Kong Shang Xin suddenly stretched out his arms. At the same time, the shadowless blade that put Middle Three Heavens in a frenzy and shocked Lower Three Heavens appeared in his right hand. With a swoosh, a big circle appeared on top of his head!

The wall that was already becoming soft collapsed right away.

With a loud bang, everything came crashing down! Kong Shang Xin’s frail body immediately became a streak of light as he jumped up!

The first person to rush out was, without a doubt, the one to receive the fiercest of the enemies’ attack! This person was in the most danger!

However, Kong Shang Xin only knew how to use others for all of his life; today was the first time he voluntarily used himself to open an escape path.

He used his body to cover his brothers!


The whole surface collapsed, and the whole yard was filled with water. Because of this, everyone stood and watched from a distance. The other soldiers were still putting their efforts into transporting water over.

The sudden collapse showed a large space, and everyone was startled…

Just then, a thin shadow in black holding a shining saber shot out from under the ground like a demon. Standing in the middle of the water, his sharp eyes shined like two flashing lights in the dark of the night.

His dirty body was covered with mud as he stood waist-deep in water. Only his upper body was exposed, but his whole figure emitted a vicious aura as if it was a cornered lion! It was an indomitable fighting spirit!

The water underneath him flowed back violently; the force darkened the water making it look like a demon was rising up from the depth on these waves!

The sound of drums rose as seven more people appeared next to this person. Only eight people were facing a powerful army that was surrounding them in all directions. Their faces never showed any trace of fear as they emitted a bone-chilling iciness the likes of which had never been felt before!

In the distance, Chu Yang’s pupils suddenly contracted.

They have come out!

The two King level leaders are indeed here! The information was correct!

Cheng Zi Ang let out a angry roar, wanting to lead the charge, but Chu Yang waved his arm and stopped him.

“May I ask which of the two Golden Horse Riders Department’s King level leaders are we facing?” Chu Yang asked casually.

Kong Shang Xin looked at Chu Yang from a distance; after staring for a long time, he finally smiled and asked, “Are you King of Hell Chu?”

Chu Yang said with a veil over his face, “Yes. With two King level leaders here, dare I claim the title King of Hell?”

“Absolutely worthy!” Kong Shang Xin’s gaze went past a hundred feet and fell on Chu Yang’s face without showing any emotion. It made Chu Yang feel as if he was being pierced by needles, “I had once made my mark in Middle Three Heavens. Four clans joined together and could not force me to a corner! But you have! Impressive!”

“King of Hell Chu, you are crafty! Your strategies are good!” Kong Shang Xin stared at Chu Yang for a while before sighing. These word of praises contained the complex emotions he was feeling inside.

After seeing the real King of Hell Chu, Kong Shang Xin finally understood why he fell for this guy’s trap. Looking at his aura, he was not more powerful than a Martial Master. Between him and Yin Wu Fa, there had been three Ministers; it was definitely King of Hell Chu’s schemes to bring misfortune upon them!

Just like Diwu Qing Rou has said, he used powerful people from Middle Three Heavens clans! It’s infuriating that I was played by him; and it’s not until when we are at the end of our ropes that we realize the truth. It is already too late.

“I dare not receive such compliment!” Chu Yang said ceremoniously, “May I ask if you are Sad Saber King Kong Shang Xin?”

“Who I am is no longer important!” Kong Shang Xin chuckled and shook his head; his gaze started to move as he looked at the army in all four directions. With a hint of mockery, he said, “It seems that you think too high of me… there are bout fifty thousand people in four directions?”

“You think too lightly of yourself.” Chu Yang said casually, “Just to keep you here, the number of archers, alone, is fifteen thousand!”

Chu Yang’s sharp eyes looked at Kong Shang Xin, “There are already more than one third of the archers in Iron Cloud Citadel here! More of them continue to come!”

Kong Shang Xin laughed and said, “Fifteen thousand archers! That is enough to dominate this battle already; if I die, it will be a glorious death!”

Chu Yang said casually, “Currently, the radius of several miles has turned into a metal drum! In the center of the city, all of the guards are on alert! All the gates of the citadel are watched tightly. Plus, this place is a little too far from the gates.”

He looked Kong Shang Xin pitifully, “You have reached the end of the road!”

“Are you telling me to surrender?” Kong Shang Xin laughed loudly and said with an icy gaze, “Then you have underestimated me and underestimated Golden Horse Riders Department!”

“Definitely not.” Chu Yang said respectfully, “A King level master always has his dignity. While I am not a King level master, I don’t want to be humiliated either.”

“You should end your lives on your own.” Chu Yang said quietly, “And let me maintain my respect for you unyielding King level leaders!”

