“You are not me! You don’t know how I feel!” Tie Bu Tian gritted his teeth and said, “While it is torturous, as long as he is still breathing, there is hope! This hope is slim and even ridiculous, but it exists! I also feel that each day is filled with hope!”

“Seventeen thousand years ago, when things were still primitive and barbaric, in the first generation or Shen Yu Empire, the emperor’s life was threatened by an illness. All of the saintly doctors said that he could not be saved. But a mysterious person appeared at the last minute with a Nine Tribulations Pill. It led to the immediate recovery of that emperor! It was said that that emperor’s condition was even more severe than that of my father.” Tie Bu Tian reached out his hand and grabbed Chu Yang’s shirt’s hem. He said painfully, “He was an emperor; my father is also an emperor! But why isn’t anyone giving my father Nine Tribulations Pill? Why?”

“Nine Tribulations Pill?” Chu Yang felt as if his mind was hit hard with a big sledge hammer!

“Yes! Nine Tribulations Pill! The truth behind this has been buried by history, and no one will ever dare to say that the skim records in the ancient books of the royal family are infallible because they are written by the royal family.” Tie Bu Tian looked up at the heavens and said angrily, “Why is there nothing when it is my father’s turn?”

Chu Yang did not say anything!

He could not believe that there was such a story!

Nine Tribulations Pills had appeared seventeen thousand years ago. Then it could be said that seventeen thousand years ago there was once a Nine Tribulations Sword master! Because Nine Tribulations Pill could only be obtained by a Nine Tribulations Sword master.

“Everyone knows that Father is better off dead than alive. However, even if they don’t look from the aspect of human emotion, from the political aspect, if Father dies… Would I still look like a human being? Would anyone want to fight for Iron Cloud? Because Iron Cloud has a cold-blooded prince, would anyone voluntarily fight for him? If a person could not even take good care of his own father, does he still have a conscience? Would he still be worthy of others risking their lives for him?”

“I don’t want to think about this; this is too cruel, but I cannot avoid thinking about it! Do you think that I, Tie Bu Tian, want to be the prince? Do you believe that I truly want the emperor position? Do you believe that… I really do not pay any mind to the people or the lives of the soldiers?” Tie Bu Tian angrily stared at Chu Yang, “You come an uncultivated background; how much of this politics do you understand?”

“You only know of what should be and what should not be! But do you know that between what should and should not be there is a blurred gap?” Tie Bu Tian roared, “What you all see are well-drawn out, but when it comes to me, it is wrong! As a ruler, six hundred million people are watching me and what I do wrong.”

“I also want to not take care of anything and just fall into a deep sleep; but I cannot do so! I also want to go to work when the sun rises and rest when the sun sets. Do you know that that life of a peasant is what I dream of every night? But I will never live it. Even if Iron Cloud Nation is destroyed, I still cannot have this! Do you understand?”

Tie Bu Tian said solemnly, “I am very tired. Each day, I am so tired that I want to die. But have you ever thought with my father still lying there, still watching me, watching… his child working hard for Iron Cloud Nation, I will not feel tired! Do you understand such feelings?”

“If Father dies… a minor thing would be that I lost my father. But the major thing would be the effect on the lives of six hundred million people within the thirteen hundred miles of Iron Cloud territory!”

Tie Bu Tian’s voice slowly grew low, “And right now, the disappearance of saintly doctor Du has taken away all hope for Father!”

“I also do not want saintly doctor Du to go missing or your father to suffer an unfortunate incident.” Chu Yang said slowly, “But there is one thing. You are a prince ruling an entire nation. Even if it is cruel, you have to see everything clearly… this can only be advantageous for Iron Cloud.”

“That is correct.” Tie Bu Tian’s tone was very cold, “Even though I am a prince, Iron Cloud has been ruled by me for a long time. In any case, I am not a ruler in name, and a nation with two rulers is unacceptable. If Father dies, the entire royal court of Iron Cloud, regardless of whether they are military or court officials, against me or for me, they would have to take a step toward me as their center! For Iron Cloud, this can only be advantageous!”

“Especially under the current messy situation of the country on the verge of falling, this can only be a good thing!” Tie Bu Tian smiled icily and said, “But who has thought about how I feel?”

“Have you thought about it?” Tie Bu Tian asked Chu Yang directly, “Have you thought about it?”

Chu Yang remained solemnly silent.

“I am not an ambitious person who lusts for power.” Tie Bu Tian quietly said. His shoulders trembled. In this moment, Prince Bu Tian maintained his intelligence and calmness, but seemed extremely delicate and pitiful…

“I am going back to the palace; during this time, I will have to trouble Minister Chu.” Tie Bu Tian took a deep breath and said, “Whether it is giving out pensions for the deceased soldiers, finding spies, or finding saintly doctor Du, I trust that Minister Chu will do a good job.”

Tie Bu Tian turned and said softly, “My father only has a few days left; no matter what, I must remain by his side and take care of him until the moment he dies! Even if I lose this country for it, I… will not have any regrets!”

Then he quickly walked out. Upon reaching the door, he paused and said gently, “Chu Yang, if you cannot find Du Shi Qing… I will hate you! I will hate you for the rest of my life!”

