Manager Cao clearly looked like a human, how could he have the Divine Clan’s ability to control fire power? Was there some mystery to this bodyguard of Du Shi Qing?

Moreover… This road was too quiet.

While Chu Yang was contemplating, Nine Tribulation Sword Spirit in his dantian fiercely jumped up. A sense of extreme danger rose up inside him. Within moments his hair was standing on ends. His gaze quickly became cold. He did not bother turning his head around to look. His body spun and rolled and immediately shot up high in the air… One moment he was next to the fire, and the next he was behind a tree. The whole process was so extraordinary that those watching would not believe their eyes.

Suddenly, there was a sharp whistling sound, and a large boulder, a few meters wide, flew down from above. It was flying straight toward Du Shi Qing with exact precision!

Du Shi Qing was right in the center of the boulder’s lethal target!

Manager Gao roared and his old man’s body suddenly became powerful like a leopard’s. It quickly shot forward… but it could be seen that he would not be in time to save Du Shi Qing… at that moment, Chu Yang mysteriously appeared next to that large boulder. A sword suddenly appeared in his hand. It shot out like a snake going attacking its victim.

The sword’s point flew like a dragon and stabbed into the side of the boulder.


The stone was originally spinning intensely forward, but this extremely accurate stab into its exact weak spot… finally managed to slow down its speed a little.

Like a big mountain quietly and suddenly falling on a sharp pivot point, this mysterious scene was difficult to put in words.

This large boulder’s reaction presented itself in a blink of an eye. It seemed as if Chu Yang’s chest was hit by the boulder… Blood sprayed out from his mouth as he rolled back.

However, he had managed to buy a little time! It was insignificant, only a blink of an eye…

But only that blink of an eye was needed for manager Gao to, as quick as a bolt of lightning, appear between Du Shi Qing and the big boulder… He let out an angry roar, followed by an invisible punch. The only thing that could be seen was a bright white flash around his fist. That extremely heavy stone shattered; the little broken pieces poured down like rain!

Du Shi Qing was safe and sound!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Arrows poured down from the mountain’s peak. They enveloped the group in all directions.

“Formation! Face the enemies!” The leader of the guards yelled. The eight systematically and quickly rolled on the ground to their horses. Within a second, each of them was holding a round shield. Even though their reaction was relative fast, one of the guards was shot on his shoulder and calf. The tip of the arrows pierced through the body and brought with them pieces of meat and blood as they quickly disappeared in the dark night.

He let out a painful scream. The other guards took three shields to cover him.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh… the sounds started again. Hundreds of arrows rained down like an iron curtain in the air.

THUNK THUNK… The arrows landed on the ground. The entire area of more than a hundred square meters became a giant hedgehog!

Manager Gao let out a wail as his body spun like a dark cyclone. With his hands, he caught the dozens of arrows that were still in the air. He tossed them like dozens of black lightning bolts flying back in the opposite direction… He did not even bother to look at the result. Without pause, he grabbed Du Shi Qing. His body was but a flash as he went over to the carriage and quickly put Du Shi Qing inside.

THWISH, THWISH… sounds rang up. Arrows then immediately appeared with a new target, the carriage. The sheer massive force caused the entire carriage to shake… but none of the arrows could pierce it!

This carriage, as it turned out, was not ordinary!

In the middle of the mountain, there were the “THUNK, THUNK….” sounds in the direction that manager Gao had just sent back some of the arrows. These were the sounds of arrows landing on tree trunks… every now and then, they were interrupted by short screams.

Manager Gao came back within a second. His face was pale; his first reaction was not to advance and kill the enemies… He glanced at Chu Yang. He was the only one there that knew how difficult Chu Yang’s previous sword move was.

If it was not for that incredible sword move, then this trip would have been disastrous!

In terms of timing, position, power, and even the starting point from the beginning… all was perfect beyond belief! That sword move was simply saintly!

This youth was only a Martial Warrior. Even a Martial Master at peak level could not do anything to such a large falling boulder with just a sword… It was unbelievable that Chu Yang could have used a sword to slow it down!

