Following Chu Yang’s gaze, the masked hostage by his side laughed and said proudly, “These… my martial brothers are not bad, right?”

In this group, because of his special status, even Manager Gao and Du Shi Qing dared not show any disrespect toward him. Only Chu Yang treated him unceremoniously.

However, he knew it was safest for him to stay close to Chu Yang, so even though talking with Chu Yang made him furious at times, he absolutely would not separate and go with someone else in the group.

He believed that even though Chu Yang was rude toward him, he was the only one that did not want him dead. As for the others, they might be very courteous toward him, but they all wanted to kill him.

A thousand to one chance that they will stab me once they get to a safe place… this was definitely a possibility!

But only Chu Yang will not do something like that!

“Good soldiers!” Chu Yang said in a low voice as his eyes glanced in the direction of people and horses that were moving like a black flood.

“Of course they are good soldiers!” the man said proudly, “Otherwise, how could they guard the roy… uh, motherf*! How dare you set me up?”

Chu Yang quietly rolled his eyes and explained himself sincerely, “You think I am so low as to try to get you to talk?” He shook his head in disdain and said, “If I want to know anything from you, I only need some aphrodisiac then there’s nothing I can’t find out.”

The man immediately shuddered. With his mouth gaping, he looked at the youth as if he was looking at an animal and decided it was wise not to say anything else. This was because he suddenly remembered what Chu Yang said the other day: “I will strip you and feed the horses aphrodisiac!”

Thinking it over, his hair still stood on end. If that was the case, he surely would not have the ability to resist to such thing…

Finally, one morning, the group finally saw large city walls far ahead of them.

Du Shi Qing and Manager Gao simultaneously breathed let out a sigh of relief.

At last they had arrived in the outskirts of Iron Cloud Nation; there were small towns all around, and government offices here and there. There should no longer be the risk of an assassination!

Because if Du Shi Qing was assassinated at this place, Tie Bu Tian would be furious! All the officials here would probably not be well off either. Therefore, everyone would treat Du Shi Qing as if he was their grandfather.

Sure enough, the citadel’s gate was full of fluttering flags. A group of soldiers were coming from the citadel. Obviously to welcome Du Shi Qing!

The group of a hundred still walking on the side simultaneously turned their heads and looked. Manager Gao suddenly turned his head as well, revealing a deadly look in his eyes! If he killed the hostage here, then those hundred people would probably have no way to prevent it!

The atmosphere between two sides became strangely tense.

“You should release me…” the hostage said seeing Manager Gao’s ill intent. Before he could finish his sentence, Chu Yang grabbed the fabric that was restraining him and lifted. He flew off with the two hundred pounds hostage.

Manager Gao was one step too slow. He could not help but stared at Chu Yang and yelled angrily, “You…!”

There was sudden a “whoosh”, the hostage’s form flew out by seven or eight meters. A whistle was heard and a horse sped forward. The warrior on the horse raised his arms and caught the man. Then the horse immediately bolted. That man only swung his legs and he was safely sitting on the horse’s back.

The hundred black-outfits in masks cheered in unison. Suddenly, the man yelled out an order, and the hundred people simultaneously halted their horses. After that, they went in a circle around Du Shi Qing’s group. Behind each mask was a pair of eyes filled with killing aura, enough to give people the chills.

After they made a full circle, the man laughed and yelled, “You little bastard, we will see each other again! At that time, I will strip you and feed the horses aphrodisiac!” He yelled triumphantly as if his being a hostage was not a shameful thing but a glorious achievement.

Chu Yang was a little surprised. With the thickness of this guy’s skin, he felt a little humbled.

“Let’s go!”

After that, the man’s eyes narrowed and glared in a challenging manner at Manager Gao’s people. With a wave, he turned his horse and sped off leading his men. The warriors behind him followed close behind him forming a black river on the road!

