Chu Yang clearly understood, even though Meng Chao Ran was not expressive, he got Chu Yang’s intention. With those words, Tan Tan would surely remain safe and sound.

As they were crossing the mountain gate, the disciples watching the gate saw Meng Chao Ran’s cold and unhappy face. It seemed like a bag of volatile explosive, so they dared not say one word but simply let the two pass.

Wu Yun Liang was already waiting at the door.

Today, all of the disciples were sent to Locking Clouds Peak for evaluations. This was Wu Yun Liang’s tactic to keep things secretive for Chu Yang.

Seeing Wu Yun Liang, Meng Chao Ran’s gaze became cold but he did not say anything.

Wu Yun Liang gave a pained laugh. He too did not bother with words, but said curtly, “Follow me.” and led the way.

On the way into the main hall, they passed the ancestral altar. Wu Yun Liang quietly reached out his arm and opened a secret doorway, and led the two in.

The passage was winding downward like a cave going deep into the heart of the mountain. Then suddenly, a majestic hall appeared. In front of this hall was a carved green jade door.

The temperature here was extremely cold.

“Your master and I will wait here. Only one person can enter Seven Shades Congregation Grounds at any time. Go by yourself. How much power you can harvest will depend entirely on you. Once you go through this door, keep walking straight forward. After going through seven doors like this, you will have reached Seven Shades Congregation Grounds! Remember, if you feel you are unable to handle the cold in there you must come back out immediately. You absolutely cannot force your body beyond its limits to gain more power!”

Chu Yang nodded in reply and looked up at the tall jade door. There was a flash of sharpness in his gaze.

His dantian was bouncing with excitement. As if it had just sensed something, Nine Tribulations Sword Spirit in side him suddenly started spinning wildly. It was like an excited child that has just gotten its favorite toy!

Looking at Chu Yang going through the door, Wu Yun Liang and Meng Chao Ran stood shoulder to shoulder but did not say anything. After half a day, Meng Chao Ran finally said quietly, “Eldest martial brother, do you know who Chu Yang is?”

Wu Yun Liang remained taciturn and did not say anything.

“Chu Yang, I took him in when he was only three months old. I stayed by his side every day, nurturing and raising him. It has been like that all these years. Calling me his teacher is not quite accurate; I am his father and mother as well!”

“His name was given by me… Chu Yang, early morning light, shining sunrise – this was the representation of my biggest hope in life! Eldest martial brother, do you understand?”

“I understand.” Wu Yun Liang sighed heavily.

“You still don’t understand!” Meng Chao Ran was standing bleakly when he suddenly turned and, without warning, palmed Wu Yun Liang in the face. Bam! Wu Yun Liang was pushed backward, but, surprisingly, he did not let out a sound.

Without a care, Meng Chao Ran jumped up and continued with an aggressive kick in Wu Yun Liang’s stomach sending him to the ground. Then he landed on this sect master and started to pour down a shower of punches.

The sound of the punches rang out. In this area more than ten meters underground, the two did not say a word. Meng Chao Ran has let out all his aggressions on the sect master!

From the beginning to end, Wu Yun Liang did not say anything nor did he fight back. When Meng Chao Ran had landed more than one hundred punches, he stopped. The master of Beyond the Heavens Sect’s face was swollen like a pig and his whole body was covered with bruises.

“Junior martial brother… Now, this is the real you! It has been twenty years, I finally get go see you lose control. These past years, you remained cold and emotionless, it was really annoying… hahaha, hack…” Wu Yun Liang sprawled on the ground coughing. He continued, “That’s why I let you beat me up, even if it was worse, it’s would be worth it! I am really happy!”

“If something happens to Chu Yang, I will help you feel really happy every day! Every day as cheerful as this one!” Meng Chao Ran stood up and said casually.

“Junior martial brother… No only Chu Yang, but even you and I are drowning in this vortex as well… no one’s survival is certain! This is the destiny of our Beyond the Heavens Sect!” Wu Yun Liang arduously stood up. With just a little movement, his whole body was sored. He could not help but gasp and complained, “You, you… damn it… you don’t even have a little love.”

With a hmph, Meng Chao Ran turned around and looked at the green jade door. His countenance was anxious as he sank into deep thoughts. His gaze grew more and more conflicted.


Chu Yang walked straight forward. On the two sides are the rock walls that has single smooth pearls placed at a distance from each other. They seemed to emit a dim light. Deep underground, this made people feel as if it was a dream.

The Nine Tribulations Sword spirit in his dantian became more agitated as if it was finally meeting a loved one that it has not seen in a long time.

As the second jade door opened, the icy cold air became colder. If a normal person came to this place, he would have to activate his internal energy to be able to withstand it. However, Chu Yang did not feel any discomfort. It was quite the opposite. He felt comfortable from head to toe!

Internally, Chu Yang was fortified like a stone block. Every step was steady, without any hint of hesitation.

The third door!

The fourth door!

Every step Chu Yang took was even; his breathing was stable. This showed that he continued to maintain his alertness like it was any normal day, and he was not mesmerized by the number one rarity under the heaven that was Nine Tribulations Sword.

The fifth door… opened.

The sixth door!

Chu Yang did not change even a bit.

Suddenly, there was a sigh from inside him. The mysterious booming voice has once again spoken, “Your personality completely matches with Nine Tribulations Sword! It seems your previous life was full of suffering and killing, polishing you from a rough gemstone into a precious jewel that glitters and shines!”

Chu Yang’s legs did not stop walking. He asked internally, “Who are you? Person or demon?”

It was this same voice that arrogantly said things like “invert fate” and then disappeared. And no matter how Chu Yang tried, it did not come out again.

But today, under these circumstances, it has unexpected came out of nowhere.

However, when Chu Yang asked, that voice once again became incognito. A long time passed and it did not answer his question. When Chu Yang finally pushed open the seventh door (TLN: Author wrote ninth, but I am pretty sure he meant seventh) that voice said in exhaustion, “I am currently very weak, every word I say is very draining. Chu Yang, hurry up and get the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment.”

“Second fragment?”

“Yes, second fragment… energy of heaven and earth, heaven’s talent and earthly treasure, rare material, etc.… are the things essential to Nine Tribulations Sword… They are also what I need to recover my strength… “, that voice became lower and lower, more and more faint, as if it could dissipate in the air at any moment. “… Help me, I can help you invert this fate…”

The voice disappeared as if it has just used up the last drop of energy.

Currently, Chu Yang was standing outside the last door, the door in the deepest place – the seventh door. (TLN: wrote ninth again, still sure he meant seventh, “seven doors”, “seven shades”)

The inside was empty, but an icy cold air that seemed capable of instantly freezing a person rushed in from all directions. It surrounded Chu Yang, and not long after formed a layer of white frost.

Nine Tribulations Sword inside the dantian became violently agitated. The cold air was like a boundless tide cascading into Chu Yang’s body. It followed his meridians and poured straight into Nine Tribulations Sword spirit…

For four full hours, Chu Yang did not even move one bit. The cold air fiercely and continuously flowed into his body.

After four hours like that, the cold air finally weakened. At that moment, Chu Yang felt his body had recovered its ability to move. He carefully observed his surrounding and took one step toward the left.

His dantian cramped up immediately as if trying to stop him from toward that direction.

He took one step to the right and Nine Tribulations Sword emitted a joyfulness. When he took seven or eight more steps and came next to the rock wall, the Nine Tribulations Sword spirit quieted, but this was the quiet of extreme excitement!

This is the spot!

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