“Qing Wu!” Chu Yang awoken with a start and cried out before his eyes were even opened. He could only feel his heart throbbing with pain. But his voice was so weak that his cry sounded like a faint moan that even he could barely hear…

As the words escaped his mouth, Chu Yang was stunned!

I… clearly saw Mo Qing Wu coming to greet me. That familiar smile and that tender voice have already seeped into my bones…

What happened?

In front of him right now was endless mountains. The red sunset glowed like blood at the horizon. In all directions, purple bamboos were swaying like gentle ripples in the wind…

There was currently a spot of blood on his foot.

Chu Yang’s head suddenly felt incredible pain. He raised his hand to touch it and found it soaked with red blood.

This mountain, this scenery and this injury are all very familiar!

Where is this?

A voice sound suddenly rang out by Chu Yang’s ears; it sounded almost like someone crying, “Hey… You… don’t scare me. Such a handsome person like myself cannot be easily scared…”

Chu Yang’s mind became even hazier as he wondered if he was really dead.

Who is this punk calling right next to my ears? He is really something; he clearly sounds scared to death, but he does not forget to be narcissistic…

Seeming to not see a reaction, that person called out, “Really… you’re not mad, are you? Oh… oh…”

That crying sound was like a siren; if someone heard it from afar, they would surely think that it was the howling of a wolf.

The loud cry rang out for a long time. It rose and fall like a wave without ceasing. When that one breath of air was out, it became the sounds: Woah… Woah…

Really talented. Chu Yang thought to himself. He could also hear that the voice was fearful and sorrowful and without the least bit of falsehood. But this was truly hard for others to boast about…

It was as if when the heavens made a mistake when they created this person and put a voice of a duck on his body. Furthermore, this was a voice of a dead male duck…

Perhaps after creating him, they felt it was not right so they made up to him by giving him the howling of a wolf to complement it.

This voice seems a little familiar… It is truly unique!

Chu Yang was suddenly startled as memories of many years ago rushed through his mind…

“We were just practicing with the staff; you can’t be dead after one hit from me can you?” The voice was trembling with obvious terror.

“… They have beaten you so many times, why is it that you fell after only one hit from me… This… This, motherf*, is too unfair! Could it be that you are jealous that I have grown up so handsomely and want to frame me?”

Chu Yang was speechless.

What kind of person is this? I can’t believe that he is complaining about me. In any case, who wants to run into such a thing? But even as he is complaining, he does not forget to add a few praises for himself!

Such narcissism is unmatched in this world!

Letting out a groan, Chu Yang finally forced his eyes open.

He really could not stand it anymore. Even as the famed Poisonous Sword Revered Martial Artist, he could no longer bear such sounds.

This dead duck voice intermingled with the gurgling of the guy’s hungry stomach… forget about people, even tigers would fall over and die if they were subjected to this…

“You’re conscious; you’re conscious… Haha… I knew you fainted because of my handsome face…”

That voice continued to torture Chu Yang’s ears, “I was curious as why you were staring at my face like that when we were fighting; now, I understand!”

Chu Yang frowned; his head throbbed with pain as he shouted weakly, “Shut up!”

Chu Yang truly could not bear it anymore. If that punk said a few more words, he would rather stab his heart again and end his life.

In any case, he already died once. The moment he just came to, he had to bear this terrible voice. Is there still justice in heaven? Even in death, a person can’t get any peace…

Is this some kind of punishment…

While Chu Yang’s voice was low, it was full of authority. The aura of Poisonous Sword Revered Martial Artist radiated outward and rendered the blabbering idiot stunned and speechless.

Chu Yang’s eyes opened wide, but he could only see a blinding brightness and feel his head spinning. He had to close them, and opened them more gradually after…

Right now, his was looking at the face of a person. Ah, this must be the guy who was boasting that he is handsome.

Yes, beside Chu Yang and him, there was no one else here.

The moment Chu Yang saw that face, his heart was filled with a feeling of affection. At the same time, he wanted to laugh. Using the word handsome on his face was a monumental waste!

This face was absolutely not ugly!

The eyes were big, the nose was straight, the mouth was small, and the brows were sharp like swords. Plus, his face was white and not too fat or thin.

But the odd thing was, while his eyes were large, they were a little far apart from each other. One eye was almost next to the left ear, and the other was almost next to the right one.

His brows were indeed shaped like swords. But of the two swords, one was breaking through the heavens while the other was breaking through hell. They were pointing in completely opposite directions!