The group galloped toward the horizon leaven a large of cloud of yellow dust. In a distance, the man’s laughter rang out, “Motherf*! Have you children prepared good wine for me? I have suffered under the abuse of that ruthless guy… These past few days, I couldn’t remove my mask; my face is probably as white as those weak rich boys…”

There was a burst of laughter followed by non-stop whistling and yelling; it was chaotic. Clearly, from top to bottom, the group did not see this capture as a disgrace. They did not seem to really mind the fact that they were not able to kill Du Shi Qing either.

It seemed that man’s safe return was the most important thing in the world! The fact that the task was not completed… they did not care.

“Why did you let him go?” Manager Gao raised his head and looked at Chu Yang.

“You cannot walk the Jiang Hu if you do not keep your words!” Chu Yang answered coldly without any compromise, “Besides, I owe Senior Du and I came to escort him. I have nothing to do with you!”

Chu Yang said slowly with a little disdain, “If you people were daring enough to kill him right when I caught him, then I would have nothing to say. In fact, I would have even praised you for having great loyalty. Worst case scenario, everyone will become fugitives together. But you waited until you knew you were safe to take revenge. Hahaha… Manager Gao, the title ‘Fire Saber Great Master’ did not come from that kind of action, right?”

Hearing him said that that, the four surviving guards’ faces and ears became red, and could not say a word.

Manager Gao slowly nodded his head and said “Good! Good! Good!”… The word good was repeated three times… His countenance became more and more serious.

Chu Yang grunted coldly and said arrogantly, “So, did you intended to do away with your savior after you crossed the bridge?” He currently only cared about his target. As for people like these, he did not care for.

Gao Wei Cheng was surprised. He glared at him for a while and finally turned and walked away.

In the back, Du Shi Qing sighed and said, “Old Gao, what Chu Yang did was not wrong. A man should keep his word.”

Manager Gao was a distance away. His hunched body paused for a moment and turned around, “Yes, sire. Your teaching is true.”

All of a sudden, Chu Yang was greatly surprised!

This was the first time he had seen Manager Gao talk to Du Shi Qing. He did not expect manager Gao to treat Du Shi Qing with such respect. This level of respect was that of servant and master.

Manager Gao was famed as ‘Fire Saber Great Master’. This was a little unusual.

Chu Yang’s face now showed a pretense of anger, but in his mind, he cannot stop asking himself… Could it be that Du Shi Qing… there is something else special about him?

After two additional days, they finally arrived at Iron Cloud Citadel. In the little towns along the way, Du Shi Qing was greeted with enthusiastic receptions.

However, the attitude of Manager Gao and his people toward Chu Yang became colder by the day. It got to the point where they just detested him. At this time, Chu Yang was all alone like a stray wolf.

Chu Yang was generally indifferent to all of this. He spent every day discussing with Du Shi Qing about various medical issues. This was unexpectedly very interesting to him. Chu Yang was very savvy and in some instances he also gave some new ideas, making Du Shi Qing feel very enjoyable as well. Therefore, the two were never bored with their discussions.

Chu Yang used this opportunity to brush up on medical knowledge that he did not understand in his past life. Whether it was in battle or wandering in Jiang Hu, life-saving knowledge was always useful!

Du Shi Qing’s journey was basically reported back to Iron Cloud Citadel three times a day. It was even said that the prince of Iron Cloud, Tie Bu Tian, even wanted to welcome Du Shi Qing into the city himself. This type of privilege was definitely grand!

The distance to Iron Cloud Citadel was ten miles away!

On top of Iron Cloud Citadel, flags were fluttering. Suddenly, a group of well-dressed soldiers came of the gate and stood orderly on two sides. Their lines stretched out for about two miles. After that, a group of riders advanced out in the middle of the two lines of soldiers. After more than three miles out, the riders stopped.

The group separated, creating an open space. A youth in a white robe astonishingly appeared. His clothes was completely white, he rode on a white horse… It was as if, in front of the citadel, there was a snow-white flower blooming. A snow-white ice sculpture; precious as jade, and valiant in appearance! (TLN: I don’t know why they describe guys this way >.<)

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