Kong Shang Xin laughed mockingly, “End our lives on our own? King of Hell Chu, are you dreaming?” He let out a shout and said ferociously, “King of Hell Chu, I cannot avoid dying here today, but you better have prepared a large military pension!”

Chu Yang laughed icily.

Both sides were biding their time. Kong Shang Xin was taking the opportunity to recover his martial strength; every little bit would help. Chu Yang was waiting for the complete encirclement of the citadel! Chu Yang also had some faint hope that Tie Bu Tian would send help.

While this hope was not great, the two Shadow Guards only needed to come here and there would be no unnecessary casualties. The two injured King level leaders would be neatly captured!

Currently, they have not made a move yet; but Chu Yang knew that once they made a move, the fierce reaction of his opponents would kill many soldiers. The reaction of a dying King level master would naturally be earth-shattering.

Kong Shang Xin was not wrong; to hold back two King level masters, they would have to pay a great price.

Time slowly passed by, and the soldiers on the periphery had gradually arrived. Three layers on the inside and three layers on the outside made an encirclement like a giant metal barrel. Chu Yang wanted to give the order when a horse from the outside suddenly ran toward them. The person on the horse was Chen Yu Tong.

Chen Yu Tong went through the encirclement and came in front of Chu Yang; he hastily said with a low voice, “Minister, the prince went into the royal palace. His Majesty’s condition is acting up; after the prince went into the palace, he did not come out…”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Chu Yang was so angry he wanted to smack Chen Yu Tong! Does it mean that… all this time, the enemies were allowed to take a breather and his support was not coming?

Chen Yu Tong’s face paled. After he went to the prince’s manor, he rode nonstop to the royal palace and waited for an audience with Tie Bu Tian; but Tie Bu Tian never appeared.

Then Du Shi Qing came and said that the emperor was not well; the prince and the two King level masters was helping to maintain the emperor’s energy. The moment Chen Yu Tong heard this he knew that the two King level masters would probably not arrive in time. He rode nonstop back here…

“King level master Kong! So sorry!” Chu Yang shouted loudly, “Kill!”

If reinforcements were not coming, he would have to make a big sacrifice with the current strength! Chu Yang made a quick decision and gave this cruel command.

This shout started the great battle!

With that one command, arrows filled the air. Thousands of arrows became the first wave of attack! The second and third waves came out after without a break from the first.

“Spread out!” Kong Shang Xin roared, and the eight people in the center simultaneously shot out in different directions like fireworks.

At the same time, Kong Shang Xin stomped once and his whole body glowed with a golden light. The water in the yard suddenly rose and pushed out in all directions like countless angry dragons! They engaged the onslaught of arrows!

With a swoosh, all the torches around the area were extinguished by the water at the same time. In a distance, there was still light, but the yard became drowned in a strange shimmering darkness!

Without a sound, that Iron Horse Rider was turned into a hedgehog after the first wave of attack; he silently fell down. The two Martial Great Masters went half way and spilled blood in midair. They let out a scream as their bodies were pierced with a few dozen sharp arrows; the two simultaneously yelled, “Sirs, please go first! Let us open a path for the two King level leaders!”

Before they finished speaking, the two used the last ounce of their energy to throw out their weapons. Then, with a tragic laugh, they fell in the water, and scarlet water splattered!

One saber and one sword flew through the air like shooting stars, and continued for more than a hundred feet straight into the crowd. A miserable cry rang out!

“Brothers, go leisurely! We will follow you soon!” Old Sa laughed as the remaining five continued to burst out for an additional three hundred feet!

The two King level leaders were like two sharp arrows piercing forward! Flying arrows continued to come at them. Kong Shang Xin’s shadowless saber did not cease to fly blocking all the arrows as the other hand grabbed these arrows and threw them back like icy rays of light.

The saber did not stop moving, and his hand also did not stop.

Pop! Pop! The sound arrows piercing into human flesh did not cease; many soldiers from all directions had died from this counterattack. Kong Shang Xin flew forward swiftly. His long hair flew in the back, and his countenance remained just as calm as before. Under the light of a distant torch, a pair of clearly subtle eyes were shining like those of a wolf!

He was currently at his peak state almost like an uninjured person!

The thick arrows never had a chance of reaching his body; of course any arrow that got past his saber would just be knocked down by the aura protecting his body!

He was like a hurricane that swept straight ahead; he was like a raging fire that did not have any concern for itself. He brought out the last of the fervent strength in his body and turned it into a rising heat that could burn people!

They had rushed out almost two hundred feet!

“Ready! Shoot!” A shrill shout emitted as the leader of the spear troop looked up and shouted his command! (walkthejianghu.com)

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