The fact that Mo Tian Ji could figure out what this saber was with just some speculation surprised everyone. They were in awe of his intelligence.

Mo Qing Wu became proud from looking at everyone’s expressions. She stuck up her cute little nose proudly saying, “My second elder brother is the most amazing!”

“Little monster!” Mo Tian Ji laughed as he pulled out the saber. A red radiance burst out as Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber left its sheath. In the shadow of the night a dreamy light danced more brightly than the stars reflecting in the lake. The magnificent scene was incomparable!

“Good saber!” Mo Tian Ji carefully examined the blade and his eyes brightened, “Oh god! I can’t believe there is even Star Steel!” But after he saw the words Chu Yang had engraved on it, Mo Tian Ji’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly looked up. At this moment, Mo Tian Ji looked at Chu Yang in a completely different light.

After carefully studying it, Mo Tian Ji held the saber and bowed ceremoniously, “Chu Yang… Thank you! I will keep your sincerity in my heart! For the rest of my life… I will not forget it!”

For others who looked at this saber, they only saw it as a valuable saber, a tool for domination. But through this saber, Mo Tian Ji saw Chu Yang’s heart!

“Brother Mo is too polite! This saber is, in part, my sincerity; but it also has a deeper meaning. Not anyone is worthy of such a gift from me…” Chu Yang replied frankly, “As long as Brother Mo understands that, I am happy.”

“I actually accidentally found this saber. Being able to give it to Xiao Wu is a fortunate turn of events!” Chu Yang smiled and said.

“Accidentally found this…” Mo Tian Ji laughed, “That is truly fortunate! It seems that this saber was destined to be for my little sister!”

“Exactly!” Chu Yang’s eyes flashed as he looked straight into Mo Tian Ji’s eyes. The two understood each other and smiled.

Mo Tian Ji stood up. With a slightly relaxed face, he said, “With this saber, we might be able to…”

He did not finish his sentence, but his face was filled with gratitude.

Mo Tian Ji knew that this unparalleled saber, capable of cutting all things, was something Chu Yang had prepared for Mo Qing Wu’s return to the clan!

But attached to this saber was a sincerity that was no less valuable than the saber itself!

A stranger who was willing to save his little sister, Mo Tian Ji obviously understood Chu Yang’s affection was very deep!

“Brother Chu, I heard that Bu Tian Pavilion and Golden Horse Riders Department are currently in great conflict…” Mo Tian Ji thought for a little and said, “But Bu Tian Pavilion’s current strength is very weak…”

“No need!” Not letting Mo Tian Ji finish, Chu Yang cut him off, “I can use people in the world; I can deceive people in the world; but, I, Chu Yang, will not use my own sincerity!” (TLN: I understand it to mean that he does not want his affection to be tainted by asking for help.)

“You just need to bring Xiao Wu home safely. As for my business…” Chu Yang took a deep breath and continued, “I can’t depend on your people for the rest of my life! Don’t you agree?”

Mo Tian Ji smiled with admiration, “If that is the case, I will leave you a story.” He paused a little and spoke, “According to legend, about six thousand years ago, there was a rapist terrorizing people. He loved pretty women. There were many young ladies ravaged by him; and, because of this, many happy families were bereaved. People hated him to the bones, but this rapist was very powerful; he was an Emperor level master. Plus, his movements were so fast even a Monarch level master could not chase him.”

“One day, the rapist found out that a young Martial Master was getting married. Seeing the very beautiful bride, he became wanton. The bride did not know any martial arts, and was brought to a cave by the rapist. Before losing her purity, the quick-witted bride saw a fragrant flower next to the cave and said to the rapist, ‘Please pick that flower so I can put it in my hair when I serve you wine… Today, I will be your new bride!’”

“The rapist was very happy… What could a weak woman do? So he brought wine and put the flower on the bride’s hair with his own hands. The bride could not drink wine so she drank tea instead. After drinking wine, the rapist discovered that he could not move. A young lady who could not even tie up a chicken, strangled him to death with a sash…”

“An Emperor level master who was killed by a young lady who could not even tie up a chicken; this has become an eternal joke.”

“The rapist knew that flower was called Thousand Miles Fragrance. But he did not know that once it leaves the ground, the fume from the plant sap could mix with the aroma of the wine and become a strange kind of Crisp Bone Fragrance. Even a Saint level master could not avoid going limp and weak.”

“After that, this Crisp Bone Fragrance was given the name ‘Supreme Crisp’ by others, a terrifying name in all of the Nine Heavens. It is also a top ranking fragrance in the Nine Heavens. After thousands of years, that is still unchanged!”

“Whether this story actually happened or not, it still tells us one truth. You cannot underestimate anyone! With the right strategy, an ordinary person could kill a Supreme level master! The most important thing is whether your wit could come up with the right strategy! After all, strategies can be found anywhere…!”

Mo Tian Ji continued, “Brother Chu, because of this, I always value wisdom over martial strength…”

Chu Yang became silent.

Early next morning, the night’s mist still lingering and the sky was still foggy. When Mo Tian Ji took Mo Qing Wu’s little hand and walked out, the surroundings were extraordinarily quiet.

“Xiao Wu, it’s time to go!” Mo Tian Ji sighed and said softly.

“Leaving like this?” Mo Qing Wu’s round eyes widened full of reluctance… “I haven’t said goodbye to Brother Chu Yang…”

“If Brother Chu Yang sees you leave… he will not be able to bear it!” Mo Tian Ji calmly coaxed her, “Xiao Wu will end up crying, too! And if Xiao Wu cries, she will not look good… Brother Chu Yang likes you so much, you would not want him to see you not looking pretty, right?”

