Normally these vicious traps should have killed at least two people, and those who remained should have been riddled with injuries. But they were without a scratch. In fact, after they were hit with aphrodisiac, while feeling uncomfortable, their speed greatly increased.

Currently, they were not at the final swelling state that could kill them. So, instead, the aphrodisiac helped increase their fighting strength and helped them get past all the traps that would have been challenging normally.

The phrase “eating aphrodisiac makes a fierce tiger” was fully reflected here. More accurately, they were so fierce, it was terrifying. But they did not take it on their own accord; they were forced to inhale it.

King of Hell Chu never could have imagined that adding aphrodisiac could have created such a flaw in his plans.

If King of Hell Chu was here, he would probably rolled his eyes and yelled, “Motherf*, this world is too incredible! Eleven guys fighting with three legs; this is too spectacular! This is truly fighting with everything!”

That was indeed the case; eleven masters were busting through a sea of danger with red faces and such an excited mentality that their hair stood on ends. They shouted nonstop, “Attack! To Tang Xin Sheng’s cell!”


The first Command Horse Rider brutally pushed a palm, sending a piece of metal filled with poisonous nails flying. They finally got to the cell! There, a person curled up in a corner tried to lift his head and look in their direction.

The two Command Horse Riders were extremely elated.

This person’s face looked exactly like the picture of Tang Xin Sheng drawn by Diwu Qing Rou.

“Number One! The prime minister sent us to rescue you!”

When Tang Xin Sheng heard this he became extremely emotional. His mouth opened wide but no sounds came out. He tried to move his body but he could no longer stand up. He probably was severely injured and could no longer make any big movements.

Number One definitely had to suffer countless tortures!

The Command Horse Rider quickly raised his sword and swung hard at the steel padlock; it broke into many pieces. He kicked open the door and rushed in. Then he swung his sword many times to chop up all the chains around Tang Xin Sheng’s body. Finally, he crouched down, placed Tang Xin Sheng on his back, and roared, “We succeeded; let’s go!”

Eleven joyful people jumped out from the thick smoke.

None of them were really happy about being able to rescue Number One. They were all more concerned with where the closest brothel in Iron Cloud Citadel was!

Their nether regions were about to explode!

Suddenly, the martial masters from Bu Tian Pavilion and the prince’s manor came out from all directions and started punching and kicking.

The moment they appeared, they burst into nonstop mocking laughter.

The others were all wearing tight-fitting outfits; and now there were obvious tents erected under their waistlines.

“Hey, boss! Look at these guys showing off. How did their nether region get so inflated?” One person mocked as he was fighting, “Damn, how are they so big; they must be at least half a pound each!”

Of course they took the antidote so they had nothing to worry about.

“Yes, yes. They seem to be very uncomfortable!” Another person jumped in, “But why are they uncomfortable?”

“Nonsense! The minister used twenty pounds of aphrodisiac; they did not want to waste any and inhaled everything! If it was you, wouldn’t you be uncomfortable? There are no sows in here; it would be strange if they were not uncomfortable! This is the first time I ever heard of aphrodisiac being weighed in pounds!”

While their martial strength was not equal to that of the intruders, and they were all covered with injuries, they did not cease to mock.

“Strange, they could take care of it and get out at the same time; why do they have to be so uncomfortable?” One person said as he was fighting and spitting out blood. These words actually distracted his opponent and made him slow down. Take care of it and get out at the same time? How?

“You can’t take care of it; it’s aphrodisiac!” One another voice cried out, “How could a guy deal with it alone?”

“This is very simple!” The other person continued, “They just need to take off their pants. Ah, no. They just need to use their energy to make a hole. Then the first guy can sacrifice himself and everyone else behind him will no longer be uncomfortable!”

“How?” (

“Think about it; the first guy only needed to stick up his butt and the person behind him would have a place to solve his issue! Then another one can connect; they can be like a dragon flying into the clouds! They are all martial masters; they would only need a moment. Plus, they would still have two free hands to hold their weapons and fight with us!”

