Chu Yang had only just broken through Martial Warrior level, how could he have expelled the impurities out of his meridians?

What sort of peculiar disciple have I taken in?

Meng Chao Ran was completely startled. Anyone capable of doing what Chu Yang did was extraordinary. Meng Chao Ran was one who wouldn’t blink even if the sky fell down, so there was no precedence for such an occurrence at Beyond the Heaven Sect!

If Wu Yun Liang’s people knew about this, their eyeballs would have popped out of their sockets and fled!

Normally, a little impurity from the body was pushed out during the breakthrough into Martial Warrior. This process was called Body Transformation. In principle, impurities from the periphery of the body are pushed out slowly with the gradual cultivation through the nine grades of Martial Warrior.

The one after that was at the level of Martial Master. The Martial Master breakthrough was also the same with step by step process of getting rid of impurities from the body and getting the body ready for the cultivation path ahead. The impurities purged by a Martial Master were from the five organs in the body. This process was called Internal Transformation.

After that, there was the Martial Great Master breakthrough. The impurities expelled during this stage were from the meridians. This was when a person truly began to walk on the path of cultivation. This process of getting rid of impurities was called Meridian Purification.

Beyond that was the realm of Revered Martial Artist. When cultivating, the body could expel impurities from the deepest places inside the body – the impurities from within marrow of the body that were detrimental to cultivation. This was called Marrow Purification. Marrow Purification was the last step in the process of training the body!

Currently, Chu Yang had only broken through Martial Warrior level and he could already perform Meridian Purification! It would be strange if Meng Chao Ran was not terrified!

It should be noted that Meng Chao Ran was currently only capable of Meridian Purification as well!

Chu Yang breathed a sigh of relief; he had finally broken through Martial Warrior level! In other words, now he just needed to get the first piece of the Nine Tribulation Sword, then he could immediately cultivate Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique!

Meng Chao Ran was surprised, but Chu Yang was not. Every early morning, when he was steadfastly practicing the same movements, he never ceased to eliminate impurities from his body. The impurities external as well as internal of his body was virtually eliminated in the morning mist.

It was the mystery of Nine Tribulation Sword, targeting the mysterious points of the human body. Even simple actions can cause the entire body, from inside to out, to move. Moreover, it simultaneously multiplied the pressure that pushed impurities out by several folds.

Just one simple movement that seemed so simple at first glance have become an invaluable tool; it can be even considered priceless in the martial art world!

Chu Yang stood up, his feet planted firm on the ground, his upper bent slowly backward. His waist seemed to have broken as his body bent backwards and his head went between his two legs. After that his arms gripped tightly around his legs; his body forming a circle. With a bit of force, his whole body suddenly shot up like a ball, spinning in midair. (TLN: This ‘extreme yoga’ may be hard to imagine, so I drew a picture.)

Meng Chao Ran observed that although Chu Yan was constantly moving in midair, every part of his body was capable of producing a different action. From his head to the tip of his toes simultaneously produce rattling sounds from the joints again and again.

Meng Chao Ran was startled. Even though he did not know the efficacy of this action, he knew that it was extremely difficult and if he were to try it, he would not be able to do it at first try!

Chu Yang spun in midair seven or eight times before descending and rolling on the ground. After that, he suddenly stretched like a chick just hatched from an egg. The noise made by his joints became overwhelming. Then he slowly stood up; his whole body was wobbly like a toddler just learning how to walk for the first time. His two erect legs were trembling as if holding up a heavy load. With each shake a clear sound echoed throughout the misty forest. In the end, Chu Yang whole body was erect and steadied. The sounds his joints made became lessened. His two arms followed a bizarre motion and started to swing. Once again, the sound of joints rattling started to emit from his arms!

“Clack… clack… clack…”

Meng Chao Ran was stupefied. He vaguely understood the implications of these actions. However, such understanding only made him more terrified!

The movements, unbelievably, were part of the Life Convergence Technique!

Each movement seemed extremely bizarre and inexplicable, but full of hints of the major sects!

From nothing to existence, to egg, to maturity, to hatching, to flying up…

This was the Life Convergence of Birds! (TLN: so a bird imitation technique of some sort)

After finishing these four movements, Chu Yang stopped.

This was also one of the underlying set of movements of Nine Tribulation Sword. It can only be cultivated after entering the level of Martial Warrior. If one were to cultivate it at the Martial Pupil level then it is likely that the body and bones would be crushed to pieces.

