Sabers cannot bend, but saber energy could… These words alone pinpointed the greatest misunderstanding in saber arts in all of Nine Heavens.

After that earth-shattering battle, all of Iron Cloud Citadel fell into a temporary peace.

The people of Golden Horse Riders Department had quieted down. Their two King level leaders were both severely injured. Out of the nineteen martial masters with them, the nine remaining ones were also injured. Even if they wanted to cause trouble, they would not dare. In fact, they were anxious that Bu Tian Pavilion might send an army to attack them at any moment. This was their most apprehensive time.

The Hei Mo people were even more troubled. All three of their King level leaders were injured.

Saber King Soul Catcher stayed at Bu Tian Pavilion for half a day looking unhappy, dejected and disgraced. After a while he returned to Cloud Gate Inn to recover. While the Saber King felt as if he was heartless, he was becoming intoxicated with his “incredible wit.” Second, he thought that he was supposed to be higher ranking than them.

In the next three days, Chu Yang put all efforts into tracing all of Tang Xin Sheng’s connections, and caught more than seven hundred people in one go.

All of Bu Tian Pavilion was extremely busy.

As for our Minister Chu, after delegating all the duties, he left without a care.

During this period, Chu Yang did not even battle with other people. Whenever he was free, he could be seen sitting by himself and frowning pensively. Every now and then he would swing his arm a few times.

Even at Heavenly Armament Pavilion, he did not train for his extreme breakthroughs. Each day, besides playing with Mo Qing Wu, he just sat quietly like that and contemplated.

How to bring energy from the dantian and turn it into saber energy? Then send it into the saber and out to a fluid state. Curved, straight, and even circular was possible.

This was a monumental discovery.

Normally, saber or sword energy would only be concentrated at the tip only. While the force would be great, but it had always been just that. The other person only needed to avoid it.

But what if…

These past few days, this was exactly what Chu Yang had been thinking about. And because of this, he had been bothering Dong Wu Shang more and more.

“Hey, Wu Shang. How is saber energy created?” Chu Yang asked.

“Saber energy is created from my killing energy. Bring all of the killing energy in the body and combine with martial energy. Then send it out via the saber. Saber energy is created from that…” Dong Wu Shang replied curtly.

“In other words, saber energy has to be from the saber?”

This question made Dong Wu Shang extremely surprised. If not from the saber then would it be saber energy? Is the big boss’s head okay?

“In other words, saber energy is sent out from your subconscious?”

“Or it can be said that saber energy…”

“Hey… hey… you… don’t leave!”

Chu Yang’s concern with saber energy drove Dong Wu Shang crazy. He immediately said, “Boss Chu, you should research about sword energy instead! The two are of the same origin!”

“Du Xing, can you tell me how sword energy is created?”


“How is it emitted…”


“Hey, don’t leave…!!!”

Things continued that way and left the other five dumbfounded. This big brother bothered them every day, then fell into contemplation afterwards. After that, he would direct some of the silliest questions at them. These were all basic issues that any martial artist could answer.

Like tireless bird wings…

Later on, boss Chu’s attention shifted toward Mo Cheng Yu.

“Senior Mo, please swing your saber in the direction of the pond for me!”

“Why?” Mo Cheng Yu frowned.

“When you direct your saber toward the pond, I want to see if your saber energy could hit the tree on the right!”

“Ack… You’re crazy!”

Mo Cheng Yu was going crazy!

Swing the saber forward, but hit the tree on the right? This is a saber energy, not a concealed weapon’s energy! It is not pure energy either!

Later on, no one bothered to help him anymore so Chu Yang had to experiment on his own. But after swinging his sword a few hundred times, he did not see any result. And at this moment, our boss Chu’s face lit up. He discovered a perfect specimen, Mo Qing Wu.

Little Loli was currently enamored with Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber. She even held it in her arms while sleeping. And whenever she had nothing to do or everyone was gathering around, she would pull it out and swing a few times to show off.

Each time she pulled it out, the eyeballs of Ji Mo and company practically popped out. Especially Dong Wu Shang’s, each time he saw this saber, his eyes immediately became two bright torches.

And this Little Miss Mo Qing Wu thoroughly enjoyed those gazes.

“Brother Wu Shang, do you like it?” Miss Loli smiled an adorable smile and batted her lashes as she looked at Dong Wu Shang.

“L…like!” Dong Wu Shang swallowed and answered.

“Even if you like it, I won’t give it to you! Hahaha…” Little Miss Loli laughed with satisfaction.

“Brother Ji Mo, do you like it?” She asked innocently and blinked her eyes lovingly.

“I don’t like it!” Ji Mo answered solemnly.

“Why not? How could you not like it? You can’t possibly not like such a good saber!” Little Miss Loli was not going to take this loss, and her eyes started to well up.

“Fine, fine…!!! I like it!” Ji Mo had to raise his arms in surrender.

“Even if you like it, I won’t give it to you! Hehe…!!!” Little Loli smiled triumphantly.

“…” Ji Mo wanted to cry.

“Brother Du Xing, do you like it?”

“…” Gu Du Xing immediately fled.

Finally, our boss Chu had discovered that Mo Qing Wu would not grow tired of him. She was the perfect specimen!

“Xiao Wu!”

“What is it, Brother Chu Yang?”

“Do you like that saber?”


“Then do you want to use it to slash at the water in front of you and see if anything can be felt on the right?”

“Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…”

“Brother Chu Yang, did you feel anything yet?”

“I did not feel it! Ah, maybe you did not do it correctly! Try it again!”

“Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh!!!”

“Brother Chu Yang, did you feel anything yet?”

“Still nothing. Can you try a few more times? Start with energy from your dantian and send it into your meridians. Then let it out…”

“Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh!!!”

“Did you feel it yet?”

“Almost! Keep going like that…”

“Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh!!!”

“Why do you still feel nothing? Why? Hoo hoo hoo… Still no feeling?”

“Don’t rush. Try a little more…”

“Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…”

“Any feeling yet?”

“Not yet!!!”

“My arms are in pain and you still feel nothing!”

“Then you should rest a little!”

“No, I have to make you feel it!”

“Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…”

“Did you feel it yet?”

“Did you feel it yet?”

“Did you feel it yet?”

“Did you feel it yet?”

Chu Yang wanted to collapse!!!

***** (

Three days later, Cheng Yun He arrived. He used the identity of a merchant and his guards to successful enter into Iron Cloud Citadel. During this period, there was a dangerous level of tension in Iron Cloud Citadel; it was in a state of chaos.

Even at the citadel’s gate, there was a faint smell of blood lingering in the air.

After managing to contact Kong Shang Xin with great difficulties, Cheng Yun He was shocked.

The King level leader had only arrived three days ahead of him, but he was now looking like a sickly demon. His face was jaundiced. After sitting for a while, he would cough endlessly. That would then follow by him coughing up blood…

On the side, Yin Wu Fa was letting out dry coughs, but his appearance was showing signs of recovering.

Isn’t King level leader Yin the one severely injured? Why is Kong Shang Xin like this?

“I am afraid the Lord’s deduction is wrong!” Kong Shang Xin sighed, “That King of Hell Chu is indeed a King level master. Plus, he is even an eighth grade King level master!”

Cheng Yun He was shaken by this statement.

Yin Wu Fa had also said he was a King level master! But after everyone had discussed this over, they came to the conclusion that this just cannot be! But, today, Kong Shang Xin, long trusted by Diwu Qing Rou, had made a one hundred eighty degree turn.

A King level leader said this, and others said the same… it was worth careful consideration!

“You fought directly with King of Hell Chu?” Cheng Yun He asked in a low voice. He suddenly discovered that there were not many people there and asked, “Where are the other people that came with you?”

“Cough… cough… cough…” Kong Shang Xin coughed dryly a few times. His face paled with guilt, and he did not know how to best answer Cheng Yun He.

He could not say that instead of waiting for Cheng Yun He, he proceeded with his own plans. Plus, not only was he severely injured, ten martial masters went to see the King of Hell.

How could he answer?

Seeing Kong Shang Xin’s face like that, Cheng Yun He felt a chill go right to his head. His face paled, and he asked, “You didn’t fight with King of Hell Chu?”

“Didn’t fight?” Kong Shang Xin shouted angrily, “Are you blind? If I didn’t fight, where do all these injuries come from?”

Cheng Yun He was stunned; he stared at Kong Shang Xin, and Kong Shang Xin was not afraid to stare back. After a long while, Cheng Yun He sighed, “Finished… we’re finished!!!”

“Huh!” Kong Shang Xin glared at Cheng Yun He and said, “You’re blaming me?”

“Those people were on the mission with you weren’t they? Where are the rest of them?” Cheng Yun He asked as he held onto a last ray of hope.

“Dead!” Kong Shang Xin answered faintly, “Do you have no brain? You can already see it, why do you ask? Do I need to spell it out for you? Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey?”

Cheng Yun He was stupefied as he looked at Kong Shang Xin. Even terra cotta statues can get angry. He yelled back heatedly, “You acted rashly and got many martial masters killed. All you can say is blame?”

“F*!” Kong Shang Xin was furious. His eyes were red as he roared, “You think I wanted to lose? You think I wanted to get injured? They are dead; they are my brothers, too! You think I don’t feel pain?”

“Your argument makes no sense!” Cheng Yun He replied severely.

Yin Wu Fa, who was lying on the side, had now pushed himself up and said, “Second brother! Official Cheng! Please let it go! The most important thing now is what we should do next.”

“What we should do next? What else can we do?” Cheng Yun He yelled stormily, “Your second brother has made a mess of everything!”

Cheng Yun He had always been calm and rarely got angry. He was always slow but sure, never quickly to react.

Diwu Qing Rou had once judged Cheng Yun He’s character with the following words: “A hero in times of chaos, expand territory without having to use force. In times of prosperity, build internal peace, the prime minister’s right hand.”

These words spoke highly of Diwu Qing Rou’s evaluation of Cheng Yun He’s ability.

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    1. Bend the energy that comes out of the saber. Imagine when the saber is swung down, the pond water in front of it would splash as if there was an invisible saber slashing across the pond. He wants to control that invisible saber so that it would be capable of bending and affecting the tree on the right.
      Of course I don’t think Mo Qing Wu is powerful enough to make a visible effect. Hence, all the “Did you feel anything yet?” How convenient for the author. 😉

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    1. Because he didn’t specialize last time – he was just a Martial Artist who mainly used a sword, not a Sword / Saber artist.

      Now he has a chance to ask about it from people who specialize in that field, so perhaps they might know something that he never learned about due to his lack of training in that area.


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