That day, Bu Tian Pavilion was as busy as ever. After the great purge, the two hall leaders became more idle.

It was rare to see Tie Bu Tian making such a cruel decision to root out all of the spies so completely. Iron Cloud Citadel was enveloped in a gloomy atmosphere, and the smell of blood reached the heavens. The number of people dying under the executioner’s blade alone was more than one thousand three hundred!

That was also Cheng Yun He’s second day in Iron Cloud Citadel.

From arrest to execution in a total of only four days. During which they were tried and proven guilty. While Iron Cloud invested an enormous amount of resources into this venture, such a speed was still staggering.

All of Iron Cloud Citadel was thrown into unprecedented shock and awe!

Everyone knew that only King of Hell Chu was capable of such a massive undertaking! Currently, the cruel name of King of Hell Chu had reached a new height. In Iron Cloud Citadel, it was used to scare children.

“If you don’t listen to me, I will let King of Hell Chu come and get you!”


Everyone used these threats. But now one had to consider that the kind of people that could force King of Hell Chu to act so cruelly were probably not ordinary at all!

The power of Bu Tian Pavilion grew because of King of Hell Chu. More and more people came and asked to join.

During this particular period, Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong had just finished with their busy work. They were once again charged with another important task. It was to screen and train the newcomers improving the three halls of Bu Tian Pavilion in the process.

These jobs were enough to give the two headaches. If they did a good job then nothing would happen. But if something unfortunate happened then they would receive serious punishments.

No one could imagine the kind of treatment King of Hell Chu’s subordinate could receive when they make a mistake!

The two had jointly asked King of Hell Chu to assign a different job to them. Even sneaking into Great Zhao and working as a spy was better than this. It was best that King of Hell Chu did this job himself; everyone would breathe better that way.

However, King of Hell Chu only needed to say the following for the two of them to abandon that thought: “If I can do this myself then why do I need you two? I want to sit around and still have a great career, too! If you can get such positions, introduce me as well! It’s fine if you don’t want to work! You just need to resign from your hall leader positions and become a foot soldier. Then I won’t give you jobs to do!”

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong became crestfallen and cursed internally: Aren’t you just sitting around with a great career? Each day, you just drink a pot of tea and read children’s books. You just watch us risk our lives, and you are reprimanding us?

Of course the two did not dare to say these words in front of King of Hell Chu.

For Wu Qian Qian, this time period was relatively relaxing because King of Hell Chu was either reading children’s books or just sitting in a daze. Each day, Wu Qian Qian only needed to take care of her responsibilities well and everything would be well.

However, Wu Qian Qian had a new feeling these days. Each time she saw King of Hell Chu, she wanted to pull that black robe and give him a kick. This bastard is shaking everything up; I almost forgot about the time he dealt with Li Jian Yin.

There was also that time he cursed at me for no reason; I still didn’t say anything about that!

Time passed by like that uneventfully.

Late in the afternoon, Chu Yang was sitting quietly in a corner when he stirred. He was going to go out and avoid work when a guest came calling.

It was the Hei Mo Saber King!

The Saber King’s arrival was not expected by Chu Yang. He came to say goodbye.

King level leader Soul Catcher was severely injured; plus, he did not have the face to hang around any longer. The Sword King’s injuries also worsened, and he needed to return to Middle Three Heavens for treatment.

With a great loss of strength even though their three King level leaders were currently in Lower Three Heavens, the Hei Mo people would probably be annihilated if the enemies found them.

Therefore, after discussing with each other, the three decided to temporarily give up their mission in Lower Three Heavens and return to Middle Three Heavens. They would return when they have another opportunity.

Chu Yang was caught off guard.

According to his speculations, while the people of Golden Horse Riders Department were not yet found, they were surely still in Iron Cloud Citadel.

Chu Yang was still thinking about how to make the Hei Mo people and those from Golden Horse Riders Department fight with each other one more time.

I can’t believe they want to leave! Once they leave, I could only depend on the strength of Bu Tian Pavilion… How many Revered Martial Artists do I need to deal with a King level master… The danger just increased by tenfold!

“Senior… This, this… is… is…” King of Hell Chu truly wanted to say: If you leave, where will I find another scapegoat? But he did not dare.

“I know leaving like this is inconsiderate… But if we continue to stay here, we will run into great danger!” The Hei Mo Saber King was also somewhat reluctant. After all, they still did not complete any of the tasks that was discussed with King of Hell Chu.

Leaving now was essentially running away. But they had no choice and had to go.

“If Official Chu ever comes to Middle Three Heavens, I will warmly welcome you.” The Hei Mo Saber King said such sincere and warm words that King of Hell Chu felt a little ashamed.

