At this time, the moaning from inside had gradually subsided, and the atmosphere became silent. After that, three people got dressed and walked out. They solemnly knelt down in front of Kong Shang Xin and banged their heads on the ground not daring to look up.

Kong Shang Xin looked at them, and after a long while, stomped his foot. He sighed and said in a low voice, “Everyone stand up… This is not a big deal. They are prostitutes… These things are unavoidable for men…”

The three men remained kneeling with their bodies trembling.

For these three martial masters, finding beautiful women would not have been a problem. But now that they needed to vent their lust, they had to find prostitutes; the lowest ranking ones at that! For them, this was a great insult!

“Sir…” The three burst into tears.

“Don’t cry!” Kong Shang Xin flashed a ferocious look, “One we capture King of Hell Chu, I will put him… put him in a brothel! I will pay a hundred silver taels to anyone who would be willing to watch him! I will play him to death!

The three looked up; their eyes shined.

Only by dealing with King of Hell Chu like that would their hatred be satiated!

“Kill those women!” Kong Shang Xin said cruelly, “From now on, no one will speak of this!”



When Iron Cloud Citadel fell into chaos, Chu Yang immediately woke up. He knew that the people of Golden Horse Riders Department had come to raid the prison.

However, he did not come out right away and stayed in bed for a little bit longer instead. He closed his eyes and thought over his plans carefully. Then he muttered, “Two nations fighting each other… is there such thing as good and evil? Is there? Isn’t there?”

After thinking for a long time, Chu Yang finally sighed heavily.

“There is a problem with your mentality!” In Chu Yang’s consciousness, the sword spirit spoke, “Enemies are enemies. There are no heroes amongst enemies, just people who want to take your life. With enemies, you can do what you want, but your ultimate goal is only… to kill them!”

“If you remain stubborn in such a moral view like this and… respect the enemies and feel guilty toward the enemies, then your path will become extremely difficult. It might even be impossible to reach your goal!”

Chu Yang remained silent for a long time, then he spoke in a low voice, “In any case, I am still a martial artist, not an official or someone with political ambitions! If I become unscrupulous like Diwu Qing Rou, would I… still be Chu Yang?”

The sword spirit sighed and did not say anything else.

What the sword spirit said was very true. Enemies were enemies; regardless of how he dealt with them, that truth remained. As long as the enemies die, in a thousand ways, there was no wrong one.

But Chu Yang’s mind was still partly that of a Jiang Hu person.

Thinking about the cruel nature of the traps he arranged, he felt a little uncomfortable. Although if he had the chance to do it all over, he would make the same troubling choices.

Chu Yang had always believed in being honorable. In his previous life, whether it was revenge or a match, his confrontations were always principled.

But given these harsh conditions and great responsibilities, to go against the famed Diwu Qing Rou, Chu Yang only needed to make one mistake to be beyond redemption.

Therefore he had to use all of his wisdom to make sure that everything was absolutely beneficial for his side but not for the enemies.

Chu Yang was still a little worried that if he continued to be like this and keep coming up with lowly schemes, would he not lose himself and become a person like Diwu Qing Rou?

Chu Yang thought for a moment before getting out of bed. As long as I remain steadfast, so what if I crawled out from a sea of blood? I will still be me!

With that thought, his mind immediately became clear.

He walked out and saw Ji Mo and company were also awake looking a bit depressed. Anyone would be bothered if they were roused from their restful slumber in the middle of the night.

Gu Du Xing yawned as he stood at the door, “If you are awake, you should train! What’s the point of just standing there and looking stupefied?”

The other four immediately glared at him.

“Ahh… I will go back to sleep!” Gu Du Xing swayed back and forth at the door and muttered, “I did just break through, ahh…, sleep would be nice…”

Right after, there was the creaking sounds of the bed; clearly he had lied down…

Too infuriating!

Ji Mo and company paled. Break through… you don’t have to be so arrogant!

“Might as well train a little…” Rui Bu Tong said weakly, “It has been over one month and one and a half day since I have been stuck at this bottleneck…”

Ji Mo and Dong Wu Shang became somber. They thought of the serious implication of being expelled and became anxious. They quickly sat down and started to mobilize their energy…

“Wu Shang, I seem to recall a top general in Great Zhao named Dong Wu. Is he from the Dong clan?” Chu Yang asked as he wiped his face.

“No!” Dong Wu Shang said lightly, “There are many people with the surname Dong. If they are all people of the Dong clan, then our Dong clan could already advance into Upper Three Heavens!”

“Ah, is there a Chu clan in Middle Three Heavens or Upper Three Heavens?” Chu Yang asked casually, but a hint of secrecy flashed in his eyes.

