this time? Chu Yang just broke through; surely it cannot be him!

But after doing a round of searching, they discovered: It was Chu Yang!

It’s Chu Yang again!

Ji Mo’s mouth opened wide; after a while, he managed to spit out, “F*!”

Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang also became dazed. Is breaking through really that easy? To breakthrough each grade, you need a lot of power. And such power needs be accumulated over time!

The faint aura grew gradually grew clearer. Finally, it exploded with a sound that seemed to resonate loudly in people’s mind.

With this noise, everyone’s jaws seemed to have dropped to the ground. Another breakthrough… breakthrough again!!

Sixth grade Martial Artist!

On the roof, Mo Cheng Yu could not help but smile wryly. He was a King level master; so while he was currently seriously injured and was still healing, his senses were still more keen than those below. From the moment Chu Yang broke through fifth grade Martial Artist, he had been paying attention. After that, he immediately found that Chu Yang only stopped at low-level of fifth grade Martial Artist for a moment.

After that, his body gradually grew stronger, and he advanced to mid-level of fifth grade. At that moment, Mo Cheng Yu was already stunned.

But Chu Yang did not stop there; he continued to advance. As time passed, he was at top-level, and, a little after, he reached the peak. Finally, he did not stop but broke through sixth grade!


Looking at Chu Yang break through like that, Mo Cheng Yu felt even more anxious.

“Don’t be so surprised; the boss is always like that! Each time he breaks through, he does it continuously!!” Gu Du Xing smile mockingly and spoke.

After Gu Du Xing finished speaking, everyone regained their composure and continued to torture their bodies to their extreme limits.

After about an hour passed by, that faint shocking aura suddenly burst out once again.

“Foo… foo…” Ji Mo once again searched all around and once again discovered it was Chu Yang. He finally fell to the ground. His whole body shook, his mouth twitched, and his eyes rolled as he spoke with a trembling voice, “This… motherf*… this… motherf*…!!!”

As for Dong Wu Shang, he was tongue tied. Looking at Chu Yang, his mind was no longer able to process what was going on.

As for Luo Ke Di, his eyes rolled and his jaw dropped…

He broke through again…

He continuously broke through three grades in a row. Moreover, he seemed to show signs of continuing on to the peak of seventh grade before stopping.

On the roof, Mo Cheng Yu almost stumbled to the ground.

He consecutively broke through three grades! If a person ate all of the all the numerous precious herbal elixirs and maintained control so that he would not get killed such a powerful force, then he would surely be able to do that.

But through cultivation, taking each steady step and breaking through like this, it was the first time he witnessed such a thing!

Moreover… when this kid broke through, he was holding a little figure in his arms: Mo Qing Wu!

For normal people, when they broke through, a little disturbance would be enough for things to go wrong. In fact, the sound of a dog barking would have a serious side effect. This “grandfather” turned everything upside down, and broke through three grades while holding a little girl!

While Mo Qing Wu was very well-behaved and was sitting quietly without moving when Chu Yang broke through, she was still a living, breathing human being!

“Well… Ji Mo, with your qualifications, you are considered a heavenly talent in the Ji clan. I heard that year your quickest speed was breaking through one grade in three days, correct?” Gu Du Xing’s icy countenance showed a mysterious expression. It was the first time he smiled and spoke to Ji Mo with an extremely enthusiastic tone like this.

“Get lost! Thank you for your damned concern!” Ji Mo yelled furiously. In front of him was a freak who broke through three grades in less than an hour; how could he boast that he broke through one grade in three days…

Gu Du Xing, you are really a genius when it comes to mockery…!!

“From now on, I will fight to the death with anyone who boasts that I am a heavenly talent!” Ji Mo held his covered his face and sprawled on the ground; his legs curled up to his chest in a fetal position.

He was so embarrassed he could die!

In front of this Chu Yang, any kind of genius would just be embarrassed and envious.

“Brother Chu Yang, you are finally done with your breakthroughs?” Seeing Chu Yang opened his eyes, curled up on Chu Yang’s lap, Mo Qing Wu looked up and asked shakily.

“Uh, I’m done!” Chu Yang smiled calmly and gently stroked her hair.

“I was afraid to bother you, and did not dare to move!” Mo Qing Wu pouted, “My stomach hurts, my legs ache, my arms are uncomfortable, even my butt is sore!!!”

“Ah… Let me massage them for you!!” Chu Yang smiled coaxingly.

“Yes! Here… here… massage gently, here, here as well!” Mo Wu continued to instruct Chu Yang while feeling very pleased. She suddenly giggled, “That tickles!!”

Finally, all of her arms and legs were massaged. The little Loli suddenly stood up and lay over Chu Yang’s lap and pointed to her butt, “This hurts too…”

Chu Yang started sweating profusely!

Massaging her butt, Chu Yang suddenly had a different vision in his head.

If seven or eight years from now, she asks me to massage like this, then…

With such throats, Chu Yang’s throat suddenly became dry, and he silently cursed himself: Animal! You actually have this kind of thought! You will be struck down by the heavens!

“Brother Chu Yang, that’s enough!” Mo Qing Wu said in annoyance, “What are you holding that’s poking my stomach like this? It hurts!”

Then she reached out in an attempt to grab it…

“Ah… cough cough…” Chu Yang hastily put the little Loli aside and stood up. He laughed loudly and walked into the court, “How is everyone’s training coming along? Ah, why are you looking at me like that? Did a flower grow on my face?”

Everyone stared at him bitterly and then groaned helplessly.

Ji Mo said with a funeral face, “We were fooled…”

Luo Ke Di nodded in agreement, “We were fooled…” (walkthejianghu.com)

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  1. What i’m confused about is the timeline. If his sect was destroyed when he was only 19-20 then wouldn’t that mean his wife was only 3-4 years older max. If she’s 9 now then she was his wife when only 12-13 years old? Maybe i’m confusing something but I thought she was someone who hung out at purple bamboo the most and if that was the case then she could have only been 12-13.

    This author is milking the loli pedo thing way too much if my memory is serving me correctly. I don’t know what to think anymore but this chapter is wrong as fuck, thats for sure. I hope someone who remembers will reply to me.


    1. He said in an earlier chapter that he met Qing Wu when she was 19 and he was 25.

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  2. Got curious and reread that part. Chapter 32, they met at a different purple bamboo forest, so they probably met a couple years after the destruction of his sect. The text was “Therefore, at a purple bamboo forest on the Heavenly Misty Peak of the Nirvana Mountains, he and Mo Qing Wu met for the first time.” Also, agreed. This loli thing’s annoying.

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