Three thousand spear wielders shot out black streaks! From different directions and angles and with different speeds, they were all shooting at one target: the team of five that was rushing toward them!

Kong Shang Xin let out a long shout and flew into the air. The tip of his feet pushed at the points of the first wave of spears; his body slowly shot up in the air and met with the second wave of spears. The saber in his hand suddenly swung. He let out a loud roar and continued to rise. The saber continued to flash, and his body had risen a few hundred feet in the air!

Right after, he became like a flash of light as he drew a strange bright arch. The back of his body flashed and created mysterious apparitions. He flew across the air in a radiant glow and rushed straight into the army of soldiers!

His saber flashed fiercely as if a little sun had suddenly appeared! In the front military group, a wave of blood suddenly burst out!

The waves of blood continued to splash as Kong Shang Xin opened a bloody path in a blink of an eye, and assisted his martial brothers!

Yin Wu Fa held a spear that he just caught and also rushed up in a frenzy! His body was already hit with three or four arrows.

Among the remaining three, Old Sa was the first one to rush up in the midst of oncoming arrows and spears. Close behind him was a seventh grade Revered Martial Artist. Together with Yin Wu Fa, they created a small “品” as they broke out!

However, the last person, a fourth grade Revered Martial Artist, was one step too slow. At this moment, endless arrows shot toward him. He let out a breath, but it was the last breath of his life.

Spears flew forth like deadly lightning bolts and pinned his to the ground. Then nonstop spears and arrows turned his body into minced meat in the blink of an eye!

Arrows continued to fly tirelessly, and spears also shot forth endlessly!

Yin Wu Fa and company were surrounded less than fifty feet away from the encirclement!

Seeing the precarious situation, Yin Wu Fa angrily screamed and flew up. From being surrounded by soldiers he shot out carelessly. Many people were tossed out by him in the process; there limps were flailing as they flew through the air. A cold light streak as white as snow came to Yin Wu Fa’s side!

“Follow me!” Kong Shang Xin’s voice had become hoarse. Without stopping, he immediately turned bringing Yin Wu Fa and company with him, and brazenly rushed into the battle front!

The rain of arrows and spear did not cease. The soldiers screamed out, “Kill!” and rushed in from all directions like a rising tide.

“Close range combat!” Chu Yang immediately ordered.

“Minister, how about we wait a little? The auras of the two King level leaders are still strong. Let these soldiers tire them out; then our martial experts will put out their full efforts and have assured victory!”

These words from the Revered Martial Artist from the prince’s manor made Chu Yang furious; he smacked him hard in the face and yelled, “Bastard! Are we wasting their strength? What we paying with are lives of soldiers! Your life is a life, but the lives of soldiers are not? Rush in now! If you are the least bit slow, I will take the heads of all nine generations of your family!”

On the side, Cheng Zi Ang let out a crazed roar and led the martial experts of Bu Tian Pavilion in a fierce charge.

“Everyone rush in! As martial experts, it is time for you assume a little more burden!” Chu Yang screamed, “Let’s give our brothers a little more chance at survival!”

The battleground had turned into a chopping board thick with blood and meat. Kong Shang Xin and Yin Wu Fa fought viciously. Two King level leaders and two high ranking Revered Martial Artists were showing a burst of their combat strength at this time and terrifying everyone!

Even though they were severely injured, and even though they were hit with countless arrows and spears, they possessed a mythical strength and refused to fall! They continued to fight!

With desperation, they fought their way out for five hundred feet!

A steady wave of troops continued to rush at them.

A pitiful scream was heard, then the eighth grade Revered Martial Artist suddenly cried out in terror. A soldier had just dropped the body of his friend. With red eyes, he had screamed out and jumped up. Without any care for his life, he held on tightly to the eighth grade Revered Martial Artist! Holding him was equivalent to hugging a saber! (TLN: Not sure if explanation is needed – Death!)

A saber flashed, and the arm of this soldier went flailing, but he stubbornly held on to this eighth grade Revered Martial Artist with his remaining arm and fiercely bit him with his teeth!

“Aaah…” This Revered Martial Artist cried out, and this soldier flew out in fragments. The time that this soldier held on to him was as short as a blink of an eye.

In a normal situation, this small time window would have been negligible! But they were currently surrounded by a great army with dozens of blades ready to meet him…

At the very moment he pushed out that soldier, seven or eight other soldiers simultaneously leapt up with ferocious faces and blades in hand! In the back, spear wielders also thrusted up fiercely!

This Revered Martial Artist screamed out once; he used all of his strength to dodge but still ended up being stabbed in the stomach!

The fact that he made it this far was not easy; he was physically drained and no longer had the strength to dodge at this moment! He grabbed the spear in his stomach with his left (TLN: Author wrote right, but it made no sense in the scenario that follows. Probably a mistake.) hand. With a hopeless cry, he moved to stab the spear wielder with the saber he was holding!

The saber flashed and suddenly dropped; his right hand had parted from his body and flew out. He screamed, but his left hand was gripping tightly on this soldier’s neck. At the same time, eight or nine sabers slashed at him at the same time. In the thick of flying flesh and blood, his hand managed to break the necks of four soldiers. Before their bodies reached the ground, dozens of others rushed forward; their berserk screaming rang out at the same time.

