“If Tang Xin Sheng is not dead, we can let them come and rescue him. Then we only need to follow them and gather them up all at once, total extermination. Too bad Tang Xin Sheng is already dead.”

“I will send a man with military control to go with you. He can mobilize any military group in the citadel.” Tie Bu Tian knew that Chu Yang was making a big move this time, so he acted decisively.

“This cannot be delayed! Go immediately.” Chu Yang yelled out his ordered and Cheng Zi Ang immediately went out with his subordinates.

“Investigate all the brothels in the citadel. Any place with missing prostitutes, concentrate your investigation in that area!”

“How is the eighth grade Revered Martial Artist who pretended to be Tang Xin Shen?” Chu Yang asked.

“He died together with two enemies!” Wu Qian Qian answered sadly.

“Died with the enemies?” Chu Yang asked in surprise.

“How could an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist die?” Tie Bu Tian asked with some distress.

In this Iron Cloud, an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist would have been a top ranking master. And yet he died in flash. Iron Cloud was truly not at the same level as Golden Horse Riders Department.

“He is a person of Hei Mo clan.” Chu Yang rolled his eyes.

“I see.” Since he was a person of the Hei Mo clan, the prince was less distressed.

“But this is strange; he was an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist and he died with the enemies? And in an ambush scenario?” Chu Yang frowned, “Perhaps his opponents were King level masters? Or Command Horse Riders?”

“According to the report from the prison, his opponents were two ninth grade Revered Martial Artists.” Wu Qian Qian looked at the reported and spoke with certainty.

“That makes sense…” Chu Yang frowned and said to Tie Bu Tian, “Your Majesty, it seems Bu Tian Pavilion has to retreat into the shadow. Otherwise, the entire pavilion will become their target; we have become a very large target.”

Tie Bu Tian nodded in agreement, “Yes, Bu Tian Pavilion cannot remain here any longer! We don’t have any King level masters to watch over it; it is truly dangerous. Luckily, I have prepared ahead of time.”

He looked at Chu Yang and smiled, “Do you still remember the first time you came to Bu Tian Pavilion?”

Chu Yang’s eyes lit up.

“I will arrange for a military corps to protect that place; about thirty thousand soldiers…” Tie Bu Tian continued, “Thirty thousand soldiers will turn that place into a veritable fortress. That would be the most ideal place for Bu Tian Pavilion. Bu Tian Pavilion was not worthy of that place before, but now that they have you, it’s a different story.”

Tie Bu Tian laughed, “Minister Chu, when do you plan to move?”

“The sooner the better.” Chu Yang said, “I am a little worried those bastards from Golden Horse Riders Department will act crazy. We are still a very weak fighting force; I am afraid we won’t be able to withstand one confrontation! While we can use traps to preserve our lives, but the destruction of Bu Tian Pavilion is not exactly a good thing.”

Tie Bu Tian also understood Chu Yang’s concern. All of his efforts could not just be poured down the drain. Bu Tian Pavilion was on the rise and was making a great impact; this was all because of Chu Yang.

“I want to go to the prison and see how the guards are doing their jobs. While I am there, I can see for myself how powerful Diwu Qing Rou’s subordinates are.”

Tie Bu Tian stood up waiting for Chu Yang to say a few polite words and go! But he did not expect King of Hell Chu to say curtly, “Huh? You want to go?”

Then he turned to Wu Qian Qian and asked, “Are there any movements at Cloud Gate Inn?”

“Still nothing, but with the citadel in such chaos, they should be able to guess.” Wu Qian Qian answered.

“No movements… That’s good…” Chu Yang nodded, “In this mission, they’re sure that there were no King level masters involved?”

“Yes!” Wu Qian Qian sifted through the documents once more and reasserted, “There were absolutely no King level masters involved! Otherwise, our damages would be much greater, and we certainly would not have been able to get ten of them like we did.”

“No King level masters…” Chu Yang frowned, “With a dying King level leader and there are no King level leaders involved… Why is this…?”

Wu Qian Qian was stunned. She suddenly thought of one possibility and asked with a trembling voice, “You mean…”

“Yes!” Chu Yang nodded, “This is a scheme to stir the grass and get the snake to come out. The first target is the prince and the second target is me. If something happened at the prison, then surely at least the prince or I would come to check the scene. And the moment we show ourselves, they would make their move.”

These words made Tie Bu Tian halt right at the door.

But after a little contemplating, Tie Bu Tian walked on determinedly saying, “All the soldiers and officials laid down their lives for Iron Cloud. If I can’t even give them moral support, I would rather not be a prince.”

“I am not opposed to you going, but I need to remind your two shadow guards that this cannot be taken lightly.” Chu Yang said casually.

From thin air, two faint figures appeared and nodded in Chu Yang’s direction. Then they followed Tie Bu Tian out. In the blink of an eye, they left Bu Tian Pavilion.

