“This youth has thought about this. With the strength of the two of you, you are probably not afraid of them. But there is one issue… it concerns the Sword King. He is severely injured; if the enemies come then…” Chu Yang slowly continued, “I am afraid it would not be good for his state…”

King level leader Soul Catcher was startled; he immediately replied, “Yes, you are very thorough…”

He thought of the Sword King who was hanging precariously at death’s door. Forget about fighting, a big shock would send him to see the ancestors.

This King of Hell Chu is being considerate of us… King level leader Soul Catcher could not help but feel a little embarrassed about being angry with him.

“Please prepare a little; as the saying goes ‘caution leads to less worries’…” Then Chu Yang said sincerely, “As long as you are safe and are not hurt, I will have peace of mind.”

“It has been tough on you!” King level leader Soul Catcher smiled warmly.

“Ah, this lowly official will take his leave now!” Chu Yang gently nodded.

The moment he reached the door, he halted and turned around, “While you are not concerned with those clowns, I humbly believe that the earlier you deal with them, the better.”

He hesitated as if wanting to say something, but shook his head and said, “Goodbye!”

Chu Yang pretended as if he wanted to leave, but he thinking: Call me back… Call me back…

“Minister Chu, please wait a minute!” This one sentence from King level leader Soul Catcher was enough to lift Chu Yang’s spirit. But he maintained his façade of hesitation as he turned and asked, “Senior Soul Catcher, what is it?”

“Of course we want to nip them in the bud, but how do we eradicate the enemies? Does Minister Chu have a good solution? They are like maggots that burrow to your bones and won’t give you any peace!”

Chu Yang looked hesitant; he wanted to speak but stopped.

“This…” Chu Yang wavered.

“It’s alright. There are no outsiders here; you can speak freely. Even if you say something wrong, I won’t fault you!” King level leader Soul Catcher encouraged.

“This… then I will speak freely!” Chu Yang replied.

“Go ahead!”

“This lowly official think that they want to deal with us high-ranking people by means of assassination. They would surely not dare to make an attempt on the prince because success is not certain. Therefore they are left with this lowly official and you!”

“Yes!” (walkthejianghu.com)

“Because of that reason, I have placed a gag order on your location. Therefore, the easiest target right now is me. In other words, this lowly official is the easiest one to kill!” Chu Yang spoke frankly.

“Yes…” The two King level leaders nodded at the same time. They thought that this punk at least knows himself and recognizes that he was the most useless.

“They only need to set up an ambush around Bu Tian Pavilion and wait for me to appear!” Chu Yang sighed.

“That’s right!”

“That’s why I don’t dare make an appearance!”

“You don’t dare make an appearance?” The two King level leaders were dizzy. After a long talk and you give us ‘I don’t dare make an appearance’?

“Of course, if you want to make a move on them, there is a way; but it is a little dangerous!” Chu Yang sighed and continued, “I just need to be bait to lure the snake out… then I am sure they will appear!”

“This… is a good method!” The Saber King slowly nodded.

“But it also gives rise to another issue.” Chu Yang’s face remained unchanged, but he already cursed them a few dozen times internally. Then he added, “Because my cultivation level is so low, being bait… is truly difficult…”

“You’re right about that; you are so weak it’s scary!” Then King level leader Soul Catcher looked at Chu Yang earnestly and said, “If the assassin is a King level master then having you be bait is no different from just throwing your life away. You can’t even block one move from the enemy. He would take your life in the blink of an eye and run away after. Killing you is truly very easy… not a challenge at all…”

At this point, Chu Yang was already cursing eighteen generations of his ancestors. Such rotten statements, and you could still say them. Do you have anything more annoying to say?

But in the end, he had to reply with a sad accepting voice, “Your words are tough for me to hear, but I cannot deny the truth!”

“Yes, this is too difficult!” The two King level leaders frowned. They glared at King of Hell Chu with annoyance. After everything you said, can you do anything? You can’t even be bait, how can you talk about drawing the snake out of its hole?

“That’s why I have been sneaking in and out all this time; things have been really rough…” Chu Yang sighed and said, “It’s lucky that I always were a mask at Bu Tian Pavilion; not many people know my true face. Otherwise, I would have been a ghost under their blades already!”

“Wait…” As our King of Hell Chu was lamenting over his pitiful situation, something sparked in the “brilliant” mind of the Saber King, “What did you just say? You always wear a mask, and no one knows your true face?”

“Yes, that’s right…” Minister Chu was wide-eyed as he replied with a look of innocence, “Is there a problem?”

