(TLN: It was really ‘Saintly Acting Skills’)


Du Shi Qing was going to treat the emperor of Iron Cloud nation; Tie Shi Cheng was in his most dire time.

“Senior Du, not only did you save my father’s life, you saw that they were poor and did not take one penny. And even more, you gave them a tael of silver before you left! My family has never forgotten your great kindness!”

When the black-outfitted youth saw that Du Shi Qing was still contemplating, his face lit up and his voice became even more excited, “At the time, my parents were not well off, our family’s living situation was grim. We depended entirely on the tael of silver Senior Du gave us to keep going. To my family, Senior Du’s kindness was as great as heaven and earth.

“I see.” Du Shi Qing seemed to vaguely remember a few events like that, but his memory was foggy and he has no deep impression of any of it. It would seem that he only remembered because the other reminded him. He has treated countless people in his lifetime, even if such a thing was in his memory, it would probably be blurred.

However, this type of highway gratitude was indeed rare; at the least, it would make anyone feel very happy.

“Yes, my late father reminded me about this matter many times. He said that when I grew up, I must find Senior Du and repay this kindness. Before my father passed away, he lamented over that fact that he could not repay Senior Du’s kindness…”

The black-outfitted youth said in tears, “Thank the heavens, I have finally found Senior Du. Moreover, you have agreed to see me so I could show my gratitude… My late father, in heaven, would certainly be happy to know this.”

He talked and cried. Within moments, his eyes were red.

“It’s enough, that I know of the gratitude of your father and you.”

Du Shi Qing also could not help but felt a little emotional, he said, “The past is the past… Now… oh, your father already… pass away?”

“Yes, three years ago he met with an unfortunate fate when he was hunting tigers in the mountain…” The youth in black said hoarsely.

“That’s regrettable… Your father was heroic! A good man…”

In truth, Du Shi Qing currently did not remember who it was, but he pieced together the words of the other person. He figured it was a poor father who was saved by him and had not forgotten that act of kindness. This father had asked his son to find a way to repay the doctor. In fact, even on his death bed, he did not forget about it. In addition, the words “hunting tigers”…, someone who dared to fight tigers would surely be a heroic figure.

Such a person would have surely been a good person.

Out of thin air, Du Shi Qing also felt he has indeed done this good deed. Even though his memory was foggy, this youth was so young and still showed him such gratitude. This surely could not be a lie.

“Senior Du finally remembers!” The youth in black yelled in excitement, “My name is Chu Yang. That year, I also saw Senior Du!”

“How time passed. You are now grown up!” Du Shi Qing rubbed his beard and smiled. He felt that his skepticism was misplaced. Moreover, he felt as if he just met the child of an old friend and immediately sighed, “If your father could see your abilities today, he would surely be very happy in heaven.”

“Yes. I started studying martial arts with my master six years ago…” Chu Yang said hesitantly. With a look of embarrassment, he stuttered, “Hack, hack…, I finally come face to face with Senior Du today. I also learned that Senior Du is travelling a very long distance to Iron Cloud. Even though my abilities are limited, I would like to help escort Senior Du. I promise to do everything in my power to help you.”

“You don’t have to do that…” Du Shi Qing said with some hesitation.

“Will Senior Du not give me even one chance to repay your kindness?” Chu Yang said sadly, “I know my skills are lacking, but… it is my wish. I also want to fulfill my father’s last dying wish. I beseech Senior Du to allow me to do this!”

After Chu Yang said this, it seemed that no one had any doubts left. The eight guards also changed their attitude toward Chu Yang. One of the guards vigorously patted Chu Yang’s shoulder, smiled and said, “Dear boy, your skills are lacking? The three of us couldn’t stop you.”

Chu Yang humbly said, “That was because you went easy on me. You saw that I was young and did not want to use your full force. Otherwise, I would have been chopped in half already.”

All of the guards laughed.

Even though they all knew that they certainly did not go easy on him earlier, but the fact that they did not go all out was true. They quite liked this bright and tactful youth.

He did not forget the kindness of others; he persisted on fulfilling his father’s dying wish; he was perseverant… Someone who was faithful and filial like this would be welcomed everywhere he went.

