Kong Shang Xin never dreamed that his tactic to lure the snake out of its hole was this ineffective. When he realized that he was being toyed with, he was so angry he wanted to abandon his position. Right at that moment, his target appeared.

Strutting with his ferocious mask and looking domineering, this was indeed King of Hell Chu; with such an air, it could only be him.

Kong Shang Xin was elated.

Heaven is fair to good people.

Since the moment he discovered his target, King level leader Kong could not help but feel a bit tensed; his heart was beating erratically.

He took a deep breath and quickly regained his composure. He closed his eyes, pulled his body together, and remained completely still. He was more like a rock than a person as he hid all signs of life.

King level leader Kong slowly opened his eyes and stared at the target. Everything around him suddenly became silent! His heart practically stopped, his body did not move, and his breathing was virtually nonexistent. In fact, even his pores closed.

Everything seemed to be immersed in silence.

In Kong Shang Xin’s eyes, everything around him slowly faded away; only that figure walking in the distance was left. Even each of King of Hell Chu’s slow footsteps was like a stomp in his heart.

About thirty feet away!

Kong Shang Xin continued to quietly stay hidden, but his entire body’s strength was now concentrated on his thighs. He only needed to take one jump and he would be right next to the target.

One hundred feet from Bu Tian Pavilion will be the place your life ends, King of Hell Chu!

For anyone returning home, one hundred feet was the distance when they start to let down their guard. Whether it was an ordinary person or an assassin, it was the same. This was human nature. His many years of experience as an assassin had taught Kong Shang Xin this. His many successes had led him to this conclusion.

Kong Shang Xin decided that he would make his move at this distance.

While Kong Shang Xin could not see through the cultivation level of the person wearing the mask, it was not important. He was now directing all of his power into this one move, one move to kill.

Even if his opponent was an ordinary person, he would still do the same.

Three steps… Only three more steps!

Seeing a figure coming, everyone around Bu Tian Pavilion immediately alert and stopped what they were doing. Everyone became “honest” and turned toward the person wearing the mask. They ceremoniously greeted him, “Minister…”

King of Hell Chu remained quiet as he advanced. For the people who greeted him, if he felt like it, he gave them a grunt; otherwise, he just kept walking on. With his hands clasped behind his back, he really showed the mannerism of the owner of this place.

His arrogance and his haughtiness were both shown in his appearance.

This really is King of Hell Chu.

The attitude of the people from Bu Tian Pavilion eliminated any little doubts Kong Shang Xin still had.

Only two more steps left!


A little closer!

King of Hell Chu lifted his leg for the third step, and his heel landed in the one hundred feet distance…

At this very moment…

Success and failure was to be determined at this moment.

Action! (walkthejianghu.com)

Kong Shang Xin took a deep breath. His legs sprung up, and his whole body became an arrow. Using the tree branch as a bow, he shot himself forward.

Not a sound was made as his body moved like it was flying. In the blink of an eye, he neared the target.

The moment Kong Shang Xin’s feet almost touched the ground, a sharp atmosphere ripping sound was heard from behind him. Following that was white smoke rising up. If one were to look at the airspace that Kong Shang Xin had passed through, one would see that the sunlight there had become distorted.

His speed was so fast that the friction between his body and the air created smoke. Moreover, his body ripped through the atmosphere, itself.

Space and time stood still in this moment.

He was as powerful as ten thousand soldiers, but Kong Shang Xin did not open his mouth to make a sound. There was only a flash in in hand, a thin and transparent saber appeared without a sound.

Its target was King of Hell Chu.

Kong Shang Xin used all of his might and slashed down…

At this moment, King of Hell Chu’s foot also had just touched the ground.

The killing aura that Kong Shang Xin had hidden was now manifested. It was like a tsunami, like water over a broken dam.

He speed was so fast that from the moment he pushed on that branch, it did not start to shake until now. Leaves flew and danced all over the air.

On the other side, Kong Shang Xin had shot himself toward his target and bore down his saber as if to conquer the world.

While the saber was unseen it carried with it the aura of a raging storm that surrounded King of Hell Chu. He could not advance or retreat; the only thing he could do was meet it.

King level leader Soul Catcher was startled! He was so surprised his soul almost flew away.

Even though he had expected the assassin’s level to be very high, he did not expect the assassin to be that powerful.

This one blow, forget about ordinary people, even a king level master like himself was looking at a sixty percent chance of death. Plus, he did not sense the assassin’s killing aura until he made his move.

Earlier, he was disappointed that the assassin did not appear; but now… he did not expect the assassin to make that earth-shattering move when he did appear.

King level leader Soul Catcher fell into a state of shock and quickly raised his hand to block. In his hand was a strange looking hook shining brightly.


The two weapons slammed into each other, but a bizarre thing happened. The sound the made was really soft, almost nonexistent. It was as if the two were carefully placing their weapons together in one place and not trying to kill each other.

A keen-eyed person could see the shock waves created from the two weapons coming into contact with each other.

