With regards to the enemy’s sudden distraction, King level leader Soul Catcher assumed it was the Hei Mo Saber King appearing behind him.

“Foolish!” Kong Shang Xin sneered, and his whole body suddenly twisted along with the saber creating a large arch. He avoided contact with the hooks while slashing directly at King level leader Soul Catcher’s throat.

This one move was precise, deadly, unseen, and sharp. From a deadly flaw, it turned into a deadly attack.

This was a trap carefully prepared by Kong Shang Xin.

King level leader Soul Catcher was startled and fell backward with all of his desire for life. His waist bent to the point that the cracking sounds of his bones could be heard. And because of this, he was able to get outside the attack’s range.

Blood splattered all over the ground. While King level leader Soul Catcher was able to avoid the life-taking slash, part of his shoulder was cut revealing a segment of white bone. Although he escaped a critical attack and kept his life, he had to pay a dear price!

The fight between the two King level masters was as quick as lightning and fire sparks. It was so fast that at this very moment the guards of Bu Tian Pavilion did not even have time to react.

“Not good! The Minister is fighting against an assassin outside the gate.” The sounds of screaming reverberated, and all of Bu Tian Pavilion came alive. Everyone immediately grabbed their weapons and shot out the gate.

On both sides, two military groups sounded their alarms urgently. Soldiers flooded out from all directions.

Kong Shang Xin’s countenance remained as calm and cold as before. His attack did not slow down; his saber flashed and even became fiercer than earlier.

The people of Bu Tian Pavilion ran forward, but they were only ordinary people not King level masters. While they ran really fast, the time it took them to get there was enough for a King level master.

One or two breaths was all that was needed.

In two breaths, Kong Shang Xin could kill King of Hell Chu and happily leave.

As long as he was not under a heavy siege, his chance of escape was great.

Kong Shang Xin decided to end it. His flashing saber suddenly seemed to turn into two and slashed down from two different places.

Divide Spirit from Soul, deadly double blades!

This was a unique skill that Kong Shang Xin had always kept secret. Once he made this move, it was the difference of life and death.

King level leader Soul Catcher screamed angrily and his hooks turned to the color yellow while a black aura surrounded them.

Life or death; he could only depend on himself.

While there were reinforcement coming from all directions, he knew that they would only be in time to avenge his death.

“Keng… keng… keng…”

In the blink of an eye, the two kinds of weapons slammed into each other no less than one hundred times. King level leader Soul Catcher unexpectedly screamed out in pain and rolled back. His blood soaked body went perfectly with the ferocious mask.

Kong Shang Xin also jumped back. There were seven or eight blood wounds squirting out blood from his body, but he did not mind them. The moment he touch the ground, he fiercely rushed forth, determined to kill his opponent.

“Swoosh… swoosh…”

The sky suddenly went dark…

The archers of Bu Tian Pavilion while still in the process of rushing forward were able to released one wave of arrows in an organized manner! Their target was the one and only Kong Shang Xin currently suspended in midair.

Among the rain of arrows were concealed weapons from the other martial masters of Bu Tian Pavilion. For the moment the sky seemed to be covered by a dark net made of arrows and concealed weapons.

Kong Shang Xin’s body flashed in the air while he swung his saber to protect his body. In the blink of an eye, he escaped from the rain of arrows and shot himself toward the trunk of the big tree for cover. He only needed to borrow the strength of that tree to push himself away for a clean escape.

Just a little further…

Suddenly, from a saber flashed like a bolt of lightning from that treetop. With it came a cold voice, “Down!”

Hei Mo Saber King Soft Cloud had appeared at this key moment.

Actually, it was not a coincident. Earlier, Chu Yang had “unintentionally” reminded him, “We should not be wary of the something that would likely happen, but of what’s unlikely to happen… and guard against the assassin escaping. You should hide there and wait to ambush…”

Therefore, Hei Mo Saber King Soft Cloud had chosen this place for his ambush.

Things had actually turned out as predicted.

Kong Shang Xin had risked his own life and received all those wounds in order to severely injure King level leader Soul Catcher. Now that the situation was beyond his control, the only thing he could do was escape.

But he never expected the place he was waiting in ambush now had someone else waiting to ambush him!

After he put all his effort into fighting, his body was injured in a few places. Then he had to go through the deadly wave of arrows and concealed weapons. He narrowly managed to escape death and get to this place. Thinking that he was safe, he relaxed. But a King level master unexpectedly appeared in front of his face.

At this moment, Kong Shang Xin truly understood what sadness was.

“Another King level master! A Saber King, too!” Kong Shang Xin’s eyes flashed fiercely. He activated the extreme limit of all the energy in his body. He twisted his body and pulled a saber in a flash.

“Keng…” (walkthejianghu.com)

Two sabers slammed into each other and a loud sound rang out. The two Saber Kings slashed at each other fiercely without any reservations.

“You…” Saber King Soft Cloud yelled angrily. That slash seemed fierce but it was completely lacking in power.