“Well, if you insist on it, you can follow me. Wait until we get to Iron Cloud, I will find you some good opportunities if I have a chance. That would be good.” Du Shi Qing smiled.

The eight guards also smiled happily. With Du Shi Qing’s referral, especially given Iron Cloud’s current need of him, nothing would be difficult! It could be said that Du Shi Qing only needed to open his mouth and this youth would have a bright future!

“I dare not. I do not have any interest in fame and glory.” Chu Yang said quietly, revealing a faint dissatisfaction, “Once Senior Du is safe in Iron Cloud, I will be assured and leave. Even though this little person (TLN: “I” in a humbled manner, as opposed to a great person) has no accomplishments, but those things, hahaha… It is best to stay away just to be safe. I want to avoid losing my head unexpectedly.”

How could Chu Yang not know this was Du Shi Qing’s last test? That was why he put on a show of hating fame and fortune. He also pretended to hide his dissatisfaction with such things…

When Chu Yang finished even the carriage driver’s face became a little eased. Du Shi Qing shook his head and laughed, “Good… In that case, follow me.”

Chu Yang expression went from grief to joy. He jumped up excitedly, “Thank you, Senior Du!”

Meeting such a pure and honest youth, Du Shi Qing laughed freely. He did not know that this “good, kind, honest, filial, faithful…” guy who was just talking was actually trying to hold down the urge to vomit… (TLN: from his act)

Du Shi Qing did not even think that this “repayment of kindness…, fulfill my father’s last dying wish…” was all a big lie. Chu Yang did not even know his own origin, let alone the rest.

Regardless, the first step in Chu Yang’s plan was successful. He had managed to infiltrate this group, and this group had access to the highest level power of Iron Cloud Nation.

Chu Yang naturally has additional plans, but this group was the key to everything. As long as Du Shi Qing’s poisoning of Tie Shi Cheng was not uncovered, he would still be of great importance to Tie Bu Tian. (TLN: So I was wrong, Chu Yang did know about the poisoning…)

Once Du Shi Qing’s group has a deep impression of him, this important step could be considered nicely completed.

He originally thought to change his appearance, but, after thinking it over, he felt his body would still leave signs that could be discovered. That would not be good. It was easier to just use his true identity to enter Iron Cloud Nation.

The identity of an expelled disciple of Beyond the Heavens Sect – Chu Yang!

After just one day, Chu Yang had become close to the eight guards. They ate and drink together happily. However, Chu Yang still felt as if there was a sharp gaze constantly watching him. He knew that this gaze belonged to the driver of the carriage.

Even though he did not know that person’s martial art skill, but there was something hidden. He was definitely not an ordinary old man. Compared to the martial uncles at Beyond the Heavens Sect, he was probably not weaker.

He was the real protector of Du Shi Qing. Only this person was needed to beat a thousand soldiers and ten thousands horses (TLN: a mighty force).

Du Shi Qing and the eight guards had no suspicions toward him. It was only the carriage driver that never trusted him completely.

Two days later, the group came into a town in the afternoon. They finally heard a rumor: “Beyond the Heavens Sect has announced that the disciple Chu Yang of Purple Bamboo Garden had misconducted himself and killed his elder martial brother Shi Qian Shan. Because of this heinous crime, he was expelled from the sect! From now on, he is no longer a disciple of Beyond the Heavens Sect!”

When they heard the news, Du Shi Qing’s group was extremely surprised.

“Chu Yang, the Chu Yang they are talking about… Is that you?”

Chu Yang’s face fell. It became gloomy and full of unspoken grievances. His eyes became dazed, empty and confused.

“What happened? How did you get expelled from the sect?” Du Shi Qing frowned, “With your personality, such a thing just cannot be!”

Chu Yang’s face became cold. His hands seemed to unconsciously crush a piece of grass in his hand. A little while later, he grinded his teeth and said, “My martial sister… my martial sister… we were engaged… but…”

He did not finish his sentence. In fact, his explanation has no head or tail. But the expression of pain on his face and his trembling hands full of bulging veins already said everything. His appearance was more effective than any verbal explanation… (TLN: yep, really someone give him an Oscar…)

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