Because, during this time, their master was given a Spring Autumn Pill (TLN: Spring Autumn combined speaks to time passing quickly like the seasons going by.) by the sect. Like the meaning in the name, Spring Autumn Pill helped anyone who uses it increase a year of pure cultivation.

It was a reward to their master for successfully finishing a task for the sect. He remembered that his master once said that this kind of pill was useless to him so he decided to give it to one of his three disciples.

This Spring Autumn Pill was a source of pain in Chu Yang’s heart. This kind of medicinal pill could be tossed on the ground in Upper Three Heavens and no one would bother to pick it up. And yet, it was the reason his eldest martial brother making moves against the two of them.

He remembered that, in the previous life, this Spring Autumn Pill eventually felt into the hands of his eldest martial brother…

It was not until Tan Tan unexpectedly died, and Chu Yang went to his grave that he accidentally saw his eldest martial brother there. Plus, Chu Yang was able hear him talking to Tan Tan’s grave. At that moment, he discover that the eldest martial brother that he always respected was actually a despicable person.

Thinking about that, Chu Yang sighed internally. In the previous life, he and Tan Tan were truly idiots…

Shi Qian Shan was twenty-four years old this year. He had a thin build, but was very strong looking. Ordinarily, this eldest martial brother treated Chu Yang and Tan Tan very well. It was as if he was their biological brother.

However, who would have expected that these things were all fake. Since the beginning, he was just using Chu Yang and Tan Tan. His daily falsehood was simply a ploy to get rid of the two so he could have total monopoly of all of the cultivation resources from the sect.

Chu Yang also knew well why Shi Qian Shan did so. He did everything possible to get into the inner circle of Beyond the Heavens Sect and become an inner disciple of the sect. Shi Qian Shan wanted to advance into there so he could have a chance to show his talent in the qualification match for the disciples of the sect and become a top disciple. Then he could go into Beyond the Heavens Sect’s Seven Shades Congregation Grounds!

Once inside that person would be the sect master! Among the best disciples of Beyond the Heavens Sect, only one could enter!

When it came to power, Shi Qian Shan fanatically pursued it! In his eyes, there was nothing he would not sacrifice to achieve this goal!

The three of them were peripheral disciples. Ordinarily, it was impossible for them to advance into the inner sanctum. Shi Qian Shan wanted to enter so he had to compete with everything he had and reach the finale!

This was also a tactic that Beyond the Heavens Sect used for generations to encourage its disciples to rise up. Therefore, even though this Spring Autumn Pill only increase one year of pure cultivation, for young disciples, this one year of pure cultivation was enough to leave their peers far behind.

In the previous life, Shi Qian Shan was indeed successful in this. From a peripheral disciple, he went step by step and finally advanced into the inner circle with the qualification to vie for the position of eldest martial brother of the entire sect.

However, four years later, Beyond the Heavens Sect was suddenly decimated by other major sects. In one night, it turned into ashes.

At the time, Chu Yang suffered serious injuries and was unconscious. He was buried under layers of corpses. By the time he came to, it was already three days later.

Beyond the Heavens Sect was blazing with fire that had yet to burn out. The main building of Beyond the Heavens Sect finally collapsed after burning for three days. It almost fell on Chu Yang who was unable to move at the time.

But after it collapse, a shining sword point was exposed from deep under the ground. It was as if it had some kind of dark pull…

That was none other than the first fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword.

Chu Yang hit the jackpot. After obtaining Nine Tribulations Sword point he rose up in power… He was twenty years old then.

And that collapsed spot, according to Chu Yang’s memory, was none other than Seven Shades Congregation Grounds of Beyond the Heavens Sect. It was the place that Shi Qian Shan dreamt of getting into.

Chu Yang’s mouth curled up into a smile as he murmured, “Shi Qian Shan, Seven Shades Congregation Grounds can only be mine!”

If I am to be reborn four years before that event occurs, how can I let this time go to waste? I must get Nine Tribulations Sword soon. And to get Nine Tribulations Sword, I must get into the inner circle of the sect and take the eldest martial brother of the sect position. Then I can get into Seven Shades Congregation Grounds. Besides that, there is no other way.

“What did you say?”

Chu Yang’s voice was extremely low so Tan Tan could not hear anything. He only saw Chu Yang’s lips moving so he could not help but ask.

“I said… The sky is really blue today! The ground is really thick! The purple bamboos over there are really pretty! Those flowers are really fragrant! And you, Tan Tan, look really cool! Hahaha…”

Chu Yang suddenly jumped up and laughed loudly. His clear laughing sound rang out far and wide. Within moments, Chu Yang was filled with excitement. All of the regrets from the previous life could be made up in this life.

Qing Wu, wait for me! In this life, I will not disappoint you! I want you to know that you are much prettier than the sword! I want you to know that you are the prettiest in this world! You are the prettiest person of all!

Tan Tan, my good brother! I will not let you die one more time!

Mo Tian Ji, just you wait!

Heavenly Way Mountain, I, Chu Yang, will climb up there!

“Haha, it’s true that I am cool, but the sky, the ground, purple bamboos… what’s so pretty about them? You’re crazy!” Tan Tan raised his eyebrows. One pointed up and the other pointed down as he spoke.

