Chu Yang closed his eyes in exhaustion and said faintly, “Hall Leader Chen, you can go first. Qian Qian, you should also go outside.”

The two looked worriedly at Chu Yang and finally left. They knew that Chu Yang wanted to talk with Tie Bu Tian alone. Plus, this conversation would probably not be a happy one!

Looking at the two people leaving, Chu Yang remained quiet for a long time without saying a word.

“I am listening.” Tie Bu Tian said sincerely.

“In truth, I did not want to say anything, but after thinking about it for a while, it has to be said.” Chu Yang’s tone was somewhat sharp, “In my opinion, your father is dying. You are the prince, you should definitely stay next to the emperor and take care of him.”

“In fact, under the watchful eyes of all the officials, the life and death of the emperor has great implications on the future of Iron Cloud Nation. Therefore, you must stay there. Even more so, you must try to heal the emperor with the greatest effort!”

“It is what you must do. As a son, such a decision cannot be faulted!” Chu Yang said quietly, “But you must never forget, you are also a ruler!”

“These aforementioned reasons are all well and good and can make people understand. But it is not acceptable with the military!” Chu Yang said gravely.

Tie Bu Tian looked up wanting to say something, but Chu Yang did not give him the chance to speak and quickly said, “Orders are what is important in the military! Soldiers in the military are not to be concerned with their parents being on their last breath. If there is an order, they must leave immediately and rush into the battlefield! If they are even a moment late, their heads would fall to the ground!”

“Military laws are merciless! Military laws do not take in reasons; even if their fathers or mothers are severely ill, they can only follow orders!” Chu Yang said casually, “Last night was the same; I gave out the order and nearly four thousand people threw their lives down right here.”

“Let me ask Your Majesty, how can you compensate them?” Chu Yang asked sharply, “What compensation will be enough for the pain of a mother losing a son or a wife losing a husband?”

“Wars are merciless, and sacrificing your life in the battlefield is inevitable! Over these past years, millions of men died in battle; that’s nothing out of the ordinary! These are necessary sacrifices!” Chu Yang said, “But when the sacrifices are not necessary, when sacrifices could be avoided, regrets or compensations will not suffice!”

Tie Bu Tian silently listened to Chu Yang speak. He knew that Chu Yang was a little emotional today. So he did not say anything…

“Minister Chu, aren’t you going overboard with your words?” A Shadow Guard appeared and said icily.

“I am not Tie Bu Tian’s subordinate!” Chu Yang also said icily, “I came to help, and countless people have placed their hopes on us to protect the Tie family’s territory! If even Tie Bu Tian, himself, does not care, then we certainly don’t need to care!”

Chu Yang narrowed his eyes and coldly looked at that Shadow Guard, “If my words are difficult to hear, then His Majesty does not have to hear them! He also can choose to banish me from here!”

Tie Bu Tian let out a sigh and waved his hand signaling the Shadow Guard to stop talking, “Minister Chu should rest and recuperate today; about today’s incident, I… have done wrong! In a few days, I will come back and properly apologize to Minister Chu!”

Then he immediately stood up and said, “Rest well, Minister Chu.”

When he reached the door, Chu Yang said coldly, “All the soldiers who died in battle, their bodies are still warm! All the remaining people from Golden Horse Riders Department still have not paid for their sins! Your Majesty, do not let the hearts of your soldiers grow cold!”

Tie Bu Tian paused in front of the door. He wanted to say something, but did not in the end; he only sighed and walked out.

Chu Yang heavily lay back in bed and closed his eyes as he thought over the entire situation.

With what happened today, Chu Yang was a little impulsive. He also wanted to control himself, but the moment he saw Tie Bu Tian, he suddenly decided to let go of all restraints!

Tie Bu Tian was a ruler.

But such mistakes, a ruler absolutely cannot make them!

Of course he had his reasons, but there were times when such reasons could not be accepted by the masses! If later, when things become worse, and Tie Bu Tian continued to maintain this filial heart, there was a possibility that he would put Iron Cloud into a state of unprecedented chaos!

It was because Tie Shi Cheng was not going to live much longer!

Whether Tie Bu Tian was willing or not, he must start to gradually learn to accept this!

Using an extreme way to force a devoted son to become a qualified leader was cold-hearted, but Chu Yang did not have another choice.

Because if Tie Bu Tian did not change his mentality, there was not even a little bit of hope that Chu Yang would win this battle against Diwu Qing Rou!

“Send people to guard the royal palace; the moment Senior Du has free time, immediately invite him to come here!” Chu Yang coldly ordered, “Plus, Qian Qian, go to Heavenly Armament Pavilion straightaway and invite Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang here.”

Chu Yang wanted to prescribe a strong medication! And now was the best opportunity.

An hour later, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang appeared in front of Chu Yang.

“How is your injury?” Gu Du Xing asked with concern.

“Still can’t die yet.” Chu Yang smiled, then his face immediately became serious, “Du Xing, Wu Shang, there is one thing that I have been wanting to do for a while now. But it seems that I have to deal with it right away! I need you two to help me with this.”

