His investigation into bending saber energy still did not have any notable progress. But Chu Yang was not discouraged, and continued to study it slowly.

These days, in Heavenly Armament Pavilion, Gu Du Xing and the newcomers were practicing at full steam. Everyone was training to the point of exhaustion, and Mo Qing Wu stood on the sidelines cheering them on.

Mo Cheng Yu’s injuries were gradually improving.

Late in the afternoon, Wu Qian Qian was screening some of the information and decided to interrupt Minister Chu’s giggling. She purposely read out loud some irrelevant information, but our Minister Chu remained reclining there as if he heard nothing.

But when Wu Qian Qian read a seemingly very ordinary piece of news, King of Hell Chu suddenly sat straight up. A frightening aura shot out of his eyes. This different gaze shocked Wu Qian Qian and made her heart beat like a drum.

“Two people entered the southern gate, one old and one young. The old person looked stately, and the youth looked valiant with a purple jade flute in his hand.”

The three words purple jade flute made Chu Yang shoot up as if he was just electrocuted.

According to Chu Yang’s memory, Mo Tian Ji also had a purple jade flute that he was inseparable with. First, it was a pastime activity of his, and second, it was his signature weapon. Plus, it also had special hidden mechanisms.

That information made Chu Yang wonder: Could it be that Mo Tian Ji has arrived at Iron Cloud Citadel?

Half a year ago, Chu Yang hated this guy to the bone. But, currently, thinking about this name, Chu Yang had complicated, mixed feelings.

“Place all efforts into finding those two people!” Chu Yang hastily ordered.

“What?” Wu Qian Qian burst out in surprise. She did not expect that Chu Yang would react so intensely and oddly; she was caught completely off guard.

“One young and one old with a purple jade flute, find out where they are!” Chu Yang emphasized every word. His eyes flashed a terrifying cold light.

Two hours later, the sky was becoming dark. Chu Yang wore a blue outfit and walked towards the Welcome Inn. He stood at the door for a while before walking up the stairs. As he reached a door to one of the guest rooms, he gently knocked.

“Who is it?” A firm voice asked lightly.

“Blow the water of Nine Heavens dry with my purple jade flute.” Chu Yang replied, “Heavenly secrets (TLN: Tian Ji) are difficult to change, but heavenly secrets are easily found!”

The voice inside suddenly became quiet. After a long time, a refined voice slowly said, “Interesting! Please come in!”

The door opened revealing a thin old man’s face looking at Chu Yang guardedly. Within moments after the old man’s face entered Chu Yang’s mind, a big explosion occurred in his head. The scene of his ambush at the Wind and Thunder Platform in the Upper Three Heavens flashed through his memory.

The old man in front of him was one of three King level masters that attacked him.

“You are…?” He asked suspiciously.

“A friend!” Chu Yang smiled and replied, “Mo Cheng Yu is staying at my place!”

“Huh? Please come in. Come in!” His countenance temporarily turned pleasant, unable to hide his happiness in the corners of his eyes. He immediately made way for Chu Yang to come in.

Chu Yang took a deep breath and walked in.

Inside, a refined looking young man in white was holding a magnificent, clear purple jade flute. He had a bright face that looked like it was made from chiseled jade, and his eyes were deep like bottomless ponds.

His long hair flowed down his white robe like a waterfall. His face was as white and fine as that of a woman. But he was filled with an all-encompassing aura that seemed to shoot out of his eyes.

Chu Yang’s emotions were surging. In that moment, the previous life and this life seemed to have merged with each other. Then they were pushed apart in the blink of an eye.

Chu Yang was extremely familiar with that face.

It was the face of his best friend! It was the face of his only friend! It was also the face of the mastermind that orchestrated his death!

Mo Tian Ji! (walkthejianghu.com)

At this moment, Chu Yang looked at Mo Tian Ji, and Mo Tian Ji’s piercing eyes looked at Chu Yang’s face. Those eyes seemed to see right through Chu Yang. Mo Tian Ji smiled and said elegantly, “Honored guest, please sit down!”

“I came uninvited; can I still be called an honored guest?” Chu Yang replied casually.

“I only just arrived at Lower Three Heavens; those who come to find me and are not enemies, then they must be honored guests!” Mo Tian Ji smiled and said lightly, “And you are obviously not my enemy!”

“How do you know I am not your enemy?” Chu Yang replied with an intimidating voice.

“If you were an enemy then I would have died without a place to bury my body already!” Mo Tian Ji smiled. He turned and walked toward the bed. He took out a small package and opened it up to take out a teapot. Then he placed it on the table and gently ripped tea leaves and put them into the teapot. He poured in boiling water. Finally, he covered the opening of the teapot with a white cloth, poured out the water, and poured boiling water in the teapot again.