His nose was also very straight, but in a really stiff way. The ridge of his nose was like a tall mountain range completely separating his two eyes! From a distance, that nose ridge was like a galaxy separating Niu Lang and Zhi Nu. (Famed lovers who were separated from each other by the Milky Way Galaxy as punishment from the heavens.) With such eyes, it would be difficult to become cross-eyed…

His mouth was very small and was even rosy. But such a cute little mouth was placed on a big man’s face… a very big man’s face…

It was like that culinary quote, “A piece of tofu white as snow with a red cherry on top…”

A person’s appearance generally said something about his character… This was indescribable! Truly very characteristic and unique!

Where can you find another person like this… Ha. Chu Yang wanted to kneel down and show his admiration for this truly unique person!

“Tan Tan?” Chu Yang’s whole body was in excruciating pain, and his head felt as if it was being pierced with ten thousands blades, but he put great efforts into controlling himself and smiled gently, “Tan Tan, you are still the same narcissistic punk! Still acting crazy.”

This guy was Chu Yang’s close friend since childhood, Junior Martial Brother Tan Tan. Tan from talk, and Tan from the name of a quick fading Epiphyllum flower. This name really created an impression.

Tan Tan was like Chu Yang; they were both orphans who were raised by their master. When Chu Yang was nineteen, Tan Tan went out, and then there were sudden news that he had died. Until now, Chu Yang still did now know why Tan Tan had died then. Who was the enemy? He had investigated for a long time, but no news turned up.

Tan Tan’s death had a great impact on Chu Yang’s life and made this odd character become even more quiet and withdrawn…

Earlier, Chu Yang had his eyes closed so he could only hear the voice. Now that his eyes were opened, Chu Yang almost instantly knew where he was.

This place was really too familiar!

This was the Purple Bamboo Forest behind the mountains of Beyond the Heavens Sect. This place was where he had once practiced staff fighting with Tan Tan when he was sixteen, and his body suddenly became stiff. Tan Tan was not able to stop in time and knocked him unconscious.

Could it be that I went back to the time I was sixteen? But… how is this possible?

Chu Yang looked around and around. After looking around once more, he finally determined that he was indeed reborn! Plus, the place that he had returned to was the age of sixteen. This entire impossible scenario was currently happening to him.

Chu Yang was a person with a fortified mind, but even he was stupefied!

If I am truly reborn once more in this life, what should I not let go?

I really have the chance to start over?

Chu Yang remained stunned for a long time before coming to. He took a deep breath and tried to suppress the emotions surging inside himself. Because he was so emotional, his became flushed. His heart beat violently as if it was about to escape from his chest.

He turned his gaze back and looked carefully at the martial brother he thought he would never see again. Strong emotions shot from Chu Yang’s eyes as he shakily joked, “Tan Tan, I finally understand why you were thrown away…”

Truly, if he was born with such appearance, it would take someone with extremely tough nerves to not drop him out of fright.

Tan Tan unconsciously scratched his head and unexpectedly said without any shame, “The reason I was thrown away must be because I am too handsome… And you were thrown away must be because you are too ugly…”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes. He was filled with the impulse to laugh and to hit him at the same time…

According to his memory, this injury left him bedridden for half a month.

It was not until long after that Chu Yang realized that it was not because he lost the match, but because someone had poisoned him! The poison remained inactive in his body until a certain time; then it would act up and immobilize his body!

The poisoner was not just targeting him, but he had carefully calculated the time to ensure that Tan Tan would be hitting Chu Yang and kill him. This would also directly end Tan Tan’s life.

In the sect, fighting with each other was commonplace. But killing someone was a big deal! Because of this, Tan Tan would certainly be expelled from the sect!

However, the poisoner was not expecting one thing. During this time, while Tan Tan was showing that his strength was at the same level as Chu Yang, his strength actually surpassed Chu Yang’s by far. Whenever he fought with Chu Yang, he would hold back somewhat.

At that key moment, while Tan Tan was not able to take back his move in time, he did manage hold back some power, and Chu Yang ended up with only a light injury!

Including Chu Yang and Tan Tan, their master had a total of three disciples! The poison was definitely their eldest martial brother! Shi Qian Shan!

An icy chill flashed in Chu Yang’s eyes as he quietly thought of the name “Shi Qian Shan.”

Chu Yang’s gaze grew colder and colder as a faint murderous aura grew in his body.

Sitting next to him, Tan Tan asked himself why it was suddenly chilly in the middle of a hot summer day; he could not help but shiver. (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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