Anyone would have to acknowledge this person’s wisdom and his unparalleled comprehension of martial arts! Even techniques that had been tossed aside would become incredible in this person’s hands.

This person’s surname was Xiao; Xiao Feng Yun was his name. He gave this name to himself, a take on “laughing storm.” (TLN: Xiao Feng Yun, not exactly the same, but very similar in sound.) According to legends, his highest achievement was ninth grade Martial Monarch!

Mixing up the blue sky, and arrogantly laughing at the storm. Master the world with the universe within me.

Xiao Feng Yun evaluated his own worth with these words. In the eyes of this extraordinary man, life in the world was also just that. Whether dynasties rose or fell, human life could be controlled, could be governed!

The palm pattern on the inside of the Purple Crystal was indicative of Xiao Feng Yun’s sign. Only a madman would do such a thing, and use a hand to represent himself.

It indicated that everything was in the palm of his hand.

This piece of Purple Crystal made Chu Yang remember the Pure Purple Jade Essence pendant that was on his chest. The writing and pattern inside looked like it could have come from the same mold.

Meng Chao Ran had once said that a low-level Martial Emperor would have to put great effort into leaving an inscription like that.

“That artifact appeared after the mountain collapsed. Countless people also came to search the area but found nothing.” Mo Tian Ji said, “I was pulled in the moment I saw this Purple Crystal fragment.”

Chu Yang finally understood. With this item, even he would be lured!

For a martial artist, this was more attractive than the number one beauty in the world.

“The very next day, I gave the hunter one hundred liangs of gold for this piece of Purple Crystal and went deep into Connecting Clouds Mountain.” Mo Tian Ji said.

One hundred liangs of gold… this guy is too cheap. If it is Purple Crystal, its value far exceeds one hundred liangs of gold. Let alone the fact that it held an earth-shattering secret inside.

“One hundred liangs of gold is actually a lot. I originally wanted to give him only one hundred liangs of silver.” Mo Tian Ji said casually, “With these poor hunters, ten liangs of gold would have been enough to make them rich. But if I had given so little, I would feel uneasy afterward. So I gave him gold instead.”

Chu Yang smiled wryly.

Mo Tian Ji is truly incredible. He can unconsciously see through people’s thoughts and answer questions before they are asked.

Talking to him is like hearing him muttering to himself. If he did not want you to talk, then you would not the chance to open your mouth.

“On the second day, I brought elder Fang, Mo Cheng Yu and my little sister to the ruins on Connecting Clouds Mountain. That spot was on a cliff on the side of the mountain. It was a few thousand feet deep. The cliff face was practically vertical. I was worried that my little sister would get hurt. Plus, I was not sure if there were any dangerous creatures so I left Mo Cheng Yu with on little sister on the top of the mountain.”

Mo Tian Ji smiled bitterly.

Chu Yang thought that if he saw such treacherous terrain, he would not let his eight year old sister take the risk either…

“But after I went down, I discovered a pond filled with oil. I searched everywhere and did not find anything. Right at that moment, I heard a voice from the opposing cliff face saying, ‘Second young master of the Mo clan, how did you get to such a special spot? You have made us Hei Mo people really happy!’ After that, flames burst out… The oil caught on fire. Can you imagine how troubled I was?” Mo Tian Ji smiled terribly, “The cliff face stood straight up, and the fire rose high!”

“While I was anxious about my sister. Knowing surely that she would be ambushed above, I was out of options.” Mo Tian Ji took a deep breath, “Elder Fang and I took turn digging a hole into the mountain using the purple jade flute. But with all our efforts, we only managed to dig a few dozen feet deep. The fire was so strong that the face of Connecting Clouds Mountain was heated red. What can a few dozen feet do?”

“Luckily, the heavens always provide. At the last moment, we accidently dug into Martial Monarch Xiao Feng Yun’s cave. It was then that we luckily escaped with our lives!” At this time Mo Tian Ji said these words very slowly as his eyes quietly studied Chu Yang’s face taking in every little detail.

The remnants of a powerful Martial Monarch in the Nine Heavens was an enormous temptation to anyone!

No matter who it was, they could not remain indifferent upon hearing such information. Currently, if Chu Yang showed the tiniest sign of greed, Mo Tian Ji would immediately change his attitude toward him immediately!

Chu Yang shouted, “I am not concerned with whatever you obtained and certainly do not want anything to do with them.”

Mo Tian Ji’s eyes momentarily flashed an odd emotion, “Why? The treasures of a Martial Monarch, anyone in this world would desire them. Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

“I have my own techniques and my own path.” Chu Yang said casually, “I want to go my own way! At the same time, I don’t want any distractions. Let’s just say that the word Supreme is also just another distraction for me!”

Mo Tian Ji’s eyes narrowed as he looked carefully at Chu Yang for a while, “You are remarkable!” He thought for a little and said, “Brother Chu, your way of thinking is very much like mine.”