He said casually, “Mr. Fang, you can go outside! I want to have a few words with this friend!”

In everything that he did, Mo Tian Ji was always focused and orderly. Those who watched him never felt troubled. In fact, his elegant actions were touching and full of nobility.

“Second young master…!” The old man shouted with an awkward countenance.

“He came to find me. Plus, since the time he came in, he never discussed official business. Even though I went to make tea, he did not rush and just sat there waiting quietly. This proves that he is not an impatient person. It does not make sense that he would be aggressive! The moment he entered, he spoke directly to me. Of course he would want to speak to me and rather not let a third person hear!”

Mo Tian Ji smiled and continued, “Therefore, you should go out and not try to listen in!”

As he was saying these words, his eyes did not move and his voice remained calm. However, there was no less authority than that of a powerful person.

This was Mo Tian Ji!

Chu Yang silently lamented. Those words and that attitude was enough to show that the second young master of the Mo clan had surpassed all of his peers!

While people like Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang might become famous like him in the future, they could not compare to him now. And Chu Yang knew exactly why.

Currently, Gu Du Xing and the others did not have experience like Mo Tian Ji. Therefore they were not mature like him. Plus, they were children of concubines and were not in the position to become clan leaders so there was no great pressure.

On the other hand, Mo Tian Ji and his eldest brother, Mo Tian Yun, were both legitimate heirs and were both equally exceptional. The competition between the two brothers had become extremely heated.

Mo Tian Ji was currently being tempered so his every action revealed the demeanor of a commanding general.

“Please sit down. May I ask your name?” Mo Tian Ji still did not look up. His right hand remained on the tea pot shaking it gently. Each time he shook, there was a strange rhythm.

“My surname is Chu, Chu Yang!” Chu Yang slowly walked toward Mo Tian Ji, and sat down comfortably without feeling like an outsider.

In his previous life, Mo Tian Ji was his biggest problem. It was Mo Tian Ji who pushed Chu Yang to his end. So when he saw that face, Chu Yang already wanted to beat him up.

He had never expected that they would meet this very day…

“Patience, I am still making tea!” Mo Tian Ji said peaceably.

Chu Yang laughed and watched the steam gently rising from the teapot without saying another word.

“Are you really the minister of Bu Tian Pavilion, King of Hell Chu?” Mo Tian Ji never looked up and continued minding the teapot, “I truly never thought that the famed King of Hell Chu would be so young!”

“Really?” Chu Yang asked with great interest, “Why do you say that?”

“Earlier, you said, ‘Mo Cheng Yu is staying at my place!’” Mo Tian Ji gently smiled and continued, “Just these words were enough for me to determine your identity!”

“I am listening!” Chu Yang tilted his head. His enjoyment in his past life was to listen to Mo Tian Ji logically draw conclusions from practically nothing.

Since his rebirth, his methodology was greatly influenced by Mo Tian Ji.

“We ran into the Hei Mo clan and got separated. They wanted to kill us. My sister is the weakest, and she is also the person with a Three Yin Meridian. She has enormous potential so the Hei Mo people chose to eliminate her first!” Mo Tian Ji continued, “Given the situation, Mo Cheng Yu would not have been able to protect my little sister well even if he paid a great price. Therefore, the best solution would have been to escape!”

“And being on the run, human strength would eventually run out. On the other hand, the Hei Mo clan is powerful with much manpower. Without help, they would eventually fall into the hands of the Hei Mo clan. If Mo Cheng Yu is at your place, then my little sister is surely there, too. Otherwise, Mo Cheng Yu would have departed from here a long time ago!” Mo Tian Ji smiled and explained.

Without waiting for Chu Yang to ask, he continued, “Facing against the power of the Hei Mo clan, only a really powerful person would be capable of helping. In this Iron Cloud Citadel, there are very few such powerful people. Plus, this person must be extremely wise to be able to protect them through everything! Because the Hei Mo people would not care about secular power, even an extremely powerful person in Iron Cloud can anger them with the wrong explanation, and there would be rivers of blood. Therefore, this person must be of superior intellect!”

Chu Yang nodded, “Makes sense!”

“In this Iron Cloud Citadel, there are three possible people with such characteristics! Tie Bu Tian, Tie Long Cheng, and you, King of Hell Chu.” Mo Tian Ji said lightly.

“Tie Bu Tian and Tie Long Cheng would not dare to provoke big trouble like this; they also would not dare to take on the risks. This is because they are carrying Iron Cloud Nation on their shoulders.” Mo Tian Ji continued.

“But how could can you be sure that I, King of Hell Chu, would be so daring?” Chu Yang said cheekily.

“Hahaha…” Mo Tian Ji laughed and replied, “Recently, there has been a lot of rumors about King of Hell Chu. Each one clearly showed that King of Hell Chu likes to take risks!”

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