The leader raised his hand and whistled a signal and approximately eighty or ninety masked men in black immediately lined up in an orderly fashion. In the blink of an eye, they created an awe-inspiring, impregnable wall.

Manager Gao and the four remaining guards felt as if they were dreaming.

They were just in a precarious situation and the enemy was about to succeed. They were feeling angry and hopeless when Chu Yang, unexpectedly, appeared with another person. What was even more surprising was the fact that he yelled for them stop.

And indeed the enemies did stop!

Now that they were hearing the conversation, they know that this other person was the commander of the team!

Unbelievable! How could there be such coincidences? This was truly unimaginable!

It was truly risky to enter the enemies’ formation alone. But to kidnap the commander and once again waltz through many layers of defenses? Turning the tide of the battle in the blink of an eye with the power of just one person… Was this a myth or a legend?

It seemed that no such thing has ever been written in history!

Everyone looked at Chu Yang in a different light!

“There is one thing I need…” The person in black hesitated, then continued, “I want to verify that person is still alive!”

“No problem.” Chu Yang said enthusiastically. After that he palmed the person’s heart and transferred a wave of cold air into his body.

That person immediately shivered and became alert. At which point, he discovered his situation and yelled out angrily, “What are you waiting for? Kill them now!”

“But… sir…”

“No need to worry about me!” The hostage yelled, “At this point, what are you worrying about me for?”

“Sir, your mask has not been taken off.” Chu Yang said softly, “Plus, you have lost. In this situation, will you even be able fight us to the death? Would your subordinate dare to do such thing?”

The man became livid. He cursed, “Bastard! Who are you? How are we defeated? What qualifies you to tell us we have lost this battle?”

“My qualification is…” Chu Yang said arrogantly, “You are in my hands! You are only a fish waiting to be flayed. Understand?”

The hostage immediately became quiet and started breathing heavily. His eyes were full of shame and anguish. Suddenly, he twisted his body and tried to bring his neck into Chu Yang’s blade!

People yelled out in terror!

Chu Yang laughed coldly, with a powerful lift, he tossed the hostage to the ground with just one arm. He kicked his butt, and said viciously, “If you don’t listen to me, then even if you die, I will strip off your mask and your clothes as well. Then I will use your body as a flag to enter Iron Cloud citadel! If you like, you can go ahead and give me a try!”

The man was stunned and finally calmed down.  He was not afraid of death, but what Chu Yang just said was downright malicious!

With his prestigious position in Iron Cloud, he could not suffer such humiliation even after death! There was also the reputation of his family, the reputation of the military…

“Fine…” He sighed, “What you want is to arrive at Iron Cloud citadel safely. I will comply. From here on, no one will try to stop you.”

“I don’t have any faith in those words!” Chu Yang said coldly, “We’ll have to ask you to escort us!”

“You…!” The man turned and glared at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang was shaken when he saw within those eyes an endless coldness along with great power. Moreover, those eyes seemed to speak of a haughtiness and a lack of respect for life.

This was definitely a character of high position!

“No need to stare at me like that. Once we are safe, I will let you go. I know you are concerned. Rest assured, I will not make it hard on you and will not disclose your identity. Even I do not know who you are.” Chu Yang said casually, “I don’t believe in your promises, but you can believe in mine.”

He paused a little and said calmly, “You have no other choice!”

The man glared at him for a while and suddenly waved dismissively to his underlings, “You guys should leave. I will go and play with them for a little while.”

“Your… Eldest martial brother…!” The leader in the black-outfitted group took a firm step forward. He unexpectedly threw himself on the ground and put out his arms, “Take me instead of eldest martial brother! I promise to obey you the whole way. Rest assured, even though I am worth less than my eldest martial brother, we will keep our promise.”

“Shut up! Get the f* out of here!” Chu Yang’s hostage roared angrily, “You… him… motherf*… You want to piss me off? After I get back, I will kill your entire family, take your property… motherf*… Kill all nine generations of your relatives! (TLN: From great great grandfather to great great grandchildren. Much more serious than the normal punishment of three generations.) You dare to speak gibberish in front of me? Get out of here now!”

