The recovery of Nine Tribulations Swords might seem easy at first glance, but it has been thousands of years, boss. Perhaps it was really easy back then. Those things might have been everywhere. However, do you know it’s extremely difficult now? Is this any different from a death sentence?

“Hey, I want to eat!” The hostage yelled, but this time, a little softer, “Even prisoners have to eat. You’re not going to let me starve, are you? I’m hungry…”

“Shut up!” Chu Yang was really unhappy; he suddenly grabbed the hostage’s shirt and roared ferociously, “Don’t think that I am afraid to kill you! I didn’t kill you because you are still of some use… But if you make me lose my patience then cutting your head off would not be a difficult thing!”

“Don’t think that I’m afraid to die…” The man yelled angrily, but when he saw the darkness in Chu Yang’s eyes, he shuddered and did not say anything else.

O god! This person is really a demon! As the saying goes, ‘a wise man knows when to retreat.’

Chu Yang stood up and went toward the bonfire. He conveniently chopped off a dead horse’s hind leg, pierced it with two arrows from the ground and placed it on the bonfire to roast.

The flickering fire light shone on Chu Yang’s face making it look strangely light and dark at the same time.

“Plump!” Chu Yang tossed the roasted horse leg in front of the masked man and yelled, “Eat!”

“Horse meat is too sour; I want beef!” The man responded angrily.

“You want beef? You look like beef!” Chu Yang mocked, “Eat or not, it’s up to you.” With that, he turned and left.

The man looked like he was trying to swallow down a clump of anger that was stuck in his throat. He looked at the piece of horse meat in his hand and wanted to throw it away, but he knew that if he threw it away then he would starve. The other guy would never relent!

He sighed and mercilessly bit into the horse leg. Then he chewed ferociously, so the gnashing sounds of his teeth grinding could be heard. It was as if it was not horse meat he was chewing, but Chu Yang…

On the other side, Chu Yang was clearing the arrows on the ground. He wanted to have a clear area to set up his tent and get a good night sleep.

However, after clearing a few arrows, Chu Yang’s face, which was turned away from other people, suddenly morphed into a strange look. Afterward, he immediately took out his tent and stopped clearing the arrows on the ground. In fact, he chose an area with the most arrows on the ground to put up his tent.

This made everyone very astonished.

Inside the tent, Chu Yang was terrified beyond belief. He had discovered that as he was clearing the arrows, Nine Tribulations Sword point inside him suddenly reacted sharply.

At that moment, the sword point followed his meridians and went straight to his hand. The instant it came in contact with the arrows there was a tiny “pop” sound. The arrows in his hand were broken into tiny pieces!

Yes, broken into tiny pieces! Or, more accurately, immediately turned into dust!

These arrows were made of fine steel!

This type of arrow was very lethal and they also could be shot over long distances. This was because half of it was made of fine steel, and the end half was made of the finest iron wood. That was how the arrows maintained their balance.

Under Chu Yang’s contact, these fine steel arrows got silently obliterated. How could he not be surprised?

After he finished setting up the tent, Chu Yang crawled in. He looked at the ground crowded with arrows, and widened his eyes as he gently touched one with his finger… (TLN: No floor in this tent. This is Jiang Hu, people!)

Sure enough, Nine Tribulations Sword point ran to his finger and suddenly emitted a strong pull. There immediately appeared on Chu Yang’s fingertip a bit of dark iron. The rest of the fine steel on the arrow turned into dust.

What has happened? I never heard anything about Nine Tribulations Sword doing this. Chu Yang’s eyes widened with surprise.

When all of the fine steel arrows in the tent had become dust, the dark iron scraps in Chu Yang’s hand had become a ball the size of a fingertip.

After exercising his internal vision, he also discovered that Nine Tribulations Sword point which was shining brightly now had a tiny spot that had turned black. It was so small that it could easily be missed if not looked at carefully.

“How could this be?” Chu Yang asked himself.

“That is pure iron! Nine Tribulations Sword swallowed iron essence.” That lazy voice from his dantian rang out once again, “What’s so strange about that?”

“Huh? Pure iron? Iron essence?”

