The great man in Chu Yang’s clutches was still unconscious and oblivious to everything that was happening around him.

Chu Yang did not want to take his life.

It was not that Chu Yang was afraid to kill people; killing people was truly a very easy thing for him. What he was most concerned with was resolving the current danger; the second thing was finding out the origin of these people!

They were most likely from Iron Cloud! Moreover, they were probably the Dead Warriors (TLN: ready to die to accomplish their tasks) under Prince Tie Bu Tian’s command.

They would be the only people who did not want Du Shi Qing to come to Iron Cloud! On the off chance that Du Shi Qing could perform a miracle and help Tie Shi Cheng recover his health, the country of Iron Cloud would fall into the peculiar situation of having two kings.

No matter how solid the relationship between the two were, their underlings would not necessarily see it that way. Tie Bu Tian was currently the spiritual pillar, the savior, and the only hope of Iron Cloud Nation.

Tie Shi Cheng’s recovery would have a huge effect on Tie Bu Tian’s status. More importantly, it would decrease the military’s morale because no army can be loyal to two leaders at the same time!

Facing Diwu Qing Rou under such conditions, Iron Cloud would most certainly be doomed to failure!

If these people were indeed who Chu Yang thought they were, he absolutely could not kill them! Iron Cloud’s strength had greatly fallen in comparison to Great Zhao already. Therefore, not even a little strength should be wasted.

These Dead Warriors were the treasure of the military. If he killed them, one thing would be certain: at least one unit of Iron Cloud’s military would fall into chaos. While the effect of this could not be predicted, but there would surely be an overall effect on the war.

Chu Yang had planned to reverse fate and help Tie Bu Tian defeat Diwu Qing Rou, so he could not kill these people!

Chu Yang came out of the thick forest like a meteor, behind him an entire black-outfitted army swarmed out in pursuit! Chu Yang was not the least bit concerned with it as he jumped up and down in between the two clashing sides. While he were still in mid-air, Chu Yang yelled loudly:

“If you want him alive, you will all stop!”

After finishing this sentence, Chu Yang dropped to the ground. He staggered and then rolled on the ground with the other person. Afterward, he struggled to stand up, but fell to the ground once more. At this point, his face was flushed as he breathed heavily. After a violent coughing fit, he spit out blood on the ground.

From the beginning to end of his whole feat, Chu Yang was virtually not breathing. His actions were continuous without any breaks, so, naturally, his internal systems have suffered some shock. Now that he had a chance to catch his breath, his whole body had become completely relaxed with no strength left at all.

However, the first thing he had to do was bring the icy cold sword to the man’s neck.

And like that, Chu Yang knelt on the ground with one hand holding the sword to the man’s neck, panting heavily. His appearance was disheveled, but his eyes were calm and cold. Looking at those eyes, no one dared to move. If they did not follow his order, that man’s head would surely fall to the ground!

The currently situation had become exceedingly dangerous. Manager Gao was under attack from six people; even though, he was not beaten, he was also not free to save Du Shi Qing. The six realized that they were not Manager Gao’s opponents so in a desperate attempt to hold him they took turns and attacked him in a suicidal manner.

Even though they were all wounded, they were determined to fight to the death.

The other two had already reached the carriage. Out of the eight guards that followed, four were already on the ground. Only a little more time and the carriage would be destroyed exposing Du Shi Qing within.

However, everything was reversed within a second. Everyone was fiercely fighting with each other when they suddenly became paralyzed. They looked at Chu Yang in astonishment, unable to say a word.

This youth was a mess. His clothes was tattered. He looked as if he was on his last breath. Additionally, there was blood at the edge of his mouth; he seemed to be dying.

If some silly youth yelled out like that, he would have been greeted with a sword. However, seeing the person he was holding, they knew that this was no joke.

Even though he was breathing heavily, his sword was steady and remained unmoved. His eyes remained alert in all four directions.

“Release him!”

The masked leader immediately recognized who Chu Yang was holding. He could not help but roar in anger! At this point, he even felt it was a little surreal.

How could this be? Was the general not under strict protection?

One hundred Dead Warriors, of which, eight were Martial Masters, twenty were Martial Warriors, and the rest were Martial Pupils of high grade.

Plus, there were also the fifty archers and the siege crossbow!

