“I did not deal with it because that is Shi Qian Shan’s skill. You two were dumb; even if I had explained, it would have been useless.” Meng Chao Ran casually continued. “Underhanded falsehood, the mouth speaks of the words of Buddha while the mind thinks like a snake. Although low and despicable, it is also a skill. Moreover, it is a necessary condition for success while walking the Jiang Hu. Shi Qian Shan has not been discreet enough since he was discovered by you.”

After a short pause, Meng Chao Ran said, “Shi Qian Shan still does not lie well enough.”

Chu Yang quietly walked behind him for a moment, then said with a low voice, “I understand.”

Walking slowly without turning back, Meng Chao Ran continued speaking with his emotionless voice, “If you did not find out, I would still condone Shi Qian Shan’s actions until he no longer needs me. Even though there are only the three of you, this is still Jiang Hu! To live or to die, is your business. You make the choice!” (TLN: um, teacher, why so mean T_T)

As he said the words “to live or to die, is your business,” his face still did not changed. Only, his voice became heavy with a burdened heart.

The words sounded heartless, but it made Chu Yang sigh deeply. The master was only there to show them the way; ultimately the road ahead is up to them.

At this time, Meng Chao Ran might seem uncaring, but the truth was he truly wanted his disciples to experience Jiang Hu, even if it was a little late. However, compared to disciples of other places, his disciples would still be one be one step ahead.

Being able to experience it for themselves was totally different from being taught. Even though this was a little cruel, they would have to go through it sooner or later. A little sooner and it would give them that much more control over their own lives!

This understanding of the master’s concern came from Chu Yang’s previous life, after the sect was destroyed.

“If you two continue to be stupid after leaving the sect, it would be just a matter of time before you die from the hands of others. And if that were to be, why would I place any expectations on you? Do not think that I am heartless, it is just that the Beyond the Heavens Sect needs heroes not idiots.”

“Shi Qian Shan is devious and cruel. He is not a good person.”

When Meng Chao Ran stopped, Chu Yang discovered that they had arrived at the cliff face behind the mountain. Then Meng Chao Ran said, “But Shi Qian Shan gets the job done. His capabilities are good, that is why I let him be. I used him to control you two. Before, you two seemed very ordinary. Your concerns were trivial and naïve. The smaller the achievement, the greater the chance of survival. Even when people looked down on you, you at least have a chance to live. I only want my disciples to be able to live. As to what path you choose, I won’t control it. Everything is determined by the heavens. If you did not suddenly discover his plots, I would not have said anything to you. Perhaps, I may be a qualified teacher or not yet worthy, but since Shi Qian Shan started to deceive you, you had not realized. On the contrary, you were grateful to him. In not telling you, I have made the choice for you.” (TLN: so um, he basically thought they were too dumb to handle Shi Qian Shan.)

He turned around and looked deep into Chu Yang’s eyes. “Until that day, the day that you started asking me questions.”

“I understand!”

Even though Meng Chao Ran’s words were cold and indifferent, but Chu Yang was extremely grateful. If he and Tan Tan foolishly exposed Shi Qian Shan, then their lives would have been much more difficult.

“These past few days, even though I announced I would be closed door training, I was secretly watching all of you.” Meng Chao Ran laughed loudly. “It was at this time that I discovered that I, Meng Chao Ran, have once again made an erroneous judgment. You, Chu Yang, you truly gave me a surprise. I have change my initial assessment of you!”

Chu Yang felt very ashamed. Not only did I deceive my master, but in my previous life, I was so naïve…

There is one thing I do not understand; my master said ‘have once again made an erroneous judgment,’ these words seem to hide a deeper meaning. Maybe he had made a similar mistake once before?

“At the most, only your personality needs to change,” Meng Chao Ran thought for a moment and said gravely, “For people in Jiang Hu, bloodshed is inevitable. But during our talk today, you carried a very heavy killing aura. You now know to work hard. I fear that your achievements in the days to come will surpass my own. The reason I worry… If someone found the parents who abandoned you… that is why I am having this talk with you today.” (TLN: I think he means that Chu Yang’s parents might be a weak point for him later if he becomes someone great)

“Ha, ha!” Chu Yang smiled coldly. His eyes revealed an intense hatred. As a person of two worlds, this is the thing that haunts him the most. Chu Yang was an orphan, a child who was abandoned! When Meng Chao Ran found him, he was a baby still wrapped in diapers amidst a harsh winter. He left in front of a deserted temple. After Chu Yang found out about this, his heart was filled with a bitterness that could not be suppressed.