“Chu Yang, Tan Tan, you are both here?” With a burst of laughter, a young man in blue walked into the purple bamboo forest. His figure was lanky with a gaunt face. His skin was dark, and his eyes were average size but had a lot of spirit.

Shi Qian Shan!

Chu Yang turned and looked at that calm and smiling face. He looked carefully into Shi Qian Shan’s eyes which were showing disappointment and unhappiness.

This was from the annoyance of finding Chu Yang safe and sound. Damn! Why did he not die?

However, Shi Qian Shan show a look of anger and yelled, “What are you two doing? Chu Yang, what’s wrong with your head? I already told you not to take it too far when you are having a martial arts match. Why did you use such force? Tan Tan, did you want to kill Chu Yang?”

Tan Tan was slightly terrified as he looked at Shi Qian Shan. With a face filled with shame and a wide open mouth, he stuttered, “Eldest martial brother, it’s… it’s my fault… My handsome appearance scared Chu Yang. He went into shock…”

Chu Yang remained speechless.

“You two, you two… I really can’t stop worrying about you.” Shi Qian Shan sighed for his unsuccessful plan, “When will you two allow master and I to feel assured? You are already grown, but you still act like children…”

Then he quickly walked toward them with an intimate countenance. As he walked, he ripped a piece of his shirt and went toward Chu Yang. With a face filled with pity, he said, “Does it hurt a lot? Sit still and let me wrap you up. Don’t run around for a few days and let the wound heal.”

He meticulously used the hem of his shirt to wipe the blood off. Then he wrapped everything up very gently. Finally, he let out a sigh of relief and said, “Hmm, if master sees this, he would blame me for not taking good care of you two…”

He sighed while shaking his head.

“Eldest martial brother… We were wrong…” Tan Tan said with difficulty, “I am really sorry. Next time I fight with him, I will avoid his face…”

“What are you saying sorry to me for? If you have such a big wound on your body, would you feel pain?” Shi Qian Shan said angrily, “You should apologize to Brother Chu Yang!”

Shi Qian Shan showed a look of disdain for Tan Tan’s narcissistic talk. You are so ugly and can act that narcissistic? You are really unbelievable.

As Shi Qian Shan spoke, each of his words made the listen feel as if they came from the bottom of his heart. Moreover, his gaze never wavered and remained fixed on the other person’s eye making them think that he was righteous, and all of his actions were sincere.

“Yes, yes!” Tan Tan nodded while looking ashamed and guilty. Given his eldest martial brother’s unquestioned concern, he felt extremely shameful. He unconsciously rubbed his face sadly while thinking that such a handsome person like himself had done an earth-shattering and unforgivable thing…

Chu Yang also sighed internally. This Shi Qian Shan’s action, expression and manner of speech are all so sincere. There are no flaws at all. If I was not reliving this moment over, I would be fooled by him.

No wonder this person was able to stand out as a talented disciple of the sect in the previous life. He went straight up and was able to compete for the position of eldest martial brother of the sect.

If it was not for the fact that Beyond the Heavens Sect was destroyed, I am certain that the position would definitely fall into Shi Qian Shan’s hands!

His skill is in his outer appearance and such contrast it has with the actual person. This is hard for anyone to believe. Simply perfection! Others will never know what he is really thinking.

No wonder, after advancing into the inner circle of the sect, he was able to steal the heart of Wu Qian Qian, sect master Wu Yun Liang’s daughter. Wu Qian Qian was revered as the most beautiful lady of Beyond the Heavens Sect. There were many people going after her, but Shi Qian Shan was able to quietly steal her heart even though his appearance was not extraordinary. When this was made known to everyone, all of Beyond the Heavens Sect was extremely surprised. However, Chu Yang now knew that these things were planned, and there was no surprise in them at all. Shi Qian Shan was capable of them.

In any case, in this lifetime, it will be extremely difficult for Shi Qian Shan to do those things again. Because I, Chu Yang, am in front of him. All of his schemes are useless before me.

“Come, go back with me and recuperate.” Shi Qian Shan attentively helped Chu Yang up.

Chu Yang smiled, but he immediately paused. A great feeling of hunger emitted from his dantian; or it could be said that it was a feeling of great urgency.

Chu Yang was momentarily shocked! What is this? Hunger? Is this what hunger feels like? Or a stomach irritation? Why is there a feeling of hunger from the dantian like this?

The feeling came like a rising tide. It was as if his dantian was opening its doors. Given Chu Yang’s fortitude, it was still intolerable. Chu Yang truly was not able to handle it. He concentrated and activated his martial energy to look inside and see what the matter was. He almost cried out the moment he looked.

Within his dantian, a faint shadow of a little sword appeared. It had a dark color and a length of about a finger. On the sword, eight cracks could clearly be seen.

The shape of the sword was a little strange, but it was very familiar to Chu Yang. Although it was dilapidated, that shadow emitted a dominating aura.

Is this not Nine Tribulations Sword? How could it be inside my dantian?

In that moment, Chu Yang’s eyes widened, and his mouth was gaping. His body staggered twice, and he almost fell to the ground. (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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