“Nine Tribulations Sword is the world’s top Divine item. There is nothing it cannot swallow, even the human body!” That voice explained, “But what Nine Tribulations Sword swallows is the finest part, the essence. With this fine steel, it is iron essence. What’s left behind afterward is pure iron. Even though it is not as good, compared to normal metal, it is already the essence of essences.”

The voice continued, “This is also a benefit for the Nine Tribulations Sword master!” It paused a little, “One of the benefits!”

“One of the benefits?” Chu Yang’s head was spinning, “Could it be that there are lots of other benefits?” Chu Yang’s eyes brightened momentarily.

“Yes, anything that falls into your hands, Nine Tribulations Sword can automatically extract its essence; the part Nine Tribulations Sword doesn’t need will be left to your disposal after it is purified. Once Nine Tribulations Sword is completely restored, all those benefits will be yours. Only, this is a long time from now, you don’t need to know yet.”

“I see.” Chu Yang held the tiny pure iron in his hand and seemed to be thinking about something.

“Everything can be swallowed?”

“Of course! There are nothing under the heavens that cannot be swallowed, including the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. But for now, there’s only the first fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword so only some metals and medicinal herbs can be swallowed.”

“Then…, can this pure iron be used to create weapons?”

“Gibberish! You only need to have enough, then you can control the sword point to help you make any weapon you want. This pure iron is already a treasure that martial artists in this world can only dream of; do you know that? Using pure iron to create weapon, compared to the trash that you people use, it already stronger by a few dozen times!”

Chu Yang sat on the ground and thought. At this moment, he suddenly had a clear plan.

Going into Iron Cloud Nation through Du Shi Qing was only an impromptu decision! Before this, he did not have any plans. He was just taking it one step at a time, but at this moment, he suddenly had a comprehensive plan!

The plan should be like that. The heavy chunk of pure iron in his hand seemed to have given him an idea, making his eyes suddenly light up…

The next few days were calm. The assassins unhurriedly followed behind them at times and parallel to them at others. They were all unhappy, but could not do anything.

Their original plan was to kill, but now they were more like body guards.

This army of about a hundred was always disciplined and orderly. No matter what locality they were in, there was never any chaos. They were quiet on the road, no one said anything to each other.

This army was more like a black flood that quietly follows you!

Seeing this elite team, Chu Yang could not help but think to himself: You don’t really need much, all of Iron Cloud Nation only needs ten thousand soldiers like these… No, you don’t even need ten thousand, only three or five thousand would be enough to sweep over the world…!

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 56 – There’s nothing it cannot swallow

  1. “这是精铁,纯粹的铁!九劫剑吞噬的,是铁精。”丹田中,那声音懒洋洋的道:“这有什么好奇怪的?”

    “This is top-notched metal… pure metal! What the Nine Tribulations Sword had swallowed was the metal’s essence,” From within his Dantian, that voice lazily resounded. “What’s so weird about this?”


    1. I think there’s bound to be some differences between translators, let alone translating from VN -> EN vs CN -> EN, but from what I know 铁 = thiết = iron. Plus, steel is an alloy of iron mixed with carbon.

      Perhaps some words may be different, but I think the meaning being conveyed in the translation remains the same.


  2. “九劫剑,乃是天下第一神物,无物不可吞噬!包括人体!”那声音解释道:“但九劫剑所吞噬的,乃是最精华的部分,对于这精钢铁来言,就是铁精。而那些九劫剑吞噬之后留下来的,就是精铁。虽然稍次一筹,但对于一般的钢铁来言,也是精华之中的精华。”

    “The Nine Tribulations Sword, is the highest ranked godly item under the heavens. There is nothing that it cannot absorb! Including the bodies of people!” That voice continued to explain, “However, what the Nine Tribulations Sword had absorbed, was the purest portion. With regards to this metal Steel, that would be it’s metal essence. However, what was left behind after the Nine Tribulations Sword had finish absorption, would be top-notched metal. Although lower by a grade, compared to common Steel, it is also excellent amongst the top.”


  3. last part 100000, no you only need from 30 to 50 thousands;cause to sweep the world 3000 is ridiculous,so yeah recheque raws and change numbers plz


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