“Sir!” Old Sa, full of injuries, had arrived later. At that moment, he suddenly let out a roar and jumped up. But while he was in the air, hundreds of spears pierced at him almost instantaneously…

The battlefield unexpectedly fell into silence!

Looking at the entire chaotic area and all of the structures that had collapsed during the fight, everyone felt as if they had just awoken from a dream.

There was only fresh blood quietly pouring out; there was even the babbling sounds as it flowed on the ground…

“It’s finally over!” Chu Yang stood there weakly and muttered, “I cannot believe that price we have pay to surround these two King level masters would be this severe…”

In a flash, his body nearly fell to the ground. Though Kong Shang Xin’s last move was made when he was already burnt out, it still almost ended Chu Yang!

That palm, if Ji Mo was hit, would have surely been in the middle of his chest. But since Chu Yang suddenly ran up to take it, it hit Chu Yang’s right chest instead. His internal organs were shocked and a few of his ribs were broken.

The most fortunate thing was that Kong Shang Xin only had that much strength left. If that was not the case and Nine Tribulations Sword spirit did not take the initiative to attack, then Chu Yang’s life could not have been guaranteed!

“With the exception of the injured, everyone else chase and search for Yin Wu Fa who has escaped!” Chu Yang gave the order. There was a sweet taste his throat all of a sudden. He spat out blood as he crumbled.

Currently, what Chu Yang found oddest was what Tie Bu Tian was doing. Why did he not come when such a big incident happened?… Plus, the two Shadow Guards were nowhere to be seen.

If at least one person had come, this battle would not have been so tragic.

It had finally come to an end, and Iron Cloud Citadel also returned to its original calmness.

They maintained the same vigilance in hunting down the remaining people of the Golden Horse Riders Department. In Iron Cloud Citadel, the investigations continued as before. And the investigation was also starting for the entire Iron Cloud Nation territory to the border with Great Zhao…

But Chu Yang knew that this was probably no longer effective. The chance of catching a King level master who had already escaped was too small…

Right now, Chu Yang was resting on a cushioned seat, healing from his injuries.

Ji Mo’s injuries were much milder than his. Waiting in there for a little, he immediately felt uncomfortable, and Chu Yang had to get people to send him back to Heavenly Armament Pavilion.

When he left, Ji Mo did not say anything; it was as if he just followed Chu Yang on an ordinary tour. As for the injury, for a person in Jiang Hu, this was as common as another meal.

However, in his eyes, there was clearly more solemnity and thoughtfulness. He was also looking at Chu Yang with more respect than before, and his cynicism was no longer there.

All of the descendants of great clans had very shrewd minds. It could not be said that he would be totally loyal to Chu Yang just because Chu Yang saved his life this time… This was impossible!

Moreover, the reason Chu Yang had to jump up to take an injury for him was because he had rushed up to help Chu Yang earlier.

But this time, Chu Yang had sown the seed of “brotherhood” into his mind!

What were brothers?

In blood-soaked battles, you still would help each other. For your brothers, you would fight to your last drop of blood. Kong Shang Xin and Yin Wu Fa were the perfect example of the word brotherhood.

Kong Shang Xin was an infamous thief, and Yin Wu Fa was a vicious assassin known far and wide. Plus, there was another thing: They were both enemies! And they had caused a lot of damage to the army.

But their notorious reputation and their standings as enemies could not cover up the brotherly love between the two of them when they were at the edge of life and death!

While they hated these two to the bones, who in this life did not admired the brotherly love between the two?

This was what brothers were!

When Ji Mo pensively returned, the sky was almost bright.

Chu Yang quietly lay in Bu Tian Pavilion thinking about Kong Shang Xin’s last action. That saber light was as brilliant as the sunlight; King level golden aura blew up in the air… then he looked in the direct his martial brother had escaped in with such deep sincerity…

Thinking for a while, Chu Yang sighed: Brothers like that are worthy of being brothers!

If Yin Wu Fa was able to have a brother like that in this lifetime, whether he would live or die, he had no regrets!

Chu Yang broke three ribs, and each breath caused agonizing pain. But this pain reminded of him of Kong Shang Xin’s demeanor at the time. Because of that, he sighed again…

It could be said that Kong Shang Xin died by Chu Yang’s hand at that time; with the tip of Nine Tribulations Sword, Chu Yang pierced right to the heart and killed him!

With killing Kong Shang Xin, Chu Yang had no regrets. Being able to witness the enemies’ brotherly love, Chu Yang was touched. But… enemies would always be enemies… Minister Chu could not help but sigh.

Chu Yang’s lamenting made Wu Qian Qian, who was standing next to him, hurt no less. She softly counseled, “You are already severely injured; what are you sighing for? Just recuperate well; even with things as great as the heavens, you should wait until after you are healed to worry about it.”

After hearing her words, Chu Yang softly sighed and asked, “Are there any recent news from the sect?”

“No.” Wu Qian Qian’s countenance was a bit sad as she said with her head down, “It has been a very long time since I receive any news from my father.”