The suffering that one undergoes while practicing these movements were similar to having their bones pulled out. Moreover, this pain that seeps right to the bone was constant. Yet, from the beginning to end, Chu Yang did not even make a sound.

By speaking, he would release out a lot of vital energy. Then the effectiveness of these movements would then be reduced by a great amount.

Soon after his rebirth, Chu Yang was determined to do each task the best way possible!

When everything was done, Chu Yang stretched and took a deep breath. His whole body started sweating intensely. It could be seen that the ground he stood on was quickly becoming soaked.

“Master, these four movements are known as ‘Way of Infinite Universe.’ There are many mysteries within it. This disciple can only do it poorly like this. Please let me know where the errors were!”

Chu Yang said casually without needing to turn around. He knew that his master would certainly come to watch over his breakthrough. Even though he could not sense him, he was sure that Meng Chao Ran would be around. He had learned this in the next four years of his previous life. Each time one of the three disciples had a breakthrough, Meng Chao Ran acted aloof on the exterior but was truly more worried than the disciples themselves! Each time, the master was completely dedicated to silently watching and guarding over the three.

For them, when it was time for a breakthrough, all they had to do was try hard. They did not know that the master was secretly distressed for many days.

Meng Chao Ran would never say anything; he only took action. In the previous life, by the time Chu Yang realized his master’s pain and efforts, it was too late.

In this life, how could he ignore it as if he did not know?

Meng Chao Ran laughed loudly and walked out from within Purple Bamboo Forest. He asked, “How did you know I was here?”

Chu Yang smiled, his eyes full of affection. He said, “Each time one of us has a breakthrough, where did you go? When we cultivate, we were never disturbed. When we have a breakthrough, our surroundings were extremely peaceful. There was not even a bug, let alone rodent, snakes… Something like that inside Purple Bamboo Forest, how could it not be surprising?”

Meng Chao Ran smiled happily, “It was your effort. The breakthrough was from your own abilities. This master only silently watched.”

Meng Chao Ran did not say it, but he was touched. He knew those movements was done intentionally for him to see so he could cultivate and enhance his self-defense capability. A set of movements like this was extremely useful in the path of cultivation. Meng Chao Ran did not say anything further, but simply noted this silently.

This set of movements was a treasure. He simply did not know where Chu Yang learned it from… regardless, Meng Chao Ran did not ask. Everyone has their own secrets. If Chu Yang did not want to tell him then he won’t ask. He respected the privacy of his disciples.
Chu Yang is my disciple. Knowing that is enough!


Meng Chao Ran stood there for a while before returning. In the days Chu Yang prepared for the breakthrough, how could he have not known? He careful observed Chu Yang’s actions for many days. This has led to unbearable mental fatigue.

However, Chu Yang just had a breakthrough, he was not sleepy at all.

In the middle of the night, Chu Yang sat by himself at the top of the mountain. Looking into the darkness, his heart throbbed.

Qing Wu, I am now a Martial Warrior! I will be able to cultivate Nine Tribulations to Transcend the Nine Heavens quickly. Then I will have the ability to watch over you and protect you. I will not let you suffer any little injuries.

Where are you this moment?

Currently Qing Wu is only ten years old? Chu Yang could not help but gently smiled… what does Qing Wu look like right now? Probably still a little playful runt? Still in pigtails?

In the previous life, I did not meet Mo Qing Wu for another nine years. She was nineteen… I was twenty-five.

Thinking about Mo Qing Wu, Chu Yang went back to previous life… He recalled Mo Qing Wu liked purple bamboo, and he, reminiscing his warm childhood, chose the most purple of bamboo forests to cultivate in. Therefore, at a purple bamboo forest on the Heavenly Misty Peak of the Nirvana Mountains, he and Mo Qing Wu met for the first time.

Ultimately, Mo Qing Wu was also attacked near Heavenly Misty Peak’s purple bamboo forest. The place where there were some purple bamboo houses he and Mo Qing Wu built together…

There were a few young bamboo shoots… Mo Qing Wu had carefully planted them one by one along the road he often walked on. At that time, she said, “Chu Yang, if I die one day, please spread my ashes on this road… so my spirit can be part of it… so every time you walk by here, you can step on me. I voluntarily let you step on me… even though you might not intend to visit me but only want to see purple bamboo, it would still be good… I only need to feel your presence even if it’s just for a little while… a little is good enough.”

Qing Wu, Qing Wu…

Chu Yang thought bitterly. There was a gentle smile on his face and his eyes seemed full of longing!

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