“You should stay here for now. Early tomorrow morning, I will inform my father personally. If he agrees, then we will proceed immediately.” Tie Bu Tian smiled.

Earlier his appearance was like a sword emitting an aura of arrogance. But after the smile, his whole demeanor suddenly became gentle and intimate, making others feel as if they were being bathed in the spring breeze.

He did not need to do any tricks to sway people’s hearts. His speaking naturally was enough to make all those who come into contact with him feel regret that they were not in his service.

“Yes!” Bao Kuang Lei shivered. He could not help but re-evaluate this prince at a higher level. Despite his age, he was not simple. Since his birth until now, Bao Kuang Lei had met many different kinds of people. However, he has yet to meet anyone who could compare to this prince.

It was clear why people praised him as the number one heaven-sent talent of the Lower Three Heavens of all time.

Before meeting Tie Bu Tian, Bao Kuang Lei did not pay attention to those praises. In life, how can there be such a thing as a heaven-sent talent. It’s only good upbringing and receiving better training than normal people. If you learn to rule from infancy, over time, your aura will certainly be above normal. As for number one heaven-sent talent… there is no lack of heaven-sent talents in this world.

However, at this time, he believed. From the elegance that seemed seeped to the bones to the majesty that seemed to radiate from the soul. Every action, from the lifting of the hands to the stretching of the legs, was so natural and exuded a regalness that it made a Jiang Hu person like Bao Kuang Lei tremble in his soul.


Beyond the Heavens Sect’s Purple Bamboo Garden.

Next morning, Tan Tan laying on the ground with arms and legs outstretched, panted and exclaimed, “Chu… Yang… I… I… admit you are much more handsome than me. But these past few days, you have been really cruel. You are working me to death…”

These days Chu Yang just wanted to cultivate, so he forced Tan Tan to go along with him, making him practically die from exhaustion. Therefore, only after a few days, every time Tan Tan saw Chu Yang, he would shake uncontrollably from fear.

With every session, Chu Yang calculated very carefully. He knew exactly how long it would take before Tan Tan’s body reached its extreme limits. So after each time, even though Tan Tan could barely stand up, his body was not in any danger.

Every time Tan Tan saw Chu Yang, it was as if he had run into a demon. Previously, he was in the habit of bragging and self-admiration, but currently he didn’t even have time for self-admiration.

Chu Yang took a deep breath, pulled in his energy and stood up. In the past twenty days, he did not let his cultivation lapse for even a little. His cultivation has already reached ninth grade martial pupil, just a little more and he would enter the rank of martial warrior.

Feeling all the transformations inside him, Chu Yang smiled. Only when he advanced to the rank of martial warrior could he begin to officially train his body.

If his strength had not reached martial warrior level and he forcefully practiced excessive physical exercises, then his muscles and internal organs would be severely compromised. There was a saying in the Lower Three Heavens,

“Literature lasts for eternity,

Martial artist retires at death.”

This implied that those who practice martial arts usually do not live past 60 years. However, this lesson seemed to be not right. Because while this saying basically valued literature over martial arts, the number 60 was just a haphazard guess. The truth was, every year, there were countless martial pupils who wanted to improve their skills by cultivating carelessly. But this ends up consuming a lot of their strength and results in extreme fatigue that was unbearable to the body of a martial pupil. Even if they advance in skill, that fatigue was permanent in their body. When they are about 50 years old, this fatigue will manifest itself intensively and it would be too late to do anything because the body would be ravaged beyond repair.

Therefore, martial artists always wasted the most time in the training the body, setting a solid foundation at this martial pupil level.

Just a little bit more and he would become a martial warrior, then he will have the requirements to cultivate Nine Tribulations Sword – Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique! And not just Nine Tribulations Sword, but there were techniques in the Middle Three Heavens that clearly stated those below the rank of martial warrior cannot cultivate.

Chu Yang’s dantian stirred. He had struggled from dawn to noon to cultivate a little qi for the Nine Tribulations Sword spirit to absorb. A moment later, it released that qi. Even though the amount of qi was much smaller, it was extremely pure.

Although, this qi could not compare to natural qi, but in terms of purity it was many times better. When compared to the normally absorbed qi, the difference was heaven and earth. It was much better.

These days, after each cultivation, as his martial power increased, Chu Yang felt the sword spirit stir quietly inside of him. He thought nothing of it, and gradually ignored it all together.

