“Haha…” The Hei Mo Revered Martial Artist laughed with elation. He was originally doubtful of this assignment. Never did he imagine that he could successfully attack two ninth grade Revered Martial Artists who were one grade more powerful than him. Plus, he even managed to cause serious injuries to seven other Revered Martial Artists!

He never dared to dream of such glorious achievements.

Seeing the remaining ninth grade Revered Martial Artist rushed toward him, the Hei Mo Revered Martial Artist laughed and greeted him without any hesitations.

Right at this moment, he suddenly felt his legs were held tight. Looking back, he discovered that the two fallen Revered Martials Artists were holding onto them tightly. Plus, they were fiercely biting his thighs with four eyes looking crazed! As for the remaining people, they were holding their crotches with one hand and beating him with the other…

“Bam! Bam!”

While he managed direct hits on his two opponents, it was still two against one; his power was inevitably dispersed. Moreover, the two Revered Martial Artists from Golden Horse Riders Department were one grade above him. In a normal case, they would have been able to make him faint from fear. But currently, they were under the influence of aphrodisiac and could not demonstrate their full power.

His two palms were not able to render the two Revered Martial Artists unconscious! Therefore, they were now able to make him feel the pain they were feeling.

“Aaah…!!!” The Hei Mo master screamed to the heavens in pain; his voice resonated throughout the entire surrounding.

While he was screaming, his two hands continued to fight as fast as lightning.

“Third… hurry up… We can’t hang on much longer…” One of the Command Horse Riders of Golden Horse Riders Department was crazily hitting the Hei Mo master as he bored the blows. As time passed, he gradually lost consciousness, and cried out, “Hurry! Third… hurry…”

“Eldest martial brother! Second elder martial brother!” Tears poured out of Third’s eyes like rain.

On the outside, battle cries rose up. A new wave of attacks started.

Mister Third of Golden Horse Riders suddenly roared loudly, and grabbed a spear with his hand. He cleared a bloody path like a demented tiger and ran to his two dying martial brothers, “Let’s break out together!”

On the inside, the masters guarding the cells had rushed out.

The seven Martial Great Masters who were seriously injured all chose to put their lives on the line to stop these guards.

Their most important manhood item had been destroyed by the eighth grade Revered Martial Artist. Their future no longer had any meanings, and as far as they were concerned, their lives had ended.

Therefore, they chose to stay back!

The rest of the people from Golden Horse Riders Department were all in tears; they let out a loud cry and rushed out… When they arrived, there was a total of nineteen people; but now, there were only nine people leaving. Even the two Command Horse Riders stayed back.

They could not have foreseen such a tragic defeat even in their wildest dreams!

At the entrance of the prison, two Command Horse Riders used their last breath to stop the Hei Mo master. The crazy fight led to the Hei Mo master’s white bone being exposed from the biting…

Currently, the three were all crying in pain; flesh flew, and blood sprayed like rain. The tragic scene was enough to make onlookers’ blood run cold. In the end, all three of them took their last breaths at the same time.

There was also the seven Martial Great Masters who were severely injured. After fighting for a while, they were chopped apart by blades and died. Since they were already suffering from serious injuries, they barely had any combat power left. Their strengths were only about thirty percent of what they normally were. Being able to hold back the enemies for so long was already satisfying for them.

Looking at blood and flesh splattered on the ground, even the bravest of men would be rendered speechless.

If it were not for the traps, these Revered Martial Artists would have managed to successful attacked one or two people and escaped easily!

Not only were the members of Golden Horse Riders Department power, they were also fierce and fearless. After today’s battle, everyone would finally understand how powerful the Golden Horse Riders were!

The opponent’s manpower were a dozen times more than that of Bu Tian Pavilion. In fact, with soldiers numbering at a few hundred times of Bu Tian Pavilion’s soldiers, they only manage to detain ten enemies.

The prison had martial masters as numerous as locusts. Yet their opponents managed to make a big ruckus and left; this was too shameful. Therefore, they furiously gave chase.

Right after, all of Iron Cloud Citadel was in an uproar. Soldiers were searching everywhere, upsetting the peaceful night.

There was a large flaw in Chu Yang’s plan; otherwise, none of the martial masters of Golden Horse Riders Department would have been able to escape.

But it was not actually Chu Yang’s fault. When Chu Yang and the Hei Mo Saber King discussed everything, the Hei Mo people were supposed to assist and kill all of the people of Golden Horse Riders Department.

At the time, the Saber King happily complied. The thing was, he underestimated the arrogance of the Revered Martial Artists in his clan. Why would they follow the orders of a secular state’s official? Who did he think he was? Plus, if they were to so, wouldn’t that make them nothing more than lackeys?

Therefore, while their leader gave the order, they dawdled for two days; it was within those two days that these events occurred.

Not only were the Hei Mo people not able to keep the enemies from leaving, they also caused an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist to die in battle.

