Chu Yang felt the atmosphere seemed to have changed. He smiled awkwardly and said, “I didn’t mean you!”

Confused, Manager Gao looked around. You weren’t talking to me? Besides me, is there anyone else around here? This kid is truly not normal…

“Ah, I have fallen into the hands of a head case!” The exhausted hostage said as he lay on the ground. He rolled his eyes and sighed sadly, “I dreamt of being a hero, spending my whole life traversing under the heavens and doing great things that will shake heaven and earth… but today I have made the mistake of falling into the hands of this psychotic guy. Such bad luck!!!”

“You’re the psychotic one!” Chu Yang answered as he rolled his eyes. Suddenly, he was startled. What? Why does this narcissistic attitude seem so familiar? Have I contracted Tan Tan’s virtue?

At this time, the four surviving guards approached them. Their martial brothers have died under the hands of this hostage’s men, so their gazes were not friendly at all.

“You guys should move away! I don’t want to be disturbed.” The hostage roared, “Bothering me, do you want to die?”

He was a hostage, but he was still so arrogant!

Du Shi Qing came out from inside the carriage, his countenance showed that he had calmed down somewhat. He gave Chu Yang a nod, “Chu Yang! It’s lucky that we have you!”

He paused a little then said emotionally, “If it was not for you, I am afraid I would have left my body here. Regardless of what I have done for you before, we are even now!”

Du Shi Qing smiled, “You do not have to feel burdened anymore. A doctor’s job is to save lives, therefore there’s really no debts to talk about; it’s just part of the job. Today, you were the true savior.”

Chu Yang was suddenly filled with admiration. If Du Shi Qing could say such words, he was truly worthy of the title top divine doctor. Chu Yang immediately said, “Senior Du is too kind! These things were just my own doings, you should not break our prior commitment because of this.”

“Of course not!” Du Shi Qing nodded and smiled, “The safety and identity of this person determines our safety. It’s important to look at the big picture.”

The hostage grunted and said, “I know you guys wouldn’t dare!”

After he finished, he turned back and look at Chu Yang with a sharp gaze, “Hey, damn kid! There were so many people, why did you only go after me?”

Chu Yang smiled, “Because you are the most important. If I caught someone else, would the others retreat?”

The hostage laughed loudly, revealing a heroic air that could not be covered up by the mask. He asked, “What I am most puzzled about is how you knew I am the most important person?”

“This is something I shouldn’t tell you, but you seem like a nice enough person, I will break the rule this one time.”

Chu Yang thought a little, then tilted his head and smiled, “It was because your men placed you in a very important position.”

“My men and I eat and drink together. We go into battle together; I always work to serve as a good example for all the soldiers… How can you say I was placed in a special position? What nonsense!”

“Even though you act that way, they do not think that way.” Chu Yang said coldly, “An army cannot work without a general, but if that general wants to serve as an example for his soldiers in everything, then he becomes an obstacle for that army. In fact, he might be its biggest failure!”

He looked at the man mockingly, “Even though this general thinks he always does a good job, he doesn’t know that it is the very thing that will send his army to its doom.”

The man became pensive, “Then what is the perfect middle ground?”

“A leader who always wants to set an example for his soldiers will never become a good leader. However, if he always gives orders and directs from behind, then he would definitely not succeed. There must be a balance.” Chu Yang said casually, “I have never been a general nor have I lead any soldiers, so I don’t know where that balance is nor could I give you any advice.”

The man was suddenly stunned. His brows raised as he thought carefully. After a long time, he looked up and said sincerely, “I will heed your words!”

Chu Yang was really interested in this guy he just captured. At first glance, he might seem crude, but he was actually quite shrewd. Moreover, this person was only a Martial Warrior, but eight of his underlings were Martial Masters.

Even though it was a difference of just one word, but it was an insurmountable gap. Being able to lead with such low cultivation compared to your own men, it was definitely abnormal!

He was honorable… It could be seen that his status in the army was extremely high.

There are not likely many such leaders in Iron Cloud Nation. He must live!

As he came to this thought, Chu Yang sighed and looked at bodies of the guards on the ground. He then looked at the anguish in the faces of the ones still living. They looked so helpless, even with the enemy in hands, they could not do anything!

Or it could be said this was beyond them; it was now a conflict between two countries!

However, Chu Yang felt some contempt. Currently, he was an outsider; the two countries were of little concerns to him. Du Shi Qing was a good person, but this journey of his had a direct effect on Chu Yang’s efforts to invert fate. Tie Shi Cheng’s illness has a definite effect on the fate of Iron Cloud Nation. If Iron Cloud Nation fell, then Beyond the Heavens Sect’s fate would be dire as well.

If Beyond the Heavens Sect fell, then his master and martial brothers would also die. Mo Qing Wu would not be lucky enough to keep her own life either. Du Shi Qing might be a good person, but Chu Yang could not support him.

These assassins were not necessarily bad people; their path coincided with Chu Yang’s. There was no way he could kill these people!

However, if Chu Yang placed himself in the shoes of the surviving guards, he would definitely not spare this hostage. He would not pay any mind to promises made or have any scruples with messing up the bigger picture.

Four martial brothers were slain. If you don’t take revenge, can you still be a man?

But these four guards stood in anguish. They did not take any actions even though they were not being restrained.

Chu Yang looked down on such gutless people. It was true that this was the promise made to the assassins, but he still looked down on those four guys.

After looking around, Chu Yang sat cross-legged. Recovering his strength was most important right now!

Chu Yang took a deep breath and tried to activate the remaining energy from his dantian. Strangely enough, his dantian had been emptied. The only energy the he managed to scrape up was whatever that was left in his meridians. It was so little, it was pathetic!

At point, Chu Yang used the path of Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique for the first time to recover his energy. Since he was no longer in Beyond the Heavens Sect, he did not have any reservations.

In his previous life, he did practiced Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique, but he did not understand one thing. This technique clearly could help him advance in cultivation level quicker, but what category did it belong to? Good or evil? It was, after all, a very strange technique…

When Manager Gao saw that Chu Yang was trying to recover his energy, he abandoned the thought of talking to him. Instead, he decided to stay on the side and assist him in the process. However, his eyes suddenly opened wide; he could not believe what he was seeing.

Motherf*! This can’t be!!! He just sat down for such a short amount of time, how could he already enter into his meditative state already?

Seeing Chu Yang’s seemingly glistening countenance, Manager Gao rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Meditate, clear the mind, gather thoughts, draw energy from the dantian, and pass it through all the meridians. After many rounds like that, then one can enter the meditative state. That had always been the case; no one was ever exempt.  I have been a Great Master for a few decades, and, even though I have not broken through Revered status, can my experience be considered lacking?

Until now, Manager Gao had always abided by this set of rules. Plus, after injuries, it would be especially difficult to do those steps.

How could this person just set his butt down and immediately enter meditative state?

Manager Gao eyes widened; he suddenly felt that his old beliefs have been shattered.

Chu Yang slowly brought the leftover energy in the meridians to his dantian. After that, he used the paths of Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique to slowly move energy through meridians all around his body.

Unexpectedly, the Nine Tribulations sword point from inside his dantian pierced out. It became a sharp force the led the energy like a general leading his troops into battle. All obstacles ahead dissolved into smoke!

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