“Bring those punks with you. Motherf*s still not going. Get out of here… get out of here… get…!” The man swore, “Looking at you mother*s so excited like this. You must be really happy, huh? You’re still not leaving?”

Under his anger and screaming, his underlings reluctantly departed.

“You listen to me! If you so much as touch a hair on our eldest martial brother, we will mince you to pieces even if it means nine generations of our family get killed and we have to go to the corner of the earth to hunt you down.”

The black-outfitted person yelled out and walked away. Not long after, they disappeared into the thick forest.

Seeing that they had left, an exhausted Chu Yang sat down on the ground. He placed his shaky hand in his chest and held the Pure Purple Jade Essence to recover his martial energy.

Unexpectedly, there rose an overbearing opposition in his head. Nine Tribulations Sword Spirit would not let him do it.

Chu Yang sat dumbfounded and cursed internally, “F*! You didn’t help me when I was fighting earlier, and now you won’t let me recover my martial energy?”

“When you were fighting earlier, you did not use the force of Nine Tribulations Sword, then did you want help in cheering you on? I can only assist you, not take over your body. Whether it is your physical body or your thoughts, the one in control is you, Chu Yang, not Nine Tribulations Sword. This is something you need to be clear on! Now, let’s talk about the recovery. When you get to the point of extreme pain and exhaustion, only by using your own effort to recover can you breakthrough and increase your martial energy. You keep depending on this damn jade to get warm winters and cool summers (TLN: basically an easy life); recover quickly while just sitting there! Breakthrough your head! (TLN: kind of the phrase ‘my ass’ in English)

Chu Yang did not expect Nine Tribulation Sword Spirit to completely recover, and he certainly did not expect it to talk to him like this, so he could not help but to be surprised to hear all these things.

Pure Purple Jade Essence was a precious treasure, but in the mouth of the sword spirit, it became a useless piece of jade to cool and warm commoners!

“Once you find out about your origin, the first thing I will do is devour that damn piece of jade! So much energy stored within, but I can only watch!” The sword spirit mumbled and without waiting for a reaction from Chu yang, it fell back into silence.

WTF! Chu Yang’s eyes rolled and his mouth was gaping. So this guy has been tempted by the jade the whole time.

“You can absorb that energy! Since when did I say you couldn’t?” Chu Yang said inquisitively.

“Then what will you use to find your parents? Just go all over the world with your bare ass?” Nine Tribulations Sword spirit yelled in anger. Afterward, it mumbled, “For thousands of years I could not find a suitable host. Now that I found one, it’s a brain-dead idiot!”

“Who are you calling an idiot?” Chu Yang was furious. Enraged, he yelled loudly. His mouth was foaming!

F*! Nine Tribulation Sword in the previous life did not dare talk to him that way. You are only a sword! I might be patience, but I won’t put up with this insolence!

“I… I did not call you…” A confused face and a puzzled voice came to him.

Manager Gao, with a concerned face, came closer to Chu Yang. He originally wanted to thank Chu Yang. He did not think that the other person would suddenly open his eyes wide and yell: “Who are you calling an idiot?”

Manager Gao was thoroughly shocked. When did I call you that? I didn’t even open my mouth yet!

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 53 – The Nine Tribulations Sword’s Contempt

  1. “Who are you calling an idiot?” Chu Yang was furious. Enraged, he yelled loudly. His mouth was foaming!

    Hahaha~ Chu Yang must be entirely surprise for him to unintentionally shout like that!


  2. “If you so much as touch a hair on our eldest martial brother”… pretty sure he just cut him in the previous chapter…


  3. I’m really enjoying this novel. My only concern/problem is the way the translator continuously baby’s the reader. It makes it excruciatingly painful to stay in the immersion or feel good about the understanding of the cultural lingo when the translator is constantly explaining everything word for word. I feel like he’s writing this out under expectation of finding an audience of readers under 13 who have not read any novels before….


  4. Sword jelly that he relies more on the base then it lol. You’ve wanted to use this jade how many times? BUT YOU HAVENT USED ME ONCE.


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