Hei Mo Saber King Soft Cloud was only a sixth grade King level master while his opponent was eighth grade. The latter not only far exceeded him in cultivation level but also in battle experience. That saber move might have seemed solid, but it was only used to borrow strength.

The two slammed into each other and fell down together. While they were freefalling, the sabers continued to flash. The sounds of two sabers crashing into each other never ceased.

In the middle of falling, Kong Shang Xin suddenly stopped a little in the air making his body slightly higher than that of Saber King Soft Cloud.

That borrowed strength from earlier was now playing its role. Kong Shang Xin brutally stomped on Saber King Soft Cloud’s butt and flew back to the treetop. He pause and spat out a few clumps of blood before turning to leave. In a blink of an eye his dark silhouette became a tiny speck in the distance… and disappeared.

After the kick in the butt, Saber King Soft Cloud lost balance. He dropped on the ground like a rock, and dust filled the air. His whole body went deep into the ground, and even his mouth was filled with dirt.

A little while after, he crawled out. He pounded his chest and spat out dirt and blood!

In a distance, King level leader Soul Catcher was trembling as he lay in a pool of blood. In today’s battle of Three Kings, all three had lost.

“Minister, are you okay?” Cheng Zi Ang hastily ran forward and lifted King level leader Soul Catcher up. He anxiously yelled out, “Doctor! Find a doctor quickly…”

Today’s battle brought shock to the entire Bu Tian Pavilion.

In Bu Tian Pavilion, Minister Chu was famous for being mysterious. All day, they could only hear his yelling but never saw his face. No one had expected that their minister would be a King level master. No one could forget the moment that assassin made his move. His golden glow and the crown suspended above his head… These were the signs of a high ranking King level master.

And yet, the minister could fight with him for that long. While he suffered a loss and became severely injured, his combating skill was unparalleled by all those who were present there.

King level leader Soul Catcher wanted to explain, but each time he opened his mouth, blood came out so he had to remain quiet.

His body received at least ten slashes. Each slash from the saber not only brought on visible wounds but also ravaged the body with saber energy. His internal organs were currently seriously injured, and his life was hanging by a thread.

Hei Mo Saber King Soft Cloud started cursing the moment he crawled out, “Bastard! Next time we see each other, I will skin you and drink your blood…”

He roared out and rubbed his rear at the same time, but he was still terrified. If that guy did not choose his butt and stomped on another part of his body, he would probably have went and met his ancestors. He was truly inches from death…

They were two King level masters; one fought openly and the other ambushed. Yet the enemy still managed to escape. This was too shameful…

Chu Yang was watching in the vicinity so his face was somewhat smudged. But in this battle, he was the person that benefited most.

Because of the battle between Kings, the sword spirit in his consciousness had suddenly awoken. Plus, it was criticizing endlessly in Chu Yang’s head.

“You call this King level? Motherf*, so weak…”

“Too weak! That saber user, what skill does he have? His saber cannot bend, but should his saber energy just go straight? What can you do with it just going straight like that?”

“Ack… What an idiot… What’s he using two hooks for? How could he have enough momentum to fight? He might be effective fighting with weaker people, but do you need anything special to fight weaker people? This really sucks! Doesn’t he know that fighting people with the same rank, a little hesitation equal a little loss? How could he compete with people stronger than him? One palm, and he would be dead…”

“A bunch of I don’t know what…”

“What is that bastard doing? He had the opportunity… Yet he let his opponent stomp on his butt to borrow his force… Stupid… Stupid beyond words… He only needed to use Thousand Pound Weight to fall down and his opponent would have to fall with him… There are a whole bunch of people waiting below; where could that guy run… He even put on a show with his saber to let the enemy borrow strength from that… What a fool! So foolish I can’t even begin to describe…”

Just like that, the sword spirit continually cursed with a contemptuous voice. He pointed out flaws in each move and each technique of the King level masters. They should do that, they should do this…

Chu Yang did not have the time to learn from every word the sword spirit spoke. But currently, he was stunned. Not one word was wrong, not even a little!

Chu yang suddenly discovered the sword’s spirit’s words hit the heart of the matter. Plus, it also gave the simplest solutions.

Rather, the flaws in each move that the sword spirit pointed out were also the flaws in the martial artists’ way of thinking.

The sword spirit was disdainful of the three Kings’ flaws. At first, it cursed energetically. Then it gradually lost interest and became quiet. It seemed to be reminiscing about the time when it was at the pinnacle.

It sighed, “How many years has it been? How did all the martial artists become such weaklings? Even watching is not interesting… There is no talent in this Lower Three Heavens worth looking at…”

But the sword spirit did not know that his nagging complaints actually gave Chu Yang a completely new outlook…

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  1. “Each slash from the saber not carried visible wounds but also saber energy that ravaged the body.
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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I have a correction for some lines:

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    “We should not be weary of the something that would likely to happen, but of what’s unlikely to happen… ”

    “We should not be wary of the something that would likely happen, but what’s unlikely to happen… “


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