Mo Qing Wu wiped away the tears that were about to fall down. She bit her lip and nodded, “Yes! I will not let Brother Chu Yang see me cry…” Even though she said so, her eyes reddened and her voice choked up…

“Let’s go!” Mo Tian Ji said slowly, “Xiao Wu, you have to grow up well… When your Brother Chu Yang comes to our home, we still have to welcome him…”

Mo Qing Wu still could not help it, and tears started to fall down her cheeks. Her little figure stood stubbornly stood at the front door as she stared at Chu Yang’s closed door.

“Brother Chu Yang, Xiao Wu is leaving! Xiao Wu will miss you…!”

“You have to miss me…”

“Xiao Wu is going! Brother Chu Yang, don’t cry…”

Mo Tian Ji held his little sister’s hand and walked out of the front door. After each step, Mo Qing Wu paused and turned her head back looking hopefully at Chu Yang’s door… Her little teeth left a row of marks on her lip.

With each step, she turned her head around…

Finally, they were at the gate, Mo Qing Wu suddenly escaped from Mo Tian Ji’s grasp and turned around. She took two steps and stopped. Looking at the house, she unexpectedly shouted, “Brother Chu Yang, you are not allowed to forget me!”

“Brother Chu Yang, you are not allowed to not miss me!”

“Brother Chu Yang, you are not allowed to tell stories to anyone else!”

“Brother Chu Yang… I don’t want to leave you… Hoohoo…”

It was completely quiet inside the room. It seemed that Chu Yang was sleeping very soundly and did not hear anything.

Mo Qing Wu suddenly squatted on the ground and cried. Mo Tian Ji sighed softly as he looked at his little sister. He walked toward her and pulled her up. Mo Qing Wu shook him off and stood up. She stood in a trance staring at Chu Yang’s door.

That fierce action made a little bow fall out of Mo Qing Wu’s hair. Mo Tian Ji saw this and sighed, but he did not bother to pick it up.

After a long while, Mo Qing Wu slowly turned and took her brother’s hand. She turned her head to look around nostalgically, then she said in a low voice, “Second elder brother, let’s go!”

“Okay.” (

After walking out the door, they went a long distance before Mo Qing Wu turned her head around and suddenly burst into tears… Mo Tian Ji stood quietly in his white outfit; he turned in a different direction and gently waved his arm…

With the heart-wrenching sound of Mo Qing Wu’s crying, the four figures, three big and one small, gradually disappeared in the early morning fog…

Heavenly Armament Pavilion remained quiet as before.

Chu Yang’s figure slowly emerged from behind the willow tree by the lake. His body was drenched from the mist, and his hair was speckled with dew drops.

His countenance was filled with a sense of loss. His gaze was empty as he walked step by step. Finally, he knelt down and picked up the bow that Mo Qing Wu had dropped. He placed in front of his nose and inhaled deeply; a trace of loneliness appeared in his eyes.

He reached out his arm and gently stroked the ground. In this little area, the earth was darker than anywhere else… This… was Qing Wu’s tears…

Chu Yang’s heart suddenly became empty…

He stood up and sadly looked in the direction of the gate… An innocent voice still seemed to be lingering.

“Brother Chu Yang, you are not allowed to forget me!”

“Brother Chu Yang, you are not allowed to not miss me!”

“Brother Chu Yang, you are not allowed to tell stories to anyone else!”

“Brother Chu Yang… I don’t want to leave you… Hoohoo…”

Chu Yang smiled slightly. Qing Wu, when we see each other next, how will you be? Will you become… the Qing Wu with a fluttering red robe… like the Qing Wu I often dream of?

Upon returning… you must hold on! You must be strong…!

Do you know… In the days that you were here… how happy I was… how hopeful I was… Qing Wu! Not long from now, I will go to Middle Three Heavens to find you!

This morning, Ji Mo, Gu Du Xing and company were also acting strange. No one left their bed; everyone was quietly hiding in their rooms… All of Heavenly Armament Pavilion was as quiet as a demon’s lair…

Nothing was stirring.

Chu Yang stood quietly at the door as his hair flew up in the wind… He suddenly thought of the sweet and soft voice that said, “Brother Chu Yang, can I be your fiancée?”

“Good! Good!” Chu Yang involuntarily spoke out loud.

Dreamily, a graceful figure in red appeared in his mind. She looked at him and reached out her arms calling, “Chu Yang! Chu Yang!”

“Qing Wu…” Chu Yang’s heart ached; it felt as if it was broken to pieces and bleeding. He slowly sat down and muttered quietly, “Mo Tian Ji, don’t fail me…!”

Given Mo Tian Ji’s character, Chu Yang knew that he would leave without saying goodbye. Because this was the best way to reduce the sadness that Mo Qing Wu would feel.

If they had said goodbye face to face, Mo Qing Wu would probably cried miserably…

And if that happened, Chu Yang did not know how he would react.

While Chu Yang felt a little resentful toward Mo Tian Ji for quietly taking Mo Qing Wu away, he was also a little thankful for that.

“Autumn wind blows cold, autumn water is cold… Two hearts broken and in pain… There is only Qing Wu in this quiet life…” Chu Yang quietly sat there and recited. Then he quietly stood up and walked back to his room without ever turning around. He shut his door, and quietly recited the last line in his poem, “For you, I will trample the Nine Heavens.”

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