What worried him most during this time was the pure purple jade essence around his neck, which was unreactive. When it came to this pure purple jade essence, Chu Yang could not find a solution. The first time he had wanted to use this pure purple jade essence to restore his energy, before he could, the Nine Tribulations sword spirit suddenly became disturbed from inside his dantian and cut off contact completely. Chu Yang tried again a few times but to no avail. It was obvious that the Nine Tribulations sword spirit wanted him to rely on his own strength to cultivate, not any external sources.

Even when he used the jade to recover energy to fight against a rival, it didn’t matter to Nine Tribulations sword spirit, it still wouldn’t let him. Before, he was able to use the jade essence once, in coping with Qu Ping. At that time, the Nine Tribulations Sword Spirit had no reaction, but since that battle, it would not let him do it again.

Encountering an impartial monitor like this, Chu Yang had no choice but to oblige. Eventually he extinguished any intention of using the pure purple jade essence during cultivation.

Tilting his head, Chu Yang looked at struggling form of Tan Tan. He almost laughed. He said, “Okay, you can rest a little.”

Hearing these words, Tan Tan felt as if he was given a privilege. He was so grateful he almost shed tears. He got up with some difficulty. His arms and legs looked as if there were trying to crawl. When he finally got up, he let out a sigh of relief.

In the yard, Chu Yang continued to practice the simple action of drawing and sheathing the sword. Even though this was extremely boring, he was attentive to every little action and tried hard until every action was skillfully trained.

At this time, from the east, the sun had slowly shown itself, making Chu Yang’s whole body heat up. Drops of sweat constantly fell down, soaking the ground.

When Tan Tan finally recovered, he turned to look at Chu Yang practicing. When Tan Tan saw Chu Yang’s movements, he slowly noticed a strange point. Even though Chu Yang repeated the same actions hundreds of times, each time Chu Yang’s movement had a tiny difference!

It seemed that Chu Yang was continuously adjusting. From the beginning, where his actions seemed a little unnatural, to later when they became more fluid and finally they seemed to have become a flash of light.

Drawing the sword, sheathing the sword, he continued like that until the sound become softer and softer each time. Although it was not obvious, the sounds truly became slightly softer each time.

“Chu Yang, your arm is swollen!” Tan Tan was looking at Chu Yang practicing and admiring him, when he suddenly discovered that between Chu Yang’s elbow and shoulder, there was an abnormal swollen mass.  He shouted out in panic.

However, Chu Yang’s countenance remained unconcerned as if nothing has happened and his movement did not stop. He said indifferently, “It’s nothing. It will go away with more training. If I stop now and wait for it go down, then it would take a long time. The best way is to practice until you get used to it. Then this swelling will go away on its own. That’s how you can advance!”

“Oh…” Chu Yang’s words made Tan Tan feel ashamed. He could only stand there stupefied. Then seeing that he had restored some energy, he immediately resumed practice.

In a corner of Purple Bamboo Forest, Meng Chao Ran was quietly watching the two practice. The edge of his mouth revealed a little smile.

Meanwhile, a constant moan could be heard from inside. It was the sound of Shi Qian Shan tormented by pain. He had been bed-ridden for the past 20 days. Qu Ping’s people were cruel; that day they had broken Shi Qian Shan’s ribs and femur.

At least for the next three months, Shi Qian Shan would not be able to practice. And in the next half year, he would not be able to use his martial arts. But ranking competition for disciples of Beyond the Heavens Sect will probably be done by then. This injury will undoubtedly destroy all of Shi Qian Shan’s plans at Beyond the Heavens Sect!

The physical pain did not compare to the mental anguish that Shi Qian Shan felt. But the bizarre thing is, he did not hate the people who hurt him, he hated Chu Yang. In Shi Qian Shan’s mind, if it were not for Chu Yang, he would have had a bright future!

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 28 – Overbearing Supervisor

    1. Don’t you mean:”You know what’s better?” Let’s not forget that Shi Qians initial plan was to let Chu Yang get killed by Tan Tan and let Tan Tan get banished from the sect for that.
      He deserves sooo much more punishment<3


  1. “Next morning, Tan Tan laying on the ground with arms and legs outstretched, panted and exclaimed, “Chu… Yang… I… I… admit you are much more handsome than me. But these past few days, you have been really cruel. You are working me to death…”

    He wants a break so much he’s willing to say our MC is more handsome. Truly torture is at work here!


  2. In Shi Qian Shan’s mind, if it were not for Chu Yang, he would have had a bright future!

    That definitely true though.
    But in the past life, what his fate after the sect end though??


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