The pupils of the stranger in front of them momentarily contracted! A trace of admiration showed from the depth of his eyes. Compared to his strength, the strength of these youths was less than that of an ant. But they were filled with camaraderie and pride for each other, enough to make people admire and envy them!

The stranger in blue distinctly felt: In front of me, there is clearly not a wholly unified group of six youngsters! In fact, there is some separation between them! But as I appeared in front of them and put on some pressure as a trial, they quickly became one unit!

Right now, if he was to deal with any one of them, he would be dealing with six people working together seamlessly!

Dealing with six people like this, unless he killed them all, even in death, the six would die together. There was no separating them!

The stranger in blue let out a sigh, feeling emotional in the moment. He clearly knew how mystical such an incident was!

These six people in front of him were obviously in an important stage of integration. There was still a gap in their character and temperament from the level of brotherhood cooperation!

And this gap was their weakness. If their enemy took advantage of this weakness, they would easily be separated and defeated!

However, in such a coincidental event, his sudden appearance at this crucial time had unintentionally created a deadly pressure upon them with his supreme power!

When the stranger heard Chu Yang talking from a distance, he immediately became interested with the speaker and appeared to meet him.

And after seeing their faces, his superior sight naturally saw that these six youths were, in essence, not ordinary! Thus, he subconsciously wanted to test the strength of these youths.

This was just a natural reaction of a martial expert whenever he meets others of his kind.

His power had already reached the level where it could be activated at the very thought of it. So within the moment he thought of this, his massive aura burst out! It created a powerful oppression over the six youths in front of him!

It was also under his oppression, facing the greatest danger ever, they had fully cooperated with each other in one giant leap!

He had provided them with a key catalyst!

And the key character was the person standing in the middle among the three youths who advanced first! At a glance, this person was the youngest, but he played a key role that no one else could replace!

In fact, even Chu Yang did not know what had just passed. As for Gu Du Xing and company, they were even more clueless.

Only the stranger who contributed to the phenomenon in front of him recognized the great mystery within.

The six people seemed to have responded randomly, but there was still a differentiation!

Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang, as well as Dong Wu Shang, felt the gigantic pressure at the same time and called out before stepping forward. But it was Chu Yang who advanced first!

Within the moment Chu Yang moved, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang also walked after him!

The difference was miniscule, but it made the stranger in blue feel Chu Yang’s terrifying power.

Chu Yang had made his move without hesitation; he had only one thought in mind: I have to be the first to block him!

It was precisely the kind of fearlessness clearly demonstrated by this line of thought! Facing such a master, the first person to make such a reaction surely did not pay any mind to life and death!

This one step of Chu Yang was a showing of his decisiveness!

If it was in a real battle, this one step of his would give his brothers behind him a chance at living! While it would be slim, it was a chance for respite or escape nonetheless!

However, it was also because he was decisive and without any hesitation, that a clear sense was born in Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang’s minds. Therefore, at that moment, the two were determined not to let their big brother face the enemy alone! So they did not hesitate to follow!

The moment they picked up their heels, Chu Yang also felt a clear sense of brotherhood and their movements. So he unconsciously slowed down a bit and waited for his brothers!

The feet of the three people touched the ground at the same time! In that moment, the three became one absolute and indivisible unit! In the process of uniting six people, half was completed!

The reason the three did this: first, it was because they would not allow their own brother to face a powerful enemy on his own; and second, it was because of their surviving together and dying together mentality. While only a short amount of time had passed and they essentially did not have to process that much, they did so unconsciously!

Therefore, their momentum implicitly stated to the remaining three: We will block, and you guys run!

The decision echoed among the three! Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong were also young and hot-blooded. When they realized the intention of Chu Yang and the other two, they stepped up with almost no considerations!

Birth at the same place, makes brothers!

Death at the same place, makes brothers!

You would do anything for my sake, and I would also risk my life for your sake!

So the other three also followed closely. The moment the six people stood side by side, a bond of brotherhood had begun to form!

From a group of divided misfits, they formed into an impenetrable fortress!

And while the analysis was lengthy, they had all done this subconsciously! They did not have time to consider these matters!

It was because they did not time for considerations that made it most truthful, and enabled them to form this united front!

If anyone of them had thought about it and took time to consider, that person would be tossed aside by the other five, and, in the end, that person would not have the opportunity to enter a group like that again! But all of them did not take time to consider it and acted subconsciously!

Therefore, this bond of brotherhood, from this point on, had truly formed!