“The surname Chu?” Dong Wu Shang thought for a little and said, “Never heard of it. If there are, they are probably insignificant. As for Upper Three Heavens… I am not sure!”

Not sure, insignificant… Chu Yang grinned and went out.

Chu Yang was not the only one asking that question; at this moment, Diwu Qing Rou also asked Gao Sheng the same thing.

“Ah, Gao Sheng, is there a clan with the surname Chu in Middle Three Heavens?”

“Absolutely not!” Gao Sheng answered conclusively.

“Ah…” Diwu Qing Rou let out a little sigh of relief. Gao Sheng had an inkling that Diwu Qing Rou just had a weight lifted off his shoulder…

Chu Yang was currently being extremely cautious. If an incident like Yin Wu Fa capturing him happened again, it would be too dangerous. Chu Yang did not want to be easily captured like that.

After a few turns, he followed the secret passage and entered Bu Tian Pavilion. Inside, everything was brightly lit.

Tie Bu Tian was waiting for him there.

“Minister Chu, Golden Horse Riders Department has made their move…”

“Ah, I already know. Your Majesty, you are too tired. Something like this, you don’t need to be concerned with!” Chu Yang said sincerely.

“I just want to know the result of Minister Chu’s arrangement!” Tie Bu Tian smiled. During this period, he had been overexerting himself. In the palace, his father’s condition remain a heavy burden on his heart.

In the battlefield, while Tie Long Cheng’s army did not have any big issues, it was having a few little run-ins with the opposing army. Just some harassment was enough to trouble people. Because given the current growing tension, a small fight could lead to a full blown war.

The royal court was also in chaos. King of Hell Chu’s eradication of all the traitorous officials had inspired total panic in the royal court.  There were numerous complaints naming various crimes of King of Hell Chu each day, piling as high as mountains.

Tie Bu Tian often sighed: There are so few sensible people in Iron Cloud…

“I also want to know its result!” Chu Yang smiled confidently.

“Golden Horse Riders Department sent nineteen people!” Wu Qian Qian held up the battle report and spoke with a smile, “After they were ambushed by us, ten bodies were left behind. It could be considered a big win!”

“Ten bodies?” Chu Yang asked in surprise, “What about the rest?”

He thought to himself: It should not be; shouldn’t all of them have left their bodies there? Escape…?

“They escaped?” King of Hell Chu practically flipped, “Why were they allowed to escape?”

“This…” (

Tie Bu Tian and Wu Qian Qian were both a bit puzzled. If you can’t hold them back, then they will escape, right? What are you so surprised about? We managed to kill ten out of nineteen martial masters; what else do you want? This is a big victory!

“How did they escape?” Chu Yang snorted and suddenly said, “The Hei Mo people didn’t guard the prison?” At the same time, he determined that it was a definite possibility.

With the power of his traps plus an eight grade Revered Martial Artist in disguise, and martial masters waiting in ambush… that was probably enough to kill seven or eight of their people.

But they actually killed ten people! In other words, his side had excelled normal expectations. If the Hei Mo people joined in, the result would not be so miniscule!

There was clearly a lack of a big force. He had counted on it, and now it was the reason for his unhappiness.

“Hei Mo people?” Tie Bu Tian asked, finally understanding, “You talked to them?”

“Yes. The Hei Mo Saber King agreed to help us eradicate these people!” Chu Yang said dejectedly, “I also arranged everything in the prison very carefully. If they came, they only needed to pull out my seal, and they would be let in immediately. But base on the result of this battle, I am sure they did not join in! What happened?”

“So that’s why…” Tie Bu Tian smiled, “In any case, the result is not bad. Minister Chu, even though your plan to chase tigers and swallow wolves was unsuccessful, the Hei Mo people still should have been waiting here for a while now!”

“Ah!” Chu Yang became pensive and continually gave out orders, “Cheng Zi Ang, you and Chen Yu Tong can dispatch your people now and tighten the net in the shortest possible time. Don’t even let a mouse escape!”

Cheng Zi Ang quickly complied.

He was talking about the key people in Tang Xin Sheng’s spy network. The number was massive, almost a thousand people. To dig up the root, a little mistake would not be enough to cause problems!

“Mobilize two military groups; use the maximum force and give orders for all officials to cooperate in this effort. No one is allowed to get in the way of this Bu Tian Pavilion mission. It must be completely in your control. If anyone dares to interfere, immediately brand them as traitors! Take care to purge them all!”

The enemies had failed in their prison raid; if they were smart, they would not come one more time.

In other words… They probably guessed that Tang Xin Sheng was dead.

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