In any case, Tie Bu Tian was not an idiot. Du Shi Qing just left Chu Yang’s place and immediately disappeared; how could he not be suspicious? But he said “hate” not “kill.” This had some deep hidden meaning.

After he finished speaking those words, Tie Bu Tian immediately disappeared behind the door.

Chu Yang stood at the door and stared outside in surprise. If someone could see his face behind the mask, they would be able to discover that he was in an intense struggle.

Tie Shi Cheng was currently better off dead than alive; dying a little earlier would be a relief for him. Plus, it would be doing him a favor! Everyone understood this.

Forcefully dragging out the life of this once mighty emperor was truly a cruel thing to do! Everyone knew this!

At this time, letting Tie Shi Cheng die was not a sad thing for all of Iron Cloud but a reprieve. Plus, the government of Iron Cloud would be more fortified. Tie Bu Tian’s position of power would become official. With regards to the war between the two nations, this was not damaging in any way; it would be a great good!

Moreover, Chu Yang’s choice to have Du Shi Qing go missing at this moment had a threefold purpose. First, he would be able to protect Du Shi Qing. Second, Iron Cloud Citadel was currently in chaos and it was known that remnants of Golden Horse Riders Department were still there. Therefore he could use this as an excuse to increase the search force. Most importantly was the fact that Golden Horse Riders Department had suffered a great loss!

Out of the two King level leaders, one was dead and the other one was dying. The three Command Horse Riders were all killed! The strength of Golden Horse Riders Department in Iron Cloud Citadel was greatly weakened. Plus, spies like Tang Xin Sheng had already been captured. Since these things happened not too long ago, Golden Horse Riders Department would not have a chance to arrange something else.

If Tie Shi Cheng died now, it would be totally unexpected for Diwu Qing Rou. Chu Yang speculated that Diwu Qing Rou currently could not even react in time.

It was because the Golden Horse Riders Department people who were still in Iron Cloud Citadel would absolutely not dare to contact Great Zhao. So Diwu Qing Rou was now even more in the dark! As long as he did not know or knew too late, they could safely pass through the chaos that would come as it did after Tie Long Cheng died in the previous life!

Without a trace, he was able to eliminate a chance of Tie Bu Tian getting assassinated and a great crisis for Iron Cloud!

For Tie Shi Cheng, it was a good thing; for Iron Cloud Nation, it was a good thing; for the six hundred million people, it was also a good thing. With so many good things, so many benefits, Chu Yang just never considered Tie Bu Tian!

He never considered Tie Bu Tian’s perspective on this issue.

Or perhaps he did, but disregarded it.

However, Chu Yang was currently feeling guilty because of Tie Bu Tian’s reaction. It got him to start reconsidering this issue.

My decision is not wrong.

But the starting point needs to be reevaluated.

No matter what, this will definitely cause some injuries for Tie Bu Tian. Whether the starting point is that of a humane cause or a desire, I will feel a little guilty that I am not doing right by Tie Bu Tian.

From this thought, Chu Yang expanded further and suddenly had this feeling: I want to change fate and change this world; am I considering this issue from a selfish point of view?

Thinking to this point, Chu Yang was somewhat enlightened.

He did not regret today’s action, but he set out one principle for himself: From now on, whenever he did anything, he would try to think about it more.

Because he was afraid that he would regret it later! Or, at some moment in time, thinking about something might cause his heart to be restless.

Chu Yang understood well that this kind of self-torture on one’s mind was truly the greatest kind of suffering in life! The kind that tore and ripped at one’s conscience like this could absolutely send a person into a deadly dilemma.

Chu Yang did not want himself to be with such guilty conscience for the rest of his life.

That afternoon, the people who went to search for Yin Wu Fa did not find any information. Just as Chu Yang planning on going back to Heavenly Armament Pavilion, one of the Shadow Guards appeared, “The Emperor wants to see you!”

“The Emperor wants to see me?” Chu Yang was temporarily stunned, “The Emperor?”

“The currently ruling emperor!” The Shadow Guard dryly explained, “Let’s go.”

Before Chu Yang could reply, the Shadow Guard had grabbed him. Then Chu Yang felt himself floating out the door and out of the gate. And like a dream… he was at the royal palace…

Chu Yang did not know what to say.

Even if you want to take me away, you should at least give me a word of warning. Especially when you whisked me away, you don’t show yourself. People on the road looked at me as if I was a demon flying in the air.

This feeling was truly frustrating!

“The energy in your body is very odd!” When the Shadow Guard placed him down, he suddenly let out this mysterious sentence. He frowned and shook his head, “I have never encountered it before.”

Then he disappeared without waiting for Chu Yang’s answer.

Chu Yang gathered his wits and looked. He was at large room in the royal palace. The air was filled with the noxious smell of medicine. Through a thin curtain of tassels, he could faintly see Tie Bu Tian standing vigilantly within. He seemed to be talking about something in a very low voice.

After a pause, Tie Bu Tian turned his head toward the door and said softly, “Is that Minister Chu out there?”

Chu Yang said, “It is Chu Yang.”

“Please come in.” Tie Bu Tian said with a mournful voice, “Father has been wanting to meet you.” (walkthejianghu.com)

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