“Therefore, this battle under the heavens is strange in that it depends on only two people, Tie Bu Tian and Diwu Qing Rou! And the thing Diwu Qing Rou is worried about most is none other than Tie Bu Tian! So regardless of everything else and even if he has to maneuver things a thousand times, he has to kill Tie Bu Tian first!”

“Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect the life of Tie Bu Tian. Because we went over there from Great Zhao, if Tie Bu Tian dies, we would be the top suspect. Most likely, we would be first to face the fierce revenge of Iron Cloud Nation. Plus, Great Zhao would absolutely not let traitors like us stay alive either.”

Chu Yang analyzed for a bit and realized that all the plans seemed to revolve around the life and death of one person – Tie Bu Tian!

A youth of seventeen years could become a thorn in the eyes of a world wonder like Diwu Qing Rou… what kind of monster was this youth?

In his previous life, Chu Yang only knew that Tie Bu Tian was assassinated at Primordial Gorge. He also knew that this person had an extraordinary reputation… but at the time, he did not pay much attention and just ignored these things. Now that he was carefully re-analyzing things, it did seem a bit frightening!

A seventeen years old who is already comparable to Diwu Qing Rou!

Definitely not of an ordinary type!

This reminded Chu Yang of another legend of Upper Three Heavens – Infinitely Excellent Saber Master Liu Yong Xiang. This worldly talent if still living would be a legendary Martial Artist Saint, a sheer talent who would not pale in comparison to Diwu Qing Rou…!

There was also, in Middle Three Heavens, a character who spent a lifetime stirring heaven and earth – Ao Xie Yun, already world renown at a young age!

Finally, there was one who controlled the dark side of Middle Three Heavens – a female of unknown appearance, the mysterious Jun Xi Zhu!

These people along with Tie Bu Tian and Diwu Qing Rou were all heaven sent talents that were hard to find in thousands of years!

It was lucky that they were separated into three different regions! If not, it would be hard to imagine what kind of chaotic state the world would be thrown into…

“There is still one thing that you have taken lightly.” Wu Yun Liang looked at him admiringly, “We only need to help Tie Bu Tian to defeat Diwu Qing Rou, then we would have done a great deed comparable to leaders who helped found countries! At that time, Beyond the Heavens Sect would be able to rise high in position! Moreover, with the appropriate planning, we could even eliminate all of Beyond the Heavens Sect’s hidden dangers at the same time!”

Chu Yang gave a pained laugh. Defeating Diwu Qing Rou? Easier said than done! For Diwu Qing Rou, regardless if it is political or battle strategy, the status remained undefeated!

Want to beat him… CHALLENGING. Chu Yang thought inward and immediately realized: Wu Yun Liang is right. If I am determined to go against fate in this life then I cannot avoid facing Diwu Qing Rou!

And if I continue to hold on to the idea that Diwu Qing Rou cannot not be beaten, then what the heck would I be fighting!

I must win! At least, help Tie Bu Tian stay alive to screw up Diwu Qing Rou’s plans! I will hold all of fate’s changes in the palm of my hand!

Regardless if it is because of Beyond the Heavens Sect or Tan Tan. There is also master.

There is also Qing Wu!

Chu Yang was simmering in his determination when he heard Wu Yun Liang sighed and said slowly, “Speaking of this, Chu Yang, Chu Yang… in this you have made a huge mistake! With this one mistake you have thrown my carefully prepared plans into chaos! Even at the most basic level, it cannot proceed any further.”

Chu Yang stuttered in horror, “What? What mistake did I make?”

He thought to himself: I didn’t do anything. Why did I suddenly become a terrible criminal?

“You killed Shi Qian Shan! You killed him too soon!” Wu Yun Liang sighed, “Shi Qian Shan was an indispensable link in my plans!”

Chu Yang’s raised his brows, “Shi Qian Shan?”

“Exactly. Even though Shi Qian Shan was underhanded and cunning, he could be seen as a mature adept. Moreover, he was good at kissing up to people. We may look down on his tactics… but he was really the most appropriate candidate to mingle in the royal court.” Wu Yun Liang sighed again.

“Mingle in the royal court?” Chu Yang was shocked. What does mingling in the court have to do with this?