“What is it? Just tell us!” The two of them were very straightforward. They were currently so idle that their bones were starting to itch.

After Ji Mo went back with his injury, he blew everything out of proportion. When everyone heard that he went with Chu Yang to engage in such a big mission, they were extremely envious of him and hated the fact that they were not able to contribute to that battle.

“I need you two to help me kill a few people!” Chu Yang’s eyes shined icily as he said slowly, “Now is the best opportunity!”

Chu Yang had always had suspicions as to why Tie Shi Cheng’s condition had remained the same for so long without improving or worsening but took a bad turn at such a key moment. Plus, it got to a point where two King level experts were needed to maintain his life with their full strength.

This… was too much of a coincidence!

If someone said that Du Shi Qing was not involved in this, Chu Yang would not believe them even if they beat him to death.

However, this would take time. Du Shi Qing could not have taken such precise action hastily.

According to his calculations, it was a little while after Kong Shang Xin got injured that the Hei Mo people pulled out from Iron Cloud Citadel, and that was when he started to search the entire citadel.

It was when the entire citadel was searched or when the Golden Horse Riders Department perpetrators in Iron Cloud Citadel discovered the great danger they were in that they made a move on Tie Shi Cheng in order to shift Iron Cloud’s attention from themselves.

At the least, with Tie Shi Cheng’s condition, they were able to completely contain Tie Bu Tian and the two martial experts by his side! Therefore, the two greatest threats against the already injured Kong Shang Xin and Yin Wu Fa were undoubtedly removed…

It was because of this that Chu Yang was not happy with Tie Bu Tian remaining in the royal palace for so long. With Tie Bu Tian’s intelligence and wisdom, he would not have fallen into the enemy’s traps so easily. But he essentially did not bother to think and immediately went into the royal palace!

From this, Chu Yang discovered Tie Bu Tian’s greatest weakness. While Tie Bu Tian was brilliant and did things with great decisiveness, there was one thing that made Chu Yang a little uncomfortable: He was too emotional!

Emotions… these kind of things were cute in women, but in a man, especially one that was a prince of a nation and a future ruler, it truly made people uncomfortable…

If someone wants to influence Du Shi Qing… what would they do?

Given Du Shi Qing’s character, he would never do this. He would also not contact Diwu Qing Rou; this much, Chu Yang was certain. Du Shi Qing’s hatred for Diwu Qing Rou could not be faked; then it must have been the people next to him.

“The people I want you to kill are…” Chu Yang said sternly, “You must never let your identity get exposed.”

“Don’t worry! This is too simple!” Dong Wu Shang laughed; his face was showing some expectation.

Gu Du Xing gently nodded; his eyes suddenly showed a sharp killing aura.

***** (

Cheng Yun He stood in front of a window feeling a chill throughout his body!

Last night, after he finished all the arrangements, he immediately left. But after only two hours, there was a large-scale battle there. The sounds of fighting were so fierce that he could hear them clearly from a few miles out!

But at that time, he could do nothing! He could only control the urge to send support and silently wait.

Kong Shang Xin’s shocking statement, don’t let me die with regrets, seemed to have completely awoken everyone in Iron Cloud Citadel from their deep slumber!

At that moment, Cheng Yun He could feel that Kong Shang Xin was finished!

Not long after, Yin Wu Fa suddenly rushed in with a body full of injuries like a broken old sack. He only spoke a few trembling words and sank into a deep coma!

“Go… save my second brother!”

Cheng Yun He went through a tremendous change at that moment; he lost control!

He hastily arranged for people to send Yin Wu Fa away and erased all evidence. He knew that the military would come to search there soon. Sure enough, a little while later, teams of investigators came. They searched every corner; they even opened up comforters…

By the time everything calmed down, it was already morning.

Yin Wu Fa’s injuries were extremely serious. He was in danger of dying anytime. Since he already used Jade Spirit Ginseng once; it would have no effect if he used it again. Cheng Yun He could only give him Meng Hun Solution and quickly arranged for a getaway!

Meng Hun Solution could keep him alive for a month. If Yin Wu Fa could not return to Great Zhao within a month, he would surely die.

But Iron Cloud Citadel was in a heightened state of alert. The situation was volatile and all four gates were closed for the spy hunt; how could he get out?

Cheng Yun He was frowning each day because of this. He reached out to numerous officials and used the excuse of doing business to get out of the citadel, but they all apologized that they could not help.

Cheng Yun He thought for a long time, but could not find a secure escape plan.

In fact, since that day, he did not even dare use the invisible falcons. Because there were always people watching the sky day and night, and invisible falcons had to fly for a little bit before reaching the sky, the closely watching guards would probably discover them!

Once they were discovered, it would be a total catastrophe!

Without any means for contact, Cheng Yun He was walking on pins and needles.

If Prime Minister Diwu Qing Rou knew about what had developed during this time, what kind of reaction would he have?

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