“Big problem! Hahaha…” The Saber King laughed with excitement. He immediately brought up a plan with the person next to him, “Third Brother, this is really simple. Would it be enough if you just wear his clothes and mask? Anyway, they only know him as the person in the mask…”

Chu Yang internally sighed. Your grandmother! You finally thought of this tactic. Let me continue my dumb act then!

“Ah, this scheme is feasible!” King level leader Soul Catcher solemnly nodded.

“So all I need to do is wear your clothes and mask and walk into Bu Tian Pavilion?” King level leader Soul Catcher asked.

“This is difficult to say.  But after last night’s earth shattering incident, we had a great loss while the enemies lost ten out of nineteen people. This is also a great loss for them! I imagine it would difficult for them to bear while sitting still!” Chu Yang smiled and continued, “So if they intend to assassinate me then… this period of chaos, they would surely not let it go!”

“Then what are we waiting for?” King level leader Soul Catcher stood up immediately.

The Saber King laughed and replied, “I finally get to see third brother in action. At that time, I will definitely be on the side admiring third brother’s glory and lend a helping hand.”

“Little brother, you only know how to kiss up!” King level leader Soul Catcher snorted and added, “Since I am here, I will help you this once, little brother. But I rarely get the chance to fight, so you should not get involved and ruin my mood!”

“Of course! With your strength, how can there be anyone worthy of being your opponent in this Lower Three Heavens?” The Saber King laughed and flattered some more.

“Only Lower Three Heavens?” King level leader Soul Catcher laughed arrogantly, “Even in Middle Three Heavens, how many people can stop my traversing Jiang Hu?”

Our King of Hell Chu looked dropped his head and thought to himself: Traversing, my butt! Martial expert, my butt!

The Saber King laughed; he stroked his beard like an intellectual and asked, “Official Chu, if you thought of this, why did you hesitate?”

Chu Yang smiled apologetically, “They are targeting me after all. If I ask you to help in my place that would be very cowardly!”

That was frank enough!

Chu Yang’s straightforward words made King level leader Soul Catcher look at him for a long time. Then he answered, “Being afraid of death is human nature; what is there to be ashamed of? Especially since you are getting powerful help to stop a great tragedy. The fact that you put everything out in the open like this has given you more weight in my eyes!”

After he finished talking, he immediately laughed loudly.

Chu Yang said a few tearful thanks while thinking: I know your character well! You like things to be tough not easy. I can beg you to death and you would still say no. But now you volunteered without me asking.

King level leader Soul Catcher hastily grabbed the mask from Chu Yang’s hand. As for the black clothes, there was no need for unnecessary trouble. The Hei Mo black outfits were not so different from that of King of Hell Chu…

“Let’s kill them all without any further delays. Let’s go!” King level leader Soul Grabber walked out proudly as if the King level leader of Golden Horse Riders Department was just waiting out there for him and all he had to do was reach out and grab…

Chu Yang and the Saber King followed close behind him.

This scheme to get the snake to come out of its hole was extremely clever. King level leader Kong’s intention was to draw the snake out of its hole, and Minister Chu also had the same intention. The difference was when two snakes came out of their holes one of them became a fisherman!

As King level leader Soul Catcher walked out, whether it was attitude or posture, he was much more majestic than Chu Yang.

He walked with his head held high, an icy gaze, and his black robe fluttering in the wind. Along the way, anyone who witnessed this would felt a terrifying aura pouring out directly from hell.

King level leader Soul Catcher walked with his legs wide apart and showed even more air. But our King of Hell Chu frowned and thought: You have destroyed the brilliant image I have created for myself!

“This… it doesn’t seem too good!” Chu Yang said, “Senior Soul Catcher, this… can you pull it back a little?”

“Pull it back?” King level leader Soul Catcher frowned.

“Yes. When you go out like this, you look truly powerful and heroic. You move like dragons and tigers. It looks like you are flying on clouds. No matter who look at you, they would surely recognize that you are a King level master, a very high ranking one!”

Chu Yang smiled, “If that assassin saw you, would he dare to make his move? He would probably run away, so we…”

“That’s right!!” King level leader Soul Catcher smiled and nodded. He immediately pulled back his King level aura.

In the blink of an eye, the aura of a martial master that traverse the world turned into that of a high ranking official with the power to control life and death.

Anyone who looked would have believed that this person was capable of killing thousands with one command!

“Uncanny likeness!” Chu Yang was not kissing up to his this time. This man had learned his everyday appearance at Bu Tian Pavilion; he was like a second King of Hell Chu.

If Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong were in front of him now, they would probably call him minister.

“Let’s pick up the pace!” King level leader Soul Catcher was becoming impatient. He was worried that he would arrive late and the assassin would be gone. He was like a hungry beggar going to a free feast.

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