Outside, the battle raged on and Iron Cloud was on the weaker side. Three martial masters fought with five people; their strength was far weaker. They were losing the moment they started fighting.

“Bam!” a guard in Iron Cloud uniform was palmed in the chest; he immediately spat out blood and rolled out like a ball. One of the men in black grinned and went after him. He kicked him a few times but did not kill him. He was just torturing him for fun. The guard cried out painfully, and cursed him in anger. He was once again kicked as if he was punching bag, unable to defend himself.

Inside the situation became somewhat stabilized, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief; but their emotions were stirred when they witnessed the scene outside.

A middle-aged person in plain clothes was blocking the attackers and calling out angrily, “Commander Li! You absolutely cannot open the door! They are trying to provoke you! The moment you open the door, you will give them their opportunity! We are not afraid of dying. The prison is important; it cannot be lost.”

His speech was hasty and his tone was strong. Together with the fresh blood pouring from his body, they created a heroic appearance!

Inside the door, the soldiers looked anxiously at the brutal fighting outside; their eyes on the verge of tears. Among them was a big man who turned away. He punched the wall hard and cried out, “Good man!”

At this moment, the sounds of footsteps rang out loudly. The orderly Iron Cloud military had finally arrived.

“Pull! …Fire!!!”

A shout rang out. Five black-outfitted people at the wall flew up at the same time. Arrows rained down in the direction of the five. At this very moment, a person radiating sword light flew towards them. He slashed all the arrows and yelled loudly, “Leave quickly! I will hold them off!”

Without turning back, the five jumped higher. One of them angrily punched the middle-aged man and kicked the guard so that his body flew up and dropped back to the ground once again. Fresh blood spilled furiously.

Then all the men in black disappeared from the scene in a flash.

The military had finally surrounded the prison.

In the end, there were only three badly beaten bodies on the ground.

“Quickly, bring them in. Let’s see if we can still save them!” Commander Li screamed at the top of his lungs.

The soldiers hastily laid down clothes and carefully carried the three people in. They were all unconscious and bleeding… The door only cracked open enough for two people to squeeze through at a time. The soldiers carried the injured in.

Just then, misfortune emerged!

The three people being carried in suddenly jumped up and attacked the soldiers, slitting their throats; blood spilled and bodies fell.

One of them palmed the door making it open wide.

Bam…!!! The sound was so loud and fierce that the shock made the ears of the soldiers bled and their eyes blurry.

The three entered and killed anyone they encountered like crazed tigers.

“Quick… drop the heavy door!” Commander Li yelled out with regret. He did not expect the enemy to be so treacherous and use this type of scheme.

“Too late!” A middle-aged man in fine attire laughed. He ran past the door and, with his right hand, pulled out a strange looking saber from behind his back. Then he jumped up and sliced a large hole in the metal net. The other two each held one side and pulled it out with all their might.

The metal net creaked loudly and was ripped into two. The two halves were tossed at the advancing soldiers.

Loud screams rang out once again. Fifteen shadows like fairies from the heavens jumped into that large opening in the net.

As it turned out, they never left. It was all part of the ruse.

Furthermore, they did not show their full strength earlier!

Commander Li glared with anger and rushed forth. But he was kicked in the chest by one of the people in black and flew out with saber still in hand. A few yards out, his large body suddenly split into multiple pieces in midair.

“Third, take people with you to keep them back. I will go in with Second and look around!” One of the people in black shouted.

“Good!” A masked person with a short stature laughed loudly and turned to block the entrance. Six other people in black stood alongside him in a V formation with blades in hands.

This spot was the narrowest. Moreover, there was a bend so arrows could be easily avoided without any worries.

Iron Cloud military continued to pour in.

The other twelve people divided into two groups and went in.

The leader was the most brutal. In a short amount of time, he managed to catch four to five guards. With each one, he only asked one question, “Where is your most recently captured prisoner being held?”

After asking, if they don’t answer he would kill them and moved on to another.

“In… in there… turn left… there will be a solitary cell… have mercy…”

When he got to the seventeenth person, he finally made the person shakily talk.

