At the same time, the sword tip emitted an extremely strange force that continuously nourished Chu Yang’s meridians. The power of Golden Blood Root, which was quietly fortifying his meridians also suddenly woke up. It joined with the force of Nine Tribulations Sword and became fully integrated into Chu Yang’s meridians.

After only one round, the sword tip emitted a strong force making Chu Yang’s meridians expand and created an extremely exuberant feeling!

Outside of his body, Chu Yang clothes did not cease to flutter. A faint black mist seemed to shoot out of his mouth and nose. Chu Yang immediately felt relaxed.

Manager Gao stood opposite of him with wide eyes and gaping mouth; he was stunned!

What did I just see?

Oh, God…! Help me… I must be sick! My eyes must have some issues…

This kid just sat down and immediate entered meditative state, but that was not even the half of it. How could he recover after less than one round? Additionally, how could he have a breakthrough in less than the time it take to finish a pot of tea? (TLN: 30 minutes – 1 hour) How can this be?

This strange phenomenon left the famous Fire Saber Great Master completely out of sorts…

Chu Yang slowly opened his eyes. A sharp sword aura seemed to flash in his gaze and he returned to normal.

The moment he opened his eyes, the hostage and manager Gao, looking at him, immediately felt an extreme pain. It was as if their eyes were pierced with a red hot needle.

The two of them were both fearless men, but, in this moment, in front of Chu Yang, there rose a feeling of terror inside them!

It was as if they had come face to face with an ancient demon that was just freed from its seal, bringing with it the force to destroy heaven and earth.

Another breakthrough: Martial Warrior grade four!

If manager Gao knew that four- five days ago Chu Yang just advanced from Martial Pupil to Martial Warrior grade one, his eyes would have probably popped out of their sockets. After that he would probably have high blood pressure and die from a blood clot…

“You can have a breakthrough like this? I give up!” Manager Gao eyes rolled and his hands couldn’t seem to stop shaking. He looked at Chu Yang with a gaze full of jealousy.

We’re both humans; this was really unfair! Every time I have a breakthrough, it felt as painful as if my skin was being peeled off. As for him, he looked as if he was enjoying the breakthrough…

“How do you feel?” Manager Gao asked, his head felt like it was on fire.

“I only broke through one grade.” Chu Yang frowned, “How can it be so slow? This can’t be right…”

Manager Gao staggered, his body shook, “When was your last breakthrough?” He thought to himself: Perhaps this guy was caught in a bottleneck for many years? If that was the case, then it would make some sense.

Chu Yang scratched his head, rolled his eyes, and answered with some uncertainty, “Maybe four or five days ago. The time span is a little too long this time, that’s why I thought it was a little strange…”

Manager Gao’s eyes widened and his lips trembled as he shakily pointed his finger at Chu Yang. Then he suddenly sat on the ground. His face became swollen and red in an abnormal manner. It was as if all of his blood had rushed to his head.

A while later, still dizzy, he stood up. With a pale face, he turned and walked away. His gait somewhat wobbly.

Chu Yang asked in surprise, “Manager Gao, are you okay?”

Manager Gao seemed to be in a dream state as he muttered, “I am going to sleep. I have not slept for a few days, that’s why I am hallucinating…”

The masked man shook his head and exclaimed sincerely, “Before, at Iron Cloud Citadel, I have seen punks acting as if they were loaded by treating money like dirt. Their attitude was deserving of a good beating. I thought they were acting, but today, I have seen what real acting is. With your ability, those punks should be bowing to you and calling you great master!”

Chu Yang remained silent.

I was just telling the truth! I remembered, in my previous lifetime, I did not just breakthrough one grade but multiple grades at the speed of a flying arrow! But… this breakthrough felt decidedly different!

“Cultivation is about quality. Going slowly and firmly is the ultimate way! You must take step by step; understanding and retaining each step. In your previous life, did you enjoyed soaring on a pig like that, you fool? If it were not for me helping you, you would have been done in a long time ago. Do you know why you could not reach the pinnacle in your previous life? It was exactly because you missed this period of step by step insight!”

“If you want to take everything in one big bite, you will end up choking to death! Do you understand, idiot?” An arrogant voice rang in his head.