“…oh.” Chu Yang thought a little and answered cautiously.

“Perhaps you already know the appeal that this Purple Crystal has for me.” Mo Tian Ji sighed, “Even remnants from a Supreme master would not stir up any desire for me, but this relic… I must have it!”

Chu Yang completely understood.

All of Mo Tian Ji’s life, while he was powerful, he rarely actually fought. He always had the habit of using his intellect to solve problems. If he could avoid confrontation, then he would. He enjoyed the act of manipulation!

This aspect coincided with part of Diwu Qing Rou’s character.

The ninth grade Martial Monarch Xiao Feng Yun who left behind this relic was also that type of person. He became master of the world using a kind of intellectual cultivation!

This was the greatest temptation for Mo Tian Ji!

“The people from the Hei Mo clan already got wind of that location.” Mo Tian Ji slowly said, “They planned to wait on the cliff face and follow us. With me going deep down the cliff face, they had a golden opportunity! The fact that there was a pond of oil at the bottom made their plans all the better…” (TLN: So pond of oil is naturally occurring. Mountain split into two with two cliff faces and tar pit is in the middle?)

“Haha, this was truly a coincidence!” While Mo Tian Ji’s voice was very calm, Chu Yang could hear an undertone of iciness that could chill a person to the bones.

“My little sister… is she okay?” Mo Tian Ji changed the topic and asked for the third time.

Everything had been explained clearly. Even though Mo Tian Ji did not know why King of Hell Chu was so insistent on hearing the details, he could sense that if he did not explain clearly, Chu Yang would not give him any information about his little sister.

“She got stabbed by the sword of the Hei Mo Sword King… right here!” Chu Yang pointed to his chest and stopped there.

Mo Tian Ji immediate became as pale as a white sheet of paper!

He weakly sat down and muttered, “Is her Three Yin Meridian destroyed?” It was now certain that his little sister was not dead. If it was just an ordinary injury, Chu Yang would not have pointed out the location like so. For a female, that location was the location of the Cold Yin Meridian. For Mo Qing Wu, this location was even more important; it was the intersection of her Three Yin Meridian.

“Yes!” Chu Yang said calmly.

Mo Tian Ji tightly clenched his fists. Then he released them and clenched them again. His white face gradually showed the color dark purple. He hissed quietly, “I will not… let… you… get… away… with… this!”

“Who is it?” Chu Yang asked in shock.

Mo Tian Ji looked up. He closed his eyes for a long time before calmly answering, “Brother Chu, this does not concern you! I will bring my little sister back to the clan in Middle Three Heavens immediately!”

“What happens after you return?” Chu Yang asked.

“After we return… I will try my best to protect her.” A look of pain flashed in Mo Tian Ji’s eyes.

“Can you protect her?” Chu Yang sneered, “Mo Tian Ji, you are only a second young master…”

“Then if she stays here, can you protect her?” Mo Tian Ji snorted and asked. Chu Yang’s words had undoubtedly hit Mo Tian Ji’s sensitive spot, but he remained steadfast and asked a question that left Chu Yang dumbfounded.

Chu Yang was silent.

The two opponents threw away any pretenses and continued the heated exchange.

“I like her a lot!” Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “I do not want her to return to the clan and receive unfair treatment!”

“What do you mean by like?” Mo Tian Ji’s two eyes shot out two life-threatening sharp rays. They were like two swords piercing directly at Chu Yang’s heart.

“If I tell you it’s the kind of love between a man and a woman, would you believe me?” Chu Yang smiled.

“Haha…!!!” Mo Tian Ji laughed and shook his head, “Brother Chu, your words are too funny!” It had been a long time since anyone had made Mo Tian Ji laugh so he could not hold it down.

It was because these words were said by King of Hell Chu!

“Is it really that funny?” Chu Yang muttered in annoyance.

“Fine! Fine! I don’t want to argue with you about this anymore.” Mo Tian Ji tried to control his laughter but was still having trouble. After a long while, he said sincerely, “Where is Xiao Wu now? Please bring me to see her.”

“There is a piece of good news that I want to tell you.” Chu Yang said.

“What is it?” (

“I am sure I could heal Xiao Wu’s Three Yin Meridian.” Chu Yang said hesitantly, “But not right now… at the moment, I am not capable. I need time, perhaps two more years.”

“Are you a physician?” Mo Tian Ji was startled.

“Cough… cough… No.”

“Haha. I am grateful for you good intentions. When I return to the clan, I will relay your words to my father.” Mo Tian Ji sighed softly.

Essentially, Mo Tian Ji was not exactly convinced with Chu Yang’s words.

This was exactly what Chu Yang was afraid of. He could not provide any evidence to support his words, and his current strength was not enough to gain the respect of the Mo clan.

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