Kong Shang Xin could feel his hair standing on ends.

Such attire, who else would dare to wear it? Plus he was walking haughtily in front of Bu Tian Pavilion; was there anyone who dared to impersonate King of Hell Chu?

King level leader Kong was getting excited…

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Earlier that day Chu Yang openly entered Cloud Gate Inn. He did not cover his face until he reached the Saber King’s door. Then he proceeded to gently tap twice.

“Who is it?” The Saber King asked wearily.

“It’s me.” Chu Yang said cheerfully, “Senior, you don’t recognize my voice?”

The door opened, and the Saber King rebuked, “You keep running around in this chaos; if you get discovered, then you would be dead for sure!”

There was hint of criticism in the Saber King’s words, but his countenance was a little strange as if something was not right. After all, his people were not there during the prison raid so when he saw King of Hell Chu, he fell a little guilty.

“If I am discovered, then I would be dead even if I stayed at Bu Tian Pavilion.” Chu Yang smiled, “I am sorry to bother you!”

“No bother. Come in quickly.” The Saber King stepped away from the door.

After Chu Yang entered, he could not help but tremble in fear. There were seventeen to eighteen people in the room. No wonder, there was nobody guarding outside; they were all gathered in here.

“I hope you are all well.” Chu Yang politely greeted them.

The Hei Mo killers rolled their eyes and looked at the new arrival with distrust. Who is this? Why does he seem familiar?

“This is the minister of Bu Tian Pavilion, Official Chu.” The Saber King explained.

Everyone’s gaze immediately shifted to curiosity. So this is the ferocious masked King of Hell Chu.

“Ah, does Official Chu wish to impart us with some knowledge today?” The Saber King spoke very politely today. The truth was he could not afford not to be polite. The impact of last night’s incident was great and his people did not come; it really made him lose face.

Previously, he had promised that they would come, but when the fight happened, they were not there. Things were done, what could he say now?

In fact, the Saber King had already decided that if this King of Hell Chu brought up last night’s incident, he would seize this opportunity to scold his subordinates until they can’t even lift their heads.

After all, what they did was too much!

“This lowly official dare not!” Chu Yang sighed deeply. As the Saber King expected, he said, “I am sure you already know about last night’s prison raid.”

“Ah, I have heard.” The Saber King’s countenance became flushed as he glared at his subordinates.

“Last night’s situation was truly difficult.” King of Hell Chu’s countenance became grave.

“What’s the matter?” The Saber King asked anxiously.

“There is something that forces me to come and apologize to you in person.” Chu Yang said solemnly, “Last night’s incident was too shocking. It’s even more terrifying inside the prison; it’s no different from hell. You have been so righteous and generous in sending us an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist, but I am ashamed…”

“That eight grade Revered Martial Artist had been most unfortunate… He had heroically died with the enemies.” Chu Yang sadly dropped his head.

“What? Died?” The Saber King was startle and immediately stood up.

“I am truly ashamed. He was a hero; he placed chivalry above his own life; he was extremely courageous!” Chu Yang continued, “He went against two ninth grade Revered Martial Artists by himself. In the end, they died together… If it were not for him, I am afraid the casualties would be even greater…”

“He was a hero, but he had to fight two people at the same time. Reinforcements did not come in time, and he had to die with grief in that prison. It is too sad and unfortunate!” King of Hell Chu wiped the corners of his eyes with his sleeves as if he was crying.

“Dead, Third Brother Han is dead.” The Saber King was stunned for a moment, then he suddenly became furious, “Bastards! I told you to hurry, but you took your time. Your asses are as heavy as mountains; you can’t drag yourselves anywhere. Open your eyes and see. Because of you, Third Brother Han is dead! Third Brother Han is dead! Do you know that?”

“You bastards are a bunch of garbage! You are pigs and dogs; you are beasts!” The Saber King roared in anger, “Damn SOBs. Dawdling around, can’t follow order. Are you that great? Are you royalty? Third Brother Han is your brother who fought together with you! Yet, you let him die in grief like that. Do you feel guilty? Do you feel ashamed? Do you feel sad?”

The Saber King continued to roar, “Now you see? This is all because you did not follow my orders! You are sinners! You have caused your own brother’s death! You have cause Third Brother Han’s death! You… you bastards!”

The truth was it did not matter if the Saber King cared for Third Brother Han or not. The most important thing was these punks did not follow his orders; this was what made him furious.

Today, he had the perfect opportunity to give them a scolding.

On the opposite side, a man in black who had been calmly sitting in a big chair suddenly coughed. He icily looked at Chu Yang and slowly asked, “Minister Chu? Official Chu?”

“Senior, you are…?”