Chu Yang suddenly understood everything. It was true, cultivation in martial arts was the same as maturing in life. From youth to adulthood, you have to learn and understand slowly with time; that was the right way. If there was an elixir to make a newborn become a thirty-year-old, would he be able to truly have the mind of a thirty-year-old?

No wonder even the most powerful could only advance one step at a time. So Nine Tribulations Sword wanted to hold me back so that I can fully comprehend everything with time.

“You are now only but the ink drop! (TLN: Insignificant, compared to a book… such as TTNH) Why not try to find some supplements? If you keep going at turtle pace, when will you be great?”

“Supplements?” Chu Yang was puzzled, “What supplements?”

“Such as Seven-Star White Magnolia, Nine-Leaf Spirit Root, Purple Air Spirit Star… those can all be used… There’s more… you can also use Purple Crystal Jade, Legendary Gold Iron, Star Steel, Nightmare Silver, and Diamond Sand. Eighteen thousand pounds of each should be enough…”

Chu Yang’s arms and legs trembled and he stumbled to the ground!

Unable to control himself, he cursed, “Motherf*! What do you think those things are, vegetables?! They are all legendary herbs! Being able to find 0.1 pound is already fortunate; you want eighteen thousand pounds? Are you delirious?”

Even though Manager Gao and Du Shi Qing was already a distance away, when they hear Chu Yang roared in anger like that, they both turned around.

The hostage facing Chu Yang, cried in rage, “Insolent! I want to eat a few pounds of beef! Do you know how hungry I am? You…! Motherf*… This is how you are going to treat a prisoner like me? Insolent, what legendary herbs? In your family, is beef considered legendary? I have never met such country bumpkin!”

So it turned out that guy was hungry, and he was giving Chu Yang his requests…

Chu Yang tilted his head, grinned his teeth, and yelled angrily, “Shut up! I will strip you and feed the horses aphrodisiac!”

A moment after, Chu Yang’s eyes flashed fiercely.

The words Chu Yang said left the man shaking. On his pale face, his mouth opened in despair. He was furious on the inside, but did not dare show any of it. At this point, he finally understood that he had fallen into the hands of a rogue…

Those words he just said, can a normal person say such things?

“These things are needed for when Nine Tribulations Sword levels up.” The voice laughed heartily in Chu Yang’s consciousness, “Little brat, let me tell you a piece of good news. So before you open the Nine Tribulations Sword interspace, you will also get a little surprise. You are truly useless; after such a long time and you have yet to discover the vast abilities of Nine Tribulations Sword!”

“Nine Tribulations Sword interspace?” Chu Yang was surprised.

“Exactly, Nine Tribulations Sword interspace!”

“Wait! Then you… You are not a sword spirit?” Chu Yang asked. (TLN: I assume Chu Yang asked this because the sword spirit should have access to the sword interspace)

“Yes, I am Nine Tribulations Sword. But currently… I cannot be one with Nine Tribulations Sword.” The voice was full of sorrow, “Damn bastard! Having to find a sword master was bad enough, why did he have to separate the spirit from the sword? Damn, damn…”

“Who?” Chu Yang felt his heart beat rapidly. Was the sword spirit cursing the mysterious person who created Nine Tribulations Sword?

“I have forgotten who he was.” The voice sighed and said, “Only when you get all nine sword fragments then sword and spirit can become one. When you get all nine fragments, then I can fully recover.”

“You must patiently search. Those things are not hard to find. There are a lot in this world.”

“But… what if I am not lucky enough to find them?” Chu Yang asked meekly.

“Nine Tribulations Sword cannot be destroyed. Just take your time and search, even if it takes eighteen thousand years.”

After finishing this, the sword spirit did not make another sound.

“Ah… eighteen thousand years…” Chu felt his head spinning and his eyes were seeing spots.

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      1. You forget that he was barely taught by his teacher in the sixteen years of his previous life as an naive introvert. (also as the lowest ranked disciple) then his sect got destroyed and he cultivated emotionless for years. The poor guy is rediscovering his feelings. Frankly, this is first time since he was born (and reborn) that he expresses ANYTHING. (which he said himself, he will start from scratch). So in fact, he is an OP “kid” with future knowledge. Plus he was always alone. He would have know way of knowing how other people cultivated. Its not like he knew the average times it took. The only thing he knew was that it hurt to break through and took more time… and now it didn’t.


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