Chu Yang looked at the solid wall and thought about how to get the sword point out… It was buried deep within.

At this moment, the Nine Tribulations Sword spirit inside his dantian suddenly surged up with an aggressive impulse. The kind of impulse that was so strong that it made Chu Yang heart pound almost to the point that it could jump out of his chest.

He gritted his teeth and decided that even if he could not do it, he must!

Chu Yang turned his arm… With a swoosh, he pulled out his sword. Then he started to activate his internal energy and directed it into the sword. Suddenly, the cold energy that was absorbed by Nine Tribulations Sword spirit inside his dantian poured out into the sword on its own. Within a moment, the ordinary sword became iridescent and transparent and emitted a brilliant light!

Shining its light over the entire cave as if it was daylight!


Chu Yang swung the sword on the wall to test it out. He wanted to see how tough it was before deciding on what to do next. But he certainly did not expect that a light swing of the sword would send it into the wall like it was tofu. One swoosh and, with the exception of the hilt, the entire sword was in the wall!

Chu Yang was extremely happy. Why is it so soft?

He tried to pick at the wall with his hand but, of course, it did not give. Chu Yang kept trying until the tips of his fingers were hurt and numb before he realized that the unnatural cold energy was this stone wall’s weakness!

With the sword full of cold energy, Chu Yang slashed into the wall and using force, he made a deep cut about three feet across. After that, he made three more cuts creating a rectangle on the wall. Chu Yang threw his sword aside, and placed his hands on the rectangle he just created. He activated his internal energy and pulled!

With a swish, the few hundred pounds block followed his hands and left the wall. It dropped on the ground.

Without resting, Chu Yang continually slashed the wall. Blocks after blocks was removed from the wall, lying in a pile on the ground… not too much time passed before he was drenched in sweat!

On the ground, there was now almost a hundred of such blocks.

The sword slashed deep into the wall once more, when suddenly a ‘Chink…!’ sound emanated out. Nine Tribulations Sword spirit also made a ‘Pop…!’ and suddenly jumped and spun inside his dantian. It currently had such extreme excitement that seemed to be uncontrollable!

The sword point!

Finally, after pulling out a large block, Chu Yang’s eyes narrowed… Underneath that stone block was the sword point, laying quietly and glowing.

Its length was about that of a palm. It was pointy and sharp. The sides had a silvery white luster, but the rest of it seemed to be covered in a pink metallic sheen. This was the blood radiance, characteristic of weapons made specifically for killing! An ancient, fierce aura surrounded the sword point.

There was no sheath covering and protecting it. Even though the sword point fragment has been lying like that for who knows how many years, it was still shiny. Moreover, the surface has a faint glow surrounding it!

Chu Yang can only feel his dry lips, and his heart beating like a drum… He immediately regained his composure, then reached out and grabbed the sword point!

The moment the sword point touched his hand, Chu Yang suddenly raised his eye brows. Sweat started to pour out!

The sword point has been buried for so many years, ordinarily, it should have been cold to the touch. However, when Chu Yang touched it, he realized it was burning hot. With Chu Yang’s body current full of cold energy, it was a total contrast. Cold and hot were antagonistic; a thick fog started to rise in the stone room. Everything was barely visible!

In addition, an ancient violent aura was suddenly emitted. The sword point in Chu Yang’s hand started to aggressively struggle as if it wanted to cut his hand and fly away!

Chu Yang activated his internal energy as his whole body vigorously resist! He became extremely annoyed. In the previous life, I was able to get the Nine Tribulations Sword point without any such demonic incident! Why is everything different in this life?

The force of the sword point’s struggle became stronger and stronger. Chu Yang was starting to feel that he could no longer hang on. Finally, the sword point bounced in his hand… Chu Yang frowned, it made a deep gash in his hand!

At this moment the sword point was ready to fly away. If it had managed this, it was likely that Chu Yang will not have the ability to find it again in this lifetime!

Just that moment, there was a feeling of rage from Chu Yang’s dantian. The Nine Tribulations Sword spirit seemed to have rushed out. It left the dantian and went into the meridians. In the blink of an eye, it was at Chu Yang’s hand!