“I have to go out as well.” After Tie Bu Tian’s party left, Chu Yang fell into deep thoughts and muttered.

“It’s too dangerous!” Wu Qian Qian was terrified!

“I am not stupid enough to wear my mask out; I don’t want to be a tombstone for people to look at!” He laughed proudly, “I have my plans! But I need you to help me with one thing.”

“What is it?”

“I am sure that the King level master is hiding somewhere, and his target is me. While I do not know his exact location, I am certain that he is near here. You people should play with him a little and see how long this King level master could endure…”

Then he laughed and left…

***** (walkthejianghu.com)

King level leader Kong had been hiding behind a large tree for four hours.

By this point, he was like a rock. Quiet and immobile for four hours!

This kind of hiding had become second nature to him.

He saw the prince of Iron Cloud enter Bu Tian Pavilion with his own eyes. He also observed all the people coming and going, but he could not determine who King of Hell Chu was!

Then he saw Tie Bu Tian walked out the door and headed toward the prison. He thought that King of Hell Chu would follow the group, but after watching for a while, he discovered that was not the case. He also discovered that there was a thick aura of powerful masters next to Tie Bu Tian so he did not dare to act carelessly.

Therefore, he had to turn back to Bu Tian Pavilion and concentrate on his second target, King of Hell Chu.

King of Hell Chu will have to come out at some point!

His eyes suddenly brightened as he clenched his fists. The front gate of Bu Tian Pavilion suddenly became noisy as a group of people in black came out from inside. There sharp eyes carefully searched the surroundings checking every bush and corner.

Such a team was not commonplace. They were disciplined and vigilant. Even when Tie Bu Tian came out, there was not such a show.

Kong Shang Xin immediately realized that King of Hell Chu was getting ready to leave!

At this point, he did not care if the person coming out was wearing a mask or not, or if they were young or old; he just needed a person to come out… Kong Shang Xin would immediately make a move.

But after a long while, there was no movements at all. The people in black still stood in an orderly fashion in front of the gate. Then, as if nothing happened… they all went back in.


His fist went into the tree trunk, and his face twisted with annoyance. All of that waiting was wasted. King level leader Kong could help but curse in his heart.

Before he could take in another breath, the sounds of footsteps rang out loudly, and the people in black hurriedly ran out once again. They quickly lined up in a defensive formation. Their movements were quick with a hint of hastiness as if they did not prepare ahead of time.

King level master Kong was caught completely off guard and immediately activated his martial energy… He was in such a rush that all of his muscles shook. He gently pulled out the great saber from behind his back. His eyes carefully scanned for a good position to attack from.

Within Bu Tian Pavilion, there was suddenly loud sounds of horse neighing. These sound drew Kong Shang Xin’s attention even more. He concentrated… this horse… it has to be him.

A horse really did run out.

Good steed; definitely a good steed.

The body of the horse was jet black and as powerful as a dragon. It was so fast it ripped through the wind as it shot out from inside Bu Tian Pavilion.

But Kong Shang Xin was so angry he was fuming. It was truly a good steed, but there was not even a ghost on its back.

“Hey…!” There was a loud roar.

Kong Shang Xin became alert once again! King of Hell Chu is finally making his appearance; he is probably planning to jump onto the running horse.

But from within Bu Tian Pavilion, a short person ran out like mad screaming, “Quick! Quickly catch that horse! It’s acting up again…”

The people in black rushed out; after a few jumps, they managed to take control of the horse. The short man finally ran over and spoke breathlessly, “His grandmother! I was just a little careless and it ran all the way out here. Thank you, big brothers.”

Then he led the horse back inside, and the people in black followed in as well.

As Kong Shang Xin watched, his mouth made a big O. He finally understood that the enemies was either putting a show on for him or practicing some kind of special exercise. But he had a feeling… this scene… seemed to be… for the purpose of toying with him.

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became. Was it possible that they were playing with him since morning till now?

He felt as if he was no more than the donkey to be toyed with like so and wanted to explode.

But he was still a powerful master, so no matter how angry he was, he still did not act rashly. Instead, he suppressed his anger. Kong Shang Xin knew that if he continued to wait today, he would just be a target for the enemies to play with.

Currently, he had two possible course of actions to choose from: First, fight directly with his sheer power. This kind of game was surely arranged by King of Hell Chu; therefore, it was certain that he was still inside. But how could he attack directly into there?

His second choice was to retreat and wait for another opportunity!

The sun was at its peak and Kong Shang Xin was still lingering indecisively. At this moment, a new situation occurred…

Under the stifling midday sun, on the main road leading to Bu Tian Pavilion, a figure in black suddenly appeared. The person was wearing a ferocious mask as he glided forward.

With each step that person made, the atmosphere on the road seemed to turn cold. While sunlight filled the surroundings, it was gloomy and cold around him. This was no different from a ghost appearing in the middle of the day.

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