You gave birth to me, why did you throw me away? Even if you bring me into a poor family, you could have helped me to continue to live. But you left me in front a deserted temple on a cold winter night!

Even in a deserted temple, it would still be better than outside, right? At least I could have extended a few more breaths. They obviously wanted me dead, but did not have the heart to kill a newborn baby. So they chose to deceive themselves like this. A child not yet a year old… If a generous person did not come along, wouldn’t death be the only possibility? How could there be such cruel parents under the heavens?

Looking at hatred on Chu Yang’s face, Meng Chao Ran sighed, “Master will give you three pieces of advice. You must keep them in your heart. First, without your parents, you were still able to live. Second, under the heavens, there are no parents who do not love their children! Third, in the natural laws of heavens, your life is given to you by your parents.”

“Master is right,” Chu Yang said calmly.

Meng Chao Ran sighed inwardly, he knew Chu Yang said one thing, but obviously thought another. He worried that Chu Yang could not untie the knots in his heart. It is easy to distinguish because he said ‘Master is right’ as opposed to ‘Disciple will remember.’

It is difficult to blame Chu Yang for his hatred. Amongst the 800 disciples of the Beyond the Heavens Sect, the amount of orphans were numerous. But it was because their parents all passed away. As to those who were actually abandoned by their parents, there were only two: Chu Yang and Tan Tan.

The feeling of being discarded, moreover by his own biological parents, is indescribably painful. Over time, that pain grew larger and became engraved in his heart. Finally, it became a bitter hatred.

Furthermore Chu Yang was a very proud person!

Chu Yang’s eccentric personality appeared after he came to understand the ways of life. Since he knew of his origin, he always remained stoic and never said much; slowly he became the way he was now.

The hatred had accumulated in his heart for 16 years.

Meng Chao Ran sighed looking mournfully at his disciple. On Chu Yang’s calm countenance, Meng Chao Ran could feel a vast and intense fury mixed with grief. He only feared that once that fury starts to burn, Chu Yang himself will be burned to ashes as well. (TLN: Teacher is so full of it, let MC hate!)

Meng Chao Ran only knew the Chu Yang’s fury had been accumulating for 16 years. However he didn’t know that this fury wasn’t simply from the 16 years, but instead has been accumulated in two lifetimes…

“All the teachings of the sect, you are already know. Sword Arts, martial arts, sabre arts, you understood. With the exception of some principle teachings of the Beyond the Heavens Sect, you have learned everything.”

Meng Chao Ran lowered his voice and said, “In the future, you will have to take responsibility for yourself. The remaining principle teachings of the sect can only be taught to the ten top disciples. Everything… depends on you.”

“Yes,” Chu Yang nodded.

The spot the two were standing was on a mountain top. At this moment a beam of light radiated from the east. The sun suddenly appeared out of the horizon.

Meng Chao Ran squinted his eyes, gazing eastward. His eyes looked as if they had been dyed with the countless colors of the spectrum, emitting an indescribable brightness that slowly condensed into a dazzling light.

The sky was brilliantly colored.

Chu Yang suddenly felt that Master Meng Chao Ran’s silhouette was very forlorn and alone!

The sun was beginning to show itself, the beams of light were penetrating through the clouds and shone upon Meng Chao Ran, creating a very long shadow in the middle of the mountain.

After a very long time, Meng Chao Ran said with a deep voice, “Chu Yang, you were the first child I found. When I held you, during the stormy winter night, I immediately realized that there would be a tragedy for mankind. At that time, I thought… I should throw you away! I did not want to be involved with this disaster for mankind…”

Chu Yang could not keep himself from shaking. He sharply lifted his head, looking at his master’s back. His mouth moved, but he could not say a word.

“But there was something that made me change my mind.” With his back towards Chu Yang, Meng Chao Ran stretched out his arm, his fist gradually loosening to reveal a small jade pendant the size of a finger.

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