One slash, his left hand fell off.

One slash, his right leg fell off! He tumbled to the ground. One of the soldier immediately took hold of the spear still in his stomach and twisted. With a loud scream, he raised the Revered Martial Artist up in the air.

“Kill…!” Countless sabers and swords arrived at the same time, and his flesh flew…

There were still three remaining!

Kong Shang Xin rabidly looked at King of Hell Chu, a dark figure watching over the battle. He grinded his teeth together hatefully.

The opponent still had not made a move!

He only needed King of Hell Chu to make a move. With his strength and that of Yin Wu Fa, they were completely capable of taking King of Hell Chu. Then they would fight as they retreat; the army would be afraid to cause harm to their leader and would not be as careless as they were right now!

However, King of Hell Chu never moved; this made them lose their greatest chance of survival!

All around Kong Shang Xin, bodies lined the ground. At a glance, there were a few hundred! There was also a small bloody path in the distance, also Kong Shang Xin’s handiwork.

Between the long fight along and an already injured body, Kong Shang Xin felt his vision becoming hazy and his strength gradually weakening. In this state, Kong Shang Xin suddenly felt his imminent death!

I won’t be able to hold on much longer!

Could this be the end of the road?

As these thoughts appeared, Kong Shang Xin was unwilling to accept them. How could I die like this? How could I die so easily?

Suddenly, he crazily slashed his saber one hundred seventy-seven times nonstop. In four directions, fifty people screamed out at the same time. He yelled out one word, “No!”

Yin Wu Fa’s whole body was soaked in blood; hearing that shout, he yelled out, “Second brother!”

His condition was not good. If it were not for Old Sa always staying by his side, this still recovering King level leader would have become a pile of minced meat already!

“Old Sa!” Kong Shang Xin roared once more.

Old Sa yelled loudly, “I am here!”

“I am here!” (

“I am still alive!”

The three people yelled loudly as if their very existence gave them the greatest strength…

In a distance, Chu Yang’s face paled, “Something is amiss! Give orders for everyone to stay alert!”

The signal horn sounded, and the people fighting immediately retreated; a new group of soldiers rushed up…

“These two King level masters are truly good men!” Ji Mo praised as he stood next to Chu Yang.

“Yes!” Chu Yang attentively watched the battle; his arms did not stop waving various flag signals. He said in a serious tone, “Too bad they are our enemies!”

“Too bad!” Ji Mo said regretfully.

The moment Ji Mo said “too bad,” the battle suddenly changed.

“Come closer!” Kong Shang Xin loud shout shook up the night sky.

“Okay!” Yin Wu Fa and Old Sa yelled out in unison. The battle circle seemed to move with them; the screaming and fighting, as if controlled by them, all turned to the direction of Kong Shang Xin…

“Don’t let them get close to each other!” Chu Yang yelled out! He could feel that once these three come together, some unfathomable event was going to happen!

Cheng Zi Ang roared from within the battle; as if he no longer wanted to live, he led his subordinates to block them.

The crowd on the other side was turned topsy-turvy as Kong Shang Xin was killing his way over like a demented tiger! Wherever he went, blood spurted. His path was dyed crimson by blood squirting brightly. It was as if this Sad Saber King leader was emitting scarlet fireworks!

The entire battleground was like a nightmare! Everything seemed to have become an illusion…

Before this, everyone thought that Chu Yang was making a big deal out of nothing. To deal with just a few people, he had mobilized almost a hundred thousand soldiers!

But currently, everyone was shaken by the fighting strength of these people. Are they even humans?

Surrounded by almost a hundred thousand soldiers and under the pressure of five thousand archers, and they were still able to kill that many people. The number of casualties was startling!

If so many soldiers were not mobilized at the same time, if only half of them were there, these people would probably not be held back!

All of the soldiers used were the most heroic in the military, but the moment they rushed up, they were dealt with in one breath! The Martial Warriors and Martial Masters lasted a bit longer before they became corpses!

It was said that these people were severely injured!

If they were not injured… The thought of this made the commanding officials shiver!

The distance between Kong Shang Xin and Yin Wu Fa was only fifty or sixty feet now! But under Chu Yang’s command, this distance became a heavenly moat as it was filled with most of the martial experts!

Even if Kong Shang Xin was not injured, his success was not guaranteed if he rushed into this space.

Kong Shang Xin let out a shrill laughter. His eyes flashed brightly. An aura of determination suddenly emanated from his body. His arm swung the shadowless saber up, and the blade unexpectedly shined brightly like stars in the sky!

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  1. I have to say that I am really annoyed with the Prince. He is so incompetent and sentimental it’s disgusting. How can he claim to be a good leader when he cannot be decisive enough to let his father die and use his king level bodyguards to kill the King Level enemies, thus saving countless lives. Really terrible leadership!

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    1. you are annoyed with the queen not prince lol and if you have read the story carefully you will see that king has always been his weak point


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