Sitting in front of him, Wu Yun Liang was terrified. His eyes widened.

Just a second ago, Chu Yang was quietly listening to him talk. Suddenly after, it seemed as if he fell into a mysterious state. Even though he was clearly within reach, Wu Yun Liang found it unbelievable that he could not feel his breathing. Unexpectedly, there was a sudden outburst of extremely violent killing aura from his body!

Wu Yun Liang was so frightened he jumped to his feet, unable to maintain his original composure…

The killing aura was violent that Wu Yun Liang felt as if it could kill a hundred thousand people in one shot… Wu Yun Liang also believed it!

With his killing aura rising like a surging tide, Chu Yang’s fists were clenched tightly and his whole body was secreting a dangerous air. A brutal bloodthirsty emotion was convulsing in his meridians!

The killing aura was a mighty flood rushing through his meridians and then slammed into his dantian like a tsunami. It tossed and turned in there as if it was a hungry tiger in a cage!

At this time, Chu Yang laughed and then powerfully ripped himself from this mysterious state.

This was a state from the Way of the Heavens!

The state that millions of martial artists earnestly wished to enter, but Chu Yang has just pulled himself from it! Without any regrets!

A fierce battle like violent hurricanes; it left Chu Yang shaken and disoriented… the deepest spot of his mind felt as if the force of waterfall was dumped on it. His orifices simultaneously bled. Suddenly, his eyes radiated as he let out a light roar, “Who said history cannot be inverted? I want to change it! If it doesn’t work one day I will try again for many days… we’ll see who is more stubborn!!”

Wu Yun Liang did not know why Chu Yang suddenly roared like that. He could not help but be a little startled and took a few steps back.

At this moment, the killing aura inside Chu Yang’s dantian struggled and let out a “bam” and dissipated… a booming voice laughed and said, “Not bad, not bad. You finally understand the nature of Nine Tribulation Sword… It is… Invert Fate!”

As the voice said this, in the sky that was clear for a thousand miles there was the sound of thunder. A column of lightning that seemed to carry the anger of all Nine Heavens slammed down! Blinding white light illuminated several thousand miles making it seemed like daytime! It was infinitely spectacular!

There was a thunderous boom in the mountain as it crumbled like bubbles. A few thousand blocks of rocks flew in all directions. The ground shook as if it was the apocalypse!

The cave they were in was broken apart and became completely exposed!

Wu Yun Liang jumped and screamed in terror… his body was trembling and pouring sweat. His head was empty as his spirit seemed to have fled to the clouds. He could not make sense of what just happened.

Chu Yang clearly heard a voice from his dantian talking inside him. He was in shock and wanted to say something but he did not know how to talk to a voice from inside his dantian. He thought perhaps he could direct communication via his thoughts.

While Chu Yang was still bewildered and did not know what to do, that voice boomed once again: “Fate is rubbish! Tear it! Break it! Destiny is rubbish! Change it! Go against it! History is rubbish! Destroy it! Kill it! Hahaha…”

These ideas from inside Chu Yang carried with them extreme arrogance with an utter lack of respect for heaven and earth. Along with the thunder and lightning from the surroundings, they became even more powerful!

Chu Yang’s spirit was greatly disturbed. He cannot help but muttered the same words, “Fate is rubbish! Tear it! Break it! Destiny is rubbish! Change it! Go against it! History is rubbish! Destroy it! Kill it!”… He felt these words were extremely suited to his personality, arrogant and unruly. This was the kind of feeling he wanted!

That arrogant voice inside him laughed loudly and said, “Your thoughts are correct. If you want to change your destiny, from now on, change the state of this whole world! Go against it! If you cannot change destiny and invert history then Mo Qing Wu will definitely still die in misery! Muahahaha…”

Chu Yang trembled. He wanted to respond when suddenly a voice asked incredulously, “What are you saying? What’s going on with you?”

Startled, Chu Yang looked up to see Wu Yun Liang evaluating him with a terrified look on his face. Based on his appearance, he did not hear anything that was said. Chu Yang stuttered and carefully checked all the emotions from his dantian. He discovered that they have now all quieted.