“If there is time, I will surely come to Middle Three Heavens for a visit.” Since the other person had decided to leave, Chu Yang could only accept his decision.

“Goodbye!” (

The Saber King left reluctantly. As for Chu Yang, there was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

The Hei Mo clan was no different from an enormous assassin organization. They were very ambitious, and everyone was savage and ruthless. Chu Yang’s impression of them was never good. Since he found out that Mo Qing Wu suffered a lifelong injury because of them, he was determined to decimate the entire Hei Mo clan!

Especially those who were currently in Iron Cloud, none of them may escape! If trickery and deception were not enough to kill them all, then Chu Yang would have to get ready to do it himself.

The Saber King was also a sentimental man, but it could not be denied that he was also very cruel.

Of course, during their cooperation, Chu Yang had put all that aside.

At this period, he paid close attention to Mo Cheng Yu’s melancholia. He knew what Mo Cheng Yu was worried about. After Mo Qing Wu returns to the clan, her situation would probably not be too good.

Chu Yang could not change the Mo clan’s decision. In other words, it was only a matter of time before he would have to go against the Mo clan.

But he currently had no backing. When the time comes, would he have to depend on the three powers of the Hei Mo clan?

This was Chu Yang’s long-term plan…

That very day, the Hei Mo people immediately left Iron Cloud Citadel. Their leaving made Chu Yang’s face grow ugly.

This put an oppressive feeling over everyone at Bu Tian Pavilion.

Chu Yang also understood that he could not depend on outside forces for everything. The right way would be to use one’s own forces. But the problem was he did not have enough strength right now!

Up to now, Bu Tian Pavilion was nothing but a loud empty drum. They had more than enough strength to deal with ordinary people and officials. But going against the martial masters of Golden Horse Riders Department, they still had a long way to go.

This great gap in strength made Chu Yang’s face furrowed.

Bu Tian Pavilion had now grown to almost four hundred members. Most of them were Martial Artists; only some were Martial Masters. As for Martial Great Masters, there only one pitiful person. They had none higher than that!

Faced with the monumental force of Golden Horse Riders Department with the lowest dispatched martial masters ranking at Martial Great Master, King of Hell Chu was out of options.

Under such helpless state, Chu Yang immediately came to a decision. Within three days, he had to find the hiding place of the Golden Horse Riders Department! Currently, the two King level leaders of the Golden Horse Riders Department were severely injured. He could use this opportunity to kill them both and solve the problem directly!

After three days, those two King level leaders would recover a little strength, and it would be more difficult. The Hei Mo people left already. His Bu Tian Pavilion would be no more than a deer to be slaughtered by those two King level leaders.

Because of this, Chu Yang even had a “friendly” meeting with the leaders of the three biggest sects in Iron Cloud Citadel. They were not exactly big sects; they were actually groups of thugs that gathered together.

But their names were certainly bold. One was Golden Dragon Sect, one was Magical Teachings Sect, and there was another called Heavenly Cloud Gate Sect.

Right now, the three sect leaders were like little pupils sitting straight at the main hall of Bu Tian Pavilion. Each face was pale with terrified eyes. Their limbs trembled uncontrollably every now and then.

How could they not be anxious? Sitting opposite of them was King of Hell Chu, the fiercest person in all of Iron Cloud Nation’s history!

The three men looked at the horrible fierce mask, gloomy black robe, icy cold gaze, and ruthless killing aura in front of them. With the power to control the fate of men in front of them, they could not help but feel a chill all over their bodies.

The influence of these sects were not small. Each one had more than one thousand thugs, rogues, and hoodlums. But everyone knew that, with one word from King of Hell Chu, one thousand people in their sect would become one thousand hanging heads! No one dared to even think about this!

King of Hell Chu was just done cleaning up the royal court, could it be that he will start cleaning up the sects? If not, why would an important character like him want to see three thug leaders like us?

The more they thought, the more the three shook. Plus, since he appeared until now, King of Hell Chu remained silent without saying a word. But his icy gaze remained fix on them… This only made them more terrified.

Unconsciously, the legs of Golden Dragon Sect’s leader started to shake, and the forehead of Magical Teachings Sect’s leader sweated like rain as his eyes became blurry. As for the leader of Heavenly Cloud Gate Sect, he could not maintain his composure and his teeth gnashed into each other. The more he tried to grit his teeth together the more they gnashed.

In reality, Chu Yang was just taking his time to judge the situation. Then he had to think a little about how to talk to them. He did not expect that these three would be afraid to that extent.

“Do you three know why I invited you today?” King of Hell Chu’s voice was very calm, even warm.

But the three were already timidly sitting at the edge of their seats. When they heard King of Hell Chu say that, they immediately fell to the floor. Right after, the three chairs also fell over. While the sounds were not loud, to their ears, they were thunder.

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