Even though it was only for a blink of an eye, it was able to turn tables!

After that incredible move, the ordinary sword was astonishingly undamaged. And the price he paid was only a little blood! This was simply unimaginable!

The timing of the enemies’ attack was extremely strange. They were currently in the territory of Iron Cloud… before this, they were unbothered on the road. It was unexpected that they would be attack here… Moreover, the enemies did not wait until midnight, but chose to initiate early in the evening like this!

Everything happened so unexpectedly that it would make people feel as if the attackers were a group of robbers on the run and suddenly happened upon this opportunity. It was as if this was simply an impromptu decision. Even Manager Gao, who has been in Jiang Hu all his life, was caught unprepared!

However, Chu Yang was able to do his sword move, within a moment of chaos! A sword move full of miraculous aura. It was almost like he has practiced this a thousand times already!

Manager Gao was sure that no one would have practiced for such thing. It was not a coincidence, but it was not pre-planned either!

When he looked over at the place where Chu Yang has just fallen, he discovered that the kid who just spit out blood and fell to the ground was nowhere to be seen!

The eight guards formed a defensive position and slowly moved toward the carriage and dispersed around to fortify it.

Manager Gao wanted to rush in and kill the enemies, but he stopped after some thoughts. Instead he stayed put and directed for the carriage to be slowly moved back away from the forest. The two horses that pulled the carriage earlier have already been turned into hedgehogs, and half of the guards’ horses have also been killed.

Manager Gao’s body shook as he stood in place. The only sounds that were heard were repeated THUD THUD as each horse’s body was tossed on top of each other… In an extremely short period of time, the dead horses became a wall of meat to block them from the view of those in the forest. Afterward, he crossed his arms across his chest. With full alertness, he looked around all four directions. And then step by step, he backed away.

Their job was to keep Du Shi Qing safe, not kill the enemies!

While he was doing these things, the hidden enemies, surprisingly, did not show the slightest of reaction!

The attackers did not make a sound! With the exception of the two screams from earlier, they were like mimes.

The arrows have stopped! All was completely quiet as if the earlier incident never happened at all. From extremely intense to extremely quiet, there was no buffer in between.

When the arrows had quieted, twilight seized this opportunity to blanket its darkness over the ground! Between heaven and earth, there was suddenly filled with a stifling aura. It was so oppressive that one could barely breathe normally.

The next time the enemies attack, it would definitely not be a few simple moves like what just happened. This was clear enough to everyone!

Who were the enemies? What side did they belong to? Was it Great Zhao? Iron Cloud? Or was it Limitless Nation? Or was it… another power? Everything was hidden in a hazy fog.

Regardless of which side they belonged to, this was definitely premeditated!

It was not until the group moved back by about ten meters that there was a reaction from the forest. After a series of strange sounds, a sharp whistling sound rose up. A long black shadow like a screaming, angry dragon flew out of the forest and broke through the curtain of the night. It brought with it an overwhelming presence and could not be blocked. In the blink of an eye, it would reach the carriage!

The long shadow was like a tyrannical force that leaves everything trembling in its wake!

It was only an arrow!

However, shockingly, the shaft of this arrow was three meters long. It was filled with the smell of death as if it had been shot out from hell! It ripped through the night as it headed for the carriage!

The tip of the arrow was heading straight for the central compartment. Without a doubt, it would not spare anyone in the carriage!

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  1. Judging by everyones’ reactions in this chapter, it seems like this attack would have killed the Du Shi Qing… yet why is it that Du Shi Qing survived in Chu Yang’s previous life? I’m confused… hopefully it’ll be explained in the next few chapters…


    1. Since chu yang is there everything changed, the attacking side as well the defending side had minor adjustments. If chu yang wasn’t there maybe that manager would have been closer to that doctor and would have been easily able to help him.


    2. Butterfly effect, something Chu Yang had done direct or not change it the flow and this happened. That’s why time travel to the future is more safer.


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