This guy’s mouth was unbearably dirty; as he was still being beaten and spitting blood everywhere, he continued to laugh, “This path is not that long; they only need to run fast to get out! Haha, martial arts can do lots of things! Do you guys see? This is what they call a concerted effort!”

His words immediately caused a burst of laughter, “Not bad, not bad! Haha, one person after another… so romantic! Once they have a taste, they might get addicted! Hahaha!”

“Perhaps we don’t need to fight with them! We’ll just wait until they reach their peak and reach cloud nine, then we can just deal with them as we please! Oh, f*! I got injured again! You think you’re so great with your big junk?”

His words infuriated the martial masters of Golden Horse Riders Department. They all aimed for him, and he became more and more pitiful. When he reached the point where his life was in danger, he smiled strangely and said, “Friends, my suggestion is not bad; you should give it a try!”

“Try, your grandfather!” Before he finished speaking, a master from Golden Horse Riders Department stabbed his heart. Yet, he still managed to laugh before dying.

While Chu Yang planted many martial masters for the ambush, but their quality was not comparable to the Golden Horse Riders. After fighting for a while, the eleven opposing martial masters had reached the door with only half of them injured.

The moment they almost met up with their people on the outside was also the moment the aphrodisiac’s effect was at its maximum. Their eyes were bloodshot, and their mouths were panting.

Their current unfortunate situation was truly indescribable.

A ninth grade Revered Martial Artist along with a few subordinates were still blocking and dealing with endless waves of soldiers outside. They were on the verge of not being able hold their ground any longer when they saw their buddies came out. They cried out in joy, “Hurry! We can’t hold them anymore!”

Suddenly, their happy voices turned to shock, “What is this? Why are you guys like this?”

“Their grandmother! The inside is full of aphrodisiac!” The Revered Command Horse Rider who was carrying Tang Xin Sheng roared angrily. He was so angry, his face changed appearance, “We are all affected!”

“Pooh!” The Command Horse Rider that was outside could not help but spat and cursed, “Motherf*! This is really…!” Looking at their red faces, he knew they could not delay any longer!

Seeing one guy eyeing his ass lustily, he could not help but shudder. He lamented silently, “Damn King of Hell Chu; how much aphrodisiac did he use?”

“Rush out! Kill!” Knowing things could not be further delayed; the three Command Horse Riders ordered in unison.

Just that moment, the Command Horse Rider carrying Tang Xin Sheng suddenly felt a strange sensation on his back. He turned his head to find Tang Xin Sheng smiling strangely. Right after, he felt pain in his nether region.

“Aaaah…!!!” Two Command Horse Riders cried out in pain.

This man had grabbed the crotches of the two Command Horse Riders with his two hands… and twisted.

This move was completely unexpected, and the two Command Horse Riders did not have time to react. They did not imagine that the critically injured Number One could make a move. Plus, his action was as quick as a ninth grade Revered level master like themselves.

In addition, they never dreamed that such a position would be attacked.

That was the most vulnerable location; while it was hard at this time, there was no way of protecting it from a surprise attack.

He twisted and pulled; if someone had seen this, they would have exclaimed, “Wow, so long! You have such long steel!”

Unfortunately, there were no steel bars.

The faces of these two Command Horse Riders twisted and changed beyond belief. Their eyes popped out and their bodies curled up as they convulsed.

“Bam! Bam!” Number One quickly sent out two powerful palms on the heads of the two. Before they could make a sound, they fell and blood poured out from their orifices.

Then Number One moved forth as fast as an electrical current, punching and kicking. Each move aimed directly at the uncomfortable spot of the martial masters from Golden Horse Riders Department.

Caught off guard, seven people were hit. They immediately clutched onto their family jewels and screamed in pain.

“We have fell for their trap! This guy is not Number One! This is the most dangerous trap of all!” The remaining Command Horse Rider finally reacted; he shouted, “Bastard! I will chop you to pieces!”

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