The two groups reluctantly bid farewell. Chu Yang took Ji Mo and company and sped away in the wind and snow. Within moments, they had disappeared into the white landscape.

Seeing that Chu Yang’s group had left, Cheng Yun He took a few handfuls of snow and violently rubbed them on his hand. Then he got into his carriage and gave his orders; the caravan slowly went on its way.

“Sir, why did you give him your calling card? These people clearly did not have good intentions!” One of the Revered Martial Artists sitting opposite of him asked in puzzlement.

“How could I not know they harbor malicious intent? But just from looking at them, I can tell that are talented. Plus they are still young, and their mannerism showed that they are not ordinary at all! These people are definitely not people of Bu Tian Pavilion. This we can be certain of.” Cheng Yun He closed his eyes and said solemnly.

“This is true. While they are rude, they looked like they are used to the easy life. Plus, they are the arrogant type. King of Hell Chu’s Bu Tian Pavilion would probably not be able to recruit characters like these.” That Revered Martial Artist frowned and said, “In my humble opinion, these people look more like the descendants of powerful clans. Ordinary families would not be able to nurture talents like those…”

“Yes!” Cheng Yun He said, “No matter what their intentions were, three things are certain. First, they did not intend to chase and kill all of us or notify King of Hell Chu. This tells us about their position. Second, these people have some intent to go to Great Zhao. Third, this is the most important point. He had unintentionally said one thing. And it was because of this that I gave his my jade calling card.”

“What is that?” (

“’We are challengers, where wouldn’t we go?’ It was this.” Cheng Yun He said casually, “Challengers… Currently, how many people in the world go around challenging people? How many clans?”

“Sir, you mean to say… these people are the descendants of Middle Three Heavens clans?” The Revered Martial Artist’s eyes immediately widened.

“Yes!” Cheng Yun He said pensively, “When they were fighting, they were not too united or harmonious. And they did not have the same surnames… It is very likely that they came from multiple clans… Ah, the first youth that appeared, they called him… Luo Ke Di? Is that right?”

“Yes, that was his name.”

“Hmm, and the person that was teasing him most was call Lonely? (TLN: Also Ji Mo) Or was it Ji Mo? Probably Ji Mo.” Cheng Yun He said, “The last guy who was asking about King level leader Yin said his surname is Gu!… This proves that must be from at least three great clans in Middle Three Heavens!”

“All we need to do is ask when we get back.” Cheng Yun He said leisurely, “People like them, it is better to friends than enemies. If they ever come… Haha, even the Prime Minister would have to welcome them. But they were not clear about when they would come, that’s why I gave them this piece of jade. Once they come to Great Zhao, they would surely think of me. And thinking of me, they would likely find me… Isn’t this better than us finding a needle in a haystack?”

“Yes! You are truly wise and have incredible foresight.” That Revered Martial Artist was in awe. A scholar was truly a scholar; his thinking was much more complex than ordinary people.

“Yes, being friends with such clans would be of great benefit. But being their enemy, the consequences would be even more disastrous.” Cheng Yun He said, “On the off chance that they come to Great Zhao… In your opinion, given their abilities, could they not stir up a lot of trouble?”

That Revered Martial Artist thought of the arrogant and domineering ways of those six people and could not help but smile; he said, “People like them, it would be odd if they don’t stir up trouble wherever they go…”

“Yes, and if someone in Great Zhao provokes them…” Cheng Yun He stroked his beard and said, “The playboy punks in Great Zhao are not few…”

The Revered Martial Artist’s countenance shifted as he said, “Mmm, many.”

“I have to take careful insurance measures…” Cheng Yun He took a deep breath and said, “Whether it will be useful or not, I have laid down a foundation today.”

In the howling snow and wind, the caravan finally disappeared.

At this time, after going for some distance, Chu Yang turned around and looked at the vast landscape; he muttered, “Whether it will be useful or not, I have laid down a foundation today…”

Gu Du Xing asked, “What foundation?”

Chu Yang laughed and said, “The foundation to go to Great Zhao!”

His whip snapped and rang through the emptiness; he said, “Let us return to Heavenly Armament Pavilion!”

Gu Du Xing and company complied and rushed after.

At this very moment, Chu Yang suddenly let out a loud scream and fell to the ground. Gu Du Xing and the rest were startled. They hastily dismounted and ran toward him with concern. They could only see that Chu Yang’s whole body was red as his head was steaming with heat. The snow was falling heavily, but the moment it touched this heat, it immediately melted.

The heat grew stronger and stronger…

Gu Du Xing and company were puzzled. In such icy weather, how could Chu Yang look like he was burning up?

Currently, Chu Yang was suffering from indescribable misery. Just now, a massive force had rushed out from his dantian; Chu Yang head almost exploded! The meridians in his entire body were expanded to their limits…

The discomfort was unimaginable.

