“However, it is in his generous treatment of talents that Great Zhao found his weakness!” Wu Yun Liang said with a heavy heart, “It is naturally a good point, but his generous treatment will lead to closeness which provides an advantage to assassins! That’s why many people are casual and friendly before they are successful, but become unapproachable afterward. This is not because they have changed, but because of safety reasons!”

Chu Yang acted indifferent on the outside, but internally said, “That makes sense.”

“Great Zhao has, over the course of time, sent more than twenty groups of assassins to kill Tie Bu Tian, but they have all retreated in failure. That’s why they wanted to use our Beyond the Heavens Sect.” Wu Yun Liang let out an icy laugh.

With an “ah”, Chu Yang said, “That’s why eldest martial uncle decided not to expose their plan after learning about it, but instead designed your own plans?”

“Not bad!” Wu Yun Liang stroked his beard and said, “They wanted to take advantage of us; why not take advantage of them and use this opportunity to rise up?”

Chu Yang finally understood the reason why Beyond the Heavens Sect was destroyed in his previous life! It was because Wu Yun Liang wanted to use the opportunity of two countries in conflict to rise up. However, his over-calculated plan turned into shreds…

This was too complicated.

When it comes to dealing with an anomaly like Diwu Qing Rou, no one can be sure of anything! Even someone from his previous life who was hailed as a master of calculation and manipulation, Mo Tian Ji, had to stand inferior to Diwu Qing Rou!

After conquering all of the Lower Three Heavens continent, the people praised Diwu Qing Rou with the following chant: One person but more than a hundred thousand mighty advisors! When referring to him even his enemies have to concede that he is the one and only in history!

This person was born full of schemes; a natural politician and military commander! Moreover, he was regal and has comprehensive knowledge of all things. It has been said that even though Diwu Qing Rou does not know any martial arts, if he were to enter Upper Three Heavens, he would at least become a ruler over a territory! This level of admiration was terrifying!

Wu Yun Liang was taking a big risk. Like walking on a tight rope on the side of the thousand meter tall mountain, he only needed to have one little slip then his body would be in pieces!

“I know I am playing with fire!” Wu Yun Liang said with a worrisome countenance, “One slip and Beyond the Heavens Sect would surely be destroyed. But… but I can’t afford not to play this game.”

Chu Yang nodded in agreement.

“Great Zhao has applied a lot of pressure on Beyond the Heavens Sect all these years for their plans. However, time and time again they did not push us to the point of death, just enough for us lean toward Iron Cloud.”

“We only need to completely side with Iron Cloud. The moles in the sect… besides your second martial uncle, there are three others from the ten of us… all in collusion with other sects. This is also the reason why these past few years the other sects also bullied us a lot. I imagine this is also part of Diwu Qing Rou’s plan. We just have yet to see what his real purpose is. One thing that I am sure of is when we have completely side with Iron Cloud, the assassination of Tie Bu Tian would become much easier!” Wu Yun Liang worried. “Diwu Qing Rou only needs Tie Bu Tian to die and does not care about Beyond the Heavens Sect. However, once Tie Bu Tian dies, our Beyond the Heavens Sect will surely vaporize like a mist.”

Chu Yang face gradually became serious. He did not know all the details of this event, but he did know that, in his previous life, Tie Bu Tian would die, and he would die two months before Beyond the Heaven Sect is destroyed!

If Wu Yun Liang continued to follow his plans then the tragedy will most likely happen again! However, if Wu Yun Liang abandoned his plans then Beyond the Heavens Sect will fall under pressure from the court and other sects, all arranged by one Diwu Qing Rou, and perish even quicker!

Moreover, the plans were in full motion and cannot be stopped. Beyond the Heavens Sect and Iron Cloud Nation have already established their relationship. Even without Wu Yun Liang, Li Jinsong can still have the authority to act as an official representative. Thus, Diwu Qing Rou’s plans moved forward with ease!

With Diwu Qing Rou’s extreme craftiness, this was no difficulty at all. In fact, it was almost a convenience. Besides the reasons mentioned, there was another reason why Diwu Qing Rou chose Beyond the Heavens Sect. Beyond the Heavens Sect was very close to the border between Great Zhao and Limitless nation! Plus the place was full of high mountains and dense forests. An army of ten thousand could be hidden here and no one would be the wiser!

This was a strategic spot for war!

If Iron Cloud Nation were to perish, Great Zhao would march its army from Iron Cloud through Beyond the Heavens Sect and be in Limitless nation in five days! At that time, if other troops also marched into Limitless Nation from other directions then it would be taken in less than a month!

In another word, Diwu Qing Rou had extensively planned layers upon layers of scheme. And he only needed the small key that was Beyond the Heavens Sect to open wide the door that would lead him to unifying all under the heavens!

The details of his plans were probably not that simple. It was likely that there were countless conspiracies, manipulations, and knots. All of which Chu Yang had no knowledge of. What he did know were the events which unfolded in his previous life!

The issue at hand was that while Chu Yang knew the exact direction of the events to follow but had no power to change it!

Not only could he not think of a way to stop it, no one would believe what he has to say. Dear reader, if you stood in the middle of the road and said: In 2050, the earth will be destroyed… How many people would believe you? Most likely they will uniformly call you crazy… Moreover, how would you stop the earth from being destroyed? Even if you knew exactly when it would be destroyed, what can you do?

Chu Yang was currently in that exact situation. He was just an average disciple of Beyond the Heavens Sect. What skills did he have to change a fate that was created by the military power of hundreds of thousands from the three nations?

For the first time, Chu Yang had a kind of feeling: History, it cannot be changed!

So what if I had a second life? It’s just the concern of one man with no relation to any others. If history cannot be turned, then what will be of Qing Wu?

What should I do?

Should I just watch the tragedies unfold this second time around?

At this moment, Chu Yang suddenly felt something clear but at the same time fuzzy. His spirit entered into a mysterious realm: If I cannot change these events, then this proves that history cannot be changed. Those who are supposed to die will die. Even after a hundred thousand actions, everyone is still bound by their unchangeable fate!

If these events could not be changed then Mo Qing Wu’s fate could not be changed! At most it can be changed by a few years. Like the case of Shi Qian Shan, he was supposed to die in four years and now he died four years early. As for Mo Qing Wu, Chu Yang could try and help her live a few years longer, but she would soon meet her tragic fate! This was one of the things that no one can predict.

If the overall course of history could not be change, then Mo Qing Wu would not be able to spend her life with Chu Yang!

This was fate!

It was already determined! No one can change it!

This was a type of enlightenment, and a profound revelation for the ways of the heavens. In a blink of an eye, Chu Yang was suddenly enlightened.

History was the focal point of the ways of the heavens!

However, this enlightenment only led him to feel more indignant and violent… a blood thirsty desire to kill surged inside him!

If history could not be changed then it would mean… Qing Wu would still have to die?

No! I will not yield!

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      1. Ummm… I feel like you didn’t not understand what I said.

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        Maybe you should reread my comment.

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