Everything that passed was like a dream!

However, Chu Yang was sure it was not a dream!

“I am fine.” Chu Yang laughed. At this moment he discovered his body was soaked in sweat. His clothes looked like he has just walked out of a pond.

“Why did you suddenly become frozen? And how did you just started sweating profusely in the blink of an eye? And your orifices bled? And what happened just now? How could there have been lightning like that? It was strong enough to break open a mountain…” Still a little scared, Wu Yun Liang looked up at the morning sky, and gave Chu Yang a worried look. “Chu Yang, do you have some condition you do not want to reveal?”… without waiting for an answer, he grabbed Chu Yang’s wrist and checked his condition. However, after careful examination, Wu Yun Liang could not find anything out of the ordinary with Chu Yang. He could not help but shook his head and said, “Strange.”

“This disciple is also not sure, maybe spying on those people earlier was too distressful for me. I am scared just thinking about it now.” Chu Yang said meekly.

“Ah, perhaps.” Wu Yun Liang advised, “You should not push yourself too much. If you notice that there is something abnormal with your body, you should tell your teacher immediately. If your teacher does not know what to do then tell him to come to me!”

Chu Yang immediately agreed.

Inside, he was still puzzled about those phrases: Invert history! Invert destiny! Invert fate!

 If you want to change your destiny, you must go against it!

I will go against it immediately!

Chu Yang was quietly grinding his teeth… So be it! Mother**, I am not afraid of this rubbish!!

If I want to go against it, then how should I do it?

“We should go elsewhere to continue this conversation.” Wu Yun Liang held Chu Yang and flew out of the area… the earlier commotion had drawn many people toward that spot.

The two went round about for a while before finding an area convenient for their conversation. Chu Yang laughed to himself. A master of Beyond the Heavens Sect has to go winding all over the place in his own territory. This was like a thief stealing from his own home.

This feeling was indescribably entertaining.

“You heard everything I said earlier?” Wu Yun Liang asked, “What do you think?”

Things started to move quickly in Chu Yang’s head. He remained quietly for a while and then said thoughtfully, “Sect Master, are you say that… If they wanted to use conflict to unify all under the heavens, then we should oblige them and use that momentum?”

Wu Yun Liang eyes was revealed admiration, “Correct. Continue.”

Chu Yang carefully thought everything through and said slowly, “Once the two nations go to war, then we do not necessarily lose our opportunity, but Iron Cloud will have probably lost theirs! So Sect Master’s idea is to use this chaos to find a way for Beyond the Heavens Sect to live in peace!”

“Exactly!” Wu Yun Liang’s admiration grew as he continued, “In all these plans, one person is key!”

“This person is not Diwu Qing Rou, but is Tie Bu Tian!” Chu Yang mused, “Anyone may die, but Tie Bu Tian may not!”


“Tie Bu Tian only need to not die then with his authority and ability, he can organize the troops to go to war with Diwu Qing Rou and protect Iron Cloud.” Chu Yang said, “Thus, when the war ends, even if Great Zhao wins, they would not fare well! They would not have the power to take Limitless Nation. In fact, with the great damage incurred, they would probably worry about Limitless Nation attacking them! So Diwu Qing Rou would not dare command such reckless action.”

“Very well said!” Wu Yun Liang clapped. He looked at Chu Yang as if he has just discovered a precious treasure.

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    1. It is done often, but i like this detail, especially with these types of pets that have domineering attitudes unlike the grandpa from coiling dragon and alchemist from BTTH, not that i don’t love them to death as well, but these crazy inner pets are more entertaining.


    2. It’s the whole point of a xianxia everything has life and everything has a chance to change their fate and become a immortal the stronger the treasure the more likely it has its own spirit which is the reason why being a sword slave is wrong. You can’t treat it like a tool because it is also a cultivator so love your sword like a person because in the end it will form a sword spirit. Kinda like bleach and the concept of swords having names.


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