He barely managed to control himself to get into a meditative sitting position. Then he ignored everything else and activated his martial energy in that position in the middle of the wilderness. Chu Yang felt that if he was a little slower in activating his martial energy, this massive force would have ripped him into tiny pieces.

Chu Yang felt very strange. F*! Where does such a powerful medicinal force come from? Didn’t I already absorb all of the earnings from the palace’s vault? How could there still be more?

He still did not know that this was the reaping of Nine Tribulations Sword’s thievery!

The two slices of Diwu Qing Rou’s Jade Spirit Ginseng had been placed in an exquisite jade box under Cheng Yun He’s shirt. What Nine Tribulations Sword needed most was the power of this kind of treasure. Of course, with sharp senses, it discovered this and took the opportunity of Chu Yang making contact with Cheng Yun He to go over and it quickly stole them.

Nine Tribulations Sword did this without anyone noticing; within moments, it had absorbed all of the Jade Spirit Ginseng and snuck back with satisfaction.

After it had taken in the essence for itself, the medicinal potency left over became the fortune of Nine Tribulations Sword’s master, Chu Yang!

However, this force was truly massive… Chu Yang could barely withstand it!

This was nothing strange. One slice of Jade Spirit Ginseng was enough to help restore the vitality of a dying King level master and restore thirty percent of his strength! Then what would happen if he ate two at a time?

How much was thirty percent strength of a King level master?

This could not be calculated, but compared to a seventh grade Martial Artist like Chu Yang, it must be much greater… Getting hit with such a colossal medicinal force under such unexpected circumstances, it was already good that Chu Yang did not become completely stupefied by the shock…

Chu Yang tried to maintain consciousness and push this force through his meridians, but he still had the feeling that this force was too large and his meridians were really too narrow. Essentially, this force could not be pushed through fast enough. It was as if the waterfall was trying to pass through a tiny little cave with no other way to escape but to squeeze through…

One could only imagine the kind of pressure Chu Yang was under right now!

His meridians were almost blocked but the medicinal force from his dantian did not cease to pour out into them…

Gu Du Xing and the rest were anxiously watching Chu Yang. They looked at his suddenly reddened body and his meridians which were slowly bulging as if they were about to burst out in the snow.

The heat being emitted from his body grew more substantial by the moment. Gradually, the layer of snow under him melted away. Even Ji Mo and company were sweating from the heat as they stood by his side…

Gu Du Xing took a deep breath. He placed his palm on Chu Yang’s back intending to activate his martial energy and lend Chu Yang a hand. Looking at Chu Yang’s current situation, with the meridians completely blocked, someone had to help him clear them…

Gu Du Xing had visual ability, and he also had accurate judgement. But he thought that Chu Yang had his meridians blocked because of some other reason, not because there was so much energy in his body that it could not handle.

Currently, what Chu Yang needed was to free that powerful force from his body, not receive another force to help regulate his energy flow. If an additional force came into his body at this moment, it would definitely be disastrous…

The moment Gu Du Xing placed his hand and activated his martial energy, there was a loud boom. His body shot outward as if he was a ball that was being pushed down a mountain by an unexpected flash flood…

He immediately flew out thirty feet into a pile of snow. The whole pile of snow started to sizzle as steam rose. Ji Mo and company were startled, and hastily rushed over. Gu Du Xing wobbled out of the snow pile and shook his head. He said with a paled face, “This force is truly powerful.”

Gu Du Xing was currently an eighth grade Great level master; his cultivation level was much higher than Chu Yang’s, but he was still beaten by the energy in Chu Yang’s body. He almost got injured while Chu Yang was still in an unconscious state…

This fact left Gu Du Xing stunned…

“How could this be?” Ji Mo was greatly agitated. Since the time he was fighting with that Revered Martial Master, he already felt something was different with his body. But he could not put it into words; in short, he was already anxious.

“I was pushed out…” Right after Gu Du Xing said this, the other four were petrified! Pushed out? An eight grade Martial Artist pushed out an eight grade Great level master? Was this a joke?

“It’s true!” Gu Du Xing saw the suspicious in the face of the four and said helplessly.

“F*!” Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di yelled out in unison and sat with their heads tilted as they looked at Chu Yang meditating. They kept shaking their heads and almost sprained their necks…

“Could it be that Big Brother pretended to be a pig to eat tigers? Has he been playing us the whole time?” Luo Ke Di cried out, “I even picked on him recently… I am in big trouble, big trouble…”

“It’s not anything like that.” Gu Du Xing said, “I also can’t tell how he’s doing this; maybe it is accidental…”

Rui Bu Tong, Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di yelled out at the same time, “Oh god… give me one chance to be accidental like that…”

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  1. Let’s all accidentally get power boosts!!!

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  3. I was pushed out…” Right after Gu Du Xing said this, the other four were petrified! Pushed out? An eight grade Martial Artist pushed out an eight grade Great level master? Was this a joke?

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