“Hmm, you don’t need to worry about who I am. I just need to ask you one.” The man gave Chu Yang a cold look and said in a deep voice, “Our man came to help you and died there; where were your people at the time?”

“You are right. Where were my people?” Chu Yang answered sadly, “During last night’s battle, the fight between two sides was earth-shattering. Among our guards and soldiers, nine hundred thirty-seven people heroic died in the line of duty. Three hundred thirty-six people were severely injured. Four people suffered light injuries…”

The expressions of the Hei Mo masters changed at once!

More than nine hundred dead; more than three hundred severely injured; and only four people with light injuries. These numbers were enough to tell how brutal the battle was. Severe injuries outnumbered light injuries, and deaths outnumbered injuries. Only the fiercest fighting could lead to such results.

“At last night’s battle, the enemies sent nineteen martial masters. Among them were three ninth level Revered Martial Artists, three eighth grade Revered Martial Artists, and the rest were at least third grade Revered Martial Artists.” Chu Yang continued, “While the strongest one on our side was a ninth grade Martial Great Master!”

“With such a large gap, but after the battle, two enemies died with your eighth grade Revered Martial Artist. There were also eight others who will forever remain there!”

Chu Yang’s voice was fierce, “Even though those nine people were lucky enough to escape, they were riddled with injuries! Until today, regardless if the bodies are theirs or ours, they are all piled in the prison. They have not been buried; it’s extremely pitiful! If you have any doubts, you are welcome to go and investigate.”

The inquisitor became pensive and said casually after a little while, “That’s okay!” Then he did not ask anything else.

“This is my third elder martial brother, Hei Mo clan’s King level leader Soul Catcher. My third elder martial brother is very powerful; he could be considered as one of the top five people in the clan.” The Saber King introduced.

“So it is Senior Soul Catcher. I am pleased to meet you.” Chu Yang said humbly and plainly.

“Ah…, if… your subordinates were there…” Chu Yang sighed deeply. Then he shook his head and laughed, “I have said the wrong thing.”

The Saber King grunted loudly and the martial masters around him became as quiet as clams.

“In fact, besides giving you the news, there is something of great importance I must tell you.” Chu Yang felt relieved having passed an obstacle. If he did not manage to pass it, his plan would not be successful.

“What do you need to tell us?” The Saber King asked.

“It is an issue of your safety.” Chu Yang said sincerely, “There is one thing that bothered me. The first time around they sent a King level master. This person was severely injured. And to follow up from that, they sent more people, but the most powerful one was a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist. I find this troubling.”

“It is troubling!” The Saber King frowned, “Utterly troubling. If even a King level master could get killed, why did they only sent Revered Martial Artists? Do they think that would be successful?”

“Exactly! That’s why I am guessing that there must have been one or even two King level leaders hiding in some secret place, waiting for an opportunity to ambush!” Chu Yang said solemnly.

“Yes, your speculation is justified.” King level leader Soul Catcher coolly nodded.

“If they were hiding near there and still did not come out when such a big ordeal occurred, they surely have bigger plans!” Chu Yang continued to add fuel to the fire.

“Yes, I agree!” The Saber King nodded.

“I think that they sent so many martial masters to raid the prison as part of their strategy to rustle the snake out of the hole!” Chu Yang continued to contemplate, “If we get shocked and went to see the situation, then this would be the chance for them to make their move!”

“That is very reasonable.” King level leader Soul Catcher frowned, and carefully considered this situation.

“Currently, there are only three people who are considered a threat to them… or three kinds of people…” Chu Yang said shyly, “The first is prince Tie Bu Tian, second is you two seniors, and third is… is… me!”

“You?” King level leader Soul Catcher glared at Chu Yang with disdain. Are you saying you are that good? How could the likes of you be comparable to us?

“I… cough cough…” Chu Yang coughed twice with embarrassment and said, “But I think the prince is carefully guarded so they would not make a move on the prince.”

“You two are next on the list of those who are a threat to Golden Horse Riders Department! Especially after this prison raid; you have become a thorn in their sight.”

“I am worried…” Chu Yang said cautiously, “They might be planning something against you! Therefore, you are in an extremely dangerous state! I came here to warn you about this myself in hope that you will be careful.”

“Huh? Haha…” King level leader Soul Catcher laughed icily and said arrogantly, “I am only afraid that they won’t show up!”

“Ah, I have given orders that the information about you staying at Cloud Gate Inn should be kept a secret.” Chu Yang continued, “So they might not show up here. Even if they want to make a move against you, they would have to work hard.”

“Why does it have to be kept secret?” King level leader Soul Catcher asked angrily, “I am waiting for them to come!”

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