***** (walkthejianghu.com)

After his subordinates took off, Kong Shang Xin went to Heaven Reaching Tower in Iron Cloud Citadel to watch the night scene. To passersby, he looked truly regal.

Three ninth grade Revered Martial Artist leaders and more than a dozen high ranking Martial Great Masters, while not invincible, they were certainly hard to stop. King level leader Kong totally believe that any force capable of stopping them would not appear in Iron Cloud Citadel!

And even if such a force appeared, it would not be working for the royal court.

Therefore, King level leader Kong was very assured; he was currently relaxing at Heaven Reaching Tower and quietly waiting for the good news.

The moment the citadel suddenly went into an uproar, there was a quiet and knowing smile on King level leader Kong’s face. His eye were like that of a hawk, filled with contempt as he looked in the direction of the mobilizing soldiers in the citadel. His gaze was proud and arrogant!

You bugs want to keep my people?


If they were to face each other in the open battlefield, his people would, without a doubt, ground the soldiers of Iron Cloud to dust.

But this was within the citadel, any trees or building structures would make for a good stage for his people to make their move.

Fighting in such complicated terrain, normal soldiers would not stand a chance against martial masters!

So the more chaotic, the better. It would be best to put all of the citizens in the citadel into total panic. Then, Tie Bu Tian and King of Hell Chu would have to make an appearance. Then, their lives would be completely in his hands.

Of course assassinating Tie Bu Tian was not an easy thing. There were always two extremely powerful guards next to him. But there were no such people next to King of Hell Chu!

With his skill, he could kill King of Hell Chu and immediately escape. By that time, there would be no one in Lower Three Heavens capable of hunting him down.

A short time after, the citadel was in a complete uproar. Soldiers everywhere were mobilized and the entire citadel was lit up brightly.

Moreover, there were shadowy figures appearing in droves. Every brothel customer was being carefully checked; even civilians’ homes did not escape the search.

“It seems they have successfully withdrew.” Kong Shang Xin smiled with satisfactions and disappeared in a flash.

When King level leader Kong came back to their meeting place, he witnessed a scene that infuriated him. He roared, “What happened? Are you still martial artists? Shameless!”

In contrast to a few subordinate standing quietly outside, there were panting and moaning sounds coming from inside the room… Kong Shang Xin opened the door and discovered bodies coiling with each other like worms!

Besides his subordinates, there were also a group of women in heavy makeup…

“We robbed a few brothels… to find these women… but they are all of the lowest rank.” A Command Horse Rider standing outside said with a sad voice, “Currently, all the brothels in Iron Cloud Citadel are closed. These women are cheap prostitutes who work in the slums…”

The Command Horse Rider understood why King level leader Kong was so angry. In the continents of Nine Heavens, robbery was not a major crime, but this kind of base sexual behavior was looked down upon by the world!

This was a matter of morals in Nine Heavens!

“Brothel? Lowest rank?” Kong Shang Xin felt dizzy and smacked the Command Horse Rider on the face, “You brought them here? And the cheapest ones, too?”

“They fell for King of Hell Chu’s traps… and inhaled a large amount of aphrodisiac…” The Command Horse Rider explained in a low voice. He did not dare to even notice that slap on the face and acted as if he was never smacked, “Even the brothels are all closed; I am afraid King of Hell Chu had ordered…”

“Aphrodisiac…” Kong Shang Xin ground his teeth and said, “Bastard! King of Hell Chu, you are a lowlife!”

Unable to watch the scene any longer, he walked out and closed the door. After looking outside for a while, he asked, “Where are the rest?”

“They’re dead.” The Command Horse Rider remained stiff as tears ran down his face, “Dead; they’re all dead…”

“What?” Kong Shang Xin was horrified. He felt as if everything was spinning; he staggered, barely able to stand. He grabbed his subordinate’s shoulders and asked, “What happened?”

“Number One was not in the prison; it was just a trap. It was filled with danger; poisons and aphrodisiac were everywhere. Plus, they had an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist pretending to be Number One…”

The Command Horse Rider became lost as he continued, “Eldest martial brother and second elder martial brother both fell for the traps and were under the influence of aphrodisiac. In the end, they even carried the guy pretending to be Number One out. At a key moment, he attacked them…”

He plopped on the ground, and held his hands to his face. Tears poured like rain between the cracks of his fingers, “Eight other martial brothers died in there as well…”

“How could this be? How could this be?” Kong Shang Xin stood there stupefied. At this moment, his tall stature seemed to droop a little. He continued to mutter to himself, “How could this be…”

“Sir! Sir! You must avenge our brothers…” A big man standing next to him suddenly burst out in tears. There were still many wounds on his body still bleeding, but he did not body to wrap them up and just left bleeding like so.

“Sir! You must avenge our brothers.” The remaining survivors suddenly knelt on the ground and called out in unison.

“King of Hell Chu! King of Hell Chu!” Kong Shang Xin’s hands became two clenched fists; he ground his teeth and roared, “If I don’t kill you, I will not be human! If I don’t kill you, may the heavens not spare me!”

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