“Ah…” Chu Yang looked down and let out a sigh of relief. Looking dreamily outside the window, he said softly, “Each time I get injured, I really miss my master…”

Wu Qian Qian’s hands trembled. Her heart beat erratically, and she stood stunned for a moment. Her gaze on Chu Yang suddenly became infinitely gentle, and she said softly, “Me, too! Each time I am injured or sick, I only want to stay in my mother’s arms and enjoy being a baby… this is only human.”

Wu Qian Qian suddenly felt that, at this moment, Chu Yang was acting like his age, a junior martial brother who was injured, weak and emotional…

Currently, she could clearly perceive that Chu Yang was very lonely like an injured person without any loved ones near, who had to deal with it themselves and take care of themselves.

However, she did not know that the injuries Chu Yang was talking about were from the previous life. In the previous life, Chu Yang was by himself. Each time he was injured he wrapped himself up in some corner and healed on his own as he reminisced about his youth when Meng Chao Ran would take care of him whenever he was injured or sick.

Each time he remembered these incidents, his heart became extremely sad…

“Haha” Chu Yang chuckled and said, “But I don’t act like a baby.”

Wu Qian Qian charmingly glanced at him and said, “You are a man; if you act like a baby, people will laugh at you.” As she said this, she brought over a bowl of medicine that had been cooled down somewhat and tasted it with a spoon. Then she gently sat down next to his bed and said, “Come on, take your medicine. Open your mouth… be good.”

Wu Qian Qian’s tone was coaxing as if she was dealing with a child. Chu Yang felt emotional and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“It will be a while before Senior Du comes here. It seems like there is a problem in the royal palace.” Wu Qian Qian said.

“It’s just a little injury. What are you bothering Senior Du for?” There was a faint flash in Chu Yang’s eyes.

At this very moment.

“Minister, the prince has arrived!” Chen Yu Tong came in and reported.

Before his words ended, Tie Bu Tian had already walked in. His countenance was calm and cold as always, but the depth of his eyes was filled with exhaustion.

“Minister Chu, I am truly sorry. I have come too late!” Tie Bu Tian stood in front of Chu Yang’s bed; his first words were his apology.

This surprised Wu Qian Qian greatly. He was the prince of a country and his first words were an apology…

“There is nothing to be sorry about!” Chu Yang casually said, “I am sure Your Majesty knows how many people died in this battle?”

“I am truly sorry. I have been most anxious. Last night, there was sudden news from the palace that Father’s condition had taken a bad turn. Senior Du said that it might be that very night… Therefore, I hastily went there. The two Shadow uncles who protect me also had to use all of their strength to stabilize Father’s energy… It was not until early this morning that I found out such big incident has happened in the citadel, and Minister Chu has succeeded with such a great operation…”

There was a touch of guilt in Tie Bu Tian’s tone.

He also knew that if he had worked with Chu Yang from the start, the casualties of this big battle would have been reduced by half or perhaps even more!

However, given the concerns and the chaotic state of mind, Tie Bu Tian still went into the royal palace even though he knew Chu Yang was make a big move last night.

“Ah…” Chu Yang sighed. Tie Bu Tian’s apologetic attitude was extremely sincere so Chu Yang did not know what else to say. Plus, this could not really be blamed on Tie Bu Tian. His father was seriously ill; he could not just ignore that…

Moreover, Tie Bu Tian went into the royal palace before Chu Yang had made all of his arrangements. This made it more difficult to blame him.

“Minister! The aftermath of the battle has been tallied…” Chen Yu Tong came in once again with a heavy heart.

“Umm, how is it?” Chu Yang asked.

“The number of soldiers who lost their lives in battle is three thousand three hundred seventy people! The number of injured is nine hundred sixty-three.” Chen Yu Tong said, “These are the military’s loss. On Bu Tian Pavilion’s side, the number of people who died in battle is seventy-seven people, and the number of injured is thirty-five people. As for the justice department, one hundred sixty people lost their lives, and ninety-four people are injured…”

“Bu Tian Pavilion’s Hall Leader Cheng is also severely injured; the Minister is as well.” Chen Yu Tong immediately sighed right after he was done talking.

Sitting on the side, Tie Bu Tian gasped!

“Eight people! A total of eight enemies! Among them, four people died from arrows. This casualty was mainly caused by the hands of the four remaining people. And among these four, three were very aggressive. Each one of them took the lives of more than a thousand of our people.” Chu Yang said faintly, “This is the enemy’s strength.”

Tie Bu Tian’s face suddenly reddened.

There were powerful martial experts on his side as well, but he had brought them into the royal palace! If these two martial experts were to join in the fight, then the casualty number would definitely change!

In fact, it might not even exist!

But it was not so!

Chu Yang did not say anything else, but Tie Bu Tian could hear Chu Yang’s meaning in his voice: Your father is a father, but how many fathers do these more than four thousand people have? How many are fathers, themselves?

Tie Bu Tian was stunned for a while. Then, with a guilty face, he said slowly, “I… have no nothing to say.” (walkthejianghu.com)

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