King level leader Soul Catcher roared out in anger. Unable to hold their ground, his two legs backed up creating five or six deep foot-shaped holes in the process. He took a few more steps further back before being able to jump backward. After he landed, he continued to back up a few more steps before being able to steady himself.

There was now a trace of blood coming from the edge of his mouth.

He was able to block the saber’s slash, but its powerful momentum had injured him.

Kong Shang Xin was also shocked and rolled backward. After his feet touched the ground again, he had to take three or four steps back, but he did not make a sound. He immediately rushed forward and slashed down with his saber.

After the previous move, the distance between him and his opponent was about eighty feet, but his speed became even faster with this next move. When his saber was halfway down, he was in front of King level leader Soul Catcher’s face. The moment the saber reached his target, it was at maximum power, speed, and killing aura.

No one watching would be able to figure out how he could have gained such a great distance in such little time.

Kong Shang Xin was also feeling terrified. He could not believe his opponent could block his killing move. Could it be that my opponent is a king level master also?

Perhaps the information Yin Wu Fa sent was not wrong?

These questions remained in his mind as his appearance remained as icy as before.

He only had one conviction: Kill the person in front of him.

Before King level leader Soul Catcher could regain his composure he came face to face with the saber again. He let out a roar and used all of his might to block with his hook.

In the blink of an eye, that strange weapon was moved from right hand to left and from left to right a few dozen times. All of his moves were defensive.

King level leader Soul Catcher was famous for two hooks: one defensive and one offensive. But currently, he was only able to keep on the defense.

In fact, he could not even use two hooks at the same time. This attack move was so fierce that he could only concentrate all of his strength to block. As for the free arm, it was essentially invalid with not even a little bit of power.

Kong Shang Xin held the saber with one hand and attacked like thunder or an erupting volcano. One slash after another came down.

His saber technique seemed very simple at a glance, just slashing straight down. However, the gap between each slash was virtually nonexistent, as if he did not need time to gather power. One powerful slash after another until the opponent meets his end. There was no signs that the saber would stop.

“Sir, be careful…” Chu Yang watched from a distance and yelled out anxiously.

King level leader Soul Catcher almost vomited blood.

Damn it!

Earlier, he was full of confidence, and now the enemy had put him in such a state. In this moment, Chu Yang even spoke some words of concern. But in King level leader Soul Catcher’s ears, these words became mockery.

His face darkened!

He wanted to scream out, “Shut up!” But under the attack of this powerful offensive from the assassin, he could only concentrate on blocking. Forget about one word, he did not even have time to breathe!

In the blink of an eye, the saber had slashed down ninety-nine times. King level leader Soul Catcher had been pushed back a great distance; he was now more than three hundred feet from Bu Tian Pavilion. Essentially, one step back with each slash. His body staggered like a little boat in a storm that could capsize at any moment. Such a result made King level leader Soul Catcher so angry he wanted to die. Even Chu Yang was surprised.

He did not expect that Golden Horse Riders Department would send such a powerful person like him.

“It’s you…” King level leader Soul Catcher stared at the assassin and ground his teeth. From the saber techniques, he knew the true identity of the assassin.

The elusive saber – World’s Sad Loner!

Sad Saber King – Kong Shang Xin! (TLN: Just to refresh your memory, Shang Xin – sad.)

This name caused a great stir in Middle Three Heavens. He was famous for being a lone thief.

“You must die.” Kong Shang Xin grunted coldly, “Knowing my identity would only mean a quicker death for you…”

“Kong Shang Xin! Today, I will make you become like your name and die in sadness.” King level leader Soul Catcher was very annoyed. This riffraff from Jiang Hu was forcing him into a corner.

Even worse was the fact that he was an eight grade King level master. Because Kong Shang Xin had the element of surprise he was pushed to the end of his rope. Ninety-nine slashes and he could only block. Not one offensive move! This was too shameful.

“Hahaha…” Kong Shang Xin let out three more slashes and suddenly stopped. He seemed to be distracted by something from behind King level leader Soul Catcher’s back. There appeared a flaw in his all-encompassing offense.


King level leader Soul Catcher was startled. He roared out loud and raised his hook in the direction of his opponent.

The opponent’s saber slash seemed to suffer from some psychological distraction and came down on his shoulder instead.

Two hooks ripped through the wind and flew forward. One went at the enemy’s throat and the other one went right for his heart.

This was the best opportunity to reverse the outcome…

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  1. Now, Diwu have 1 crippled King, and probably 1 dead King very soon, plus a bonus, very damaged relationship with a Clan from Middle Heaven, that may deterred any local (Lower Heaven) martial powers to join with Zhou Empire.
    If these King stage fools are just mere bodyguard, shudder to think the more powerful core members of any Middle Heaven Clans will be like. Even in past life of Chu Yang, mentioned that Diwu only done conquering all of Lower Heaven, but never dare expanded to Middle Heaven.


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