Minister Chu dove straight into work and cultivation after Mo Qing Wu left. This was a critical time period; he often just stayed at Bu Tian Pavilion.

During this time, Ji Mo was feeling truly depressed. Among the five people at Heavenly Armament Pavilion, Dong Wu Shang was absolutely neutral, Rui Bu Tong and Gu Du Xing were the best of friends, and Luo Ke Di, being alone, was bullied…

Therefore, Luo Ke Di continued to pester Ji Mo trying to get into an alliance with him. But Ji Mo was by no means Gu Du Xing’s opponent. He helped Luo Ke Di twice only to get beaten to black and blue by Gu Du Xing twice; then there was the fact that Luo Ke Di continued to pester him. Therefore, he went to Bu Tian Pavilion with Chu Yang to gain more experience and also to get away.

Ji Mo thought to himself: Damn, if I can’t be near him, then couldn’t I at least hide?

The torches in Bu Tian Pavilion burned brightly with Great and Revered level masters hurriedly going back and forth. Martial Artists and Martial Masters were turned into errand boys, each one rushing around nonstop.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the gate. After coming back from exhausting work, Cheng Zi Ang said angrily, “What’s going on?”

“A person said he discovered the spies.” The guard at the gate stammered. He did not dare to believe that the disheveled and dirty person soaked the aroma of alcohol and urine in front of him knew the whereabouts of the Golden Horse Riders Department’s people. Not only that, the person had the guts to ask to see Minister Chu… He scolded the person, but the person swore by the heavens. In his bad mood, he almost palmed the person… At this critical moment, the hall leader came just in time.

“Let him in!” Cheng Zi Ang said in annoyance, “You got a clue, and you are not hastily notifying us; what kind of work are you doing?”

The guard bit his tongue and waved his arm. The other guard dragged a wet guy in.

Cheng Zi Ang’s nostril was suddenly hit with the noxious smell of urine. He immediately pinched his nose and said angrily, “What is this?”

“This punk peed in his pants…” The guard held his nose and wanted to laugh, but he did not dare to.

“Damn… You are still young, and you can’t hold it?” Cheng Zi Ang irritably said, “Toss him out! What the f*?”

“Wait! It would not hurt to hear what he has to say.”

A cold voice spoke; a masked King of Hell Chu stepped out of his room. Since yesterday, everyone at Bu Tian Pavilion felt that the aura around the Minister was much more terrifying than before.

A more overpowering authority!

“Sir… you are Minister Chu… Official Chu?” You Yun anxiously cried out, “I really do have top secret information…”

Chu Yang patiently listened, and his eyes could not help but brighten, “Are you sure that you were not seeing things because you were drunk?”

“I am an orphan so I do not have anything to swear on. I will have to swear on the life of my wife and her mother! I absolutely was not seeing things!” You Yun fretfully raised his arm up and swore; his saliva flew everywhere, “If I lie may god let my wife run away with someone else…”

“Can you find that place?” Chu Yang’s eyes flashed. He was not certain if he should be sad or happy about this. But this guy really knew how to swear.

“It is very easy to find that place! I think it is the manor of a big official who was recently executed…” You Yun said happily. He knew that such a question meant an investigation was in order.

“Oh?” Chu Yang and Cheng Zi Ang looked at each other; each saw the regrets in the other’s eyes. This manor was just raided, and the official just got his head chopped off. They still did not have time to seal it. Plus, many people died at this house so everyone was a little scared of it; they would not have been able to sell it off to anyone. As a result, this was truly the most secretive location…

“Organize all of the troops! We have to move immediately!” Minister Chu quickly made a decision.

“Place all the Martial Masters with the other martial experts. Notify the soldiers guarding the citadel to block the inside of the city! Tell them to not let even a worm pass. If anyone tries to make trouble, kill without mercy!”

“Once they are done with the blockade, all the martial experts can make their move! We absolutely cannot put the enemies on alert!”

“But first, send someone over to the Prince and ask for the two martial experts to come here.”

“Let’s move!”

All of Bu Tian Pavilion instantly went into an uproar; more than two hundred people were immediately standing in front of King of Hell Chu.

Chu Yang really did not expect the King level leaders’ hiding place would be found by a wretched fellow’s urine. But he did not have time to mull this over; right now, he would prefer to believe this was the case.

As for their movements… worrying about that was unnecessary. The military was already creating chaos; a snake that was already being disturbed, could not possibly get disturbed anymore. Such was the case…

Moreover, the moment he heard this news, he had a feeling that this information could not be false!

In a short time after, fireworks and flares exploded above the center of the citadel.

Chu Yang watched the fireworks exploded fiercely; with an icy gaze, he waved his arm, “Go!”

This pyrotechnic show was confirmation that the area was securely surrounded!

“Boss Chu, I am coming, too.” Ji Mo jumped out.

“You?” Chu Yang hesitated. Nothing good could come out of Ji Mo going. If something happened, the Ji clan’s anger would be no laughing matter.