“I wanted to have a person completely detached from Beyond the Heavens Sect and enter Iron Cloud Nation under a secret identity, and, if possible, become the prince’s confidante. First, to ensure the safety of the prince. Second, if things are successful, this person will become the representative for Beyond the Heavens Sect in the court.”

Wu Yun Liang said wearily, “Live or die, we have to rise. To take on such  a great venture, we simply cannot just go forward as a simple Jiang Hu sect anymore. When the time comes, if there is no one to speak for us in the court, then any big accomplishment would mean nothing. At key moments, we must have someone like that. You can easily buy politicians with gold and other benefits. The only thing is you cannot trust them.”

Chu Yang nodded in agreement: If they can be bought by you then they can be bought by others. Even by Diwu Qing Rou!

That is too dangerous!

A person you can trust is best.

“I had planned to send Shi Qian Shan to Iron Cloud. However, you killed him.” Wu Yun Liang grumbled.

“Shi Qian Shan dared to poison his own teacher. At the critical moment, it would not be difficult for him to sell out the sect. In truth, I believe my killing him helped eliminated a hidden tragedy!” Chu Yang opposed fiercely.

It was now time for negotiation.

Hearing his tune, Chu Yang already knew what Wu Yun Liang has planned for him. He naturally did not want someone leading him by the nose. Even though this matched his goals and his heart was already set, how could he ignore such a rare opportunity to establish a good position?

“I originally wanted to appoint two quick-witted people, one to Great Zhao and one to Iron Cloud. The person who goes to Great Zhao would be in charge of gathering information and also, if the sect falls into danger, help save some people to extend our lineage. However, after some thoughts, I abandoned that plan. Having an exit strategy no matter what the situation turns out to be is not necessarily a good thing. It is harder to apply all of your determination with an exit strategy.”

“Shi Qian Shan, you killed him too soon.” Wu Yun Liang lamented, repeating the same words again.

“Yes, too soon.” Internally, Chu Yang also had this feeling.

“I have observed you these past few days.” Wu Yun Liang said, “Chu Yang you are thoughtful, and have great foresights. You are decisive and thick-skinned. When taking action, you seize your opportunity and do not hesitate. Those characters are for doing great things. You are a hundred times better than Shi Qian Shan in many aspects. However, there are three good points that Shi Qian Shan had and you are deficient in.”

“Three good points?” Chu Yang nodded and said, “First, being dishonorable. Second, following whichever direction the wind blows, smoothing whiskers and patting the horse’s bottom (TLN: to use flattery to achieve goals, I just thought this was a weird idiom and wanted to share). Third, using any means to achieve the goal.”

“Very good!” Wu Yun Liang clapped forcefully. “Do you believe that these things are despicable? That they cannot even be called good points? They should even be called horrible?”

“No! This disciple do not think so.” Chu Yang said seriously, “However, I will absolutely not be like that. I have my own limits in everything I do.”

“Right, these three things on an ordinary person is an abhorrent pile of dog poop. But on a person mingling in the court playing with politics, then they are the basic foundation for playing a good game!” Wu Yun Liang smile mockingly.

“Since the time you were in that fight with Qu Ping, I secretly observed you every three days. You did very well. You were aware of your own shortcomings and steadfastly observed Shi Qian Shan. From him, you found ways to offset these deficiencies. I was really happy!”

Wu Yun Liang sighed, “Unfortunately, Shi Qian Shan was tempted by demons and finally buried himself. The only thing was you killed him too soon. If you had let Shi Qian Shan continue to ask for forgiveness, he would have cried streams of tears and found hundreds of reasons. In the end, even if you still wanted to kill him, you would naturally feel that his reasons, strangely enough, are not without basis.”

“This would have been a really important lesson! But you took action and lost this opportunity.” Wu Yun Liang continued, “Human life is always full of adversity. Struggling alone in the whirlpool of political games while carrying a secret identity and mission, you will face the risk of being flooded to your head with danger. At these critical times, how to ask for forgiveness is most important. You need to be able to keep your life, then you can plan on other things!”

Chu Yang was quiet for a moment and asked in a deep voice, “Sect Master, what you said… can you do them? Even if you could do them, would you?”

Wu Yun Liang was stunned.

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