When Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji left the inn it was already dark, and the moon was not out.

Chu Yang looked at the darkness of the night and asked himself: Could it be that because of this Mo Tian Ji will be able to get the sense of mastering the world and gradually become the Master of Calculation and Manipulation in the future?

Inside Heavenly Armament Pavilion, four young men were training fiercely. The appearance and attitude of the five today were completely different from before; all of them were overflowing with energy.

These past few days, they trained to the point of addiction. Having three extreme breakthroughs each day was now something they could no longer live without. Plus, they all felt that fighting each other also helped them a lot in improving their own techniques.

Under such pressure, it had not been even half a month yet, and they all felt as if they could break through at any moment.

Since then, they could not help but feel a little intoxicated: Break through one grade in one month, two grades in two months… If that continues, wouldn’t we get to Emperor level in four or five years and Supreme level in ten years?

Thinking of such a bright future, they became as excited as if they ate aphrodisiac.

With such excitement, Ji Mo immediately coaxed Luo Ke Di into fighting in the name of learning and gave Luo Ke Di a beating to his heart’s desire.

Then, Luo Ke Di brought his battered face over to check on Rui Bu Tong’s health and beat him up while he was there.

Dong Wu Shang was enthusiastically challenging Gu Du Xing and got beat up severely. So Dong Wu Shang took it out on Ji Mo and beat him up ruthlessly.

In the whole group, Rui Bu Tong had the weakest cultivation, so he did not have anyone to dump his anger only. That night, while Luo Ke Di was sleeping soundly, Rui Bu Tong bagged his head and beat him all over.

Since that night, the war of the five officially began.

Each day, everyone was miserable from fighting. Gu Du Xing advanced the quickest and was the strongest in the group. He was rarely injured while the rest were in black and blue almost every day.

The worst part was whenever Chu Yang came back, Ji Mo and the gang would politely invite him to join, “Hey, boss, I need you to help me with this. I feel like there is a flaw in this move…”

Then they justifiably beat up the boss.

Luo Ke Di had followed suit and had matches with Chu Yang; the results were as expected.

Dong Wu Shang, however, did not dare to fight too hard because he needed a favor from Chu Yang. He really wanted a precious saber, Chu Yang was the best person to make it for him so he did not dare hurt Chu Yang.

As for Rui Bu Tong… he was currently the tail behind Gu Du Xing.

In this time period, Chu Yang suffered greatly. But after each fight, the sword spirit would curse him to no end. Then it would point out the flaws in one move, the way to break the other, and how to improve another…

Chu Yang carefully noted everything.

Looking at the evil gazes from Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di, Chu Yang thought to himself: Are you guys happy? Are you addicted to making fun of me? You will be begging me for many things in the future.

When the time comes, if I don’t torture you, I am not a Chu!

These days, Mo Qing Wu was also very happy. Each day, she had many big martial brothers to play with her. Plus, they all were envious of her saber… Little Lolita’s sense of vanity was gratified. Therefore, she would sit at the door every day with narrowed crescent eyes watching the monkey circus. Every now and then, she jumped up and cheered for them.

Also during these days, Mo Cheng Yu’s injuries had significantly improved. He had regained about fifty percent of his energy, but his countenance became more and more difficult to look at.

Tonight, after the training was over, it was Luo Ke Di’s turn to cook dinner. Everyone immediately complained the dinner was unpalatable. After dinner was over, they all gave Luo Ke Di a beating, free of charge.

Rui Bu Tong worked especially hard in this effort.

During the chaos, Gu Du Xing suddenly frowned and said, “Someone is coming.”

Hearing him said this, the four immediately separated and cleaned up their battlegrounds. The next moment, they were all sitting leisurely around a stone table drinking tea.

The whole bunch sat happily with grace and composure; there was no evidence of a fight.

The door opened.

One person in black and one person in white appeared at the same time. Behind them was an old man.

The eyes of Gu Du Xing and company immediately widened.

After that, everyone reacted differently.

The person in black was, of course, Chu Yang. The person in white was tall and handsome with sharp sword-like brows. Each step and gesture he made was full of elegance and composure.

His eyes were calm and indifferent, and yet they were deep and clear like water in an autumn ponds.

“Second brother!” Mo Qing Wu cried out happily. She flew into his arms like a swallow returning to its nest.

The other person was also excited, “Little sister! Xiao Wu… I missed you so much. Let me look at you. You’re so thin…”

Mo Tian Ji lost all of his elegance and composure the moment he saw his little sister. He laughed loudly; his face was filled with happiness.