Such a powerful force never lost to any army. This plan was supposed to be no different from squatting a mosquito with a mountain. That divine doctor was supposed to be chopped to pieces here.

How did the general fall into the hands of the enemy?

The whole thing happened in the dark of night, and it was also in treacherous terrain. Moreover, the general’s position was in the center of the formation, under many layers of protection. How did he get here?

“Release him?” Still panting, Chu Yang laughed, “If you were me, would you release him?”

“You happened to catch an insignificant person in our group. And you still dare to use him to threaten us? What a joke!” Even though the leader was anxious, his voice was calm once again.

“Insignificant person?” Chu Yang laughed, “So he is only an insignificant person?”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly moved his arm. The blade sliced the man’s shoulder and fresh blood spilled everywhere.


All the masked people revealed a look of shock in their eyes. One of them was so concerned that he took a step forward.

“What are you doing?” The masked person asked, controlling his anger.

Still holding his sword, Chu Yang glanced at him and said sadly, “You just told me that he is only an insignificant person; I was so depressed, I could barely hold onto my sword. Anyway, if he is only an insignificant person, you should just continue your battle. Haha, we should divide our duties clearly. You kill him [Du Shi Qing], and I’ll kill him [your leader].”

After he finished talking, Chu Yang turned his sword around and slowly but decisively stabbed the general’s arm. Chu Yang’s gaze was full of mockery as he looked at the masked man facing him. He casually let the blood spill on him.

“Hold on!” The masked leader finally gave in and took a step forward, “What are your demands?”

“Very simple. You and your people back up and let us go!” Chu Yang’s breathing had normalized. He unsteadily stood up dragging the arm of the other man. “When we are safe, I will let this insignificant person go. Haha.”

When he said the words “insignificant person,” he deliberately acted as if he had difficulty breathing and spoke very slowly, showing full sarcasm.

“You… You have to remove the sword and then we’ll talk!” The masked person spoke anxiously and angrily, “Torturing someone like that, how can you call yourself a hero!”

“Hero? I am not a hero.” Chu Yang slowly pulled the sword out and said coldly, “I currently only have one purpose. It is to arrive at Iron Cloud Citadel safe and sound! Things like today, I hope to not encounter a second time!”

“I will comply!” The masked leader said sincerely, “But how do I know if you are trustworthy?”

Chu Yang said coolly, “Until now, I have not bothered to remove his mask. Is this enough sincerity?”

The masked man spoke in amazement, “That’s right. That’s more than enough!”

Not removing the mask of his enemy meant that the opponent did not want to make a big deal out of the incident, giving both sides a possible exit. If he had taken the mask off then the general’s identity would have been revealed. At that time, the only course of action would be to kill everyone to destroy the evidence. Naturally, this killing would also affect the life of the general. Not to mention Fire Saber Great Master, Gao Wei Cheng, if he wanted to escape then none of them could stop him.

Du Shi Qing was invited by Tie Bu Tian, the prince of Iron Cloud. Plus, he went with permission from Great Zhao. If Gao Wei Cheng escaped and told people of this, then everything would fall apart. This was dangerous to the relationship of the two countries. Once this was discovered, they would easily be judged as traitors of Iron Cloud.

The consequences would be disastrous.

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  1. I still don’t fully understand what Chu Yang is trying to achieve here: isn’t it better for him if the genius doctor doesn’t heal the king? Why is he helping him?


    1. The doctor was the one who poisoned the king and now he’s going to Iron Cloud to stall the king’s death by the order of Diwu Qing Rou to prevent Tie Bu Tian from becoming king so he won’t have full power before Diwu’s plan is ready. Chu Yang is using the doctor as an entry card into the highest echelon of power in Iron Cloud so it will be easier for him to come close to Tie Bu Tian to become his confidante and protect him (mentioned somewhere before chapter 40). If the doctor dies then he will have to look for another way to quickly reach the prince while he only has a short time to do so. At least that’s my take on Chu Yang’s thoughts…

      Thank you for the new chapter 🙂

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    2. if he let the doctor get killed, how the fck is he suppose to get a foothold in that nation? it was his original goal, get a foothold and influence in that nation before it stabilize, so his sect can actually move there.


      1. And also if he dies war will happen without the mc even if iron cloud survives his sect will be crushed even faster than before the only reason why war hasn’t happened yet is becaue the minister isn’t ready and the Prince doesn’t have the right to wage war yet.


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