The interaction between person and person was indeed mysterious. Between men, there were times when a look could create enemies that could not share the same sky and fight to the death! Sometimes a momentary action could create a bond of brotherhood for a lifetime!

Some things are so mysterious, they cannot be explained!

The stranger in blue sighed; he had never dreamed that his subconscious test could catalyze the formation of such an odd group!

He also did not think about his own position. With such a cultivation level, forget about Lower Three Heavens, it was even rare in Middle Three Heavens. Just appearing from out of nowhere, apart from everything else, that was enough to stress out people…

If Chu Yang’s group did react, that would be strange!

But the gaze of the stranger focused on Chu Yang because of all this. He could feel that Chu Yang was probably a central figure in this team of six!

His indifferent gaze suddenly made contact with Chu Yang’s. Chu Yang suddenly felt dizzy. It was as if his opponent’s eyes contained the limitless universe and he was being pulled into it, spinning and lost within…

Chu Yang knew well that his mind was being oppressed by his opponent, and all he had to do was look elsewhere or close his eyes, everything thing would return to normal!

But he did not want to do that. He had discovered that his opponent’s eyes seemed to be emitting a fierce pull that rendered his eyes unable to look away or close!

He could only allow his eyes to be controlled by his opponent and helplessly float in his opponent’s vast power…

Chu Yang felt that he could collapse to the ground at any moment. And, in his consciousness, he had already tumbled down countless times under his opponent’s mental power…

But at this very moment, the stranger suddenly let out an “Oh.” Right after, Chu Yang felt his mind returning to his body, and his gaze had finally escaped from that saintly force of the opponent.

At this point, Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo, and Rui Bu Tong had roared out in anger and pulled out their blades. The five attacked in the direction of the stranger in blue! With no chance of return!

They had all recognized that Chu Yang had met with danger!

Facing such a powerful enemy, initiating an attack was tantamount to asking for death. But the five was not the least bit hesitant and attacked simultaneously!

“Stop!” Chu Yang had just recovered his state of mind and immediately yelled out loud!

But he was too late. Gu Du Xing and company knew that their opponent was powerful so they put their full force into their attack! This was attacking without any reservations; their moves were resolute, and, the moment the made them, there was no pulling back!

The stranger’s gaze remained fixed on Chu Yang’s face, but the bone-chilling pull was no longer there. He carelessly waved his left arm and said, “Leave!”

With a bang, a monstrous amount of snow suddenly filled the air!

Snow in the air, snow on the ground, and snow in the forest all flew up together, and a few large trees even became uprooted. The snow formed a wall that pushed Gu Du Xing and the other four out!

“Senior, please have mercy!” Chu Yang yelled out loud. Then he immediately pushed his legs hard and pulled his right arm into his sleeve! Silent and unseen, Nine Tribulations Sword’s point appeared on his finger tip!

“Don’t worry, they will not die.” There was a touch of emotion in his voice, seemingly suppressed with great effort. He said casually, “They just have to suffer a little pain and nakedness…”

“What do you mean?” Chu Yang intently looked at the stranger in blue. At this point, he no longer had any avoidance. If his opponent was to say that Gu Du Xing and the rest were dead, Chu Yang would immediately would use all of his effort to try to escape, even if that meant revealing the secret of Nine Tribulations Sword!

This was not cowardice; it would be for the sake of vengeance for his brothers that he must live first!

As long as my enemy is not dead, I will not die!

He would hide himself in the forest, and wait until he became more powerful to kill all of the stranger’s clan!

But now that he knew Gu Du Xing and the others were okay, Chu Yang felt assured and pulled back Nine Tribulations Sword.

The stranger’s body glided forward by a few steps. He carefully looked at Chu Yang’s face and asked, “What is your surname?”

“Chu!” Chu Yang replied absently as he tried to listen for any movements from Gu Du Xing and company. Then there were thumping sounds as if some things were falling to the ground…

Immediately after, a painful wailed was heard in the wind. It was followed by angry cursing, “Motherf*, my clothes… Oh, hey… my butt…” It was the voice of Luo Ke Di…

Chu Yang was finally relieved. Luo Ke Di strength was essentially the weakest. If he was okay, then the others would of course be okay also.

“Your surname is Chu?!” The stranger’s face suddenly showed some emotion. He said, “What is your name?”

Chu Yang was now assured so he could concentrate all of his efforts in dealing with the strange man in front of him. He rolled his eyes and said, “Why do you ask?” (

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