“Mo Tian Ji?” Gu Du Xing and the others blurted out in surprise. Besides Ji Mo, everyone else showed a look of anxiety.

These five were all talents of the great clans in Middle Three Heavens. They were all famous as new rising stars. But currently, even those who were to be famous legends like Mo Tian Ji in the future were humbled by his presence.

It was because Mo Tian Ji was famous for both brains and brawn! This was something none of them were able to achieve yet.

Luo Ke Di’s clan and Mo Tian Ji’s clan were mortal enemies. Therefore, Luo Ke Di knew Mo Tian Ji’s strength better than anyone else. It could be said that amongst the youths in the clan, Mo Tian Ji was the biggest threat; he completely surpassed his eldest brother, Mo Tian Yun.

Mo Tian Ji currently did not gain the title Master of Calculation and Manipulation yet. But amongst the youths, besides the mysterious “Evil Young Master” (TLN: One of the twelve famous people in the future.), Mo Tian Ji was the most talented.

“So much excitement!” Mo Tian Ji smiled calmly, but there, a ray of sorrow and anger flashed from the depth of his eyes. Since the moment he held his little sister, he had checked her energy flow.

His little sister’s Three Yin Meridian was not injured, but completely destroyed.

This reality angered Mo Tian Ji tremendously.

At the same time, Mo Tian Ji was startled by the presence of these people here! Why are there so many familiar faces? They are all people to be reckoned with.

“Exciting? Mo Tian Ji, do you want to hang around and join in the excitement with us?” Luo Ke Di hugged his shoulders and asked cynically.

“No, it’s already exciting enough with Brother Gu and Brother Dong hanging out with you. Look, there is also Ji Mo, too. That’s fun enough! As for me, it’s probably better if I don’t join!” Mo Tian Ji smiled and answered warmly, “Luo Ke Di, compared to you, I am already too old!”

These words left Luo Ke Di fuming.

Mo Tian Ji’s words were directly aimed at him.

He placed the two most annoying people, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang in the same group as Luo Ke Di. Ji Mo was his own cousin, and Rui Bu Tong was Gu Du Xing’s friend, but he was just targeting Luo Ke Di.

Apparently, Mo Tian Ji was saying that Luo Ke Di was not worthy enough to hang out with them. Then he added “I am already too old” which was enough to rile up anyone.

“Mo Tian Ji, you went too far!” Luo Ke Di screamed furiously.

“Young people must learn to be patient.” Mo Tian Ji calmly continued, “If not, how will they build their future? Second young master Luo, when you get home, please send my greetings to your father and mother, I have admired them for a long time!”

“Aaah…” Luo Ke Di called out oddly and rushed forward.

Luo Ke Di’s eldest brother, Luo Ke Wu was once ambushed by Mo Tian Ji and almost lost his life. His father, the leader of the clan, Luo Cheng Tian was also played by Mo Tian Ji once and almost spat up blood. Mo Tian Ji said that partly to raise his status up, but mostly it was to lower Luo Ke Di to be ridiculed.

How could Luo Ke Di take this?

“Coyote!” Ji Mo was shocked and immediately held him tightly. Mo Tian Ji rarely insulted other people; he was currently smiling sweetly, but he was surely furious.

As his cousin, Ji Mo understood his character well. If Luo Ke Di was to jump in, there would be a body on the ground within moments!

“Luo Ke Di! Do you have a brain in your head?” Chu Yang roared angrily, “There are two Mo King level masters here, and you dare to make a move against the second young master?”

Chu Yang wanted to kick this brainless guy’s butt. With two King level masters right here, do you think you can cause any injuries to Mo Tian Ji? Mo Tian Ji is currently extremely angry. He did not have anywhere to vent his anger so he provoked you. If you rushed up, there would definitely be a scene to see…

While Chu Yang’s words were not nice to hear, they brought Luo Ke Di back to his senses. Looking at Mo Tian Ji’s calm face, he could not help but shudder; this guy was truly malicious.

He angrily grunted and turned to walk away without saying anything further.

“Brother Chu, I want to have another talk with you.” Mo Tian Ji calmly looked at Chu Yang.

“Sure!” (walkthejianghu.com)

“At the inn, I invited you to drink tea. Now, I will invite you to drink wine.” Mo Tian Ji smiled.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang looked at each other in surprise.

Tian Ji Tea and Tian Ji Wine, these were Mo Tian Ji’s original creations. Only the people he liked and valued had the honor of getting his invitation.

Mo Tian Ji had once said, “How could mere mortals drink my Tian Ji Tea?”

Mo Tian Ji just met Chu Yang for the first time, why does he value Chu Yang like this?

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