Right afterward, a strange ancient force from Chu Yang’s palm suddenly flowed into the point of Nine Tribulations Sword! The sword point that was struggling and trying to break free became docile after contact with this ancient force!

The cold energy on Chu Yang’s body suddenly disappeared. The heat from the sword point was also gone in a flash… Then the point of Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand abruptly radiated brightly with an ancient blood-colored light that shot straight up. And with a swoosh, it disappeared. After that, Chu Yang started to notice that the sword point slowly calmed down.

After a second, an even stranger event happened!

The sword point that was shining brightly now has mysteriously disappeared in Chu Yang’s hand!

In his dantian, the surreal Nine Tribulation Sword spirit suddenly quivered as the point materialized!

The sword point has returned home!

After another second, Chu Yang’s mind was fogged by ancient thought. It was as if someone was speaking from deep inside him:

“One ray of light can pierce thousands.

Killing all under the heaven, for what?

A sharp will buried deep will not change.

Gather mountains and clouds to rule over all.”

There were suddenly these testaments inside Chu Yang along with a strange feeling. Chu Yang was unsettled. His thoughts went to carefully evaluating internally.

Chu Yang abruptly realized that these testaments were verses from the Nine Tribulations Transcending Nine Heavens Technique that he had memorized in his previous life! A mysterious force from the Nine Tribulations Sword point in his dantian shot out. It blended with his bones, meridians, blood, muscles, and entire body…

During a moment of unconsciousness, Chu Yang martial cultivation suddenly increased. He has just broke through grade one Martial Warrior; he was now grade three Martial Warrior! In addition, it stopped at the peak; he could almost break through. Within moments, he regained his clarity and composure.

At the same time, there suddenly appeared the shape of a martial artist in Chu Yang’s mind. With sword in hand, the shape slowly illustrated the sword stances!

From action to action, the demonstration was smooth as flowing water. Chu Yang was mesmerized!

These sword stances, he already knew in his previous life. However, he had never managed to truly master them… But now, looking at this, he felt as if there was a supernatural force helping him to understand the my hidden mysteries that had eluded him before.

With his previous lifetime, Chu Yang also got the energy and the testaments just like this time. But… the feeling that he got from this lifetime was completely different!

In his previous life, no matter how hard he tried, it did not feel exactly right. Regardless of what he did, he could not truly comprehend it… It was as if there was a thin veil that he could not pierce. Currently, Chu Yang could understand all the teachings easily! Every meticulous detail and every little advancement was like a clear stream flowing slowly through him. Transparent and articulate!

This was with Nine Tribulations Sword spirit’s support! A privilege given to the true owner of Nine Tribulations Sword!

Chu Yang closed his eyes and sank deep into this strange state…

However, he did not know that the moment the point of the Nine Tribulations Sword advanced into his dantian and the four testaments arose in his mind, a colorless light shot from the center of Beyond the Heavens Sect’s Gathering Clouds Peak straight into the sky… Afterward, there was a great commotion.

Suddenly, dark clouds started to gather on the whole firmament of the Lower Three Heavens. In the blink of an eye, the sky was completely covered!

The whole continent fell into darkness! One could not even see what was in front of them!

It was morning, only a little over two hours before noon! However, it was pitch black!

The whole continent was terrified!


Great Zhao Nation, the prime minister’s mansion.

From the outside, this minister’s mansion looked extremely ordinary, as if it belonged to some low ranking official. The area was not too big, and the décor was plain. The guards did not seem too prestigious either!

However, this was the resident of the one and only talented Diwu Qing Rou!

At the moment the sky turned black, there was chaos in all four directions. But in the prime minister’s mansion all was quiet, as if there was nothing extraordinary happening.

It was morning and this event was unpredictable, but the people here seemed as if they were already prepared.

All lights were lit.

In the library, a scholar a little over thirty years old sat neatly. His simple clothing was elegant. His handsome face was graceful. His gaze was profound and powerful like a hundred rivers flowing into the sea… It seemed as if he could look down at the thousands of things that happened in life and not miss anything.

The moment the sky turned black, this person seemed to have already perceived something. He immediately stood up, went to the window, and quietly looked up at the sky.

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