“Don’t worry!” Ji Mo smiled and said, “I will not be in your way.”

“Fine! Let’s go!”

After an hour, Chu Yang’s group arrived in front of the big doors. Hiding in a distance, Chu Yang asked, “Are you sure it’s here?”

You Yun’s countenance paled; he hyperventilated and swallowed, “I swear to god! It is here!” Then he pleaded, “Minister Official, if the spies are caught, can I join Bu Tian Pavilion?”

“What is your name?” Chu Yang asked. Currently Chu Yang had already replaced his fierce mask with a veil. If he still wore the make, he would essentially be warning the enemies.

“I am… I am called You Yun.” You Yun tugged his pants up every now and then. The weather was currently very cold; having urine on his body was truly… too uncomfortable.

“You Yun… umm, your luck is not bad.” Chu Yang almost laughed. This person was so lucky that he could discover two King level leaders while peeing. He immediately said, “If this mission is successful, you will have to go to Heavenly Secrets Hall and report to Hall Leader Chen.”

“Thank you, Minister!” You Yun happily knelt down and kowtowed.

“I hope you can keep being lucky like this; it will be Bu Tian Pavilion’s luck as well.” Chu Yang smiled.

On the side, Cheng Zi Ang whispered, “Minister, can we move yet?”

“Wait a little.” Chu Yang looked at the big door from three hundred feet away feeling very nervous. Tie Bu Tian had not sent his martial expert reinforcements here yet, and Chu Yang could not wait any longer.

If the enemies discovered them, they would lose this opportunity.

Chu Yang felt a little odd about the whole thing. Tie Bu Tian could not be so careless like this; what was going on?

After waiting a little longer, Chu Yang finally gritted his teeth and said, “How many layers of archers do we currently have?”

“We surrounded the area with three layers! All the arrows are made of steel.”

“Surround them by six layers in all directions!” Chu Yang said fiercely, “On top, increase by eighteen layers! Nothing can slip out of our net!”


“Once this is done, immediately start!”

“Yes!” (

In silence, an army of about three thousand archers were once again arranged for additional layers of support. In the beginning, there were only one thousand archers.

“I feel as if something is not right, boss. Based on the words of this punk alone, you are sure that the enemies are here?” Ji Mo was a little confused, “Isn’t this a little too trusting?”

“Intuition.” Chu Yang said casually, “In all of Iron Cloud Citadel, very few places have not been searched, and only this place could keep that many people hidden without being discovered.”

“I still feel that it is a little uncertain. I will go over there and take a look…” Ji Mo instantly jumped from his hiding place; Chu Yang reached his arm to stop him, but Ji Mo was already fifty to sixty feet out.

In the night, Ji Mo’s body seemed to turn into an apparition as he flew a few hundred feet and slowly stopped. Like a blur, he had arrived at the big door.

Ji Mo was a little doubtful, but he really wanted to show off in front of Chu Yang. During this time, he was quiet relaxed, and his skills had improved greatly; plus, he was still juvenile.

Right after, he climbed over the wall to get in.

At this moment, the door suddenly creaked open. A person in black appeared right in front of Ji Mo’s face. Two people, four eyes looked at each other, stunned.

From three hundred feet out, Chu Yang felt very restless.

“Who goes there?” The person in black took a step back as he asked cautiously.

“Wind beat why? Ditch meaning clay? Fan clatter Fan clatter dog tired?” Ji Mo was tongue-tied; this was totally unexpected. When this person opened the door and stepped out, he suddenly excelled under pressure and spoke gibberish.

“What?” The person in black was temporarily stupefied scratching his head.

“There ga there ga you not agree? Tears tired enough sa? Rogue bang economic bang economic? Enemies’ weapons (TLN: Di wu)?” Ji Mo’s eyes shifted nonstop as his mouth moved rapidly.

“Enemies’ weapons? Diwu?” The person in black blinked pitifully; he only understood the last two words.

“Enemies’ weapons! Enemies’ weapons!” Ji Mo nodded repeatedly, “Please vomit meat? Intended mud ditch? Shhh beat huh?”

“Enemies’ weapons? Please vomit meat? Enemies’ weapons please vomit? (TLN: Please vomit sounds like qing rou. So this line makes ‘Di wu qing rou.’) Diwu Qing Rou?” The person in black looked at this strange ethnic person with great distress and sweated profusely, “Who are you?”

“Hey honey hey honey? Chatter chatter over? Tired step cried tired mother remained di huh?” Ji Mo showed a look of anxiousness and started to wave his arms about.

“What are you saying?” The pitiful person in black unconsciously tried to chase this crazy conversation.

“Dog aunt! Dog aunt!” Ji Mo said angrily and turned to walk away. His mouth was muttering, “Dog aunt fight shhh, dog aunt ditch meaning mud hum!”

The figure in black stood in a daze. He thought a little about these strange words and suddenly became lucid, “Stop!”

This poor person was fooled by Ji Mo.

“Shoot the arrows…” Ji Mo ran.

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