Before he finished speaking, Mo Cheng Gui’s eyes already became two black holes. His mouth full of teeth looked like it was rotting. His whole body quickly turned into a black puddle.

This Bone Dissolving Spirit Dispersing Fragrance was too cruel!

He let out a loud cry, and with the last bit of his strength directed toward his left hand, he palmed his own forehead. Blood splattered everywhere. But before it even fell to the ground, it turned into white mist. His whole body dropped.

They had just started competing, and the Mo clan had already lost a King level master!

Mo Tian Yun jumped and caught Sunlight Saber in the air with a white piece of animal skin in his hand. Without even blinking, he yelled, “Move out!”

As for his uncle body that was now a puddle, he surprisingly did not even bother to give one glance!

Ao Xie Yun yelled, “Stop the Mo clan people!”

Xie Dan Qiong, Li Xiong Tu, and company all yelled out. The cruel evil spirit youth ground his teeth and waved his arm. The two men behind him pulled out their blades.

All the great clans simultaneously attacked the Mo clan people.

“Gu Yan Yang! Gu Yan Yue! Help me block them!” Mo Tian Yun yelled loudly as tried to get out, “The secret inside Sunlight Saber, I promise to share a part of it with your Gu clan! I swear to god if I go against my promise, let me be discarded by the world!”

In front of everyone, Mo Tian Yun did not hesitate to swear an oath for the sake of obtaining Sunlight Saber.

Yan Yang and his brother were assured!

Such an oath, along with the fact that the two houses were allies, meant helping each other for such a good thing like this. If they were to gain this, the two of them would first deal with Gu Du Xing and then divide their power equally!

Gu Du Xing was a heavenly talent; having him around would eventually lead to trouble for them.

The two brothers immediately became invigorated and yelled out, “Stop them!” Then they rushed up.

The two King level masters of the Gu clan looked dispirited. You two idiots will let Mo Tian Yun use the Gu clan until there is nothing.

The fight between King level masters erupted immediately without any warning.

Furthermore, it was not one or two of them, but more than a dozen!

The royal palace of Great Zhao truly became royal in this moment. In the air, about sixty crowns shined! They were moving! They were moving in a frenzy!

In the history of Lower Three Heavens, was there any royal palace of any nation that had such a grand scene?

Only Great Zhao!

Only Great Zhao!

Great Zhao Nation, would surely be an eternal legend in the history of Lower Three Heavens after this battle!

While the royal family of Great Zhao could barely even cry… Could they not see this as a kind of honor?

After this ended, and the two nations stopped fighting, a famous writer turned tonight’s event into a poem:

With a full moon in a cold night, stars were resting.

Dark saber caused chaos, and Kings gathered in Continent Center.

Bodies piled as high as a mountain, and blood flowed like a river.

One punch pierced the sky; one slash cut off a bull’s head.

Revered Martial Artists were not equal to dogs; they became a pile of chopped meat.

Monkeys everywhere with two nations at war.

Attack then defend; fate reversed.

Great Zhao’s fortune fell; Diwu was too gentle (TLN: Qing Rou).

The rise and fall throughout the ages; all in King of Hell Chu’s hand…

Speaking of the royal palace, it was currently extraordinarily exciting. Ji Mo completed his mission and was exhausted from his escape. He ran to a hidden corner and clapped. Rui Bu Tong appeared from out of nowhere and quickly carried Ji Mo away.

Umm, at this moment, the two officially left Lower Three Heavens.

Chu Yang hid in the dark as he watched the two left with an emotional gaze.

Thank you, my brothers! Without you, I would definitely fail this fight miserably…

See you in Middle Three Heavens! At that time… we will be side by side!

What was called Sunlight Saber had been tossed out. Chu Yang expeditiously changed out of his white outfit into a masked black one. His face mask even had a beard sticking out. It gave the illusion that this person was not young.

Now was the most opportunistic time! He could not let this chance pass him by!

Could Mo Tian Yun die here? Could he give Gu Du Xing a great present today? Chu Yang was anxious to try!

In the open, the King level masters of the Gu clan were under control. Only the King level masters of the Mo clan were able to move, but they were still completely blocked.

The King level masters of twenty something clans were gathered here. How could the Mo clan have a chance to get away?

Mo Tian Yun did not cease to manipulate, delegate, and sneak attack, but he still could not escape even with all his tactics. Because the last person to block him was too familiar with his tricks; it was Ao Xie Yun!

Two rivals came face to face with each other. Mo Tian Yun immediately shut up. Whatever he said would have been useless. Ao Xie Yun would never trust him!

So he did not need to waste his breath.

“Mo Tian Yun, leave Sunlight Saber!” Ao Xie Yun said casually. While his tone was not loud, it sounded like an order from above!

“If you were me, would you leave it?” Mo Tian Yun grunted.