“Very good!” The person in black icily cut off his head and then spoke casually, “As a repayment, I am letting you die comfortably!”

Then he jumped out as quick as a whirlwind and shouted, “Over here!”

The six on the other side rushed toward them. The twelve people was like a sharp sword as they shot forth into the depth of the prison.

The number of obstructions on their path gradually increased. Plus, the guards’ cultivation was a few times greater than at other places.

While the twelve were feeling a little tired, they grew happier.

It seemed they had found the right place!

“Be careful!” As they were rushing forward, a person in front called out loudly, and, like a flash, he jumped backward. It turned out that there was suddenly a large pit about two meters wide in front of them.

If he had jumped forward, then he would have made it. But the ones behind him would not all be so lucky. Therefore, instead of quickly running ahead, he backed up to warn his colleagues.

Everyone in Golden Horse Riders Department were very in sync; this much was evident.

Before he even landed, the two walls suddenly burst and a gooey liquid poured out.

“Oil? F*!” The Command Horse Ride leader cursed, “Everyone, jump over quickly!”

All twelve people jumped, but the moment they did, countless torches were thrown out. Fire burst out behind them. The heat was extremely hot, as if it was cooking their backs!

In front of them, there were endless traps and obstacles. Oil poured out from many places creating a thick layer on the ground.

Ahead, a Command Horse Rider shot out one palm and sent the oil flying as he desperately rushed in.

Suddenly, the three people in front went limp, almost falling to the ground. The ground was so ordinary looking; they did not expect that there was a trap!

The three were terrified. The fire shined brightly and they clearly saw foot prints there. Why did a trap suddenly appear? But before they could think any further, one body had fallen down.

They had fought their way through, and even with their Great Master cultivation, they would take their last breath here. They were out of energy before their body could replenish it; before they could jump up, they had fallen down!

“Bang!” (walkthejianghu.com)

The passage way was filled with a yellow smoke. From the traps came a mournful cry, “There are many poisons in here… I have been poisoned, you two can walk on me… Hurry!”

Apparently this person had suffered from a highly toxic poison. Even his last words were labored.

The yellow smoke was flooding in; the two men rushed forth with teary eyes. Below them, their colleague was silent…

This poison was truly powerful!

Before they even reached Number One, they had lost one person.

“There are poisons in there! Even aphrodisiac!” One of the people in black called out in terror.

“Vile! King of Hell Chu, you are truly vile!” The eleven remaining people in black cursed. If they were not injured, the poisons would not contaminate their blood. They could still use their martial power to stop the poisons. They could even use fighting to push the poisons back out.

But that was not the case with aphrodisiac!

All of a sudden, one of the people in black “erected a tall tent.” His face reddened and his eyes were filled with lust.


Everyone had discovered that the cruelest thing here was not poison, but aphrodisiac! This was too tough to deal with! If they got hit with aphrodisiac here, how would they deal with it?

With an iron crotch, where would they go? Their blood would be boiling.

“Hang on a little longer, we will rescue Number One soon!” The Command Horse Rider leader tried to control his rising “excitement” as he carried his bulginess and rushed forward. But his eyes unconsciously searched the entire prison. F*, why aren’t there any female prisoners…???

Smoke gradually grew thicker…

Within ten meters, left, right, and even above their heads, traps had sprung a dozen times! Each one, very hard to detect and extremely cruel!

Such concentration of traps made the two Command Horse Riders curse endlessly. Whoever set up these traps is a base and vile master! We’re going to rip this scoundrel to pieces!

These are traps? They are a collection of the most vile and cruel thoughts in the world, but ten thousand times more shameless…

The “benefit” of the aphrodisiac manifested at this time…

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    1. I’m kind of torn between which I would find funnier with the aphrodisiac. That they pounce on one another or if one of them ends up using something random like a barrel to relive himself with.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
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    1. That’s actually a great idea.
      In those times, it would be easy to mold corn starch into an ass.
      Add poison razors in the corn starch fleshlights, stuff them all over the walls.
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