“How many King level masters does your clan have?” Ao Xie Yun sneered, “In front of everyone, no one dares to kill heirs like me and you. This is the truth. But the martial experts of your clans are a different story! They would die needlessly! Once they are all dead, do you think you can still keep Sunlight Saber?”

“I would have to give it a try to find out.” Mo Tian Yun said coldly, “Ao Xie Yun, do you think these people are your allies? Among them, how many people want to take Sunlight Saber? Even if you get it, would you not have to fight?”

“Why don’t you leave the burden to me then?” Ao Xie Yun smiled.

“Hmm! You don’t deserve it!” Mo Tian Yun glared condescendingly. Leave the burden to you? If it is not the most extreme situation where mountains flatten and water dries, who would leave the burden to you?

All of a sudden, there was a scream.

One of the King level masters of the Gu clan suddenly fell down. A bright red flower bloomed in the middle of his chest.

Xie Dan Qiong was watching the progression of the fight on the outside. But his face was pale, and he was hyperventilating. Earlier, two Gu clan King level masters were cornering one King level master. Seeing that if this area falls, the Mo clan could escape with the Gu clan, Xie Dan Qiong used all of his strength to shoot out his hidden weapon!

Jade Flower!

Jade Flower comes out, many flowers die!

With Xie Dan Qiong’s current strength, he could only make one move! But one move was enough to destroy one King level master.

The remaining King level master of the Gu clan went berserk. He roared and left his post of protecting the two young masters. He cursed wildly and flew in Xie Dan Qiong’s direction!

Two King level masters of the Xie clan simultaneously jumped up and blocked the attacker in midair!

At this time, Ao Xie Yun, Li Xiong Tu, and Xie Dan Qiong did not feel any danger and turned their heads up to watch.

Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue were yelling loudly, “Kill him! Kill him!”

A fierce sword blade suddenly appeared. It was as if this sword carried endless desolation! Millions of cold rays flashed in the cold night!

A black figure in a black mask showing a fluttering tuff of beard suddenly shot out from the burning fire. Just this one person carried an iciness that could not be blocked!

He came out of the fiery radiance that reached the sky!

Anyone could see that this one sword in his hand was like a dragon flying through the wind!

He shot into the crowd!

With this sword move, even a ninth grade King level master would get the chills! Everyone had the sense that this sword definitely was not of this world!

This was a sword of the heavens! A sword of demons!

A sword of hell!

Even if a great mountain was blocking its way, this sword was capable of shattering that mountain!

Everyone was terrified!

The fighting King level masters unconscious dodged their bodies.

Millions of rays of cold light rushed forward with a heavenly air!

It went unimpeded past thirteen King level masters!

Then there was a red flash. The cold light shined fiercely in the air like a lightning bolt. It made an arch as it shot through the air like a shooting star and disappeared without a trace!

This sword, from the moment it arrived to the moment it left, appeared for such a short time that it was not enough to blink an eye!

The sword’s brilliance was gone, but the iciness still remained on everyone’s body! Such a sword move, who was capable of making it? Who was capable of blocking it?

Among the martial experts here, the strongest were ninth grade King level masters. But right now, even the ninth grade King level masters were soaked in cold sweat! They closed their eyes with thoughts of this sword move; each person was filled with a kind of helpless feeling. If the target of this one sword move was any of them… they would not have been able to avoid it!

They could only greet it!

“Oh no!” Ao Xie Yun yelled loudly, “Who was hit?”

Everyone immediately came to. This sword appeared abruptly; it was definitely not without a target. But who among them was its target?

All the King level masters turned to look at their young masters in fear. After looking, they finally let out a sigh of relief: So lucky, my young master is fine!

But at this moment…

“Young masters! Young masters… young masters, what’s wrong with you?” A pitiful voice cried out.

Everyone was shocked as they turned toward the voice. They only saw the remaining King level master of the Gu clan raising his arms and looking toward the sky. He screamed out tragically, “Oh heavens! How can this be?”

In front of him, the two brothers, Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, stood stunned. In their eyes was a look of disbelief…

In the middle of their throats, blood was spraying out like a fountain.

This one sword move killed two people, the two young masters of the Gu clan! The two heirs of the Gu clan! The only two!

After this sword move, it could be said that the Gu clan’s family line had ended!

Mo Tian Yun watched the King level master of the Gu clan howling in pain and could not help but be shaken. A look of fear appeared in his eyes!

Those young masters stood stunned like empty vessels!

This sword move came like thunder! Everyone only had a chance to see a masked person in black. They did not even have the chance to look at his figure. The only impression they had was the tuff of beard that moved under the mask that covered his face.

But where would they go to find the culprit?

Chu Yang had already left the royal palace!

After that sword move, he immediately left this place! No matter what kind of chaos occurred, they were not of any concern to him!

This sword move was “one spot of cold light radiates over a vast area!”

Nine Tribulations Sword’s Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique’s first move! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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